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Manager Manufacturing

Odem, Texas, United States
May 24, 2013

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• 20 years of Manufacturing experience.

• Experienced in manufacturing process design and development.

• Lean Manufacturing knowledge and experience.

• ISO quality management system knowledge and experience.

• Cost reduction expertise, eliminating all waste, continuous process improvement.

• Profit and loss knowledge and experience.

• Plant layout experience to improve processes and reduce cycle time.

• Bilingual: English / Spanish.


• •

Manufacturing Profit and loss experience

• •

Continuous process improvement Fluent in English and Spanish

• •

Cost reductions Computer Skills (Word, Excel, Power Point)




• Strategic business plan for one and two years, projecting future growth in overall sales and market share

• Identify opportunities with new products and services to improve the profit margin

• Analyze projection of sales and profit against actual figures and suggests methods of improving planning

process as appropriate

• Last four years business had 10% growth every year, despite all cuts on Medicare

A123 SYSTEMS / FANSTEEL INTERCAST (Consultant) 2004 - 2008


Process improvement, quality improvement, cost reductions - Some of the customers:

A123 systems. Manufactures advanced lithium ion batteries for transportation, electric grid, telecom and

commercial markets.

Fansteel Intercast. Manufacture a variety of products including premium aluminum and magnesium sand

casting, automotive and commercial investment castings, and powdered metal components. Markets served by

Fansteel include automotive, agricultural equipment, defense, and electrical appliances.

EMERSON 2000 - 2003


• Successfully headed Startup operations in Mexico, moving products from New Jersey to Reynosa, Mexico.

Defined the organizations structure to support the operation in Mexico and hired all required personnel.

• Managed Manufacturing plant supporting Assembly, Functional Test and proper packaging of Emergency

Transfer Switches, which the function is to maintain the proper energy levels at airports and hospitals.

o Full reporting staff (Manufacturing, Engineering, Materials/Procurement, and Quality).

o Union plant with 120 employees and daily out-put of 200 units per day.

o Output increased by three times from $4M to $12M during the first year of operations. During the second

year seven more products were moved from East Coast, to increase output to $28M.

• Accomplishments:

o Inventory turns improved by 62% from 4 to 6.5 utilizing Kanban, 5 S and lean manufacturing techniques.

o Productivity level increased from 40% to 65% using self –inspection - training methods.

o Over-time reduction from 15% to 8% of total hours worked, improving inventory accuracy to order and have

raw materials on time.


PLANT MANAGER (McAllen TX area) 1998 – 1999

• Responsible for $ 30M of annual revenue dealing with profit and loss reports

o High voltage transformer and deflection yoke facility, to support a sister television manufacturing plant.

o Union plant with 1050 employees, 23 000 units per day (two shifts, five days/week).

o Full reporting staff (Manufacturing, Engineering, Materials/Procurement, Quality, Maintenance).

• Accomplishments:

o Maintain net profit to $3.8M despite $14M drop in budgeted sales.

o Negotiated with a supplier return of $475K in obsolete material that was affecting the profit and loss.

o Inventory levels reduction from $2.1M to $0.9M increasing the inventory turns from 10 to 14.

o Outgoing quality level improved from 5000 to 800 ppm’s, driven by process improvement, preventive

maintenance and test equipment capability using Lean Manufacturing techniques.

PLANT MANGER (McAllen TX area) 1995 – 1997

• Managed refurbishing operations plant of $18M, supporting 500 distribution and repair centers across all US, to

repair television modules and cover all in-warranty failures found in the field.

o 600 employees (one shift, five days/ week), produced 2000 units/day.

o Staff included Manufacturing, Materials/Procurement, Manufacturing Engineering, and Quality.

• Accomplishments:

o Module scraps reduction from 30% to 5%, saving $3.6M. Reduction saved 4000 units/month.

o Improved outgoing quality level from 16648 to 2357 ppm’s.

o Improved back order units from18088 to 4104 units in three-month period to improve customer satisfaction.

MANUFACTURING MANAGER (McAllen TX area) 1994 - 1995

• Managed manufacturing operation, which assembled modules with surface mounts, and radial components,

using automatic equipment, larger components were assembled by hand, tested and packed properly to

support rear projection television plant.

o 650 Employees, 2000 units per day (two shifts, 5 days/ week).

• Accomplishments:

o Increased on-time delivery from 52% to 95% synchronizing the schedule of request date from the rear

projection plant.

o Improved outgoing quality from 80% to 98% by integrating the burn-in test process.

PLANT MANGER (McAllen TX area) 1992 – 1994

• Managed manufacturing operations involving assembly, adjusting convergence, burn–in, functional test and

proper packing of monochrome monitors.

o Primary customers included Sun Micro, Digital and Radius.

o Union plant with 350 employees, 450 units per day (two shifts, five days/week).

o Full reporting staff (Manufacturing, Engineering, and Test equipment maintenance).

• Accomplishments:

o Developing a new method to adjust convergence, increased outgoing quality from 65% to 95% Productivity

increased by 57%.

o On-time delivery improved from 55% to 85%.


• Refurbishing operation of television modules.

o 1100 employees, (one shift, five days/week) 2500 units /day.

o Staff reporting (Two Manufacturing Engineering Supervisors, 12 manufacturing Engineers).

• Accomplishments:

o Design a new repair process integrating test, by way of pin-table to identify defective components in

beginning stage and functional test at the end.

o Outgoing quality was improved from 78% to 94%.

o Productivity increased by 40%, saving $101k.

o On-time delivery increased from 30% to 83%.


• Manufacturing television modules to support 2.2M television per year.

o 8000 employees, (three shifts, 6 days/week), 26400 units/day.

o Headed staff of 7 Industrial Engineers, developing and designing manufacturing processes, planning

machinery capacity, space and people for manufacturing of 26400 units per day.


BACHELORS in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, Technology Institute of Madero, Mexico

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