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Sap Project

Texas, United States
May 11, 2013

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Krishna Mohan Dubbaka

Senior SAP BPC Consultant


Phone# 210-***-****



Has over 8 years of work experience in Design, Development and

Implementation of SAP ECC, CRM, SRM, SAP Portal, BPC EPM10, SAP BI. This

includes 2+ years of experience in EPM10 NetWeaver version as BPC Techno-

Functional Consultant and 6 years of Experience in all types of ABAP

Developments (RICEFW, User Exits, BADIs, Enhancement Framework,

Workflows, and WebDynPro). Has extensively worked on various SAP modules

includes FICO, SD, MM, HCM, Portal, CRM, SRM, BPC.

> Total of 2 years of experience in EPM10 NetWeaver version as BPC

Techno-Functional Consultant. Involved in 2 full life cycle

implementation of SAP BPC EPM10 NW at SanDisk for various Models


SanDisk is the 4th company in the world to implement EPM10 NW


> Expertise in Configuring/Customizing SAP BPC Applications

(Environment, Models, Dimensions, Hierarchies, and Default Logic),

Developing Complex BPC Logic Scripts, Custom BADI Development, Data

Manager Packages, and Data Manager Package links, EPM reports, EPM

Input Templates/Forms.

> Total of 8+ Years of experience in SAP ABAP specialized in all types

of ABAP Developments (RICEFW, User Exits, BADIs, Enhancement

Framework, Workflows, WebDynPro) in various module of SAP - mainly FI,

MM, SD, HCM, SRM,CRM, SAP BPC Configuration and Technical

Developments, CRM TPM ( Trade Promotion Management)

> Good Experience in designing SAP BI Info cubes and using BO, BEX and

WEBI Tools

> Very good experience as ABAP Development Lead leading ABAP Development

teams of sizes 5 to 20. Involved in all the phases of implementations

- Blue Print, Realization, Build, Test, Deploy and Hyper care.

> Expert in Designing and Developing SAP Business Workflow related to

functional areas: Procurement to Pay ( ECC MM, SRM, Shopping Cart,

PR, PO release), Logistics Invoice Verification ( Invoice with PO, 3

way matching ), FI, HCM ( Human Capital Management ), SD ( Sales

and Distribution ), CRM, SRM, SAP Records Management ( General and

Public Sector ), OCR Archiving and Bar coding related Workflows

> Worked on 5 SAP End-to-End SAP Implementation projects, 5 roll out

projects and 1 SAP upgrade project

> Currently working as Sr. Business Systems Analyst at SanDisk

Corporation US.

> Previously worked in various positions as Design Lead, ABAP

Development Lead for SAP ABAP Developments at SanDisk, Mahindra Satyam

and IBM India Pvt Ltd.

> Familiar with SAP New methodologies: SAP Netweaver Gateway 2.0, SAP


> Part of big SAP Implementations mainly Ericsson ( Sweden ), SanDisk (

US ), Islamic Development Bank ( IDB - Saudi Arabia )

> SAP Certified "Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver '04 - Enterprise

Portal" with 86%.

> 'The BRAVO - Best of IBM" award winner for the best performance

> Bachelor of Technology (IT) and Master of Technology (IT) from Indian

Institute of Information Technology - Gwalior, University Topper with

GPA 8.59/10.0

Technical Skills

Programming Languages : ABAP/4, C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL


Development Tools (GUI) : SAP GUI, VB 6.0, Office 2007

Operating Systems : Windows 2008 SP2, NT, DOS, Linux

RDBMS : Oracle, SQL Server, MS-Access

Internet Technologies : HTML, XML, JQuery, AJAX

Academic Qualifications

> Masters in Information Technology, India

> Bachelors in Information Technology, India.


Nov'11 - Present

Client: SanDisk Corporation, California

Company: SanDisk Corporation

Role: SAP BPC Technical Consultant

SanDisk Corporation is the 4th company in the world to implement SAP

BPC EPM10 NW version to support financial planning, forecasting and

reporting needs at SanDisk for their planning cycles mainly QRF

(Quarterly Rolling Forecast), Annual Plan. This BPC implementation was

divided into 2 phases, Phase-I to implement EXPENSE and REVENUE


models. As a BPC Technical Consultant I was primarily responsible for

designing/creating model, dimensions, dimension hierarchies,

developing logic scripts, custom BADIs, Data Manager Packages,

Developing reports and input forms.

Objects Developed:

> Logic Scripts, BADI, and Data Manager Package's development in

EXPENSE Model: In EXPENSE Model the allocation logic is implemented

using Logic Script-Custom BADI for BADI_UJ_CUSTOM_LOGIC -DM Package

approach. Following allocation logics are implemented

o IT Allocation to {Entity, Functional Areas}

o CE (Corporate Engineering) Cost Allocation to {cost center,


o Facilities Cost Allocation to {Entity, Functional Areas}

based on head count

o Capital Asset Depreciation Calculation - both for existing

and new assets

o Depreciation push from CAPEX Model to EXPENSE Model

> Logic Scripts, BADI, and Data Manager Package's development in

REVENUE Model: In REVENUE Model following calculations are

implemented in Logic Script-Custom BADI for BADI_UJ_CUSTOM_LOGIC-DM

Package approach

o Extended Value Calculations for REVENUE forecast data

o CI ( Channel Inventory) Calculations for forecast data


o 4-4-5 split of quarterly input into monthly buckets

> Logic Scripts, BADI, and Data Manager Package's development in

COSTING Model: In COSTING Model there is a need to simulate the COST

at each BOM level starting from Memory Wafer Cost to final SKU. At

SanDisk BOM Schema is complex with more than 10 BOM levels and there

are more than 3 parameters at each BoM levels. Following

developments are done to support COST forecasting at BoM Levels

o COST calculation using custom implementation of

BADI_UJ_CUSTOM_LOGIC at each BoM Level and there are 12 BoM


o Parallel processing of logic scripts using RUNLOGIC_PH

> EPM Reports:

o Expense Report by Dept, Account

o EMEA Expense Report by Group, Region

o QRF Analysis Report

o QRF Trend Report

o REVENUE Gross Margin, Net Margin Report

o REVENUE Programs, Promotions Report

o COSTING - Standard Cost Report

o COSTING - Cost Publication Report

> EPM Input Forms:

o New Employee Input Form

o New Asset Input Form

o Expense Input Form by Cost Center, Account

o REVENUE units input form

o REVENUE ASP price input form

o COSTING yield account input form

o COSTING Overhead Input Form

o COSTING OPC Input Form


> Involved in Design, Build, Test phases of BPC Implementation

> Creating Environment, Models, Dimensions, Dimension Hierarchies

> Expert in Designing and Developing complex business logic scripts


> Integration of logic scripts into EPM Excel Add-in using DM


> Responsible for Data load for the Dimensions, BPC Cube data

> Responsible for Transporting BPC Environment, Model, Dimensions


> Analysing logs using UJFS

> Hands on experience with performance analysis tool UJSTAT, UJBR


Feb'11 - Nov'11

Client: SanDisk Corporation, California

Company: SanDisk Corporation

Role: ABAP Development Lead, SAP CRM

Team size: 6

SanDisk Corporation started a new project in Feb 2011 to implement SAP

Trade Promotion Management system to manage their marketing campaigns,

trade promotions, rebates/discounts. I was primarily responsible for

leading the ABAP Development team for this project which consisted of

3 on-site and 2 offshore developers.

Objects Developed:

> Trade Promotion Validations: BADI Implementation for CRM_MKTPL -

Validations on Promotion's data before Submitting for Approval.


> Trade Promotion Approval Workflow: A custom workflow is developed to

support SanDisk's trade promotion's approval process based on

BUS2010030 and using Status Profile approach. Approval process is

based on Sales Org structure with different level of approvals mainly

RSM, RSD, RFC, VP Sales, VP Finance and COO.

> Trade Promotion Pricing Enhancement: Implemented BADI

CRM_MKTPL_COND_IF - for ZNET Price Calculation, overwriting SAP

standard price with client specific ZNET Price. Method:


> Trade Promotion planning layout Enhancement: Implemented BADI

CRM_KFP_COMP_BADI - In case of Planning at Product Hierarchy level,

the KFP (Key Figure Planning) planning layout picks up random product

from this hierarchy. However this has issues as the random product can

be invalid or obsolete. Using this BADI the selection of product can

be overwritten using method SELECT_PRODUCT

> TPM - ECC FI Interface Enhancement: BILL_ACC_IF - Billing User Exit

during BDoc Transfer from CRM to ECC FI. This BADI is used for complex

enhancements during FI Document creation from CRM through BDoc mainly

to map a. Document Types b. Amount splitting across customer, product

combinations based on historical sales data c. To map additional info


> TPM Claim Processing Enhancement: Explicit Enhancement Spots:


before adding promotion into claim

> Designed and Implemented Complex requirements in Trade Promotion

Management Process like -

o Backdated Accrual Calculation for different types of Promotions

o Trade Promotion Expiration/Retirement process

o Net-Net Price Promotions

o Integration of Workflow with e-mail


> As ABAP Development lead responsible for all ABAP Developments and

related deliverables.

> It includes following tasks at different phases of ABAP Developments

o Understanding the Business Process requirements and doing the

feasibility an pre-study analysis

o Designing the Solution and responsible for preparing Technical


o Responsible for overall deliverable - including Technical

Specifications, Developments, Unit Test, UAT, User Manuals and

related documentation - related to ABAP Developments.


Sept'08 - Jan'11

Client: SanDisk Corporation, California

Company: Mahindra Satyam

Project: SAP Implementation at SanDisk - Project Lighthouse

Role: ABAP Development Lead

Team size: 21

SanDisk Corporation is an internationally recognized authority on non-

volatile memory technology serving both consumers (with more than

200,000 retail storefronts worldwide) and original equipment

manufacturers (OEMs), SanDisk designs, develops, manufactures and

markets flash storage card products for a wide variety of electronic

systems and digital devices.

SanDisk's SAP Implementation - termed as Project LightHouse - is two-

year, enterprise-wide initiative to implement SAP for streamlining and

strengthening SanDisk's business processes and systems. Phase-1 with

SAP HR including ESS and MSS is live in 2008 October. Phase-II

includes SAP Implementation for Finance and Operation business



Objects Developed:

> SRM Shopping Cart Approval Workflow: SRM Shopping Cart

functionality is used to facilitate 'procurement of indirect

materials' business process in SanDisk. As per SanDisk procurement

process guidelines and standards there is defined approval process

to be followed before the Shopping Cart gets converted to a PR and

there by PO. The approval process is mainly based on Signature

Authorities (sort of approval limit indexes) assigned to each

employee in SRM Organization Structure and Cost Assignment of

Shopping Cart. As per SanDisk business process there are 13

Signature Authorities defined and each employee is assigned with a

Signature Authority. The approval process can be categorized into 2

different sections - one, the structural authorization approvals

based on organization hierarchy and cost assignment and the second,

Special Approvals - IT Approval, Chemical / Dangerous good Approval,

Facilities Approval and Financial Analyst Approval based on

different conditions specific to company codes, product category,

threshold values etc.

This Workflow has been developed using

the standard 'Shopping Cart N-Step (BADI) Approval - WS14000133' and

implementing the BADI BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI to dynamically determine

the approvers. Added Approver functionality of adding ad-hoc

approvers to the approval route was implemented using BADI

BBP_CHNG_AGNT_ALLOW. The complexity of this workflow can be

understood by the number for approvals involved in the approval

process, as per SanDisk business process approval process can have a

maximum of 15 levels of approvals and an average of 7 levels.

> SRM Shopping Approval Audit Report: Developed SRM Shopping Cart

Approval Audit report to display all S/C line items and all line

items regardless of selection criteria based on all completed

Shopping Carts.

> PO Release Strategy Workflow: PO Approval process at SanDisk is

implemented using PO Release Strategy configuration and a custom

workflow to meet the requirements. This Workflow is based on event


The requirement from SanDisk is different in many aspects than the

standard SAP Workflow for PO releases, primary one being the

rejection at any level of PO should unset all the previous releases

and the item has to go back to PO creator who can correct the PO

based on rejection reasons and restart the workflow. The agent

determination is based on standard rule for PO release which picks

up the agents assigned to a given release code from PO release

procedure configuration.

> Custom WebDynPro Application for PO Workflow integration into

Portal: A new custom ABAP WebDynPro application is developed and is

linked to PO Workflow work item using SWFVISU configuration.

> All Workflows developed has following salient features

o Reminder Notifications to approvers via e-mail to approvers

o Escalation Mechanism for delays in approval process

o Tight integration with Portal UWL

o Workflow Reports to track the work items

> SRM Shopping Cart validations using BADI BBP_DOC_CHECK_BADI

> SC transfer to PR - Implemented BADI BBP_CREATE_BE_REQ_NEW BADI

> Implicit Enhancement Spots Implementation to support limited user

selection during 'Shop On Behalf' scenario in Shopping Cart

> Dynamic Approver Determination in SRM: Implemented BADI

BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI - Dynamic approvers in SC Workflow

> Ad-hoc approver determination in SRM: Implemented BADI

BBP_CHNG_AGNT_ALLOW - Added Approvers in SC Workflow

> Given support in performance related reports for various reports in


> Header level screen changes (VL02N/VL03N) with the implementation of


> Item level screen changes (VL32N/VL33N) with the implementation of


> Outbound Delivery IDOC (DELVRY03) extension - Header/Item segment.

> Performance tuning using Runtime Analysis (SE30) and SQL Trace

(ST05) to analyze the performance of transactions and programs

> Developed ALV Reports in SD, Order vs. Dispatch - Report will show

the details of Order like Order no, Order date, Customer, Product

code & description, Order Quantity and Value range with details of

Dispatch of those Orders Like, Invoice no, Invoice date, Invoice

quantity and pending order quantity.

> Added custom functionality for sales order (create, update) in user



> Added code for Route generation for stock transfer for delivery

document in user exit MV50AFZ1.

> Implemented exit MBCF0002 in MM to check price exist for inventory

upload from legacy system to SAP.

> Developed custom sap script in FICO for Check printing by modifying

standard form F110_PRENUM_CHEK.

> Developed custom sap script in FICO for Debit memo by modifying

standard form F140_DOCU_EXC_01.

> Successfully migrated the Purchase Order data from legacy system

into SAP system by using BAPI in LSMW.

> Used LSMW to create an IDOC from the legacy data. Custom IDOC and a

message type are used for importing employee timesheet data into the

SAP system. Structure relations were maintained during this process.

> Worked on conversion for Customer Master Data (KNA1) using LSMW BAPI



> As ABAP Development lead responsible for all ABAP Developments and

related deliverables.

> It includes following tasks at different phases of ABAP Developments

o Understanding the Business Process requirements and doing the

feasibility an pre-study analysis

o Designing the Solution and responsible for preparing Technical


o Responsible for overall deliverable - including Technical

Specifications, Developments, Unit Test, UAT, User Manuals and

related documentation - related to ABAP Developments.


Apr'08 - Aug'08

Client: ATC, Kuwait

Company: Mahindra Satyam

Role: ABAP Workflow Developer

Project: SAP Implementation

Advanced Technology Company (ATC) is based in Kuwait dealing with the

import, supply and maintenance of medical, dental, laboratory,

diagnostic, pharmaceutical, sterilization & disinfection, agriculture

& veterinary products as well as health & fitness and commercial

kitchen equipment.

ATC has chosen to implement SAP to manage their business. As a part of

phase-1 SAP Implementation, core processes related to MM, SD, CS

(Customer Services) modules and basic functionalities of HR are


Objects Developed:

> Leave Request Workflow: As per ATC requirement, leave request approval

process is implemented using a custom workflow based on WS12300111.

There were 2 different custom workflows developed one for normal leave

request and another one for sick leave. There were special

requirements to sick leave where there should be a facility for the

requestor to attach the supporting document before it goes for


> Sales Document Discount Control Workflow: In case of Sales Documents

there is a allowed threshold discount percentages for different

categories of employees ranging from Sales Executive to VP. When a

sales document is created with definite discount percentage based on

the discount percentage it has to go through the approval process till

it meets the necessary approvals by the authorized people. A custom

workflow has been developed to facilitate this process. Different

categories of people are differentiated based on the job keys that are

assigned to people in organization structure. For the blocked sales

document (implemented as flag on unused field of VBAK) due to discount

percentage deviations, the delivery document creation is restricted by

implementing the user exit at VL01 transaction level (which checks the

validity of discount deviation flag). Once the approval process is

completed and fully approved by all the required approvals, the

discount deviation flag on VBAK is removed and there by allowing to

create delivery document for the sales document.


Oct'07 - Mar'08

Client: IDB - Islamic Development Bank

Company: Mahindra Satyam

Role: ABAP Workflow Developer

Project: SAP Implementation

IDB - Islamic Development Bank is an international financial

institution with an objective to to foster the economic development

and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities. The

main Operations of IDB includes funding the different Projects related

to economic and social development of its member countries. As a part

of their SAP Implementation, IDB has chosen to implement SAP PS

(Project Systems) and SAP Records Management for Public Sector to

manage their Operations in Phase-1.

Objects Developed:

> Workflow for Incoming Post Item Processing in Records Management for

Public Sector: IDB uses SAP Records Management for Public Sector to

manage their Incoming Documents ( Scanned Documents, E-mails, Faxes)

etc. The solution implemented consists of Bar Coding Workflow Scenario

based on RMPSPOST.ASSIGNED Event using AR4ERP Scanning Solution.

> Workflow for Outgoing Items (Ex-post Items) in RMS for Public Sector:

This is the workflow developed to handle Outgoing Items at IDB. Before

the documents (Scanned documents, faxes etc.) goes out of organization

there is a certain approval/review process to be followed and this

workflow supports the approval/review process of Ex-post items.

> Workflows related to Projects at IDB: IDB - Islamic Development Bank

being the financial institution to foster the economic development and

social progress of its member countries, the Operations Departments at

IDB uses an Integrated Solution based on SAP PS and SAP Records

Management for Public Sector. Following workflows are developed to

facilitate the Business Processes related to Operations Departments at


Every project of IDB in PS has following phases

a. Identification

b. Preparation

c. Approval

d. Signature and Effectiveness

e. Implementation and Follow Up

Each phase has a certain review/approval process to be followed. All

these review/approval processes are implemented using standard

Circular functionality of Public Sector RMS followed by a custom

workflow to Integrate the approval / review information back to PS

Module in terms of Status Update and Milestone Confirmations.

Following are the developed workflows for this

i. Workflow for 'Concept Clearance' business process for


ii. Workflow for 'Finance Agreement' process

iii. Workflow for 'Reports and Recommendation' process

iv. Workflow for 'Condition Precedent Memo' Process

v. Workflow for 'Withdrawal and Disbursement' Process


Aug'05 - Sept'07

Client: Ericsson, Sweden

Company: IBM India Pvt Ltd.

Project: SAP Implementation

Role: ABAP Developer

Ericsson's main business is into manufacturing of mobile handset/

accessories related to mobiles. Ericsson had gone for SAP

Implementation to manage their huge manufacturing business which is

spread across world. Though the core SAP implementation was finished

in 2005 June, workflow implementation for Invoice Processing has

started in 2006. OCR workflows were implemented as a pilot project for

one company code in 2006 June and with successful implementation of

same new roll outs for new company codes are in process for 2007.

Module: In case of Ericsson business scenario, Accounts Payable is

automated using OCR Process, IXOS Archive Server and Custom Business

Workflows. OCR Process includes Scan-Interpreter-Verify-Transfer

Process using Read Soft's INVOICES Application. Scanned Invoices from

Local Branch Offices were transferred to Central Server, they are

interpreter by Interpreter and made available for Verification. After

Verification Invoice data is transferred to SAP as Idoc. Scanned Image

stored in IXOS Archive Server and image link is added to Invoice in

SAP for SOX Compliance. The same process is followed for different

type of documents namely FI Main, FI Credit Memo, MM/EB Main, MM/EB

Credit Memo.

Once the invoice is created in System, for FI Invoices as soon as it

is parked FI Main workflow will be triggered based on workflow

variants and start conditions defined for company codes. In case of

MM/EB workflow will be triggered only in case of any blocks (Quantity

and/or Price) blocks.

Workflow Developments:

> FI Invoice Workflow (WS90200032): In Ericsson business scenario, FI

Invoices (Invoices with out PO's) are to be followed a defined

business process of approvals/authorization before Invoice is posted

and paid to the Vendor. WS90200032 is developed for this purpose. This

workflow is developed for process of AP Parking the FI document,

Approver assigning the cost assignment, Authorization based on Cost


> MM Invoice Workflow (WS90200030): In case of MM Invoices - invoices

with reference to PO - there is a need to do a 3 way matching (Invoice

- PO - GR) to find out any mismatches (termed as blocks in SAP -

quantity, price etc.) In case of mismatches there is need to go for

approval process to remove the blocks so that the whole invoice is

released. A custom Workflow to support this business process was

developed - approvers based on Purchase Groups and Authorizers based

on Cost Assignment.

> EB Invoice Workflow (WS90200031): This workflow is developed for EB

Invoices approval process. EB Invoices are the invoices made against

po types: EC (EB Classic Scenario) and ECPO (Extended Classic

Scenario). In case of EB different line items are handled parallely.

> OCR FI Light Workflow (WS90200039): In Ericsson scenario, all company

codes do not use full OCR FI main workflow, for these company codes a

new workflow is developed which includes only AP step and once image

link is added approval process happens through e-mails using IXOS

Yellow notes functionality.

> OCR Error Workflow (WS90200033): In Case of OCR Process, in some case

when Idoc goes to Error, there is a need to reprocess the idoc. A

custom workflow has been developed to facilitate the AP tor eprocess

the Idoc. 'Correct On going Invoice' step in this workflow is

associated with IDOC object which call IDOC_MANUAL_INPUT this gives

user an option to process idoc in foreground.

Other Developments:

> Idoc Posting Program for MM Invoice Z_INVOICES_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM with

extra validations

> Function Modules for SAP Business Workflow Integration with EP: Work

items of all OCR workflows go to Enterprise Portal. All Interactions

from EP are captured and processed to back end using Remote Function


> Report ZOCR03 - This report - OCR workflow work item monitoring is

developed to show agents of current work item in Invoice workflow.

Given input as company code and type of Invoice (FI/MM/EB), this gives

a list of all Invoices for which workflow is in process and agent name

for current work item in the workflow.

> Report ZOCR06 - In case of MM/EB workflow, in some cases there is a

possibility that blocks are removed outside the workflow. When Invoice

blocks are removed there is no need to run the workflow for that

invoice. This report is used for this purposed. This reports takes

user ids as input and finds out work items related to MM/EB workflow

and checks if the corresponding invoice's block is valid or not. If

not this program behaves as if user has approved the mismatch and

workflow continues further. This also removes work item from user


> SAP Upgrade Project at Ericsson: Ericsson's SAP Implementation was

done on version SAP 4.6c. After the Workflow Implementation was

completed in 2006 May, there was a need to upgrade the SAP Version.

SAP Version was upgraded from 4.6C to ECC 5.0 and then ECC 5.0 to ECC

6.0 Contribution:

o Understanding the Support Packs upgraded in ECC 6.0 to analyze

the impact on SAP Programs ( Workflows + Other Programs )

related to OCR Workflow Solution at Ericsson

o Modifications/ Code changes to existing programs to cope up with

ECC 6.0

o Understanding the side effects (if any) with all new SAP Notes,

Support packs related to SAP ECC 6.0 and implementing the

Corrections to side effects.


> 'The BRAVO - Best of IBM" award winner for the best performance twice

in Project Ericsson for 2006-Q2 and 2007-Q1

> 'Consultant of The Year - 2006' from Project Ericsson from IBM India

Pvt Ltd

> Won 3rd Prize for the paper "A Hybrid Approach to face recognition

using PCA and Neural Networks" presented at the Seminar conducted by

IETE in 2004.

> Presented a paper on "eXtreme Programming", a new paradigm in Software

Engineering at IIT-Roorkee in 2002.

> Finalist in ACM International Programming Contest in 2002.

> Finalist in "Algorithmica" contest in IIT-Delhi TechFest Tryst-2002.

> All India Rank 219 in IIT-JEE 1999

> State 1st Rank in "Sri Ramanujan Mathematics Talent Test" in


> State 1st in General Quiz at "Intercollegiate Competitions" held at

Hindu College (Guntur) in 1998.

> Gold Medal Winner in "Lesson Talent Test" conducted by "Dr. Velivolu

Perineedu Memorial" in 1997.

> Won various prizes in Programming Contest, IT Quiz, Business Quiz at

college level.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 23rd May 1982

Contact Address : 300 Franciscan Ct, Apt # 16

Fremont, CA 94539

Mobile : 210-***-****

E-mail :

Visa Status : H1B under employer SanDisk

Corporation US

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Married

References: Available upon request

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