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Software Developer Project

Youngsville, North Carolina, United States
January 16, 2013

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Michael Kimsal


I'm not currently available for any full time or contract positions. I will be accepting new work in January 2013.

I'm not currently available for full time "on site" work - I can be on site at a place of business periodically - 2-3 times per month if necessary - but not 100% full time.

If you have a web-oriented position open, please post it over at .

It takes only a moment, is free, and the site is promoted on my

Michael Kimsal Resumé/CV

Last updated: 02/03/2012

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Michael Kimsal

40 Glen Oaks, Youngsville, NC 27596


UPDATED: January 27, 2012


Senior-level IT consultant with 16 years in the industry with experience in

the areas of:

* reducing business operation costs through use of web technologies

* social media technologies, integration and adoption

* open source technologies (licensing, adoption, integration, customization)

* project management

* developer mentoring

Dedicated leader with a passion for streamlining business operations through

automating business processes and implementing best of breed new technologies.


I'm the guy who

* is a seasoned PHPer, but loves newer tech like Groovy/Grails and more...

* gets things done that you didn't think would get done

* tackles new problems daily

* you wish you'd had on board for your last project that never quite worked

like you needed it to

* you were looking for earlier, before you settled for your last guy

* comes up with a new approach to a problem that you hadn't thought of before,

but that your users love


* Languages/technology

PHP, Java, Groovy, Grails, Rails, Lucene, Drupal, Wordpress, SOLR, Erlang, JasperReports, Perl, XML, XSLT, XSLFO, SQL, shell scripting (bash), UML, JSP, ASP, ColdFusion, C#, .NET platform, AJAX, Flash / Flex, Red5 / Flash Media Server, Tomcat, Pentaho Business Intelligence

* Methodologies

OOP (Object Oriented Programming) OOA (Object Oriented Analysis and Design),

elements of Extreme Programming and Agile development, test driven development


MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, sqlite (yes, it counts)

* Operating Systems

iOS/OSX, Linux (RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake, Kubuntu, Gentoo), Solaris, Windows NT,

Windows 7,2000/XP

* Services / Tools

gant, unit testing (phpunit/junit/etc), intellij, zendstudio/eclipse, netbeans

* Certification

Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)


2008 - current

Self, Consultant, RabbleRouser

Organizer - indieconf - yearly conference for independent web professionals

Publisher - - monthly PDF publication for JavaScript professionals

Publisher - - monthly PDF publication for Groovy developers

M33Integrated - third party delivery logistics management system (Grails)

NCVPS - registration system for North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (Grails) - student portfolios project - NC Dept Public Instruction (Grails) - survey management and reporting (PHP/Drupal)

Certified PHP Instructor for Zend, Inc (PHP)

ZFKit - starter kit for Zend Framework Projects

GrailsKit - starter kit for Grails projects

Open Source Risk Management - Durham, NC

2007 - 2008


Responsibilities include:

* Using commercial and custom tools to scan software for known open source components

* Develop remediation steps for license compliance issues

Projects include dealing with:

* large multinational consumer electronics company (US)

* cell phone development company (China)

* legal products software firm (UK)

* open source business intelligence reporting company

BBH Media - Raleigh, NC

2005 - 2007

Senior Software Developer

Technologies: mod_perl php apache xml mysql mssql nt linux java ajax solr ant

* Migrated relational data to SOLR for improved search functionality.

* Initiated process to standardize AJAX development on Yahoo UI toolkit

(involved leading a team to review existing systems, define requirements,

identify integration points and impact of adoption, and propose adoption


* Worked closely with operations team to maintain and extend functionality of

ticket tracking and CRM tools.

* Identified stakeholders and managed communication between multiple developers

and external stakeholders for multiple projects.

* Improved and optimized code execution through refactoring, code analysis and

database optimization

* Kept daily development blog to increase communication between east coast and

west coast department structure.

* Introduced standard build process for PHP and Perl code using Ant/Java -

this reduced push time and associated push problems.

* Introduced testing tools - selenium and simpletest - to development process.

* Mentored others in web development best practices.

Conduit IT - State College, PA

2004 - 2005

Senior Software Developer/Architect

Technologies: php apache xml mssql mysql nt linux oracle

Project Management/Technical Leadership

Managed teams of 2-4 developers, insuring that projects were completed on

regular basis.

* Worked with business development to ensure that features required by new and

* existing customers would be supported in new platform.

* Provided direct one on one guidance to developers implementing project

* designs.

* Worked with QA team to develop comprehensive testing strategies, to test

* both functional sets of code (unit test) and front end interfaces (web

* tests)

* Mentored junior and mid-level developers, performing code review sessions

* and worked on identifying areas of skill improvement.

Technical Experience: PHP, MySQL, XML, XSLT, Ant, RenderX, XSLFO

* Introduced standard build process procedures using Ant. This reduced

* migration time by 40% and reduced associated error rate by 50%.

* Introduced standard testing platform (simpletest) to allow for common unit

* testing strategy to be deployed.

* Developed next generation object-oriented application platform for new

* product development efforts. Application configuration was migrated

* from database to standard XML configuration files.

* Developed real-time on-demand PDF catalog generation system using

* RenderX/XSLFO, PHP and MySQL.

QuickenLoans - Livonia, MI


Software Developer

Technologies: php apache xml java mysql mssql nt linux

Developed banking software systems. Researched and implemented two identity

verification systems (VerID and CashEdge) using SOAP. Worked with

pre-existing banking package (from Open Solutions) to integrate company's

security and identification processes into banking software.

Tap Internet - Ypsilanti, MI



Technologies: php mod_perl asp apache xml java mysql pgsql mssql nt solaris

linux oracle

Managed web development consultancy of five people. Implemented dozens of

projects, including,,

and Contributed LogiCreate application framework and LogiCampus

classroom management system projects to open source community. Started first

hands on PHP classes ? developed 5 days of instruction material and presented

to 100s of students from around the US. Companies served included Eli Lily,

Earthlink, Gannett, Wayne State University, University of Georgia and more.

Largest ecommerce site managed $40,000,000+ per day in orders.

Fry Multimedia - Ann Arbor, MI

1998 - 1999

Software Developer

Technologies: perl asp apache xml mssql nt solaris

Software Engineer developing web based applications for trade show

registrations (Reed Exhibition company) and auto clubs (, AAA clubs

in Wisconsin, Illinois and New Jersey).

Field Technology Partners - Novi, MI


Software Developer

Technologies: os2 mssql nt mssql lotus notes

Developed client/server applications for sales force automation projects using

Windows, OS/2 and Lotus Notes.


BA Philosophy, Oakland University, Michigan 1995


Member, Mensa 2007-present

Member Raleigh area user groups (Java, PHP) 2006-present

Founded Raleigh area MySQL user group 2006-present

Toastmasters, Raleigh 2006-present

Published articles at and 2005-2006

Host of podcast site 2005-present

Toastmasters officer, QuickenLoans club 2004

Various presentations to Ann Arbor Computer Society and

Washtenaw Linux User Group 2001-2003

Started and managed Southeast Michigan PHP User Group 2001-2003

General background

I have extensive experience with all levels of web app development in a variety of languages,

from early days of basic form processing through creating large scale MVC systems to handle

millions of visitors. I've additionally taught PHP at various levels, and am comfortable

presenting technical ideas to different levels of audiences.

I've dealt with classroom applications (logicampus), ecommerce apps, CMS apps,

custom business logic utilities, catalog management apps, pay-for content and

membership sites, and more. If the project will be delivered over the web,

I've likely dealt with and solved the majority of the technical and

architectural issues involved in the completion of that type of project.

Recently, I've been digging in to Groovy, Grails and JasperReports technologies.

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Michael Kimsal's blog is available at



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