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Medical Hospital

Powell, OH
January 28, 2013

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Syed M. Rahman M.D.


Syed M Rahman, M.D., DMRT (London) U.S. Citizen

Board Certified, Radiation Oncologist Married, 3 adult children

915 Vauxhill Lane 5 Grandchildren

Powell, OH 43065

614-***-**** (home)

614-***-**** (cell)

Present Position:

Consultant/Adjunct Staff

Department of Radiation Oncology

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Cleveland, OH


M.B.B.S. University of Dacca (Pakistan) 1964. Licensed to practice medicine in Ohio, New York,

Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

D.M.R.T Diploma in Medical Radiotherapy in 1971

University of London, England

A.B.R. Board certified in Therapeutic Radiology, 1976

Specialty Training: In Radiation Therapy

Hammersmith Hospital. London, England

July 1969-February 1970

Glasgow University Hospital, Scotland

March 1970-June 1974

Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, New York

July 1974-June 1975

Staff Positions Held:

Clinical Instructor of Radiotherapy

Glasgow University Hospital

July 1973-May 1974

Senior Fellow in Radiotherapy

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

New York, New York

July 1975-December 1975

Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology

University of Virginia Hospital

Charlottesville, Virginia

January 1976- September 1977

Acting Director and Director

Radiation Oncology Section, Riverside Methodist Hospital

Columbus, Ohio

October 1977- July 1979

Chief: Radiation Oncology Section, Grant Hospital. Clinical Assistant

Professor of Radiology, Ohio State University Hospital

Columbus, Ohio

Chairman, Radiation Control Committee, Grant Hospital

September 1979- December 1992

Radiation Oncologist, Medical Director

The Radiation Oncology Center at The Union Memorial Hospital

3400 North Calvert Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21218

January 1993-July 1994

Radiation Equipment Experience:

60-140KV X-Ray Machine, 200-400 KV X-ray Machine, Telecobalt Therapy Unit, 4 MEV

and 16 MEV L.A. with Electron Beam Capability. Radiocative Isotape such as Ra-226 and

Cs-137 for intracavitary application in GYN Cancer, radioactive Au-198 and I-125 for

Prostate Cancer, Ir-192 for Breast Cancer, Ta-182 for Bladder Cancer, Sr-90 radiation for

Eye Lesion. Have also used unsealed Radio-Isotape such as Colloidial Gold suspension

for Malignant Effusion and I-131 for Thyroid Cancer. CT guided 3-D treatment planning,

IMRT, IGRT, LDR, HDR, Brachytherapy

Professional Membership:

Franklin County academy of Medicine, Ohio Radiaology Society, American Medical

Association, American College of Radiology, American Society of Therapeutic

Radiologist, Radiological Society of North America.


Chan K. Chung, M.D., Syed M. Rahman, M.D., William C. Constable, MBchB Malignant

Salivary Gland Tumors of the Palate . Published in Arch Otolaryngol. Vol 104,

September, 1978.

Chan K. Chung, M.D., Syed M. Rahman, MDDS DMRT, Meng L. Lim, MBBS DMRT, William

C. Constable, MBchB, DMRT. Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Hard Palate . Published in

Int. J. Radiation Oncology Biol. Pysics, Vol.5, pp. 191-196, February, 1979.

Syed M. Rahman, MBBS DMRT, Chan K. Chung, M.D. and William C. Constable, MBchB,

DMRT Post-operative, Beta Irradiation in Treatment of Ptergium . Published in

Southern Medical Journal. Vol. 72, No. 7 July, 1979.

Syed M. Rahman, M.D., Jack E. Tetirick, M.D., Ollie E. Southard, M.D., George Callendine,

Jr. Ph. D. Conservative Management of Early Breast Cancer . Published in Ohio State

Medical Journal, February, 1982.

Syed M. Rahman, M.D., Craig P. Albert, M.D., Balbir S. Reehal, Ph.D. Tobacco s

Radiation: It s Sources and Potential Hazard . February, 1987. Published in Ohio


Syed M. Rahman, M.D., Brian McKibben, Thomas Hardy Jr., David Scholss, Pre-

operative Versus Post Operative Adjuvant Radiotherapy for Surgical Curable Carcinoma

of Rectum and Distal Sigmoid Colon . Published in Southern Medical Journal. Vol 83,

July, 1990, No. 7.

Chuck Cho, M.D., Charles W. Taylor III, M.D., Anatha Padmanabhan, M.D., Mark Arnold,

M.D., Pedro S. Aguilar, M.D. FACS, Deborah Messing, Syed M. Rahman, M.D., William

R.C. Stewart, M.D., FACS, Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Anal Canal: Management

with Combined Chemo-Radiation Therapy . Published in Disease of Colon and Rectum

August, 1991 issue.

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