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Project Manager Management

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States
January 19, 2013

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Jack Todd King

Senior Geologist / Exploration Manager / Project manager

US Registered Professional Geologist

Society of Economic Geologists Member

Geological Society of America Professional

United States

Experience in Diamond, Gold, Uranium


Experienced in exploration which begins growing up near the Prairie Creek Lamproite Pipe of

Arkansas (United States), through Venezuela, Guyana, western and northern United States, I

have planned all phases of exploration from grass-roots regional exploration, follow-up, stream &

soil heavy mineral and geochemical sampling, through geophysics, drilling, core logging, bulk

sampling, and recovery. I am a team-oriented person, finding the benefits through cooperation

and achievement. I fulfill my goals and always give my very best to each project. I am dedicated

to doing a thorough and excellent work. My work is not limited to diamond, gold, and uranium but

any geological activity, which involves mapping, GIS software applications (MapInfo/Discover &

MapViewer), heavy mineral, geochemical, geophysics, drilling, logistics, and bulk sampling. I am

experienced with organizing and supervising work groups, drill crews, and contractors. I focus on

Strategic Management and Project Management with good decision making for progress and

success of a project.


MS Operations Management 2009 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas United States

MS Geology 2001 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas United States

BS Geology 1983 Arkansas Tech University Russellville, Arkansas United States




US Registered Professional Geologist

Geological Society of America professional

Society of Economic Geologists - member

MSHA certified Instructor

MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) Certificate (surface & underground)


GPS (Garmin, Magellan, Trimble) autonomous & differential, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel,

Microsoft Word, MapInfo/Discover (producing digital maps), MapViewer (producing digital maps),

GIS, Internet, Record & Data management, Logistics for projects and activities, detailed reports

and research, Geochemical sampling, Heavy mineral sampling, Geophysical activities,

Magnetometer, Magnetic susceptibility meter, scintillometer, compass, clinometer, field mapping,

digital map production, hip-chain, altimeter, augur (Dutch), augur (mechanical), core logging,

microscope, kimberlite indicator mineral picking, field concentration of heavy minerals, organizing



and supervising contractors, work camps and transportation, report writing, mobile camping,

supervising work crews, and more to suit your needs.

Professional Experience

May 2009

Training Heavy mineral sampling team in Guyana

Recovery of heavy minerals for diamond exploration in tropical weathering

HGC Consulting

February 2009 through April 2009

Kimberlite Indicator picking

Size range 250 micron to 1mm

Samples from Paraguay

Sacre-Coeur Minerals


January 2009

Diamond Indicator mineral picking 250 micron to 1mm

Diamond exploration

King s Consulting

Confidential contract

Patagonia region of Argentina

July 2008 September 2008

I took this confidential contract to investigate the uranium potential in the Patagonia region of

Argentina. The geology in the area of interest was very much like the Colorado Plateau in the

United States. I also was looking into Argentine labor laws and environmental issues, as well as

procedures for gaining claims, cateos, and surface owner relations. I reported all this back to the

company who has interest in performing future uranium exploration in Argentina.

Denison Mines (USA) Corp


1050 17 Street Suite 950

Denver, Colorado 80265


January 1, 2008 July 2008

US Exploration Manager

I was the US Exploration Manager for Denison Mines. I was based on the Colorado Plateau and

I planned exploration drill projects on the Colorado Plateau. I made arrangements with drill

contractors and planning drill sites. I also worked with historic drill logs from past companies in

order to help guide the new drill programs. My main target was in the Salt Wash member of the

Morrison Formation. I spent time in the underground uranium mines to understand the uranium

deposits. I used MapInfo/Discover for exploration.

Sacre-Coeur Minerals Ltd

Sacre-Coeur Guyana Inc

337 Sachi Bazaar

Prashad Nagar

Georgetown, Guyana

+592 *** ****

September 2006 December 31, 2007

Project Manager / Senior Geologist of Northwest Guyana

I was the Project Manager and Senior Geologist for 400 square miles of Sacre-Coeur

concessions in Northwest Guyana, which contains epithermal gold deposits. I am in charge of all

operations, camps, personnel, drilling, exploration in the Northwest. This included exploration for

gold, diamond, and uranium. My staff was two other geologists, five geo-technicians, one drill



crew, one excavator crew, eighty workers, sample shed crew, and contract transportation. I kept

track of data using MapInfo. I used a data base of geology provided by the Guyanese

government which includes all previous companies exploration results. This includes air

geophysics of various types, air photos, regional sample results, structure maps, and geologic

maps. We used GPS for marking all sample locations. I designed grids for ground geophysics

with ground magnetometers and scintillometer. I logged core and samples directly into the

computer. I worked closely with upper management. I made a budget every two weeks for the

project. I enjoyed the work very much, but left only due to the amount of malaria and dengue

fever in the area, which was infecting me and family. I used MapInfo for exploration.

University of Arkansas. August 2006 September 2006

W orking on 2nd Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, Operations Management.

HGC Consulting

King's Consulting

May 2006 June 2006

Diamond picking from heavy mineral concentrate using the microscope from material in the size

range of 400 micron to 1mm. Samples from Canada.

Mil Investments

King s Consulting

January 2006 March 2006

Kimberlite Indicator Mineral investigation and GIS map building. Using the microscope, to pick

kimberlite indicator minerals from heavy mineral non-magnetic concentrate in the size range from

250 microns to 1mm. Results were recorded and by using GPS coordinates, a map was created

using MapInfo, which contain layers such as grain types, location, and number of grains, and

details about each sample. Samples from Finland.

Octahedron Resources (contract)

King s Consulting

October 2005 December 2005

Operating a heavy minerals lab and processing field concentrate from the Arctic in a heavy

minerals lab. Use heavy liquids to separate heavy minerals from concentrate. Kimberlite

indicator picking performed on samples. Reporting data back to client in the form of weights,

observations, and picked grains. Then I mounted the grains on data sheets and shipped to a lab

for microprobe.

Octahedron Resources (contract)

King s Consulting

June 2005 October 2005

Diamond exploration in United States

Collect and field concentrate 90 heavy mineral stream samples. Conduct a heavy minerals lab to

separate all 90 samples. I picked heavy mineral concentrate for kimberlite indicator minerals. I

placed data and results on a digital base map with GIS layers using the mapping program,

MapViewer5. I planned follow-up.

HGC Consulting

Fort Collins, Colorado


February 2005 April 2005

Microscope-kimberlite indicator mineral picking of 112 heavy mineral concentrates

Building digital GIS map with geological information and sample locations and results.

Picking area of best results for follow-up exploration. United States




September October 2004

North West Arkansas, United States

Contract drill rig operator

Short term contract.

Operating mobile truck mounted drill rigs to augur, using hollow stem or flight augurs and take

split spoon sample at various depths in order to provide engineering information for construction


Dunsmuir Resources

Subcontract for Coopersmith

July August 2004

Position-contract exploration Geologist

United States diamond exploration

Follow-up heavy mineral survey in glacial till and outwash in an area which also included strong

structural control and bedrock outcrop. The heavy mineral survey was to find more kimberlite

indicator minerals and to determine if they came from the local bedrock or transported in by

glaciation. Samples consisted of 20 liter, -2mm material. These were field concentrated and

shipped directly to the lab. We worked independently and achieved all planned sample sites. We

then plotted the information on digital maps with the program MapViewer, using UTM

coordinates, and updated sample files with detailed sample information.

Dunsmuir Resources

Subcontract for Coopersmith

April May 2004

Position-contract exploration Geologist

United States diamond exploration.

Exploring regions of the United States, where diamonds have historically been discovered by

individuals and during mining activity. Planned logistics of the field work, then conducted the field

work. This particular project involved heavy mineral stream sampling and rock sampling for

micro-diamond. We took a travel trailer to the job and conducted the work from a central location.

This involved using GPS, maps using UTM, field heavy mineral concentrating equipment, asking

permission for sampling on private land. This was in a greenstone belt.

Guaniamo Mining Company

Union Consolidada San Antonio

January March 2004

Los Indios kimberlite Bulk Sample Project, Guaniamo, Venezuela

Position - Project Manager

Plan and supervise construction for access roads to bulk sample pit sites. Plan and supervise

contractors. Interpret Spanish and English to workers for plant manager. Plan logistics for

project. Oversee all workers in the project. Supervise emplacement of pumps, recovery

equipment and tailings area. The Ministry of Mines, due to conflicting claims on the kimberlite,

closed this project.

Firestone Diamonds

Subcontract for Coopersmith

October 2001 December 2003

Exploration Geologist (contract)

Position contract exploration geologist US exploration

Planned and conducted regional field exploration. Planned logistics for extended lengths of stay

in the field. Collected and field concentrated heavy mineral stream samples. Used GPS for

navigation and sample location, picked kimberlitic indicator minerals, produced digital maps using

MapViewer with GIS layers, examined results, and wrote reports. This project involved a broad

range of activities for which we conducted with ease and efficiency. We always adapted to the

local culture and made good local impressions. This was important to the local land-owners, who



consist of ranchers and farmers. We took the information that we gained through sampling and

microprobe and picked the areas of highest potential. We generated the maps with combined

GIS layers of information. With the overlap of high potential areas for each type of characteristic

conducive to diamond occurrence, areas of high interest were picked.

Blue Ball Kimberlite Heavy Mineral Sampling Project

Scott County Arkansas United States

In cooperation with University of Arkansas, Department of Geosciences

Fayetteville, Arkansas

November 2000 May 2001

Position - Exploration Geologist/Project manager

This project involved an 800-liter stream sample of Dutch Creek in Scott County, Arkansas. A

known lamproite dyke occurs in the drainage area. The interest of this study was to determine if

other lamproites occur in the same drainage area and to speculate if these other lamproites are

diamondiferous. Heavy minerals were recovered from the sample and kimberlite indicator

minerals were recovered. I was in charge of the project from start to finish. My activities included

taking the sample, field concentration of heavy minerals, mapping, heavy mineral separation in

the lab, picking kimberlite indicator minerals, and report writing.

United States Geological Survey (USGS) EDMAP Mapping Project

MS Thesis University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Bedrock Geology West Fork Quadrangle, Washington County, NW Arkansas

May 2000 May 2001

Position - Geologist

This project, funded by the USGS, was the geologic mapping of a complete quadrangle.

Extensive field mapping was conducted with the use of GPS. More than 1000 outcrops were

logged using GPS. This data was then used to produce a digital map of the quadrangle using

MapInfo with DRG s and GIS layers.

Guaniamo Mining Company (Canteras El Toco)

Guaniamo Region, Bolivar State of Venezuela

January 1995 January 1999

Position - Senior Exploration Geologist

This project involved many phases of geological work in the attempt to find a minable area for

diamond; regional heavy mineral sampling, follow-up heavy mineral sampling, geochemical soil &

stream sampling, emplacement of geophysical grids in jungle and savanna, geologic &

geomorphic mapping, geophysics, drilling, logging core, logging mud samples from deep augur,

and bulk sampling. Each operation lasted from a few days to as long as six months and each

involved a separate kind of logistics. The work area was in tropical jungle and savanna and

involved extended stays in the field in mobile camps and main camp.

Golden Star Resources

Georgetown, Guyana

June 1996 December 1996

Position Senior Exploration Geologist

This project mostly involved regional BLEGG sampling over the western half of Guyana. This

involved extended stays in the field in mobile jungle camps. Camps were moved on a weekly or

bi-weekly basis, depending on the area. Camps were in savanna, swamps, and jungle.

Transportation was small boat, ATV, tractor, and helicopter. I planned the logistics for these

activities in cooperation with management. A period of follow-up gold exploration was carried out

in deep jungle, where a 2km x 2km grid was cut, and geochemical samples were taken at various

depths with Dutch augur. The work crew under my supervision was 30 men.



Texas Star Resources (Star Resources)

Prairie Creek Project

Murfreesboro, Arkansas

October 1992 December 1994

Position Exploration Geologist

This project involved the mapping, exploration, geophysics, drilling, and bulk sampling of a series

of lamproite pipes. I was involved in all stages, including logistics for each activity. These duties

included geologic mapping, grid emplacement, ground geophysics, mapping access roads and

arranging contractors to build them, preparing drill sites, supervise drilling, logging core, planning

bulk samples and arranging contractors, observing the bulk samples being processed, picking

diamonds recovered, and site reclamation. Local and regional heavy mineral stream sampling

was done in relation to air-magnetics.


Over the years, I have had very good experience in supervision of work groups, projects, and

camps. I have managed logistics from beginnings all the way through to the end results, made

long range plans for work and logistics and then carried out the activities myself or assigned the

project to other geologists. In my jobs, I have dealt with the people, which include workers,

management, contractors, investors, visitors, interested groups and people, government, tourists,

and more. In all cases, I always maintain a high level of positive attitude. I learn very fast, and

enjoy whatever I am doing while adapting to the environment. I am good both for the field and

office, and for making good logistics or following the logistics set up by others. I also work

excellent independently or in a team effort.


My references are excellent.

Greg Sparks Vice President, Sacre-Coeur Minerals US office 970-***-****

US Mobile 970-***-****

Guyana +592 *** ****

e-mail ******@*******.***

Alan Davies Senior Geologist, Sacre-Coeur Minerals **************@*********.***

Howard Coopersmith HGC consulting 970-***-****

Tristan Davenport Octahedron Resources 44-1432-870247

Peter Saxby Mil Investments Monaco 37-9777-78576

Dominic Channer Guaniamo Mining Company 58-212-***-****

Dr. Stephen K. Boss University of Arkansas 479-***-****

Dr. Doy Zachry University of Arkansas 479-***-****

John Honeycutt Honeycutt Services- 479-***-****

Mr. Carl Brink Expert in diamond recovery plants *********@***.***

Luis Gana Chief Geologist- Sacre-Coeur Minerals *************@*****.***

Skills / Equipment knowledge:

GPS Garmin, Magellan & Trimble differential & autonomous




Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Windows XP


Core logging


Record and data management for company use



Filing systems of reports and maps

Logistics for projects and activities

Geochemical sampling

Heavy mineral sampling

Geophysical activities

Supervising large groups of workers and work camps

Data management

Sample collection and concentration equipment

Long range planning and logistics

Report writing - for: permitting, government reporting, in-company use,

investors, special geological and logistical activities and studies, monthly

and quarterly reports.

Transportation 4-wheel drive, ATV, small boats

Supervising drilling, pitting, trenching, auguring, and processing

Setting up portable HF radio systems

Heavy Mineral separation


Magnetic susceptibility meter




GPS (autonomous & differential)



Augur (Dutch hand, power, 30m Marlow)


Diamond scales

Geochemical sampling equipment

Heavy mineral concentration equipment (field concentration)

Portable electric generators

Mobile jungle camp equipment

Pleitz Jig



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