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Training Black Belt

Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
October 02, 2012

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ARCS Self Defense

Jeremy Haas Resume

Jeremy Haas Resume

Self Defense Trainer

Lifelong martial artist with 28 years of training and 20 years of teaching experience.

With extensive experience serving in tough military and police forces as well as working

as a trainer for various law enforcement agencies, Jeremy Haas has qualifications that are

hard to equal. Tough, skilled, and determined, Jeremy seeks to instill his passion and

skill into his students.


Through the course of his life and work experiences, Jeremy Haas extensive training

background gives him exceptional ground work for his teaching career. Civilian self-

defense training combined with remarkably diverse military and law enforcement training

sets him apart as a multi-faceted trainer.

Martial Arts (28 Years)

6th Degree Black Belt Shorin Ryu Karate

5th Degree Black Belt Aiki-Te

3rd Degree Black Belt Shotokan Karate-Do

3rd Degree Black Belt Tri-O-Ryu Jujutsu

3rd Degree Black Belt Kodokan Judo

Military Training Israeli Defense Force (IDF)

Instructor Certified Krav Maga

Instructor Certified Edged Weapon Trainer

Israeli Behavioral Analysis Training

Anti-Terrorism Training

Long & Small Firearm Retention and Retrieval Tactics

Law Enforcement Training

P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Officer

P.O.S.T. Certified Corrections Officer

Certified in PPCT Defensive Tactics

Certified in SSGT Defensive Tactics


Advanced Level Black Belts in:

Okinawan Combat Karate



Master Level Instructor in:

Israeli Krav Maga

Further Certifications:

Certified in Monadnock Defensive Tactics

Certified Instructor in Kubotan Tactics

Work Experience

Law Enforcement and Military

U.S. Air Force Combat Veteran 10 years of active duty

Operation Enduring Freedom

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Law Enforcement Officer Louisiana State P.O.S.T. Certified

Multi-faceted Instructor

Besides the incredible training he has received and the practical application he

experienced serving in the U.S. Air Force, Jeremy Haas has worked as an instructor, being

in high demand to train various military and law enforcement personnel around the world,


U.S. Military Members from every branch

British Military Members from each branch

Royal Dutch Marines

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Union Defense Forces and Federal Police Force

Iraq and Kuwait National Police Forces

As an instructor, Jeremy has served in the following capacities:

Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor

Edged Weapon Defense Instructor

US Air Force Physical Fitness Instructor

Hand to Hand Combat Survival Techniques and Tactics

Combat Self Aid and Buddy Care

Civilian Instructor

With his varied military background, Jeremy Haas has a distinct advantage in offering

self-defense instruction to individuals. He has helped hundreds of women, children,

elderly, and others learn how to beware of their surroundings, spot potential attackers,

and be ready to defend themselves should the unthinkable occur. Besides typical classroom

settings, Jeremy has offered training in churches, schools, and civic organizations, using

his skills and expertise to empower many to break through their fears and be ready to

stand up in their own defense.

Jeremy Haas a strong commitment to empower individuals in a variety of self-defense

skills. Commitment backed by unmatched experience, skills, and experience. Why choose less

for your personal safety

Self Defense Info

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What Members Say

Mr. Haas has been the highest quality instructor that I ve had the opportunity to train

under. His method of teaching makes some of the most advanced techniques easy to

understand and apply.

Andy Winham

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