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Power Plant Technician

Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh, 507111, India
March 04, 2013

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d.Shyam Prasad E Mail id

Etapaka (post) Contact number 0091 810669520

Bhadrachalam (Mandalam)

Khammam (District)

A.P, India 507112


To seek a job in an environment where I can implement my innovations and promote my

knowledge because of burning appetite to learn something new along with implementation of new

trends and technology.


I.T.I. Electronics mech.


Present working as instrumentation foremen in I.T.C.P.S.P.D. limited. Bhadrachalam


From September 2009 to July 2012 worked in Avantha power and infrastructure limited as

instrumentation foremen (60M.W.Power plant).

M/s. Ballarpur Industries limited –Bhighwan Unit(Near Pune) From November 2006 to

august 2007 In this plant worked as Instrument senior technician(30M.W Power plant)

From September 2002 to July 2004 Worked as instrument technician in M/s.Ballarpur

industries limited SEWA Unit, Jaypore (Orissa)

From July 1997 to June 2002, worked as instrument technician in I.T.C Bhadrachalam

paper Boards limited.


From September 2008 to September 2009 worked in MIDDLE EAST PAPER COMPANY

as instrumentation foremen

Ministry of Electricity and Water Dept. Kuwait (Doha west site) From August 2007 to

June 2008 In this plant worked as Instrument senior technician (300M.W.*8 with Oil fired

boilers and 16 no’s of multi stage water Desalination plants).

From July 2004 to September 2006 worked as instrument technician in Obeikan Duplex

Board mill Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).


Worked on PLC System Allen Breadly SLC/04 and controllogixs5000series, Siemens step


Worked on ABB DCS AC800XA.

Installation of new control loops.

Repairing and Calibration of control valves, I/P & P/I Convectors, pressure switches,

temperature switches, flow switches.

Calibration of all types Transmitters and analyzers like Oxygen, Co2,D.O.,Ph, conductivity

(Smart & Non smart).

Solely responsible of 300TPH CFBC boiler/60 MW Captive thermal power plant

commissioning activities in M/s. Avantha Power and Infrastructure limited.

• Expertise in hydraulic and pneumatic control circuits.


Having the Automation Training on PLC (Allen Bradley slc5/04 and controllogix) and

ABB DCS AC800M, at Obeikan duplex Board mill Riyadh(Kingdom of Saudi


Training taken in ABB DCS AC 800M Controller basic configuration (T 314) in



Programming knowledge of DCS, PLC and SCADA based Control system.

Calibration of Smart Transmitters, Control Valve.

Knowledge of P&I Diagram.

Installation of Field Instruments.

Trouble shooting of problems related to field instruments.

Modification of control loops as per requirement of plant.


Name : Shyam Prasad Dhanekula

Father’s name : Shri. Ramakrishna Dhanekula

Marital Status : Married

Sex : Male

Nationality : Indian


Date of Birth : 09 April 1978

Language Known : Telugu, Hindi and English

Contact number : 0091 810*******


PLACE: (D.Shyam Prasad)

West doha having

Doha west power Generation and Water Distillation Station is one of the main base load plants of

the country governed by the ministry of electricity and water, government of Kuwait. This power

station is situated in Doha, located approx. 15 km to the west of Kuwait city. This power station is

composed of eight power generating units of 300 M.W. capacity each and 16 water distillation units of

6/6.2 million imperial gallons per day capacity each. In all, power station is capable of generating 2400

M.W. (8 x 300 MW) Electric power and producing 110. ( 4 x 6 + 12 x 7.2) million imperial gallon of

distilled water per day.

The first power generating unit was synchronized on 08.06.82 the last eighth unit was synchronized on

09.07.84. All 8 units had successfully operated for nearly 90000 hours since initial commissioning each

generating more than 15500000 MWH without any major constraints. The first distiller started production

in july'83 and commissioning of all 16 distillers were completed by January'85. The condition

&performance in all 8 power generating units and 16 distillation units are considered excellent even after

16-17 years of operation without any capacity reduction. The turbo-generators also supplied by M/s.

MHI/MELOC (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) of Japan are of double star, Hydrogen cooled type

capable of generating 300 MW with a terminal voltage of 21 V. the generated power is pumped into the

national grid net-work through 6 over head line feeders after stepping up to a voltage of 275 KV which is

another novelty for Kuwait. 300 KV system of our station is connected with the 145 KV system at our

end through 3 No. of coupling transformers of (250 MVA each). This 145 KV system is connected the

with grid through 3 Nos. of cable feeders to DEPS.

The boilers supplied by M/s Deutsche Babcock of West Germany are of open-air installations

capable of generating 1.100 T/Hr. of steam at 140 bar & 540 C. These single drum natural circulation,

pressurized furnace and RH type boilers could be fired with natural gas, gas oil, crude oil or heavy fuel

with mixed firing option. The steam turbines are supplied M/s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan is a

tandem compound, condensing type turbine working on Reheat/Regenerative cycle.

Operation of the two segments of power generation and water distillation are interlinked in

such a way that one boiler would supply the required steam of one Turbo-Generator and two

distillation units at a time. Make-up water requirements of the Boilers would be catered by the

station Distillation Plant itself using a De-mineralization Plant of 600 T/Hr. capacity. Fuel gas for

DWPS is supplied by M/s K.O.C. through 30 diameter underground pipeline from their high

pressure system of natural gas at a pressure of 20 bar. Fuel oil for DWPS is also supplied by M/s

KNPC/KPC through underground pipelines (16m diameter) from Mina Al Ahmedi refinery. At our end,

the oil is stored in seven tanks, two for gas oil, three for heavy fuel oil and two for crude oil.

Another special feature of the unit is that there would be no wastage of steam during start-up

conditions and trip-out conditions even from full load. This is achieved by the provision of two by-

pass stations (HP Bypass & LP Bypass).

The boiler can be operated exclusively to supply process steam to distillers through HP/DP reducing

stations without turbine in operation. The condenser is sea-water cooled for the recovery of exhausted

steam. Sea water requirements of both the power plant and the distillation plant are met with by the sea

water pumping. At the sea water intake, the sea water is properly screened before pumping and dosed

with Hypo-chlorite solution. This process, combined with cathodic protection arrangements, ensures the

condensers and heat exchanges with the necessary cooling sea water free from any living organism.

In the Multistage flash evaporators connected with thermal Power Station, the distillate

production is very pure which contains practically no carbonate hardness, essential minerals etc.

Such distillate, being almost unstable could be aggressive and may lead to corrosion of iron pipes

and equipment used in the distribution system (Red water problem). The recarbonation system is

intended to increase the carbonate hardness in the potable water ( remineralisation of distillate) thereby

minimizing corrosion in the water distribution system as well as to eliminate the health hazards of

drinking pure distillate without adequate minerals and salts.

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