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Project Construction

Djakarta, Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia
January 16, 2013

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Name: Sayed Mustaffa Kamal Bin Sayed Ali

Age: 51 years old

Contact No: +6013-9492840 (Malaysia)

+6281294090162 (Indonesia)


Nationality: Malaysian

Marital status: Married

Date of Birth: July 10, 1961

Place of Birth: Pahang, Malaysia

Religion: Islam

Languages: 1. Bahasa Malaysia - Fluent

2. English - Good

3. Bahasa Indonesia - Fluent


Tertiary Education: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering - Polytechnic Engku Omar Ipoh, Perak,

Malaysia (1981-1984)

Secondary School:

Higher School Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Full certificate) -

Secondary Technical School Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia


Computer Application: MS Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Outlook

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7


To obtain a position where I can maximize my multilayer of management skills, quality, safety, time

frame and successful track record in oil and gas construction industry.

Site Project/Construction Manager superintendent and supervisor onshore and offshore Process Plant,

petrochemical plant, piping, hook up and Pipelines.


(A) In general:

Site Construction/ Supervision Manager, growing in a major General Contractor Company and client in

Malaysia, Brunei, India and Indonesia for 27 years in construction Projects including Engineering

Procurement and Construction (EPC) company of onshore and offshore pipeline piping petrochemical


Deep knowledge of quality standards, international specifications, construction activities (hands on)

including pre-commissioning, commissioning, and handover.

Vast experience performed in Oil & Gas fields often in extreme conditions as swampy area underground

utilities with full relationship of local authorities and government bodies.

(B) Competency/Experience:

• Extensive construction and project management experience on EPC Oil & Gas projects

• Proven track record of man-management

• Interface management between services, departments and units

• Experience of managing direct hire, or multi-nationality labor force

• Experience in managing specialist subcontractors, vendors, suppliers.

(C) Outline Job Description:

• Day-to-Day administration and management of construction staff based on sites and marine


• HSE Coordination, procedure revision and reporting.

• Hands on management of the construction plan and activities.

• Coordination of field engineering, procurement, construction.

• Overseeing the commercial and technical management of sub-contractors and liaising with the

client's technical and commercial representatives.

• Performing presentations to Directors, Client, subcontractors, construction staff personnel and labour


• Producing progress reports.

• Coordinate Quality Assurance/Quality Control office and site teams.

• Managing contractual changes, field engineering modification, claims.

(D) Client/Operator history

1. October 2011 – present: Company authorized representative with PERTAMINA, Offshore

Construction, Jakarta, Indonesia;

2. Feb 2011 until October 2011: Site Representative for Brown Field Project with EXXON

MOBIL Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;

3. 2008 until 2009: Client Site Representative-for pipeline installation and shore approach with


4. Nov 2009 to March 2010: Client Site Representative for pipe line installation anchor pile pilling

PLEM installation SPM installation and shore approach with HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM

COMPANY LIMITED, Visakapatnam, Andra Pradesh, India

5. Feb 2007 until June 2007: Client Site Representative for pipeline installation anchor pile piling SPM

installation and shore approach with BHARAT PETROLEUM LIMITED, Kochi, Kerala, India

6. Sept 2006 until Feb 2007: Client Representative for pipe line installation with EXXON MOBIL,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

7. 2003 until 2004: Client Site Representative for top site major maintenance with PETRONAS

CARIGALI, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

8. February 2003 until August 2003: Construction supervisor for Tapis F host tie in @Tapis A with

Exxonmobil Malaysia

9. April 2002 until January 2003 : construction supervisor for Cakerawal platform hook up and

commissioning with Carigali Hess formerly known as Carigali Triton Operating Company(CTOC)


1. 15 Oct 2011- present:

Position: Construction Barge Superintendent/Company Authorized Representative

Company/Country: Pertamina, Jakarta, Indonesia

Project: For platform refurbishment-deck extension, fabrication, turn around

replace new boat landing pipeline repaired replace new fin fan cooler

deck extension and construction services

Total construction crew 165 pax

Contract duration until end of May 2012

Work Barge - AWB Kaspadu 1

2. Feb 2011 - 30 Sept 2011:

Position: Construction Supervisor/Site Representative

Company/Country: Exxon Mobil Malaysia

Project: Brown Field Project (piping & structural).

Fabricate 2 numbers launcher & receiver

Fabricate associate piping

3. July 2010- Aug 2010:

Position: Marine Warranty Surveyor

Company/Country: Noble Denton Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Project: 24” Riser Installation for Tangga Barat Drilling Platform to

Resak Drilling Platform

Work Barge: DLB 264

*This job I replace the regular MWS due to that personnel taking emergency leave

4. Apr 2010 - 28 June, 2010:

Position: Offshore Construction Superintendent

Company/Country: PBJV Group Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Project: 28"diameter Shore Approach Pipeline for Kumang Cluster Development


Beach Pull, Pipe Lay for 6.7KM

Total joint 504 joints

Work Barge: PLB Faulkner

5. Nov, 2009-15 Mar, 2010:

Position: Offshore Construction Superintendent/Client Representative

Company/Country: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd India, India

Project: Anchor piling for SPM and PLEM installation shore approach pipe lay

Location: Visakhapatnam India

Work barge: Leighton Mynx an Stealth

6. Apr, 2008 - Feb, 2009:

Position: Construction Superintendent cum Company Site Representative

Company/Country: Murphy Oil Corporation, Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Project: Hybrid Rentis Pipeline Installation For Sk-309/311 Phase 1 Gas

Development Project-Beach Pull For 2 Lines 24 Inch Pipe Line

Work barge: Swiber Qonquest

7. Nov, 2007 - Mar, 2008:

Position: Offshore Construction Manager

Company/Country: Mushtari Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Project: Shut Down, Construction and Hook Up and Commissioning For

Cakerawala Platform

• Work Barge: Jascon 28

8. Apr, 2007 - Oct, 2007:

Position: Construction and System Integrated Testing Coordinator

Company/Country: Helix Energy Solution, Kencana Fabrication Yard, Malaysia

Project: Deep Water Structure Fabrication-Kg D6.

Fabricate 6 Modules PLEM, 11 Suction Piles

Flushing and Hydro Testing

9. Sept, 2006 - Mar, 2007:

Position: Construction Superintendent cum Company Site Representative

Company/Country: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, India

Project: Single Point Mooring project, shore approach and 48 Inch Offshore

Pipeline Installation-total lengths 20 KM

Location: Kochi, Kerala, India

Work barge: Leighton Stealth

10. Jun, 2006 - Sept, 2006:

Position: Construction Supervisor cum Client Representative

Company/Country: Exxon Mobil, Malaysia

Project: 28” and 16”Tabu A to Guntong E pipeline Installation-7.1 km total 576

joints and riser installation

Work barge:DLB264

11. 2005- May, 2006:

Position: Construction Supervisor

Company/Country: SKS Wood Sdn Bhd, Brunei Darussalam

Project: Ampa Fairley,and Champion field –rejuvenation construction services

and pipeline replacement

Work boat/barge: Armada Iman and Lewek Conqueror

12. 2005:

Position: General Construction Superintendent

Company/Country: Vastalux Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Project: Petronas Carigali Sarawak, Pipe line Replacement at Miri Crude Oil

Terminal (Onshore). To change new 16”receiver and associated piping

and valves

13. 2004 - 2005:

Position: Construction Superintendent

Company/Country: Petra Resources Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Project: Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Petroleum Company Limited for Hook-Up

and Commissioning, Construction Services and top side major


Work barge: Petra Challenger, Discovery and Emerald

14. 2003 - 2004:

Position: Company Site Representative

Company/Country: Petronas Carigali, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Project: Top Site Major Maintenance-Blasting Painting and Mechanical Piping.

Work Boat-Armada Goodman-65 Construction Crews Witness / monitor

hydrostatic and other testing.

15. Feb, 2003- Aug, 2003:

Position: Construction Supervisor

Company/Country: Exxon Mobil, Terengganu Offshore, Malaysia

Project: Tapis F host tie in @Tapis A

16. Apr 2002 - Jan, 2003:

Position: Construction Supervisor

Company/Country: Carigali Triton Operating Company (CTOC), Malaysia

Project: Hook-Up & Commissioning for Cakerawala Field.

Work barge: Sarku 2000

17. 2001 - 2002:

Position: General supervisor

• Company/Country: Dayang Enterprise Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Project: Offshore Topside maintenance and construction.

18. 2000 – 2001:

Position: Piping Supervisor

Company/Country: Samsung Engineering, Terengganu Malaysia

Project: Malaysia Olefins Project- Petronas & Union Carbide

19. 1999 - 2000:

Position: Piping Supervisor

Company/Country: Projass Engineering Sdn Bhd, Terengganu, Malaysia

Project: Resak Onshore Gas Terminal Project-Pipe lay(48”and 16”) and road

crossing (pipe jacking) for Petronas Carigali.

20. 1998 - 1999:

Position: Piping Supervisor

Company/Country: Nam Fatt Energy Sdn Bhd, Terengganu, Malaysia

Project: Underground and aboveground piping work at Kerteh Vinyl Chloride

Monomer Project, Kerteh – PETRONAS gas

21. 1996 - 1998:

Position: Pipe Line Foreman

Company/Country: Mc Connel Dowell, Terengganu, Malaysia

Project: GPP 5 & GPP 6 Project, Paka, Terengganu –Road Crossing and Pipe

Jacking and pipeline installation (48”) for Petronas Gas

22. 1992-1995:

Position: Construction/Piping Supervisor

Company/Country: Sime Sembawang Engineering Fabrication Yard, Pasir Gudang, Johor,


Project: Top Side Fabrication for Petronas.

23. 1988-1992:

Position: Construction/Piping Supervisor

Company/Country: Malaysia Shipyard and Engineering Fabrication Yard, Pasir Gudang,

Johor, Malaysia

Project: Top Side Fabrication for Sarawak Shell

24. 1985-1988:

Position: Offshore Maintenance

Company/Country: Haji Malai Mahshor, Brunei Darussalam

Project: Top Side Maintenance for Ampa & Champion Field for Brunei Shell



• Medical Check Up/Report will expire on June 2013

• Radiography Interpretation(RI)level 2

• Welding Inspector 3.1

• Sea Survival Course (Mboset) will expire on 13 September 2015

• PTW (Permit To Work) Conduct by Sarawak Shell Berhad

• H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness)

• Damage Control Team course at UNOCAL 76 Thailand.

• Exxon Mobil fundamental of safety training - 4 days

• Risk Assessment level 2 training by Exxon Mobil - 2 days

• First Line Supervisor training by Exxon Mobil - 2days

• SHE training by Exxon Mobil - 2 days

• Occupational and health course by ExxonMobil -1 day

• Management of Change course by Exxon Mobil - 2 days

• Competency Assurance System by ExxonMobil - 2 days

• Work management training by Exxon Mobil - 1day

• SSOW Performing Authority Training by Pertamina Indonesia - 2 days

• Area authority training by Pertamina - 3 days theory and 1 day on site practical

(This training capture PTW preparation Isolation Conformation Cert, isolation point base on P&ID)


1. Mr. P Sri Kumar

Project Manager Intec SEA engineering Sdn Bhd Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number: +60122982713

2. Mr Zahimi Osman

Project director Sapura Sdn Bhd

Contact Number: +60123833188/60192625064

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