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Oracle Management Business Sql Server .Net Experience

Costa Mesa, California, 92626, United States
May 23, 2010

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Anish Kumar Koshal

# 312-***-****

[pic] Objective: Fifteen years technology experience with

10+ years as Document Management & Imaging and Workflow expert using Oracle

(formerly Stellent) technology with a proven track record of being on time

is the background I'd bring to your organization.


1. Certification in Optika/Stellent Acorde Context and Process.

2. Certification in Kofax Capture (Ascent capture) 8.0.

3. BrainBench Master Certification in ASP.NET Fundamentals.

Experience Summary

4. Experience working for Fortune 500 and industry-leading organizations as

a Consultant/Programmer Analyst/Sr. System analyst/Integration Architect.

5. Over 15 years experience, including 10+ years in US in software

development using n-tier Client Server with specialization in Object

Oriented Programming and Windows GUI development.

6. 10+ Years of experience in Document Management system using

Optika/Stellent IBPM (Imaging and Business Processing Management), now

known as Oracle IPM 7.7/10gR3.

7. Over 5 years of experience working with different document capture

technologies using Kofax Capture, Oracle Document Capture and Captiva


8. Two years of experience in administering Stellent UCM (Universal Content

Management) system.

9. Used different components of Stellent Content Management System such as

Content Server, Site Studio, Oracle Desktop Integration Suite, Folders

and WebDav, Collaboration Manager, Site Studio Publisher etc.

10. Experience working in the capacity of Technical Lead and Project Lead

focusing on project coordination, requirement gathering, development

efforts and overseas project interfacing.

11. Performed multiple upgrades and conversion of Stellent IBPM/Oracle IPM

to the newer versions.

12. Expert level skill working with Stellent SDK, Stellent Databases

(Imaging and Process), Process Builder, Filer, Commit Server, Recognition

Server, Import Server etc.

13. Vast experience of working in various databases like Oracle, SQL

Server, MS Access etc.

14. Expert level skills in VB.NET/ASP.NET,C#, Web Service, Visual Basic,

Visual Interdev, Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Active X, COM and


15. Experience in creating requirements documents, process flowcharts,

technical specification, user interface, and data modeling.

16. Worked on projects for different domains including Human Resources,

Insurance, Employee Benefits, Health Care, Finance and Health & Welfare


17. Production level experience in designing mission critical applications.

18. Strong Debugging, Design and development skills.

19. Ability to work independently as a self-starter, and within a team


20. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Excellent analytical

and problem-solving skills.

Technologies Used: VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, Web Services, Visual Basic, Oracle

UCM, Oracle IPM (Imaging and Process Management) 7.6/7.7/10gR3, Stellent

IBPM, Optika Acorde and Imaging (Powerflow/E-Media/Acorde), VBA, HTML,

XML, VBScript, COM, COM+, ADO.NET, Microsoft Transaction Server, Internet

Information Server(IIS), Site Server Commerce Edition, Visual Modeler,

FrontPage97 .

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, PeopleSoft

Operating Systems Used: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, Windows

2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, UNIX, Windows (3.x)

Source Control: Visual Source Safe, Harvest 7.1

Reports & Tools: Crystal Report, Install Shield, Active Agent (Queue

Monitoring software), Captiva InputAccel, Oracle Document Capture, Kofax

Capture (Ascent Capture)7.5/8.0.

Education: Master of Science.

Project Details:

Experian, Costa Mesa, CA (March 2010 - Till Date)

Environment: Oracle IPM 10gR3, Kofax Capture 8.0, ILINX Capture, USD

(UniCenter Service Desk), VB.NET\C#.NET 2008, Oracle EBS,

Integrated with Oracle Finance Account Payable system, Oracle IPM 10gR3 is

being used as one of the main application at Experian for invoices. It is

supported by Kofax Capture, ILINX capture and RightFax application to

scan\fax the invoices and send it to the IPM repository. ILINX capture is

being used for web based scanning and indexing while Kofax Capture with KTM

is being used for complex document. Once entered into the system expenses

can be viewed directly from the Account Payable.


. 24/7 production support. Communication with end users. Understand,

troubleshoot and fix production issues.

. Understand the current system and suggest enhancement.

. Developed Proof of Concept for expense reports requested by the business


. Prepared requirement document based on change request from business user.

. Developed and implemented Account Payable and T&E processes.

. Enhancement and bug fixing of existing application. Identified the root

cause of major issues in production.

. Perform Month End Billing (MEB) process.

. Worked with vendor and Oracle support for system related issues.

Universal American. Solon, OH (Jan. 2008 - Feb 2010)

Contract Management System

Environment: Microsoft .NET framework 3.0/3.5, VB.NET, Oracle IPM 10gR3,

Stellent Content Server 10gR3, Site Studio 10gR3, IDOC Scripting, Dynamic

Converter, SQL Server 2005, Oracle Document Capture (Captovation), Filer,

Stellent SDK, Visual SourceSafe.

UA has selected Universal Content Management (UCM) and Stellent IBPM as the

technology used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content

and documents related to its business processes.

This Contract Management Solution (CMS) is an integrated solution that can

electronically capture, process, index, store, access, distribute and

expose content in both the Windows client and the web environment.


. Developed conversion routines to migrate the contents from legacy Imaging

system to Oracle IPM system

. Administration of IPM system. Created profiles, created saved searches,

adhoc searches, setup security, assigned gallery and tools etc.

. Created complex workflow processes to handle different type of contracts

using Process Builder, written many scripts and integrated with Builder

as well as used inbuilt actions.

. Created electronic forms using VB.NET and C# to handle different types of

contracts and renewal processes.

. Used Stellent SDK extensively with .NET technology to create several

custom application hosted inside Stellent environment as tools, as well

as outside as windows services.

. Developed solution to automatically generate contracts with hundreds of

pages and import them directly to Document Management (backend) system.

. Developed Contract Tracking System using .NET and Stellent SDK to

evaluate contracts automatically when its termination date is approaching

and then initiating the renewal process.

. Created PackageCreator utility using .NET and Stellent SDK to

automatically create thousands of packages by monitoring Network/Remote

location and emails.

. Created AttachImagestoPackage agent to automatically search scanned

images based on some criteria and then attach those images to

corresponding packages.

. Developed Queue Monitoring System to perform many tasks such as checking

contract to expire, notifying initiator and administration on package

progress on daily basis.

. Created Web Services to retrieve information and images from Stellent

IBPM repository.

. Installation, setup and administration of Oracle Document Capture for

document and data capture, indexing and validation.

. Responsible for the administration of Stellent UCM system including

creating users, accounts, security groups, reports, managing websites


. Design of Content Profiles and Rules.

. Designed and implemented Oracle UCM (formerly Stellent Content Server)

criteria workflows (each with a hierarchy of Contribution Folders) using

IDoc Script and workflow tokens in the Entry, Update and Exit events of

the workflow steps.

. Designed and implemented a program that writes a Stellent BatchLoader

script to assign appropriate metadata values to batch-load a hierarchy of

legacy documents into Content Server.

. Converted business and user requirements into elegant user interfaces.

ING, Minneapolis (June 2007 - Dec. 2007)

Imaging & Workflow System

Environment: VB.NET 1.0/2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, VB6, SQL Server 2005, Stellent

Acorde, Oracle IPM 7.7, Harvest 7.1, Web Service, Window Service, Kofax

Capture (formerly Ascent capture).

ING is one of the leading providers of financial products and services for

individuals and businesses, including life insurance, annuities, mutual

funds, retirement plans and employee benefits. I worked there as a team

member of the Imaging and Workflow team, provided support for Stellent

Imaging and Business Process Management, provided ongoing enhancements to

the production installations and in implementing additional applications

into Stellent/Oracle production environment.


. Upgraded Stellent IBPM 4.1 imaging system to Oracle IPM 7.7.

. Converted 15 custom tools written in VB.NET/ASP.NET,VB6.0 from Stellent

IBPM 4.1 to Oracle IBPM 7.7.

. Involved in the testing of new environment and converted custom tools.

. Troubleshoot problems occurred during and after upgrading to latest


. Worked directly with Stellent support to resolve product issues.

. Created Stellent custom application using Stellent API/SDK, which

involved communication with web services and with SQL Server.

. Administered and setup Kofax software for document and data capture,

indexing and validation as well as developed many custom applications

using Kofax API and plug-and-play module.

Zurich Insurance (CSC), Schaumburg, IL (May 06 -June 07)


Environment: VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000, IBM MQ, FileNet, Black

Ice, XML, ViewStar, Web Service, Captiva InputAccel.

Involved in large enterprise wide application development to over 3,000

users across the United States, I was responsible for collecting

requirements and writing detail design documents for eZACCESS 2.2. Along

with the support of our systems and maintenance, some of my most recent

accomplishments include:


. Designed proof of concept to introduce new products/Solutions.

. Gathered requirements and written detail design documents.

. Supported production system on 24x7 bases.

. Created Client Side Publish utility. This utility was developed using

Visual Studio 2005 and integrated with Black Ice printer driver. A

client side processing application was needed to convert documents with

less than a specified page limit, to tiff and then importing them to


. Created eZDM Signature Import utility. This application was required to

import legacy CWS (ViewStar) signature into FileNet. This gives CWS users

the ability to route documents along with their annotations into the eZDM


. DDC (Documentation Distribution Center) - The DDC is the central location

for all claim mail that comes into Zurich. I implemented Captiva

InputAccel (Information capture software) and four Kodak i840 high speed

scanner's that are used in scanning claims/medical bills etc. into our

system then routed utilizing ViewStar to offices around the U.S. Faxed

and scanned claims were auto-indexed by reading the barcode and pulling

required data from PeopleSoft without any manual intervention.

AON Consulting, Chicago (June 99 - April 06)

Pension and Service Center Workflow System

Environment: VB/ASP.NET, VB6.0, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, Oracle, MS Visual

Source Safe 6.0, Stellent/Optika (Powerflow/E-Media/Acorde, IBPM and

Imaging 7.6.1), Active Agent, Kofax Capture, Windows NT, Windows 2000,

Windows XP.

This project consists of several modules and processes that were being used

for clients such as AT&T, Lucent, WR-Grace, TYCO, Exelon etc. This system

helped companies to manage tasks, people, and time and responsibilities

using workflow, which is, an object based, enterprise wide solution, used

to automate business processes and manage a wide variety of electronic

information. The system is based on a series of modules and rules that

manage and track the transactional work into and out of the center.

This project was implemented using Stellent IBPM Imaging and Document

management system. Imaging applications uses Kofax Capture to capture the

paper documents to Images (TIF or PDF) and Stellent IBPM as the repository

to save all the released documents. Microsoft .NET and VB6 were used for

writing and integrating custom application.


. Implemented Stellent IBPM (Optika) imaging system into development, test

and production environment.

. Installed Kofax Capture for the Mailroom center at AON which is the

central location and one of the starting points for all the incoming

claims or inquiry (Fax, Mail, and Scan).

. Created batch classes for scanning documents that also reads barcode,

OCR/ICR and validate data entered against a SQL Server and PeopleSoft


. Created applications in the Stellent IBPM system and Filer to integrate

and process Kofax capture generated image files and store index values.

. Written a custom Process Injector Agent to validate incoming faxes

capture by Kofax.

. Involved in requirement analysis, designing and developing several module

and then involved in implementation of workflow processes, analyzing

current process flow diagrams in terms of process improvements upgrading,

system planning, conversion planning, mentoring other team members and

helped in recruiting new developers.

. Developed several tools using Stellent (Optika) SDK kit; some of them are

Round Robin (for load balancing), Package Search, Injector, and Activity

Tracker, Queue Monitoring System etc.

. Served as technical liaison with internal departments and external


. Assisted project leadership in setting technical direction, project

planning, delivery estimation, technical design documents.

INDOSOFT, Boston (April 99 - June 99)

E-Commerce Framework

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0, Site

Server Commerce Edition, SQL Server 7.0, Visual InterDev, and Internet

Information Server, Windows NT.

This was an E-Commerce Framework for business to business E-Commerce. This

system would be used by the manufacturers to take their business online and

would interface with their existing backend systems. The middle tier

components are written in VB and hosted on MTS.


. Provided application and basic architecture design expertise for data


. Conceptualized and assisted developers in developing prototype screens.

. Prepare realistic development and testing schedules consistent with

established department standards and priorities.

. Developed Active Server Pages for the web based user interface.

. Designed and wrote MTS business components to be used by the application

using Visual Basic.

. Support of third-party developed software, maintenance of existing code,

development of new code, system enhancements, website design and support,

and providing on-call support within a structured distributed environment

NIIT (INFINIUM SOFTWARE, Boston, Mar 98 -Mar 99)

Infinium Human Resources

Environment: Visual Basic 5.0, VB Script/ HTML 3.x, FrontPage97/Visual

Interdev, ADO 2.0/OLEDB 1.5 and MTS 2.0, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, ISQL for

Windows, Windows NT, Windows 98.

Infinium Human Resources system caters to the needs of sophisticated multi

site, multi-company organization. It enhances the strategic value of human

resources department by providing critical analysis of the state of the

organization's workforce, comprehensive records management and compensation

management. In this application, the employees can view and/or update their

own records through the corporate Intranet. The technology features of this

application include web based user interface, Drag & Drop operations,

dynamic HTML, incremental download of ActiveX controls (i.e. property

sheets), remote deployment of COM objects (i.e. business rules or

components) under Microsoft Transaction Server.


. Developed ActiveX controls for the web-based user Interface in Visual

basic. These ActiveX controls act as the visual interface for the COM

business component.

. Designed and wrote MTS business components to be used for other programs.

. Developed design specs, use cases and test cases and was involved in unit

and integration testing of the product.

. Involved in the maintenance phase for fixing reported bugs and fine

tuning the performance.

. Research, evaluate, recommend and implement technical solutions.

. Collaborate with colleagues to ensure successful implementation of

changes to existing systems

Software Creations, Delhi, India (Aug. 95 to Jan 98)

Training Instruments for Human Resource Development

Environment: Visual Basic (5.0), Crystal Reports 5.0, Data Access Objects

(DAO), Oracle, Windows NT

Software Creations was working with top ten HR gurus in India to develop

several CBTs to be used in selection, recruitment, research, potential

appraisal, individual growth, training, and organization development.

Various HRD units in different organizations are currently using this



. Involved in design, development and implementation phases of the product.

GUI of this product has been coded using VB.

. Talked face to face with HR gurus, HR managers to gather requirements.

. Designed many complex reports using Crystal Report.

. Involved in unit and integration testing of the product.

. Demo of the developed system to different clients at different client


. Worked with a team to develop Store Keeping System for client ACC Cement.

. Developed the module in which purchase orders are issued to the suppliers

for the requirement. Material supplied on the basis of the purchase order

is entered into the system and a goods inward note is prepared

. Involved in the Order Entry and Sales Analysis System project team.

. Involved in the development of the Customer Order Entry Module, Sales

Order Module, Production Entry Module,

. Generation of reports related to sales details, taxation, production

status etc.

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