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Software Engineer Project

Boling, Texas, 77420, United States
May 23, 2010

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****** BASTIEN ******



*, ***** **** ******, ***** Champs-sur-Marne, France



Research and Development Software Engineer, Dassault Systèmes, Vélizy, France September 2008 –


Conceptualize and execute development of the next generation Catalog application in Enovia V6, the world leading

product lifecycle management software solution

Highten the responsiveness of the Catalog user interface by optimizing server calls and implementing efficient code


Improve robustness, code readability and maintainability using design patterns

Enhance product quality through comprehensive testing and prompt completion of client requests

Collaborate with product managers and international team to determine feature requirements and prioritize

development tasks

Originated and carried out the redesign of the Catalog’s user interface, significantly improving user-friendliness

Software Development Intern, Viveris Technologies, Rungis, France January 2008 –

July 2008

Designed and developed with Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform a web application using a TELNET protocol to remotely

manage embedded devices

Integrated the resulting lightweight client into a Java OSGi server environment

Implemented and interfaced a GPS navigation software module in an existing framework, using C++ and a

navigation SDK



Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique, Noisy-le-Grand, France

July 2008

Master of Science in Embedded Systems (Honors)

Relevant coursework: Embedded Remote Control Systems (Java), Embedded Servers (Java), Distributed Systems


Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California August 2006 –

May 2007

Study Abroad Program

Relevant coursework: Data Structure & Program Development (C Artificial Intelligence (Python),

Microprocessor-Based Systems (C, PIC, Assembly, VHDL)



Android Application Development, Been There, Paris, France September 2009 –


Conceptualized and developed an innovative application displaying geolocalized mobile phone pictures

Applied knowledge of multithreading, garbage collection in Java, and efficient data structure, to overcome

challenging memory and performance limitations

Created a consistent, responsive and intuitive user interface

Website Development, Personal Project, Paris, France January 2009 –

August 2009

Designed and developed a F2F file sharing Ajax-enabled web application, using Java, SWT, and the Eclipse

development model through the Rich Ajax Platform project

Clinic Project, Max Viz, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California August 2006 –

May 2007

Collaborated with a six-member team to design a prototype for a ground to air optical visual range instrumentation


Developed, implemented, and tested a real-time image processing algorithm, using C++



Programming Languages: Java (SE and ME), C++, C, Python, Assembly, PIC, Verilog/VHDL

Environments: Android, RAP (Eclipse), SWT, RTAI, OSGi


Database: SQL (MySQL and SQLite)

Concepts: Component Object Model, Object Oriented, Agile methodology, Design Patterns,


Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures, Multithreading, Distributed Systems

Languages: French (mother tongue), English (fluent), German (proficient)



Founder, Dassault Systèmes Internal Android Community

Member, Dassault Systèmes Handball Team

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