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Injection Molding Assistant

Cleveland, Ohio, 44143, United States
May 24, 2010

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Jing Liu

Home phone: (216) ***-****, Email:

Address: *** ******** **** *. *** D304, Cleveland, OH 44143

QUALIFICATIONS Strong background in polymer materials, nano-structured electrospun

SUMMARY materials, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), fiber or metal reinforced polymer

composites, and metal composite

Working knowledge of Design of Experiments and Six-Sigma tools

Hands on experience in material processing and characterization:

Polymerization: emulsion polymerization

Processing: electrospinning(spraying), conventional fiber spinning,

film casting, twin-screw extrusion, plastics injection molding, hot

pressing, blending, tape casting, attrition, CVD, etc

Characterization: DSC, TGA, TMA, DMA, SEM, XRD, Raman, UV-vis-NIR, FTIR,

NMR, RSA III, Rheometer, etc

EXPERIENCE Powdermet Inc., Cleveland, OH

January, 2007 -January, 2009

Research Scientist:

Designed experiments, analyzed results, wrote research reports, and

submitted proposals for funding from commercial and governmental


Performed project management duties such as overseeing programs,

managing budgets, supporting personnel, and assigning resources

Worked with purchasing and production departments for qualifying raw

material sources to reduce production cost (TCO program)

Principle Investigator:

Energetic polymer composite materials as missile components (funded by


Designed metal/oxidizer/fluoropolymer novel nano- and micro- structures

for energetic materials

Developed novel nano-engineered materials for energy storage and for

controlled release of energy in mining, petroleum production, and

military pyrotechnics

Fabricated shaped polymer composite missile components

Low cost, high strength carbon balloons for hydrogen storage (funded by


Scaled up carbon balloon scaffold production from polymer solution

Designed hydrogen testing apparatus for crushing balloons in a detector


Built a working prototype hydrogen delivery system

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

August, 2002 - December, 2006

Graduate Research Assistant:

Polymer/CNTs dispersion

Figured out the relationship between solvent properties and CNTs

dispersion status in polymer

Introduced Raman spectroscopy as a criterion for CNTs dispersion degree

CNTs/polymer composites films, fibers, and nanofibers

Established processing/structure/property relationship of CNTs/polymer


Produced CNTs/polymer composites with unique combination of tensile,

electrical, thermo-mechanical, low density, and solvent resistance


Polymer nanofibers and particles

Designed and installed an electrospinning system to produce nanofiber

nonwovens and particles

Performed a systematical study to determine effect of solution

properties and processing parameters on electrospun nanofibers and

particles formation

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

July, 1999 - March, 2002

Graduate Research Assistant:

Low melting-point-alloy reinforced polymer composites

Implemented double PTC transition low-melting-point alloy/polymer


Ultra-high molecular weight PVA synthesis

Synthesized PVA by emulsion polymerization and characterized by GPC and


EDUCATION Ph.D. in Polymer (2007), Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA,


[Dissertation title: Carbon nanotubes/polymer composites and novel

micro- and nano- structured electrospun polymer materials]

M.E. in Polymer Science and Engineering (2002), Zhejiang University,

Hangzhou, China

[Thesis title: Structure and property of low-melting-point alloy

reinforced polymer composites]

B.E. in Chemical Engineering (1999), Qingdao University, Qingdao, China

HONORS & 1st Place winner - Joe Cunning Graduate Student Research Presentation

AWARDS Competition at 14th National Textile Center Forum, Hilton Head Island,

SC, 29938 (February, 2006)

Graduate Student Scholarship, Georgia Institute of Technology


Excellent Student Scholarship, Zhejiang University (1999-2002)

1st Place among 59 students during undergraduate study, Qingdao

University (1995-1999)

Excellent Student Leader, Qingdao University (1995-1999)

INVITED TALK J. Liu, "Nanotechnology", invited talk, American Chemical Society,

Columbus, OH, May, (2008)

BOOK CHAPTER H. Chae, J. Liu, and S. Kumar, "Carbon Nanotubes Enabled Materials", the

8th chapter of the book "Carbon Nanotubes: Properties and Applications",

Taylor & Francis, (2006), 211-265

FUNDED PROJECT J. Liu, and A. Sherman, "High Energy Density Capacitors", funded by

National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia, December, (2008),


CONFERENCE J. Liu, L. Vatamanu, G. Engleman and A. Sherman, "Novel Structural

PRESENTATIONS Energetic Materials", the Gordon Research Conference: Energetic

Materials, Tilton NH, June, (2008)

J. Liu, L. Vatamanu, G. Engleman and A. Sherman, "Energetic Materials by

Nano Structured Composite Designing", Defense Advanced Research Projects

Agency, Arlington, VA, May, (2008)

J. Liu, L. Vatamanu, M. Dowell, J. Nable, and A. Sherman, "Anode

Materials for Rapid Recharge High Energy Density Batteries", 10th

Electrochemical Power Sources R&D Symposium, Williamsburg, VA, Office of

Naval Research, August, (2007)

J. Liu and S. Kumar, "Preparation and Properties of SWNT/PMMA

Composites", Materials Research Society, Boston, MA, November, (2006)

J. Liu and S. Kumar, "SWNT/PMMA Composite", Polymer Preprints (American

Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry), San Diego, CA, March,


JOURNAL PAPERS J. Liu and S. Kumar, "Relationship Between Solution Rheology and Fiber

Diameter", will be submitted to Polymer (2010)

J. Liu, A. Rasheed, and S. Kumar, "Processing and Properties of Carbon

Nanotubes/ PMMA Composite Films", Journal of Applied Polymer Science

(2009), 112(1), 142-156

J. Liu, A. Rasheed, H. Dong, W. Carr, and S. Kumar, "Electrospun Micro

and Nano-structured Polymer Particles", Macromolecular Chemistry and

Physics (2008), 209(23), 2390-2398

P. Dayal, J. Liu, S. Kumar, and T. Kyu, "Experimental and Theoretical

Investigations on Porous Structure Formation in Electrospun Fibers",

Macromolecular, (2007), 40, 7689-7694

J. Liu, A. Rasheed, M. D. Dadmun, and S. Kumar, "Electrospun Polymer

Cups: Formation Mechanism", Polymer Preprints (American Chemical

Society, Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering)

(2006), 94, 23-24

J. Liu and S. Kumar, "Microscopic Polymer Cups by Electrospinning",

Polymer, (2005), 46(10), 3211-3214

J. Liu, T. Wang, T. Uchida, and S. Kumar, "SWNT core - Polymer shell

Nano Fiber", Journal of Applied Polymer Science, (2005), 96, 1992-1995

J. Liu, T. Liu, and S. Kumar, "Effect of Solvent Solubility Parameter on

SWNT Dispersion in PMMA", Polymer, (2005), 46(10), 3419-3424

J. Liu, X. Zhang and Y. Pan, "PTC Characteristic of Sn-Pb Alloy - loaded

Polymer Composites", Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, (2002), 19(6),


EMPLOYMENT U. S. Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder)


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