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Design Assistant

Tampa, Florida, 33613, United States
May 24, 2010

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R akesh R. Shirodka r


****, ********* ***** **, *****, Florida, 33613

Cell Phone: 813-***-****

Objective : Seeking for the opportunity that will well utilize my RF engineering skills and experience.




- University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, USA.

- Degree: Masters in Electrical Engineering (M.S.E.E), GPA: 3.86/4

- Specialization: RF and Microwave Engineering.

Under graduation:


- Visveswaraiah Technological University, K.L.E.C.E.T, KAR, India.

- Degree Earned: Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) with F i rst Class Grade.

- Specialization: E lectronics and Communications.

Work Experience:

Research Assistant, University of South Florida (Dec-2008

to present)

“An Investigation of Radiometric Measurements from Subterranean Heat Sources” by measuring

t he brightness temperatures involving:

Characterizing of sand for its complex dielectric properties at different moisture contents.

Validation of the dielectric properties of sand with a soil permittivity model.

- Design and Validation of 1.4GHz Radiometer for brightness temperature with Wilheit’s Brightness

temperature model.

Teaching assistant, University of South Florida ( May-09

to Dec-09)

- Wireless and Microwave Information Systems (WAMI) Lab Design

- Duties: L ab revision of experiments like P atch Antenna and R ing Resonators i nvolving design, testing and

w riting tutorials for the lab manuals, helping faculty with course delivery and related discussion.

Teaching Assistant, University of South Florida (Sept-07

to Dec-09)

- Linear Controls Lab

- Duties: Assisting Faculty with delivering of course, teaching, conducting interactive discussion sessions, project

assignment, office hour assistance and grading.

Hardware: Software and Tools:

Design Automation Software: Advance Design

Agilent Vector network analyzer (8753D, 8714, 8719) EM Simulation: Momentum in ADS 2009

Agilent Spectrum analyzer (8565E, 8594E) RF Probing and NIST Multical

Lab VIEW Software.

Agilent ESG Vector signal generator (E4438C)

MATHCAD, MATLAB and Simulink.

Agilent Error signal analyzer (E4440A)

RS Ladder Logix with Allen Bradley PLC’s,

DAQ card (National Instruments BNC 2120)

Programming on 8085, 8051 processors.

Allen Bradley PLC Station.

Linux, MS Office.

Reflow Soldering.

Educational Design and Prototyping Platform

(NI ELVIS with Quanser Boards)

Academic Projects:

Graduate Projects:

RF and Microwave Circuits Projects:

1. Transmitter design and characterization using RF components: (May-08)

RF Transmitter design to interpolate the I/Q quadrature components from VNA to modulate into a DSB-SC signal i.e.

BPSK/QPSK data on a 915MHz RF carrier. Stages involved:

I/Q Generation, Modulation, Frequency Up-conversion, Amplification and Transmission.

Low Noise amplifier design and fabrication:



Amplifier Design built around a transistor with the bias circuit, input and output matching circuits. Initially tested with

ideal components to meet wider specs than design and then replaced with real parasitic components to arrive at the design

specs. Simulation was done using ADS. Fabricated on FR4 substrate and results were compared to the simulations.

15% bandwidth, 13.85dB Gain, 1.71dB max Noise Figure, Input Return Loss > 10 dB, Output RL > 10 dB, Unconditional


Wireless and Communication Lab: Data Synchronization (Mar-08)


Captured a wireless transmitted signal, designed a digital baseband receiver using MATLAB to analyze and extract the data

from the signal (involving time synchronization, frequency synchronization, symbol synchronization, time and frequency

offsets, phase offset, sampling the data and converting symbols to bits).

Input impedance and Matching Circuit: (Feb-08)


a. Non-linear simulation for signal power dependence on a diode i.e. input impedance at different power inputs around the

2GHz frequency and a two element lumped matching circuit was designed and implemented.

b. Distributed element matching circuit simulation with open and short circuited microstrip transmission lines.

ADS schematic optimization: (Sept-07)


a. The parasitic circuit model optimization for an inductor and a capacitor with reference to VNA measured data.

b. Optimization of Lengths and widths of a real directional coupler comparing it with ideal coupler.

ADS simulation: (Sept-07)


a. Comparison of ideal and microstrip element coupled line filter and observation of the current density.

b. DC-IV characteristics, swept frequency characteristics and single frequency characteristics of BJTNPN model element.

Circuit tuning and Momentum EM simulation: (Oct-07)


a. Experience with the tuning feature in ADS i.e. manual optimization by varying the component values in a circuit.

b. Momentum (EM Simulator) feature in ADS to perform numerical electromagnetic analysis of the layout.

915GHz Receiver RF front end characterization and simulation:



Components with detailed characterization include: Filters, Amplifiers, Mixer, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Impedance

matching, Patch Antenna Design, Directional coupler. The receiver front end as a whole was designed and characterized.

Simulations were done for same circuit in ADS using harmonic balance and Power budget schematic to compare the

measurements from the setup.

Under Graduate Project:

RFID based proximity card validation: ( May-07)


RFID reader design to validate Proximity cards with the following blocks: Transmission Stage, Resonant

A ntenna Stage, Filtering stage and the Data Creation Stage. Contributed in Antenna design, Digital Logic

and Amplifier unit.

Relevant Course Work:

RF/Microwave Circuits-I, Advanced RF/Microwave Circuits, Electromagnetic Field theory, Transmission Lines and

Waveguides, Wireless Communication Lab, Wireless and Microwave Information Systems Lab, Rapid System

P rototyping using VHDL,

R eferences:

Available on request.

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