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Project Design

Arlington Heights, Illinois, 60005, United States
May 24, 2010

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RF Antenna Engineer Vani


Ph: 773-***-****

Professional Summary:

Six years of experience in Design, Simulation, development and testing of

various types of antennas for RFID, Telecom, defense and satellite


. Design of RF/Microwave antennas for different technologies like WLAN,

GSM, WCDMA and others

. Design and testing of different antenna like patch antenna, Mobile

antennas, Loop Antennas, Spiral Antennas, Array antennas, Waveguide

antennas, Feeder Networks, Filters, Power dividers, Tracking Antenna

and Waveguide components.

. Expertise to handle any of CAD tools such as Ansoft HFSS, Zeland IE3D,

CST Microwave Studio, FEKO and AutoCAD.

. In-depth knowledge of antenna system analysis and architecture design

for RFID, remote sensing, Communication, Satellite, Mobile Antennas

and in building Distributed antenna systems.

. Expertise in analyzing and designing electrical circuits, components,

and subsystems to customer requirements including

computer/mathematical modeling, part/material/process selection,

mechanical layout and packaging.

. Proficient in electronic and RF test equipment including network

analyzers, site analyzers, storage scopes, modulation analyzers, IFRs,

spectrum analyzers and power meters.

. Hands on experience in the antenna test range (out door and anechoic

chamber) measurement systems (SATIMO /ORBIT FR).

. Experience in TRS/TIS, SAR and HAC measurements.

. Integration, testing and optimization of printed antennas with IC and

sensor were done for realization of complete RFID system

. New Product Development through innovative technical design, prototype

building, testing, release production main schedule & support to

production through innovative designs.

. Tear down Re-engineering projects, Fast Review projects.

. Project Planning and Co-ordination with various agencies. Cost

estimates, Cost Innovations & Analysis, Project Viability Study,

Product data analysis, Finalizing Manufacturing & Assembly Process.

. Interacting with Customer for Technical clarifications, project

demonstration project at various levels and solving the field related


. Co-ordinate in establishing and Enforcing Internal Quality and

Documentation Procedures

. Good working knowledge of SAP environment (ERP PACKAGE) as an end user

. Enthusiastic, Knowledge-hungry, Self-starter, Highly motivated, Eager

to meet challenges and quickly assimilate newest and latest

technologies, skills, concepts and ideas.

. Excellent interpersonal and project management skills.

Technical skills:

. EDA TOOLS :Zeland IE3D,Ansoft HFSS,CST Microwave Studio

Microwave office, FEKO, Auto



. GRAPHIC DESIGN : Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Photo Editor.

. OPERATING SYSTEMS : Windows 98/XP Home/ Professional/Vista

. PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS : MS Office- 2003/2007, MS Project 2003/2007,

MS Visio 2003/2007, Sigma Flow

Educational Qualifications:

. B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal

Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (1999-2003).

Work Experience:

Next Generation Technology Inc Jan 2009

- Till date

Multiband PIFA Antenna

Oct 2009 - Till date

Antenna Engineer

A novel compact planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) is designed. The designed

antenna is a multi-band single-feed PIFA operating in the IEEE 802.11a

(5150-5350 MHz, 5725-5825MHz), IEEE802.11b, g (2400-2484 MHz) and HIPERLAN2

(5470-5725MHz) frequency bands. The overall size of the antenna makes it

suitable to be mounted on Cell phones or on the border of the display of a

laptop computer. The antenna has been designed using Ansoft HFSS.


. Design and development of PIFA antenna

. Modeling and simulation in HFSS

. TRS/TIS/SAR Optimization

. Antenna measurements using Satimo System.

. Antenna Prototype development

Software: HFSS, AutoCAD

RFID Reader and tag antennas Jan 2009 - Sep


Antenna Designer

Design, fabrication and testing of Microstrip antenna for wireless power

transfer for RFID systems using Ansoft HFSS


. Design and development of circular polarized microstrip antenna in UHF

frequency band for RFID reader.

. Design, simulation and optimization of antenna for RFID tag.

. Impedance matching of tag antenna and RFID chip

. Prototype development

. Testing under laboratory conditions.

Software: HFSS, AutoCAD

Astra Microwave Products Limited, May 2003 - March 2008

Hyderabad, India

Sr. Antenna Engineer

Project #1: RFID Sensor System

The project involved design, simulation, optimization and testing of

passive RFID based sensor systems at 915 MHz for various customer based

applications. Flexible polyimide sheets of thicknesses 5mil and 3mil were

used as substrates for the RFID tags. Testing and optimization of the

system was done both by practical testing and simulations using Ansoft

Designer, HFSS and Maxwell software.


. Design, simulation and testing of Reader antenna

. Design, simulation and testing of antenna for RFID tags.

. Involved in overall system testing.

Software: HFSS, AutoCAD

Project #2 Non Linear Junction detector

A Non Linear Junction Detector finds potential eavesdropping devices by

flooding a suspect area or target with a spectrally pure microwave RF

signal. The instrument typically has an antenna and a control unit. The

antenna is mounted on an extendable pole, and really nothing more than a

microwave waveguide which both emit and collects the signals (with a

duplexer). The control unit is usually a multiple channel, highly sensitive

radio receiver tuned to specific second and third harmonic frequencies.


. Design, development and testing of Microstrip Dipole antenna in UHF


. Design, development and testing of Circular polarized Microstrip patch

antenna in L Band

. Design, development and testing of Circular polarized Microstrip patch

antenna in S Band

. Realization of three antennas on a single substrate and are connected

to receiver.

. Testing of antenna integrated into system for electrical and

environmental parameter

. Design of Helical antenna

. Testing of system with helical antenna.

Software: HFSS, IE3D, AutoCAD

Project #3 PIFA antenna for RFID tag

Conventional Planar Inverted F Antenna is designed and simulated in HFSS.

Antenna is designed to operate in the UHF frequency band. The antenna

consists of a microstrip patch with a 'U' Shaped slot and a surface mounted



. Design, simulation and optimization of PIFA antenna for RFID tag.

. Impedance matching of tag antenna and RFID chip

. Prototype development

. Testing under laboratory conditions.

Software: HFSS, AutoCAD

Project #4 Slotted Waveguide phased array antenna system

A 3D-Low Level Light Weight RADAR is developed for Indian Air Force for the

detection of hostile aerial targets like Aircrafts Helicopters and UAVs.

The active array antenna is configured as two major sub systems i.e.

Antenna Unit and Central Unit. The antenna system consists of a Primary

radar active array antenna, Side lobe blanking antenna and an IFF Antenna.

Primary radar antenna which has mechanical scanning in azimuth along with

shaped beam during transmission and multiple beams during reception.


. Design and development of Planar array antenna comprising of 18

numbers of linear arrays (rows) of waveguide fed broad wall

longitudinal slots to generate low side lobes in azimuth.

. Design and development of eighteen way equal Power divider as Transmit

Feed network to the planar array to form the cosecant-squared pattern

in elevation.

. Phase matching of linear arrays

. Integration of antenna with TR modules and Central unit

. Testing of the Overall Antenna System in outdoor antenna test range

while the system is in receive mode

. Testing of the Overall Antenna System in anechoic chamber a while the

system is in transmit mode

. Prototype development and electrical and environmental qualification

. Batch production of 5 systems

Software: HFSS, AutoCAD

Project #5 Dual frequency Planar Inverted F Antenna

The Planar Inverted F antenna is designed and Simulated in HFSS. The

antenna is designed to operate in two frequency bands (ISM and WLAN). The

antenna consists of a Ground plane, top radiating plate shorted at one edge

and U slot which is tuned such that antenna has resonance at higher



. Design, simulation and optimization of PIFA antenna.

. Prototype development

. Testing of antenna in antenna test range.

Software: HFSS, AutoCAD

Project #6 Microstrip Quasi-yagi Antenna

A novel Microstrip Quasi-yagi antenna in C-band has been designed and

developed with an end fire radiation and elevation beam squint for a

special requirement in a missile application with in specified size and

weight. Antenna is designed in such way that it is conformal to the missile

shell. The antenna is evaluated keeping in view of the effects of missile

shell aperture and other extreme environments.


. Design, modeling and simulation Microstrip Quasi-yagi antenna.

. Prototype development

. Testing of antenna after making conformal to missile shell

. Testing entire structure along with the system.

Software: HFSS, AutoCAD


The INSAT MSS TYPE-D terminal is meant for digital voice and data (Duplex)

Communication trough MSS Transponder of INSAT. The terminal is portable and

specifically meant for emergency communication.


. Design and implementation of LHCP and RHCP Planar 4x4 microstrip array

antenna with 15dBCi gain.

. Axial ratio of 2 to 3 dB was typical

. The antenna is most critical subsystem from realization point of view

of Type-D Terminal, play major role in deciding the weight and size of

overall terminal

Software: Zeland IE3D, AutoCAD

Project #8 Micro strip Array Antenna for Radar System

BFSR-SR is state-of-the-art lightweight, man- portable battery-powered

electronic short range battlefield surveillance radar developed by the DRDO

to provide all- weather surveillance against intrusion. The radar is

capable of searching a specified sector and performing track while scanning

for multiple targets. The radar detects, tracks, and aids in classifying

the moving targets. The entire radar system is carried by two soldiers and

operated on a tripod. The radar is compact and weighs about 27 kg (packed

in two modules; each weighing not more than 15 kg) and can be set up within

six minute to match the speed and requirements of the users.


. Design and development of 32 X 16 (512 element) microstrip array


. Establishment of MIC printing and etching process for accurate

fabrication of the unit

. Prototype development

. Integration and testing

. Electrical and environmental qualification

. Productionization

. Bulk production of 1000 numbers

Software: IE3D, AutoCAD

Project #9 Automatic Weather Station

Weather information is needed for carrying out various farm activities as

well as to know the potential of an environment for agricultural production

and well being of mankind. Weather is usually monitored by recording the

various meteorological parameters with the help of Automatic weather

station with varied communication features.


. Design and development of Crossed yagi antenna

. Testing of antenna for electrical and environmental parameters

. Solving field related problems

Software: CST Microwave Studio, AutoCAD

Project #10 2.4m Telemetry tracking system

Auto Track Antenna System is used for tracking aircrafts, missiles and any

moving objects with complimentary transmit source. Present Specification

calls for S- band ground based 2-axis Auto Track Antenna System for

receiving signals from the airborne aircraft / missile to a distance up

to 200 kms or more.


. Design of tracking and acquisition Feeds

. Simulation of feeds using HFSS

. Design of couplers using IE3D for attaining sum and difference


. Design of 90 Hybrid for circular polarization

. Evaluation at system level

Software: HFSS, IE3D, AutoCAD

Project #11 High Performance Low profile Shrouded Antenna

High Performance shrouded antenna designs are for microwave applications

that require more stringent radiation side lobe and front-to-back

suppression characteristics and where frequency congestion and coordination

are demanded


. Design of Conical Horn for Feed

. Simulation of feeds using HFSS and FEKO

. Design of Reflector feed point adjustment using FEKO

. Evaluation of gain, side lobe, back lobe levels

. Radiation Pattern measurement in outdoor test range.

Software: HFSS, FEKO, AutoCAD

Defense projects and Telecom Projects

. C and X band helix antennas for Command guidance unit

. C-band airborne monopole Omni antenna

. Log periodic antennas in V/UHF frequencies

. Conformal waveguide antenna for data link application

. One foot circularly polarized parabolic reflector antenna

. Spiral antennas

. Yagi antennas in GSM/CDMA/Wimax bands

. Panel antennas in GSM/CDMA/Wimax bands

. Base station antenna

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