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Manager Management

Peoria, Arizona, 85345, United States
May 24, 2010

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**** *. ***** ******, ******, AZ 85345 . Cell: 623/***-**** .

Distribution Center Manager / Operations Manager / Warehouse Manager

Process Improvement / Streamlined Operations / Turnaround Management /

Strategic Planning / Leadership / Cost Reduction / Inventory Control

Energetic professional with a proven track record directing daily

operations and leading staff within various industries (Consumer Goods,

{Nutritional Supplements/Cosmetics}, Foodservice, and Manufacturing; {Point

of Purchase Display Racking}). Experienced with highly perishable product

with limited shelf life (fresh produce and frozen foods). Knowledgeable and

comfortable with the following warehouse management systems (WMS) AS/400,

Coresence, ACCPAC. Able to identify/implement best practices and develop

process solutions for improving operational results, generating savings of

$425,000 for my employers over the last 6 years.

Areas of Expertise

. Streamlined Operations . Process Improvement

. Strategic Planning . Increased Shareholder


. Leadership . Cost Reduction

. Turnaround Management . Inventory / Loss Control

BA: Management & Public Administration - Ottawa University MBA:

Ottawa University

Professional Experience


Operations Manager 2008 - Present

Provide leadership to enhance warehouse operations; optimize

processes, streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase

shipping units per man hour, while reducing overtime.

1. Provide leadership to a knowledgeable and productive team;

shipping/receiving temperature controlled, lot/code dated product

(fresh produce and frozen foods).

2. Process optimization; Developed/Implemented product

sequencing/picking procedures increasing shipping units-per-man-

hour from 85.96 to 94.42 ( (10%).

3. Continuous improvement; Utilized highly personalized/interactive

management style reducing overtime from 6.09% to 4.68% ( (22%).

4. Staff Development; Improved personal responsibility/accountability

raising sales compliance 99.87% to 99.91% ( (1%); and perfect

orders from 92.66% to 94.73% ( (2%).

5. Operational efficiency; saving in excess of $102,000.

FRESH EXPRESS (Plant Closed) Carrolton, Georgia

Warehouse Supervisor 2007 - 2008

Hired to turn around large food-processing (fresh produce)

warehouse; limit inventory errors, reduce damage, curtail turnover;

realizing significant improvement in productivity.

. Turnaround Management; Increased inventory accuracy from 88% to

92% ( (5%); cases

per-man-hour from 338 to 374 ( (10%) while lowering per unit

shipped costs from $0.39

to $0.35 ( (11%) saving over $225,000.

. Change Management; Introduced incentives and promoted empowerment


accountability reducing overtime from 10% to 6% ( (40%),

. Team Building; Hired/developed the most qualified team members

reducing turnover 60%.


Page 2 / Cell: 623/***-****

Professional Experience (continued)

LIFE-FLO GROUP (company acquired by Nutra Corp) Phoenix, Arizona

Distribution Manager 2002 - 2007

Recruited to re-vamp shipping department, streamline operations and

reduce costs; oversaw purchasing, inventory control, returns,

staffing, shipping, receiving and security.

. Turnaround Management; Developed/Implemented new policies and

procedures with strict

controls which increased inventory accuracy to 98% with 93% on-

time shipping.

. Staff Development; Recruited, hired and coached the most

qualified team members,

realizing high staff retention by creating a positive, high-

energy work environment.

. Change Management; Restructured staff, negotiated new freight

contracts and maximized

use of warehouse management system (ACCPAC; Coresence) to

increase efficiency and

vitalize operations

. Continuous Improvement; Introduced efficiencies/process

improvements; eliminated

overtime to reduce costs, saving over $100,000.


Traffic Manager

1999 - 2002

Provide leadership to a culturally diverse workforce experiencing

high inventory errors, high turnover, and high damage; realizing

significant improvement in department operations.

. Productivity Improvements; Streamlined department operations;

negotiated freight

contracts, reduced damage while increasing shipping volume;

reducing costs (7%).

. Staff Development; Overcame a restrictive English-Spanish

language barrier to improve

communications and significantly increase productivity.

SMITH'S FOOD & DRUG Tolleson, Arizona

Order Filler 1994 - 1999

Hired to fill store orders for Perishable (Frozen/Cooler) and Non-

Foods department.

. Recognized as top 5 in production / top 2 in accuracy order

selecting for 110 stores daily.

. Advisory Committee member; Employee/Management relations.

. Developed an order filler feedback policy for Perishable

Department, strengthening staff

accountability and quality standards; contributing to

continuous improvement.

. Created/Initiated product relocation plan reducing damage



Ottawa University - School of Business

Phoenix, Arizona

Masters of Business Administration / MBA

Ottawa University Phoenix, Arizona

B.A. - Management and B.A. - Public Administration

Additional Skills / Training / Key Words

Process Optimization; Continuous Improvement; Productivity Improvements;

Cost Reduction; Operational Efficiency; Turnaround Management; KPI's;

Perishable; AS/400; Strategic Planning; Staff Development; Data Analysis;

Resource Allocation; Team Building; Change Management; Cross-functional


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