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Atlanta, Georgia, 30338, United States
May 24, 2010

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prateek agrawal



> Over 8+ years of overall IT experience in Business Organizations,

which includes 6 years of experience with SAP BW and 4 years in


> Functional and Technical expertise in SAP BW (versions 2.X and 3.X)

and involved in multiple life cycle SAP BW implementations from the

blue print to the go-live stages

> Experience in designing, ABAP coding, Reports,BW Extractions, Data

modeling, Data staging,Data transformations, process chains and New

dimension products like CRM,Campaign Management.

> Worked in Business Information warehouse: Info Structures, Info

Objects, Info Cubes, Transfer rules and Update rules, Info Package,

Managing User Authorization, Aggregates, MultiCubes, ODS, Query

Design, Transferring and replication, BEx Analyzer, BEx Browser

> Extensive experience in front-end Business Warehouse Components like

Queries, Calculated Key figures(CKF), restricted key figures(RKF),

Structures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, RRI - Jump queries and

Web Application Designer (WAD) etc.

> Experience of SAP SEM-BPS and knowledge of SAP EP (Enterprise Portal)

> Performed extensive standard and generic extractions/archiving such

as LO Cockpit, CO-PA, Business Content and Generic extractions

> Worked on APO: Loaded data from logistics to APO and Extracted APO

master and Transaction data, Created Remote Cubes, created reports.

> Worked on Netweaver 2004s: Enterprise Portal, Business Intelligence,

Master Data Management, Web Application Server etc.

> Expertise in Backend Business warehouse components like Extractors,

Data Sources, Info sources, Info Objects, Update Rules, Transfer

Rules, ODS Objects, Info Cubes, Info Packages, Roles and


> Hands on experience in the BW Upgrade from 3.1c to 3.5 and 3.5 to BI

7.0 (NW2004s).

> Exposure to SAP Best Practices and full life cycle project experience

utilizing the ASAP methodologies

> Experienced on SAP Portal, BEx iViews, BW Web Reports and Web

templates using Web Application Designer, Cognos.

> Experience on Integration of SAP BW with Portal 6.0 and BW Reporting

including BEx- Analyzer, Query Designer, Work books, BEx Browser, Web

reporting on Web Application Designer/BW iViews in EP6.0.

> Experience as an ABAP Programmer - Enhanced standard Data Sources,

programmed user exits for Data Sources and variables, customized

transfer and Update Rules using ABAP routines, and BAPI. Experienced

in Data Migration and Data Uploads using Batch Data Communication

Programs (BDCs), Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW

> Excellent communication skills, strong analytical, reporting skills,

personal organization and interpersonal skills.

> Technical Proficiencies: SAP R/3 version 3.x/4.x,ECC 5.0, mySAP, BI

7.0, BW3.x/2.x, SD, MM, PP, CS, FI/CO, SEM-BPS,NW 2004s,Oracle

9/8.i/7.3, SQL Server 7, Crystal Enterprise, ABAP/4, Visual Basic 6,

JAVA 2.0, XML, Windows 2000/NT/ME/98, Sun Solaris, UNIX, Linux,

Microsoft Project Management tools, MS Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint.

> Key Strengths: Highly focused and goal oriented with dynamic

leadership and team-building abilities. Energetic and creative with a

special talent for troubleshooting and resolving complex technical

problems and escalated issues. Exceptional organizational and

analytical skills. Proven leadership aptitude and Strong negotiation



Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from Priyadarshini College of

Engineering and Architecture

Professional Experience

Home Depot

Jun 2009-Present

SAP BI Senior Developer

Environment: SAP BI Release 7.0, NW 2004s, ECC 6.0, Windows NT, BEx

Analyzer, WAD, Portal, BIA

. Worked on performance improvement of BI Reports by design change, BIA,

ABAP tuning.

. Published reports on Portal and use Information Broadcasting to send

reports to users on Portal profile and email.

. Worked in Inventory redesign. Initialized 2LIS_03_BX extractor and

loaded history data, Compressed request and did BIA rollup.

. Installed and activated Business Content Cubes, ODS, Info Sources and

Data Sources and created Generic Extractors and custom staging area.

. Worked on different modules such as SD, MM, IM, FIGL

. Enhanced Datasource with the help of User Exit and CMOD.

. Used BEx to create reports and created variables, exceptions, conditions

and cell definitions on them.

. Enhanced Extractors, DSO, Cube, Masterdata, Multiprovider for Business


. Scheduled jobs using Process Chains for Data Load, Compression,

Aggregates, Information Broadcasting.

. Worked on Production Support and Month end closing.

. Created reports using BO

. Designed EDI by gathering Business Requirement and customizing/mapping

the fields from BI.

. Worked with users to gather the requirement and signing off the reports

after getting the UAT.


March'08- May'09

SAP BW Lead/Architect

Environment: SAP BI Release 7.0, NW 2004s, ECC 6.0, Windows NT, BI Security

BEx Analyzer, WAD, BO.


. Made the plan for the data migration from old version to new version.

. Worked closely with business to define the relation between the fields in

old and new system.

. Installed and activated Business Content Cubes, ODS, Info Sources and

Data Sources.

. Created/archived Generic Extractor and custom Cube.

. Created master data and transactional data process chain.

. Created Multi provider to meet the business requirement.

. Historical data more than 4 billion records migration from old system to

new system based on the rules provided by business.

. Created and loaded the files based on cross-references between old system

fields and new system fields.

. Created Reports on Cubes and Multiprovider to get the financial reports.

. Used Infoset to combine the data from 2 ODS to get the required results

. Created Infoset in the R/3 side to join 2 tables.

. Created reports getting data from Transaction and Master Data.

. Created highly customized report with ABAP and lookup data fields from


. Created Balance Sheet and Income statement for the company.

. Created reports on Manufacturing, Order To Cash, Currency Impact, Plant

Maintenance, HR.

. Worked on enhancement for 0FI_AR_4 and 0FI_AR_9 datasources and created a

Multiprovider to generate the reports. Also worked on BSID and BSAD

tables in R/3 to get the data in these 2 datasources.

. 2 PP Master Data. Material Master, Bills of Material (BOM), Work Center's

(W.C), Routings, Production Resource Tools, Organization Structure.

. Redesign of COPA

. Variant Configuration, Classification Systems & Engineering Change

Management (ECM).

. Extensively worked on FI/CO and created the reports to integrate the data

with SD and MM.

. Extraction of CO_CCA extractors and enhancing them. Created reports on

these extractors. Validation of data and delivering the reports to the


. Created reports based on Costcenter, hierarchy, CostElement, Region.

. Created reports on generic and Business content extractors

2LIS_04_P_ARBPL, YPPOCALT, YBWPPPLAF for Production Planning and


. Developed the solutions and content using the SAP Enterprise Portal


. Worked on the re-design of Purchasing as the design was wrong and data

was not coming correctly. Worked from gathering the requirement until

development and creating reports for the users. Used extractors

2LIS_02_ITM, 2LIS_02_SCL and 2LIS_02_HDR. Used Masterdata 0OI_EBELN.

. Redesigned PM, identified keys and enhanced extractors.

. Designed MRP to enables the user to create forecasts to plan purchase and

production in advance, even before the actual sales orders are received.

Created report to shows what items have to be purchased and what items

have to be manufactured.

. Worked on the upgrade to ECC 6.0. Addressed all the issues form applying

the patches and installing the OSS notes.

. Created authorization for users and maintained roles.

. Used external datasources and created ODS and Cube on them and created

the reports.

. Did Production Support for monthly and the daily basis.

. Proof of concept for NWIM

. Gathered information from users and created reports on CRM extractors.

. Created reports on Business Objects and Cognos. Create Universe and

created multiple complex reports.



SAP BW Lead Consultant

Environment: SAP BW Release 3.5, SAP R/3 4.7, NW 2004s, ECC 5.0,Windows

NT, Bex Analyzer, WAD.


. Completely responsible for creating and scheduling the Information

Broadcasting to the end users. Proposed best suitable solution for

sending the emails to the end users.

. Completely responsible for optimizing the performance of the queries.

Used T-codes RSRV, ST03, ST04, RSRTRACE.

. Worked with basis to keep track of SQL statements and make changes where

necessary to optimize the performance of the Queries.

. Installed and activated Business Content Cubes, ODS, Info Sources and

Data Sources.

. Monitor Data loads, background jobs, process chains / Infopackage groups.

. Added new characteristics to the Cube according to the requirement to get

data at more granular level.

. Enhanced/archived the custom extractor CO-OM-CCA. Created reports and

validation of data on these extractors.

. Responsible for SEM BPS development for Planning, Budgeting and

Forecasting requirements for Cost Center Accounting.

. Created the Planning Area, Planning Level, Planning function, Planning

Layout depending on the business logic.

. Created Income Statement (IS) and Balance Sheet (BS)for the company,

. Created new update rules to get data from one cube to another for

reporting purpose.

. Created Multi cube based on Sales order and Billing cubes.

. Designed the Planning Layouts with WEB Interface for Planning Sales at

different levels of aggregation for CEO.

. Created reports in PP modules for Post goods receipt for the order

. Created report on company's performance based on the financial Key

figures from BW and qualitative factors that are significant for the

success of Enterprise in a comprehensive view with charts, graphs, etc.

. Worked extensively on BEx Analyzer. Used Navigational attributes,

Filters, Exceptions, Conditions, Variables, Hierarchies, etc. Created

Templates for WEB Reports.

. Create Consolidated Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Reports, PM, MM, COPA,

CRM and PP.

. Created Cube and reports for APO.

. Created Web enabled Dashboard. Dashboard presents financial data on

income statement, balance sheet, A/R Rollforward, Net balance of Balance

sheet, Retained earning check, RLIs unassigned.

. Created Flux Report with Currency impact on the sales for Balance Sheet,

Profit & Loss Reports.

. Set up Reporting Agent with the ability to write exception/condition

queries, which automatically notify users using e-mail alerts. Tested

the SAP connect routing for sender, receiver information

. Managed the SEM-BW Security by maintaining Roles and Authorizations for

different users.

. Provided support for month end and daily issues for business.

. Created rules to check whether the data coming through FIGL ODS is

correct and meet business requirement.

Cadbury Schweppes


Sr.SAP BW Consultant

Environment: SAP BW Release 3.5, SAP R/3 4.7, NW 2004s, ABAP, ECC

5.0,Windows NT, Bex Analyzer, Web Application Designer.


. Rolled out a full Profitability Analysis and Planning project in SAP

configuring CO-PA, BW and SEM-BPS. Upgraded BW system from 3.5 to 7.0.

. Involved in all phases of project from Blueprinting, Configuration,

Development, Integration Testing, Cutover, and Training to Go Live.

Meetings on status, issues, and overall progress

. Completely responsible for the Design and Configuration of the COPA, BW

and SEM-BPS modules for the flow of actual and plan data to/from R/3 and

SEM/BW. Responsible for the BW upgrade to 7.0.

. Worked on Performance related issues. Worked on Performance Optimization

Activities to improve slow performing web Front-end performance.

. Worked with Basis team to track Backend performance and suggested

suitable design changes.

. Configuring COPA involves identifying the pricing conditions for Value

fields, characteristic derivations and rules, transfer of billing

documents, Enhancements required for Sales Analysis and Set up extractors

for BW.

. Integrated PP module with MM module to create highly customized reports.

. SEM/BW tasks include studying the Business Process and Designing the

whole Landscape and Architecture for SEM-BPS and BW configuration.

. Completely responsible for SEM BPS development for custom developed

Planning Areas for Sales & Profit Planning. Used FOX and ABAP for complex

planning functions involved.

. Designed the Planning Layouts with WEB Interface for Planning Sales at

different levels of aggregation for different Sales Managers, Product

Managers and the Regional Directors.

. Set up the methods for Retracting Plan data from BW back to COPA for the

online reports built on COPA in R/3.

. Worked in APO to enable organizations to dynamically determine how and

when inventory should be distributed.

. Extracted data from logistics to APO via BW to provide data for Planning.

. Extracted Data from APO system. Created remote cubes to report on Live

Cache, generated data sources based on APO Planning areas. Extracted APO

master and Transaction data.

. Scheduled periodic data loads from SAP R/3 to BW and BW to APO and vice


. Replaced all the infopackage groups and APO related Macro Jobs with

Process Chains by using the Demand Planning related Process types.

. Check if infocubes, update rules etc are present and activated properly.

If not, replicate all the datasources and activate the Infosource,

transfer rules.

. load the data to make sure the data is coming without any failure

. Check all the background jobs, process chains / Infopackage groups are

in scheduled state. Then release all those jobs once all the connections

are fine to run the data loads as usual.

. Need to coordinate with APO functional team whether all the things from

their side are working fine

. Configured Management Cockpit to report on Enterprise's performance based

on the financial Key figures from BW and qualitative factors that are

significant for the success of Enterprise in a comprehensive view with

charts, graphs, etc.

. Worked extensively on BEx Analyzer. Used Navigational attributes,

Filters, Exceptions, Conditions, Jump targets (RRI), Variables,

Hierarchies, etc. Created Templates for WEB Reports.

. Integration of BW contents into enterprise portal using web applications.

Worked closely with EP team when designing web templates so as to

leverage EP and WAD functionality for the reports.

. Generated BW Web Reports displaying

Tables/Graphs/Charts/Maps/Tickers/Navigation Panels/Ad-Hoc Query

Designer/ABC Analysis/Filters/DropDowns using Web Application Designer

(Web Items/Data Providers)

. Created queries and templates in COPA/CCA/PP areas. Deployed all the

queries using web. Activities include creating custom logon screen, Role

menu .Used JavaScript and HTML to customize WEB templates.

. Created Complex reports using various available options in reporting like

Customer Exits, Cell definitions, Table interfaces and Virtual Chars.

. Managed the BW Security by creating Roles and Authorizations for

different users.

. Conducted Training for End-users and Project Team members. Developed

different BW and SEM training documentations for different users based on

their roles.



Mar '05 - Oct'05

SAP BW Techno Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 Release 4.7, SAP BW Release 3.5, HR and CO modules,

Windows NT, Bex Analyzer, WAD.


. Implemented Data warehouse in BW for reporting purposes on HR data

. Implemented Cubes include Payroll, Headcount, Personal actions,

Staffing Assignments, Appraisals, and Recruitment.

. Created Web enabled Dashboard. Dashboard presents employee data on

Hires, Headcounts, Promotions, Separations, Appraisals-PPP ratings,

Vacancies, Campus Hires, OT reporting, HR demographic and Org

hierarchy information and Budget to Actual Reporting from CO data

. Built business content cubes and ODSs like 0CCA_O09 (for "actuals"),

0PACP_C01, and 0PY_MC02. Also worked on custom reports like cost

center accounting actual line items overview, comparison of personnel

cost plans on these InfoProviders.

. Designed COPA extractors

. Extensively involved in creating BW InfoCubes in the areas of MM, PP,

FI/CO modules. Scripted extraction routines for Transaction data,

Master data, Texts and Hierarchies.

. Modified the Business Content and created Generic Data Extractors in

HR and Logistics Applications.

. Extensively worked on BEx reporting. Create exception evaluations for

queries. Designed multiple drill-through reports from BEx Analyzer,

WEB and Crystal Enterprise.

. Used table interfaces to add custom Column Headers and formatting the

cell contents in the web report.

. Modified/Enhanced the existing BW iViews by making changes to the Web

Templates/Web Items using Web Application Designer.

. Used Table interfaces to add custom Column Headers and formatting the

cell contents in the web report.

. Involved in creating Roles to define authorizations for BW users.

. Handled postproduction support and development of new design cycles


Haas Automation


Sr.SAP BW Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 Release 4.6C, SAP BW Release 3.1C/3.5, Windows NT, Bex

Analyzer, WAD.


. Involved in complete Logistics - Inventory Management and controlling

activities which uses 0IC_C03 cube and extractors such as 2LIS_03_BX,

2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM.

. Solved challenging tasks like triplication of quantities with marker

set in compression of requests.

. Created process chains to automate the transaction / master data

loading from CRM server.

. Scored High reputation with users in interaction and fulfilling their

requirements on time and quality.

. Created custom InfoSources & Info Objects in BW and mapped them with

R/3 fields using transfer rules and Generic Extractors.

. Enhancement of extractors to calculate Moving average price and FOB

amount for In-Transit quantity cube.

. Involved in using performance enhancements features such as Indexing,

maintaining aggregates and compression.

. Extracted data from SD, MM, FI module and uploaded into procurement

cubes 0PUR_C01, 0PUR_C02, 0PUR_C03, 0PUR_C04 and 0PUR_C05.

. Transported modified/new objects from development system to

consolidation system using BW transport mechanism.

. Designed and optimized the queries (with Non-Cumulative cubes) and

created reports using BEx analyzer and Browser.

. Worked extensively with BEx analyzer and Query designer, developed

several queries of varying complexities, made use of functionalities;

Navigation attributes, Hierarchies, Filters, Restricted key figures,

Calculated key figures, Exceptions, Conditions, Variables and

Structures. Organized the queries into various workbooks and

incorporated necessary authorizations

. Demonstrated the BeX Analyzer and BeX Web Reports capabilities to

various Executive user groups at Client including Horizontal and

Vertical Drill down (based on multiple Characteristics)

/Filters/Swapping of Axes/Currency Translation/Excel Export/Bookmark


. Responsible for Delta Update process for loading the data to BW from

R/3 in specific intervals.

. Troubleshooted many existing cubes and extractors to solve long time

problems such as average issues for the Free on Board amounts.

Owens Corning Feb'03-Jun'04

Sr.SAP BW Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 Release 4.6C, SAP BW Release 3.1C, Windows NT, Bex



. Involved in complete implementation of SAP BW for the CS, FI/CO and EC-

CS modules

. Handled assignments in areas of activating SAP SD and FI cubes,

designing Star Schema structures for Customized cubes and publishing

Managerial Information Reports with Web interfacing

. Handled Profit center Accounting (EC-PCA), Accounts Payable (FI-AP),

Accounts Receivable(FI-AR), General Ledger (FI-GL) Infocubes as a part

of cross functional SAP BW implementation.

. Created Infocube for Business Consolidation, extracted data from EC-CS

data for Legal Entity and Profit center consolidation. Organized

summary and line item reports for daily postings in internal orders,

profit centers and cost centers using drill-down in BW.

. Involved in Legacy Data extraction for history and current Non-SAP

Entities using flat files and then creating Infocubes and Multi


. Created CS reports for Warranty & Non-Warranty Report, Service Level

Cycle Report, Notifications, Repair Rate report, Service Contract

Report etc.

. Create Consolidated Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Reports for EC-CS.

. Involved in creating role based security and authorization for all


. Extensively used BEx Analyzer to build queries, Web templates with

graphs and charts, and worksheets to access data from BW data targets.

. Defined and modeled queries to satisfy business analysis. Excel was

used to format and slice and dice the data

. Extensively worked in performance tuning the queries by maintaining

aggregates, indexes, statistics and compression on infocubes. Created

Process Chains to automate the data load and data target

administration and monitored the processes

. Used Cache Monitor to trace the amount of memory used by the query


. Used transactions like DB02 and ST03for database management.

. Conducted training for End-users. Developed BW training documentations

for different users based on their roles. Mentored the BW users in

handling BEx Analyzer and Browser.

Merck Dec'01-


Sr.SAP BW Consultant

Environment: SAP BW 3.1c, SAP R/3 4.6, ABAP, FI (CO,AP,AA), SD, and MM



. Involved in the requirements gathering phase to understand the business

requirements and converting them to technical requirements

. Designed and developed custom Info cubes, ODS and Info objects to support

the multidimensional data model for SD and MM

. Created custom SD cubes and used standard LO cockpit extractor, data is

extracted from R/3 using standard Info sources

. Actively involved in BW standard business content installation, data

modeling and designing Info Cubes with various aggregate levels

. Created Accounts Payable and Accounts receivable Cubes based on the

reporting requirements. Modified standard Info sources like 0FI_AP_3 and


. Improved Query performance by fine tuning the Reports using restricted

and optimized code execution process based on query being executed.

Involved in performance tuning for update rules and transfer rules

. Developed User exit code for Data source Enhancements, Reporting


. Created Info Packages and Info package groups to trigger loading jobs in

sequence based on an event triggered on R/3 source system. Developed a

function module to trigger all BW jobs from R/3 source system

. Developed Queries using virtual key figures and virtual characteristics.

Developed code in Variable exit, captured values entered by user and

subsequently used in Virtual User exit code. Optimized the logic to

execute code based on Query selection for a given Cube

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