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Design Process

Baltimore, Maryland, 21201, United States
May 24, 2010

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Radhika Sadineni



8+ Years of IT experience in development of web based applications by using Java technologies and out of 5+

Years of experience in implementation of Business process oriented applications by using PRPC Pega.

5+ years of experience in Pega / PRPC V4.x/V5.x BPM tool with extensive knowledge in Design,

Development, Migration and Deployment. Worked extensively on Activities, Flows, Rules, Decision and

Declarative Rules.

Certified PEGA PRPC System Architect having strong Experience in design and development of

Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Engines (BRE) applications using Pega

Systems Pega Rules Process Commander (PRPC)

Experienced in the complete Pega implementation cycle, including Business Process Modeling, Tool installation,

Development, Testing, and Deployment. Extensively worked on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Oracle, PL/SQL and


Familiar with Application Servers like Tomcat 5.0. Experienced in working with the QA Testing Team creating

Test Plans and Test Cases.

Experience on Customer Process Manager Framework for Health Care .

Implemented Authentication and Authorization using LDAP. Worked on the BPM Frameworks, such as Smart

Investigate (SI), CPM and New Hire . Thorough knowledge of business process modeling using use cases and

sequence diagrams.

Have worked on Financial, Credit card Banking, Retail marketing, and Health insurance domains. Have

strong analytical skills, Capability to deal with ambiguity and Patience and strong determination.

Strong Experience in writing Sub Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions and Packages

A good team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Mentored Junior Members in the Team


Certified System Architect (Pega systems Ins.) in Pega Rules Process Commander (PRPC 5.4)

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems: Windows 2000 / XP, NT, UNIX AIX, SUN Solaris, Linux.

BPM Tool: Pega / PRPC 4.x, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4

Languages: Java, HTML, DHTML, XML, UML, SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, C, and C++

Technologies and Tools: Java, J2EE 1.4 (Servlets, JSP), JMS, MQ-Series, JDBC, SOA, Web Services

(SOAP), WSDL, JAXB, JAXP, RMI, Microsoft Visio, Pega CPM, PegaCALL, CTI

link Server

Web/Application Server: Tomcat 5.0, 5.5, Web Sphere 5.1, 6.0 and Web logic 8.1, 9.2, 10x

RDBMS: Oracle 9i/10g, DB2, My SQL, Sybase and MS-Access

Other Tools: WSAD, RAD, Eclipse, My Eclipse, ANT, TOAD

Scripting: Shell Scripting, JavaScript, Perl Scripting

Configuration Mgmt tools: CVS, VSS, Clear Case and Subversion.

Project Experience:

Care First BCBS, MD Apr-09 to May-10

Sr. Pega Developer

Rate Quote Express & Automated Enrollment

Project Abstract: CareFirst, Inc. is the not-for-profit, non-stock company affiliates that do business as CareFirst BlueCross

BlueShield. CareFirst is the largest health care insurer in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving nearly 3.4 million members.

CareFirst is helping its brokers and DBE’s to provide quotes for small business corporations and individuals, CareFirst has

developed their own sales process to sell their products to small business groups in Maryland, DC and Virginia jurisdictions.

Once group is created the system performs the auto renewal of the groups. Incase the group is not renewed in auto renewal

process; it creates a work object which needs to be renewed manually. CareFirst has developed their own format of PDF

forms to fill and submit by Firm Executives. Now CareFirst has decided to automate this service in order to avoid paper

based process. CareFirst has chosen to implement this process by using Pega PRPC.



Analyzed the requirements, prepared the design document. Worked on building the overall

flow for the process, screens, and functionalities and performed testing for the same.

Preparation of the various technical and functional documents (where applicable depending

on the request types) Requirement Specification document, High Level Analysis, Approach

document, High Level Design Document and Detailed Design Document.

Coded various PRPC activities, flows, flow actions, assignments, SLA( Service Level

Agreement), declarative rules, correspondence templates using PRPC

Worked on the portal design, structuring and developing for this application.

Involved in the security model design and reporting for the applications which are the most


Worked with Eform map rules and connectors for generating PDF documents.

Extensively worked developing the customized reports in Pega.

Worked on Application and Service accelerators.

Worked on services and connectors as a part of integrating with the external systems.

Taken the responsibilities to design and develop the most complex functionalities for the


Analyzed business requirements to design and implement the CPMHC Rule Set and Class


Creation of Rule-sets, Service Process, intent and Properties using Pega CPM Service

Process Accelerator wizard.

Involved in Creation of validation rules and workflows to implement business logic validation.

Provided CPM scheduling dispute resolution services.

Worked on activities for display for HTML gadgets.

Configuring CPMHC campaigns and reports and developed work flows for Products and Services

Taken responsibility of keeping track of all the requirement changes and maintained MOM on

a regular basis.

Creating Portal Rules and also users of different access roles and privileges.

Involved in fixing high priority issues during UAT and also post production.

Created Portal Rules and also users of different access roles and privileges.Worked on the design and

develop the most complex functionalities in the application.

Implemented Agents and Listeners.

Worked on SQL queries and handled the database related issues.

Good knowledge of PEGA Guardrails

Worked on PRPC User Interface development – Sections, Harnesses, Flow Actions developing web-

based UI’s using DHTML, Object-oriented JavaScript and implementation of Declarative

Processing features – Expressions, Constraints, On Change, Decision Rules like Decision Table,

Decision Map etc.

Worked on activities for display for HTML gadgets and Portal Rules.

Worked on the designing of Class Structure, Identifying properties and activities, designing sections and harness.

Responsible for Release Management

Involved in resolving the technical issues during the course of Integration testing and User Acceptance Testing.

Worked on reports i.e., summary views and list views using PRPC.

Worked on fixing high priority issues during UAT and post production.

Environment: WebSphere 6.1, Pega PRPC 5.4SP2/5.5SP1, Pega CPM HC 7.2, Facets 4.3/4.5, Oracle 10g, MS-Visio XP,

AIX, Windows XP.


Credit Suisse New York, NY Jul-07 to Mar-09

PEGA System Architect

Credit-Suisse Alternative Investments

Project Abstract: Credit-Suisse Alternative Investments (CS-AI) includes two major modules called Investor On-boarding

and Contact Information Update. The Investor On-Boarding process begins when a prospective investor decides to invest by

mailing Subscription and other supporting documentation to the funds outside counsel for review. Concurrent with its own

review, outside counsel will scan these documents to create digital images in PDF format, which are routed via email to the

Investor On-Boarding group. The contact info update process begins when an investor wants to get his information against

the funds registered to be updated. Before any updating can be done, the request has to go through authorization and review

for appropriate information; based on the funds selected, the appropriate data bases will be updated.


Preparation of the various technical and functional documents (where applicable depending on the request types)

Requirement Specification document, High Level Analysis, Approach document, High Level Design Document

and Detailed Design Document.

Designing of flows, flow actions, assignments, SLA (Service Level Agreement), declarative rules.

Worked on the portal design, structuring and developing for the entire Credit Suisse Application and worked on

Application and Service accelerators.

Created technical design document on the based on business use case documents

Reviewed business rules and created a scope document

Created a sales process to capture prospect details and census details using flows, flow action, section

and activity rules and Created reports in PEGA using list views and summary views.

Worked extensively on designing the User Interface.

Extensively worked developing the customized reports in Pega.

Involved in Design of class Structures and Properties.

Developed Flows and activities &Worked on CPM Pega call.

Created declarative page to manage configuration elements.

Created data table to update configuration elements.

Created flows to handle Exceptions in the system.

Creation of Declarative expressions for a value change on the properties.

Creation of validation rules to implement business logic validation.

Implementation of decision tables.

Worked on fixing high priority issues during UAT and post production.

Worked on Portals and HTML gadgets.

Involved in debugging application using Pega Tracer tool, performance testing using PAL tool

Updating the Design Documents for changes in implementation.

Environment: PRPC 5.2, JAVA, CPM, HTML, Java Script, SQL, Oracle 10g.

Bank of America Charlotte,NC Apr-06 to Jun-07

Pega Developer

Bank of America Smart Investigate

Project Abstract: PegaBANKING Smart Investigate has been chosen by Bank of America as a solution

framework to process their money transfer exceptions. Following the Central Services Review and the

creation of Payment Services a decision was taken to launch a Transformation of Electronic

Payments Programme (TEPP) within Payment and International Services (part of Payment Services).

The aim of this program is to create efficient and cost effective payment processing for the whole

Bank of America group, capable of delivering internal and external growth plans and new regulation

as it emerges. It will also be used as the enabler to drive change across Bank of America through

variable charging models and bi-lateral SLAs, establishing a payment operation as good as any in the


UK and providing the flexibility required for Bank of America to maximize opportunities requiring

payments capabilities.


Experience in designing PRPC applications including gathering of requirements, formulating

design of Class structure, Rules Sets structure, Organization structure, identification of

Properties and design of Flows based on the requirements. Worked on customization of

Harness and Sections rules.

Developed all the business rules for the Pega implementation.

Designed Class Structures, Workflows and Rule sets for case creation, case assignment and

case resolve.

Created necessary Harness / Sections and flow actions for User Interface

Worked on reports i.e., summary views and list views using SI.

Worked on activities and flows in SI to meet the requirements.

Participated in Design sessions with business analysts, technical experts for customizing the

Smart Investigate (SI) framework’s payment investigation module.

Implemented process flows and Screen flows as per User requirement.

Capturing of messages and processing the work objects to resolve them.

Worked on rules like Search Portal, Bulk Case Entry, and Duplicate Search.

Worked on various rules inbuilt to customize them according to the requirement.

Taken responsibility of keeping track of all the requirement changes and maintained MOM on

a regular basis.

Enabling functionality for updating Party and Case information.

Managed and prioritized issues encountered in different phases of the project.

Environment: PRPC 5.1 SP2, Oracle 9i, HTML, JavaScript, Windows XP, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g,

Smart Investigate (SI), Pega RULES Process Commander, Oracle 9i, HTML 4.0.

News America, US Dec-04 to Mar-06

Pega Developer

News America Marketing

Project Abstract: News America Marketing is a leading provider of newspaper-delivered and in-store

advertising and promotion, retail merchandising services and interactive advertising services. This

application is to handle all the services offered by the company. It maintains the vendor records, work

flow initiation and handles the work inside the company such as searching for a vendor, assigning him

the tasks etc.


Implemented Data Model, Class structure, AccessGroup, Process flow, Activities designing

the sections and harness and UI properties.

Designed Business Rules to implement, expansion and performance improvements System

using Pega PRPC.

Implemented Activities, Flows, Rules, Decision and Declarative Rules

Developed front-end using JSP, HTML and used JavaScript for client side validations.


Prepared the Use Cases & Design Documents in vendor maintenance module.

Worked on the development of the front-end using HTML, JSTL, custom tags.

Created portal rules and users of different access roles and privileges.

Worked on SLA’s and escalation activities for Goal and Deadline.

Worked on customization of Harness and Sections rules.

Worked on Localization feature in Process Commander.

Worked on Integration Services.

Worked on Reports i.e., summary views and list views.

Environment: PRPC 4.2 SP2, Oracle 9i, HTML, Java, Windows XP, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g

Jul-03 to Dec-04

Guardian Life Insurance, WI

Java Developer

Claim Processing

Project Abstract: Guardian Life Insurance is one of the nation's leading providers of life, dental, and long-term

care benefits. The main functionality of this application was claim processing and also facilitates the users to search

information, pertaining to different kinds of Insurance policies and providers list from the data repository. The

application is implemented on Java/J2EE platform using WSAD. The system was based on a multi-tier architecture

using the MVC Model in which JSP Tags, Struts – Tags, Validation Framework were used for client side interaction

and validation. EJB were used as business-tier components where the business logic is executed and PL/SQL's

procedures and functions were used at the backend as separate programming language constructs in the database

layer for enhancing the performance, portability and security of the application.


Designed the workflow for the client side and server side in UML using Rational Unified Process (RUP) and

created the detailed Design documentation.

Involved in walk through with the analysis for Use Cases and feasibility scope.

Designed Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Object Diagrams, using IBM Rational Rose to model the detail

design of the application.

Developed front-end using JSPs, HTML and used JavaScript for client side validations.

Developed the presentation layer of the application using Struts Framework and created the struts-config. Xml file,

resource bundles for distribution module.

Designed and implemented Business Delegate, Session Facade, DAO, Singleton, Factory and DTO Design


Designed and developed the data model for the development of persistence layer.

Involved in the development of the front-end using HTML, JSTL, custom tags and Tiles using Struts framework.

Implemented Session beans that encapsulate the backend business processes.

Used JMS (Java Messaging Service) for asynchronous communication between different modules.

Used JAXB API to marshall and unmarshall java object and xml respectively.

Used Spring Framework to support the Hibernate tool and Struts.

Used Hibernate to store the persistence data into the IBM DB2 UDB database and written HQL to access the data

from the database.

Used XML, WSDL, UDDI, SOAP, SAX parser and Web Services for communicating data between different


Developed logging module-using Log4J to create log files to debug as well as trace application.

Used CVS for version control across common source code used by developers.

Tested the application functionality with JUnit Test Cases.

Used ANT scripts for automated deployment and preparing the build of the entire application.

Deployed the applications on IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Completely documented the flow and functionality of the code for further reference.

Environment: WSAD 5.1.2, Hibernate 3.0, Spring 1.2, Struts 1.2.4, EJB 2.0, Servlet 2.2, JSP 2.0, JNDI, PL/SQL, XML

Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, JavaScript, Windows XP, DB2 UDB, JUnit, CVS, ANT, Log4J and JMS.

Trip Advisor, Inc., MA Feb-02 to Jul-03


Java Developer

Trip Advisor

Project Abstract: Trip Advisor, Inc. provides a comprehensive travel search engine and directory that helps consumer’s

research their travel plans via the web. Trip Advisor is a dedicated travel search engine that helps consumer’s finds the most

relevant travel information available on the web.


Gathered the requirements to design and develop the portal

Led the efforts to identify, procure, install, and configure the necessary hardware, software, Networking, and

security components for the site and was responsible for the evaluation and recommendation of the web hosting

service provider.

Identified, designed, and developed various Java Objects.

Java Servlets were written in order to display the appropriate information to the Browser based on the user’s


Used Java Server Pages technology to dynamically generate web pages.

All the SQL queries were written as Oracle store procedures. Extensively used Triggers and Cursors to update and

retrieve the data.

Updated database using JDBC interface.

Responsible for validating the code developed by other team members and fine-tuning it.

Performed Unit level and Module level testing.

Environment: Java, Java Servlets, JSP, RMI, JavaScript, JDBC, HTML, Oracle9i, Windows NT, Oracle9i Application



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