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Quality Assurance Manager

Los Alamos, New Mexico, 87544, United States
May 24, 2010

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Resume of Stephen Levings



To work in software development for hardware systems or for data analysis.


My wife and I started a business (MECSoft LLC) in July of 2005 to offer

software programming services for on-machine gauging on CNC lathes

including automatic part program generation, data collection and graphical

display, and data analysis. We have since completed contracts with

Honeywell FM&T Kansas City Plant and with Los Alamos National Laboratories.

We are currently working on contracts with LANL and Beyond Six Sigma (a

Santa Fe-based company) and expect more contracts with LANL.

I worked at Los Alamos National Labs from June 1978 to June 2005 at which

time I retired to start a business. My first assignment was as a

laser/electro-optics technician. Since 1984 I have been a programmer and

was eventually promoted to Technical Staff Member. In that time I have

worked on projects for laser fusion, magnetic fusion, study of GIS systems,

simulation, and CNC machine tool controllers. My work has tended to focus

on control systems. In conjunction with that work, I have provided user

interfaces and system-level utilities for the main projects. I have also

worked, part-time when needed, as a configuration manager and assisted with

quality assurance.

Skills: Software Engineering methodologies including use-case analysis,

functional (data-flow) analysis, and object oriented analysis and design

using UML. Other tasks included real time/multitasking application

development, CNC machine tool controller programming, PLC programming and

graphics/UI program specification and development.

Languages: Python, C/C++, C#, Java, FORTRAN, Perl, VB, lisp, clos, Pascal,


OS: Windows/NT/2000, Linux, VMS, Primos. I have written software for

virtually every major version of Windows including the pre-1.0 beta.

Work Experience 6/84 to present

Design and implement software for in-process/on-machine gauging and error

compensation of CNC-produced parts. Primary languages are C++ and Python

with some Java programming. Includes work in graphical displays such as

writing transformation matrices and spline function display and analysis.

Wrote a Java runtime library for a compiled version of Java (Toba) to run

in IA-Spox in Windows 95. Wrote Java language programs for device driver

interfaces in Windows 95. Wrote Java native methods. Wrote device drivers

for PLCs and Sercos motor controllers in IA-Spox.

Wrote VB and VC++ Ole2 interfaces between Excel and in-house programs for

data collection and analysis.

Wrote QA and CM plans for various projects. Did some work in preparing

projects for SEI assessments (pre-assessments against the Capability

Maturity Model). This included developing databases and reports using

Microsoft Access and Excel.

Wrote user interfaces and printer/plotter drivers for GIS programs in

Windows 3.1.

Wrote specialized functions for AVS (a Unix program for visualization of

scientific data.)

Wrote controllers for pulse-power systems using CAMAC and LSI-11

controllers interfaced to Windows 1.0. This includes assembler-coded

drivers in both RT-11 and DOS. Wrote programs in Windows to interface to

the programs on the LSI-11.

Wrote a PLC emulator on LSI-ll/73 using MicroPower Pascal (microcomputer

version of VAX ELAN.)

Wrote CAMAC device drivers on PRIME computers for data acquisition on

magnetic fusion machines and for controlling laser diagnostics on the

experiments. (RTOS/PRIMOS).

Wrote automatic tape backup programs, using scripts on VMS/PRIMOS.


BS in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico at Los

Alamos. GPA 3.8.

A.A.S. in Electronics Engineering from North Central Technical

Institute in Wausau, WI. GPA 3.7.


Active Q clearance.

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