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Sales Management

St Paul, Minnesota, 55129, United States
May 24, 2010

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Iowa State University

Bachelor of Science Ag-Business/Economics

Specialization: Finance

Work Experience

Land O' Lakes Inc, Distillers Marketing Group

**** - ****


> Transformed a previously negative P&L into a multi-million

dollar profit center

> Led P&L to successive and increasing record profitability

> Generated $22+ million dollars of trading profits during my


> Grew transactional volumes by more than 200% in 1st year, 1400%

over 4+ years

> Provided contract marketing services 6 ethanol plants, 400-500K

tons annually

> Assisted in tripling the number of client ethanol plants under


> Traded an additional 600-700k tons annually from third party


> Traded Rail, Truck, Container, and Barges,

> Managed risk by utilizing spread trades over region, commodity,

time, freight, futures, and derivatives

> Championed the creation of an proprietary web based load control

and accounting system to provide sales and contract detail

visibility to client ethanol plants

> Served as lead liaison in new marketing client presentations

> Presented as keynote speaker, 2005 NGFA Convention, & 2006

Wisconsin Ag Corn/Soy Expo

> Significantly outperformed company expectations every year

Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers (MnVAP) Co-operative

1999 - 2005

General Manager/CEO

> Responsible for all aspects of purchasing, sales, staffing,

production, maintenance scheduling, and

financial forecasting and reporting, encompassing all

P&L/business responsibilities and needs

> Transitioned ROE results from -30% thru -50%, turned them into +70%

thru +300%

> Reversed previous financial results from annual $1,000,000+ losses to

multi-million dollar profits

> Renegotiated multi-million credit facility

> Developed & created a database to track purchasing activity, product

quality, contract management, A/P,

payments, payment history, & production metrics for use in

financial forecasting, tracking, & reporting.

> Reduced cash flow demands by 80% through implementation of a revamped

procurement protocol

> More than doubled production and sales volume, while reducing overhead

staffing by 50%

> Lead company to a position of industry leadership in terms of least

cost and highest margin production

> Organized & led due diligence into the financing structure of a

several hundred million dollar

sale/leaseback financed electrical power project: For purpose of

appropriately negotiating bio-mass fuel supply contracts and

collateralizing our receivable position.

> Re-drafted significant portions of the corporate by-laws and presented

them for shareholder ratification

> Reported to Board of Directors, participated in monthly Board

Meetings, handled shareholder relations,

> Inspired stakeholder confidence and provided a strategic vision for

company improvement

> Identified and managed design/installation of a pollution control

system to capture fugitive dust emissions

> Converted facility to natural gas from propane

> Identified and installed spark detection and fire suppression systems,

reduced lost time by 50%

> Initiated various sub-businesses and product lines which contributed

30% to bottom line

> Oversaw two successful litigations

> Managed all financial reporting

Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers (MnVAP) Co-operative

1998 - 1999

Manager of Market Development

> Created business modeling spreadsheets which incorporated purchasing,

sales, production and cost

statistics to determine budgeting and allow for better overall

business forecasting

> Established a product testing program as a feedback process to

production for quality control

> Instituted a marketing plan that tied to production, incorporating

variable production cost impacts

> Doubled sales in 1st year

> Managed successful litigation related to contract breaches Created

radio and print advertising storyboards

and layouts for use across multiple demographics

The Holley Management Group

1997 - 1998

Business Process Consultant/Analyst

> Interacted with members of executive management on areas of functional

and process improvement

> Worked for multiple clients ranging in revenues from $15 million to

$43 Billion

> Designed and built management control systems utilizing Key

Performance Indicators

> Designed a production line, which resulted in a 180% increase in


> Conceived and built a production and sales system that raised

productivity 15.2% and sales 12.9%

> Developed a marketing and order-taking system that cut product

turnaround time by 50%

> Designed a production line that resulted in a capacity increase of


> Implemented sales systems which reduced proposal time by 75% and

increase hit rate by 50%

> Built an inventory control system that reduced inventory levels by

40%, and increased sales 15%

> Saved $1,000,000+/yr by developing production scheduling system driven

by key performance metrics

> Developed employee skill matrixes to determine job functions and

identify education opportunities

> Reviewed, organized, researched and presented to the management, key

financial data which outlined

performance shortfalls, by SIC, against its peers

> Developed a sales quotation and production scheduling

system to reduce W-I-P time by 90%

> Wrote SOP's & training manuals to ease employee training

and work skill enhancement.

Documentation assisted in reducing training time by 50%, set up

times by 90%, and errors by 90%.

D & C Commodities, Inc.

1993 - 1997


> Responsible for all aspects of purchasing, sales, staffing,

production, maintenance scheduling, and

financial forecasting and reporting encompassing all P&L


> Achieved immediate and constant profitability at this start-up


> Created B2B marketing and distribution plans

> Allowed companies to transfer marketing risk and achieve cost savings

by providing contract services

> Entered marketing agreements to align the interests of client

manufacturing firms with their sales needs

> Negotiated banking arrangements and credit facilities

> Actively traded a variety of Ag products

> Traded products in both truck and rail form

> Provided contract marketing services to selected manufacturers

> Provided risk management consultations to clients, vendors, and


> Managed all risk issues, including futures and derivatives

> Negotiated property leases

> Created sub-business and negotiated long-term equipment sub-leases for


equipment to various vendors and customers

The Pillsbury Company,

1988 - 1993

Senior Merchandiser

> Full P&L responsibility

> Grew traded volumes by more than 200%

> Expanded unit profitability by 800% in less than 1 year.

> Set P&L profitability records in several successive years

> Trained and developed junior managers in the areas of P & L

management, logistics management, budgetary planning and

control, and staff supervision

> Successfully developed individuals who went on to successful P&L

management positions

> Traded multiple Ag commodities

> Worked with carriers to achieve preferred contract rates to

establish logistical market advantages

> One of youngest traders to ever hold P&L responsibility

The Pillsbury Company, Junior Merchandiser

1987 - 1988

Other Career Related Duties:

President: Memphis Feed & Grain Association

1992 - 1994

Board of Directors: Clearwater Development Co.

1996 - 2006

Speaker - State & National Trade Conferences

Key Competencies:


Strategic Planning

Board Membership

Board Reporting

Process Analysis


Long-Range Planning/Budgeting

Business Analysis

Process Improvement

Bank Financing/Credit Facilities Negotiations

Sale-Leaseback Financing

Government Lobbying

Shareholder Prospectus

Shareholder Relations

Litigation Oversight

Risk Management

Financial Reporting

Business Operations:

P & L Responsibility/Profitability

Cost Analysis


Process Improvement

Policy & Procedure Development

Resource Management

Budget Development

Shareholder Presentation

Project Management:

Resource Allocation

Proposal Development

Team Building

Culture Management

Banking Relationships

Due Diligence

Inventory Control

Business Development:

New Business Development

Strategic Planning

Contract Negotiations

Credit Facility Negotiations

Client Relations

Cost Analysis

Strategic Alliances

Government Regulations

Sales & Marketing:

Trading & Merchandising

Market Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Trade conference Presentations


Marketing Alliances

Radio Ad Voice Overs


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