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41112, United States
May 24, 2010

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Manjeet Kumar Manjul

E-mail :, Mobile (+91)814*******,PUNE,INDIA.


To seek a suitable position in the field of IT (Middleware) to serve the organization in best possible manner and to

enhance my knowledge and experience simultaneously.


1BE in Computer Science and Engineering(Fulltime).Working in Tech Mahindra as Tech Lead.

2Total IT exp: 6 years (EAI Domain) mostly client facing. Open to relocate.

2Onsite: H&R Block (Kansas, USA),UK(British Telecom),Citi Bank and DBS Bank(Singapore), Malaysian

Airlines & IBM (KL, Malaysia)

3 Expert level experience in EAI Technologies Tibco( BW,Business Events,EMS,RV,HAWK,

iProcess,BusinessEvents v1.0,2.0,,Admin, ADB,MQ, and File

Adapter,GI),MQ,WBIMB,Tuxedo.Conversant with various Client-Server architecture.

4Strong working knowledge in SOA,Web-services,Java,C,C++,XML, XSD and XPATH,Unix,Oracle.

5Hands on experience and conversant with on all the phases of the software application development cycle

including analysis, design, development, testing and deployment.

6Hands on experience with app/web servers Websphere/ Weblogic/ Tomcat


Bachelor of Engineering in Vishveswaraiah Technological University 67.1%

Computer Science.

Intermediate in Science Intermediate Council 67.4%

High School Examination C.B.S.E., (Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya) 77.0%.


1OS : Solaris, HP- UX,AIX, Linux, AS/400, Windows, Tandem NSK.

2DBMS : ORACLE 9i+,10G, SQL Server, DB2/400, MSAccess.

3Middleware : TIBCO BW,iProcess,BE V2.0,RV,EMS,Hawk etc, MQ,WBIMB, Tuxedo6.5,

IDocs, SWIFT protocol.

4Web Technology : J2EE, DHTML, HTML, SOAP, WSDL.

5App/Web Servers : Websphere6.1,Weblogic 7.1, Apache 3.0,Tomcat 5.0

6Programming lang : C, C++, Java,ESQL.

7IDE : Eclipse 3.1, NetBean 6.5.1, Jbuilder.


1) WFMT, British Telecom,UK (For TechMahindra,Pune): Apr 2009 till date

Project is a workflow managemet system used to reduce the implications of manual work / field work helping in

cost reduction,time consumption etc while designing a whole new telecom infrastructure for British Telecom.One of

the modules 21CN is helping to replace existing wire based telco structure in to an optic fibres based sytem to enable

high amount of data flow and hence enhancing the speed of communication.Front end is developed as UI and

middleware constitutes Tibco infra using iProcess,BW,EMS as the base whereas backend is supported with Oracle


Role : My role is developer cum support helping a whole tibco team of 50 – 60 people while designing, building

middleware based(Tibco BW,iProcess,EMS,RV,J2EE etc) WFMT application and resolving mission critical issues.

Needs a regular communication with senior management of Client(BT).

Responsibilities :

• Server building (Includes Installation of iProcess,Tibco and anything else).

• Designing /Developing iProcess modules (procedures) and Tibco BW modules.

• Support/Administration of iProcess and tibco suite of products as well as whole infrastructure of around 15

-20 solaris boxes on which application is built for different teams.

• Interact between different team and providing solution for day to day problems and long term goals.

Technical Detail :

•Language: Java, JSP, J2EE,XML, COBOL,

•Database: Oracle, Mainframe DB2,

•Operating System: Mainframe (OS400), HP- UX,Solaris 8,Windows,

•Middleware: Tibco Designer, Tibco iProcess,Tibco Business Works, EMS, RV, Administrator, Tibco

Business Events, Tibco –MQ Adapter.

2. CBHK(Core Banking System for Hongkong),DBS Bank,Singapore(,MAY2008 till Feb 2009) :

About the Client : DBS is one of the largest financial services groups in Asia with operations in 16 markets.Bank's

asset quality is one of the best in Asia.DBS' primary operations are in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Detail : Project dedicated to enhance existing DBS,Hongkong banking application,aiming to completely transformin

the existing two tier application to a three tier application with the help of middelwares Tibco and MQ.Two tier

application is based on front end and back end tools which were replaced by three tier model and now they are being

modified to be based on Web services architecture.We are using Tibco as the bases to implement web service

architecture.A typical flow of a module would be receiving data from various front end systems could be from a ATM

machine(using HTMlLPages as front end) and the data would be processed by Tibco based web service which

involves extensive mapping,error handling and transformation.The modified data is pushed to the MQ queues would

push in to the datbase.

Role : EAI(Tibco) Administration/Developer

Responsibilities included

• Involved in analysis, design,Coding, Unit testing and load testing of Tibco BW processes.

• Installation and configuration of Tibco Enterprise suite of products .Domain creation and configuration

using Tibco Domain Utility.

•Development(web- service based),Administration and Configuration of Tibco (Products and Processes in

SIT/UAT / Production).

•Development of SWIFT messaging based interfaces.

•Deployment of BW processes and monitoring of the same using hawk.

•Configuration of Adapters ex : MQ,ADB, File adapters.Creation of Java utilities

• Actd as Co-ordinator beween different teams( IBM's Infra team,Testing team,Team involved in front end

designing ) while project goes in production or mission critical issues. .

Technical Detail:

• Language: Java, JSP, HTML (Front page design), Database: Oracle, DB2,

•OS : Sun Solaris, HP UX, Windows NT/2000/XP, AS 400.

•Middleware: Tibco BW,Tibco Business Events, RV, EMS,Admin,Hawk,MQ series 6.0

3. COPS (Centralized Offer Pallete System) for Citi Bank,Singapore(Jan 08 - April 08) :

Detail : The project is to distribute offers generated in different system to be sent to the Customer.

Explanation of Module ACWS : This module is supposed to be used by Citibank credit card customers.Basically

aiming at the Hongkong Citibank's customers.A centralized offer will be generated for the credit card customers which

wil be distributed automatically to the customers once the offers are generated.For every customers using credit cards,

some points will be gathered upon their uses.These points will be converted in the form of offers which has to be

distributed to the customers every month.

Roles and Responsibilities :

•Administration and configuration of Tibco products (Modules deployed) in Production / UAT.

•Installation of BE plugins alongwith Tibco suite of products.

•Creation of BusinessEvent based processes/modules, configuration/deployment of the same.

•Writing rules inside BusinessEvents based modules.Enhancement,modification of the same.

•Creation of BAR files.Deployent of BE engines.

•Development of SWIFT messaging based interfaces.

•Resolving critical issues and liasing with Business / Customers to in order to understand the problem and

help to resolve.

Technical Detail :

•Language: Java, JSP, J2EE,XML, COBOL, Database: Oracle, Mainframe DB2,

•O S: Mainframe (OS400), HP UX,Sun Solaris,Windows,

•Middleware: Tibco Designer, Tibco Business events v2.0,Tibco iProcess,Tibco Business Works, EMS,

RV, Administrator, Tibco –MQ Adapter.

•Other Softwares : XML Spy, Tectia Client, Humming bird.

4. BEA

(Backend Agnostics) for

Citi Bank, Singapore (April 2007 to Dec 2007)

Detail: Project is a global project intended to replace the old Citibank existing application by a web service based

banking application .The flaw with current application is that it contains different data format for different countries

and hence is moe country specific. Its being replaced by Global application consisting of single data format across

the globe.The front end built with HTML and J2EE technolog contains lot of Business Logic and needs to be

replaced by new Front end with minimum Business logic which will be taken care by Tibco BW Processes. The

messaging system used are EMS and RV.The outcome of Tibco Process is sent to MQ Queues from where it is

pulled to the Mainframe. The next phase of the project will remove MQ to be implemented using Web Services.

Roles and Responsibilities (Tibco Developer/ Administrator) :

• Involved in analysis, design,Coding, Unit testing and load testing of Tibco BW processes.

• Installation and configuration of Tibco Enterprise suite of products (Tibco Business works 5.4, 5.3 and

5.2, Tibco TRA 5.3 and 5.2,Tibco administrator 5.3, Adapter for files 5.4 and ADB adapter 5.2,

MQ adapter,MQ client and server and plug ins like Cobol copy book etc.

• Designing of Input and Output data for the BW processes at the various interfacing levels in the form

of Schema.Worked extensively with XML,XSD's.

• Developing web service based BW process.Worked extensively on Web Services, SOAP, WSDL,SERVICE palletes to create SOAP client/ Server

• Deployment of BW processes and monitoring of the same using admin/hawk(Hawk Rulebase creation

and implementation ).

• Load balancing and performance tuning of the modules in production.

• Configuration of various Adapters including MQ adapter,ADB and File adapters .

Technical Detail :

•Language: Java, JSP, J2EE,XML, COBOL, Database: Oracle, Mainframe DB2, Operating System:

Mainframe (OS400), HP UX,Windows, UNIX

•Middleware:Tibco Business Works, Hawk,EMS, RV, Admin, Business Events,MQ Adapter.

5. EAI Project for HPHC (Jan 2007 - March 2007):

Client: Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Boston (USA) for PerotSystems, Bangalore.

Detail: Project is carried out for integrating applications distributed across the multiple platforms. The data coming

from Mainframe is required to be transformed in to XML format. Message broker is doing the part of message

transformation and validation. Tibco products are getting used for other integration purpose and Hawk is used for the

support work.

Roles and Responsibilities : (EAI Administrator)

•All Middleware Installation and configuration on Local and Remote machine/Server

•Creating design document after gathering the requirement from client.

• Tibco BW process development/Administration /Monitoring/Domain creation and configuration.

•Coordinating with client (HPHC, USA) on mission critical issues with EAI Architects/Senior

Managers/BAs and resolving the same after negotiation

Middlewares : Tibco BusinessConnect, RV, BW, Admin, MQ, Weblogic 9.1, Tomcat.

OS/Database : UNIX (HP-UX, Aix), Windows,Mainframe(AS400) / Oracle, SQL Server, SAP

Special Usage : Citrix, PCAnywhere, VPN, NOVEL Login (Novel Client For Windows), Remedy.

6. NON-LEAP Projects: (June 2006 - Jan 2007, Worked on Client Side, Kansas City (USA)

Client: H&R Block (Largest and Oldest tax filing company of US), for Infokall

Roles and Responsibilities (EAI Adminitrator/Developer):

•Develop BW processes/Deploy,Administer in UAT/Production

•Overseeing Tibco Infrastructure( Installation, configuration as well as management).

•Adminitration using Tibco Administrator and Hawk.

•Performance tuning and Load Balancing using Tibco Administrator.

I). LMI (Low Mortgage Income) :

Module is carried out to transfer data abstracted from the files residing on three servers to the AS400 Data

warehouse (DW). The data comes in the form of RV Stream and picked up by RV subscriber then formatted with

XML parser. After parsing, data is moved in to the AS400 data warehouse tables.

ii). CIMS

Module is carried out to transfer data coming from file servers to SQL server. Once the abstracted data comes

to the RV Stream it is takes by BW component and parsed. The data is mapped to the SQL server table once the

parsing is done. After mapping data will be moved to the tables of SQL Server.

iii). POS Phase 3

Module is carried out to transfer some special files from one location to another location. The source is going

to be the three servers named as Peru, Bolivia and Sweden. The destination is the World Head Quarter (H&R Block,

Kansas City). The files contain nothing but the important and secure information about the credit card and the credit

card transactions. The information is stored in two different files with two extensions “. ppsf” and “. phrx”.

Technical Details:

Language: Java, JDBC, XML,C++, JSP, Database/OS: Oracle 9i / Windows,HP UX,Sun Solaris.

Middleware:Tibco Admin,BW5.2,Tibco SDK 5.3, File Adapter 5.3/ADB/CustomAdapters,RV 7.2,Hawk 4.5, GI.

Driver: jt400 tibco to data warehouse driver

(7 ). LEAP Project (Leveraging Enterprise Application Project): Jan 2006 till June2006:

Client: H&R Block (Largest and Oldest tax filing company of US), for Infokall

Detail : This project is carried out to store the tax and some non- tax data collected from the customers and to manage

the same. The data is collected in three servers named Bolivia, Peru and Sweden. These three servers act as the source

of the data to be validated using different BW (IM) processed and to be distributed among the different databases for

internal use in the present and future. To collect the data we are using file adapters and top validate the data BW

process is being used. The data once collected from the servers are published to RV as RV Messages and later

converted in to AE Messages by C++ programs.

Technical Details/Responsibilities: [AS in ABOVE project].

April 2006 May 2006:

8) Project Integrate. ( Worked Simultaneously on LEAP, H & R Block)


Client: Malaysian Airlines. For IBM, Malaysia ( Worked on Client Place.

Detail : It is to integrate the existing applications on different servers of MA and to move from FTP system to

reliable/ robust EAI system. The existing MA application is on servers FMCS (Sun Solaris), MSV (Mainframe),

FPPF (AIX) and Fujitsu. Basic functionality can be described by example of a scenario to transfer data from FMCS

by a MQ client attached to the JText adapter from where the fragmented data will be picked up by remote queues

attached with WBIMB. After validation and transformation by WBIMB data is sent to the FPPF server.

Role: Middleware Specialist.

Responsibilities:Designing /Developing Message Flows in the development system placed in AIX

environment.,Administration of AIX/WBIMB and MQ of Development/SIT /UAT and Production in AIX .

•Database/OS: DB2, Oracle 9i/AIX5.3, Mainframe, Windows XP Professional, Fujitsu.

•Middleware : WBIMB 6.0, MQ V 6.0,WMQ Explorer, Tivoli, EAI Appliance. JText adapter.

(9). Automated Hiring Process(Jul 2005 TILL Jan 2006).

Client: H&R Block, USA for Infokall Ent Pvt Ltd, chennai (

Detail : Project aim to automate the hiring process of H & R block. instead of doing manually.Project helps hiring

process of employee to be done online.Front end is developed with the help of HTML/JSP pages which will be

sending request to servlets in turn will be processing the pdf forms and files submitted through the JSP front end.

The request goes to Tib RVand some of them to EMS in the form of pdf data submitted through the servlet. Later the

data is processed through various functionalities handled through Tibco Business process.

• Language : XML,JAVA, JSP,JMS, Database/ OS: Oracle/ Windows, Unix.

• Middleware: Ticbco BW 5.2, Tibco Hawk, Tibco Portal, Tibco RV, Tibco EMS, Tibco Adapter.

(10) EAI on Order Entry System with SAP R/3( May 2005 till Jul 2005 ) :

Client: Unilever, Netherlands for Patni Computers, Chennai. (

Detail : It integrates DB/2 Database with SAP R/3 . DB2 stores data as flat files.We need to transfer it into the

SAP R/3, in Idoc format .It need to convert Flat files in to XML(Idoc format) to be sent to SAP.Message Broker

converts flat files in to XML and vice versa. Flat files will be sent to an adapter which converts multiple messages

in to the single chunks and sends to Queues.

Role: Middleware Developer / Administration ( MQ / WBIMIB / Tibco)

• Language : XML,JAVA,ESQL, Database/OS : DB2,SAP/Windows, Mainframe

• Middleware : iDocs, MQSeries,WBI MB, Tibco BW,RV

(11). ATM Banking Systems and its EAI(Jul 2004 till April 2005 )

Client: Bank One, Boston, for OPSOL Mumbai (

Detail: This project included Development, Enhancement and EAI to the Enterprise Application for different

Systems supporting Bank One ATM services.

Roles: Middleware Administrator and Developer

- Language/OS : JSP,JAVA,HTML/ Win NT, SUN Solaris 2.6, OS/400, Tandem NSK.

- Middleware : Tibco BW5.2, MQ,Tuxedo6.5

Training and Certifications:

1Tibco /MQ/WBIMB,BEA Tuxedo and Tandem NSK

2Healthcare specific training and certification (HIPAA, OPAS)

AWARDS (Personal Achievements):

1Selected by the Ministry of Education Human Resource Development, Govt. of India to Study in JNV

program .

2Secretary at the College Level.

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