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Sales Supply Chain

United States
May 24, 2010

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Yasser El Bendary Biography

Professional Experience

Update for Food Processing

Chairman & Founder, May 2004 – Present

Company Activities:

Food Processing

Our activities related to food processing all natural premium home style food products, that targeting export to the

international markets for both retail and food service (HRI) sectors.

We pride ourselves on being the first Egyptian food processing company that is specialized in exporting more than 260

food products to specialty food industry to potential countries like: USA, Canada, Japan, England and others.

Our roadmap is clear as we honor the value and taste of tradition coupled with innovation. In addition, we are always

sensitive to issues concerning the environment and public health; all our products are free of GMO, Artificial Colors,

Artificial Flavors and Artificial Additives.

Mom's Food is the company main international brand name; also the company is manufacturing other custom made

Private Labels brands. The current categories we produce under Mom’s Food brand are:

Jam, Conserves, Marmalade, Preserves and Herbal Conserves (Regular, Low Calories and Sugar Free), Dessert

Toppings, Pie Fillings ( Bake and Freeze Stable ), Chocolate Fruit Spreads, Toffee Spreads, Honey with Nuts, Relishes,

Hummus Spreads (Shelf Stable available in 8 flavors and packed in glass jars ), Tahini Dressing ( Ready 2 Serve ),

Tomato Sauces and Condiments.

In addition to Mom’s Food brand, we produce other categories under different brands, which are:

Blendy; Shelf Stable Fruit Smoothies – NFC (Not From concentrate) No Sugar Added.

Relax; Natural Herbal Drinks


In August 2008, Update for Food Processing went through merging process with Gouzor Company. Gozour is one of key

funds owned by Citadel Capital, and works for an integrated regional agriculture and multi category consumer foods

platform. Citadel Capital makes control private equity investments in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and has more than

US$ 8.3 billion in investments under control, spanning 18 Platform Companies in 15 industries across 12 countries.

Gozour group includes three primary lines of business: agri foods and dairy, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and

intermediate industries such as wet corn milling and sugar processing. Gozour Portfolio Companies include Dina Farms,

Rashidi El Mizan, El Misriyeen, Enjoy for Juice & Dairy, El Aguizy International, Mom’s Food and a 31.5% stake in the

National Company for Maize Products (NCMP).

As company’s CEO I was responsible to manage and deliver the following functions:

• Evaluate operations and results, and report it to Executive Committee of the Board.

• Plan, direct and coordinate the overall operation of the company at Commercial, Operations, Export, Finance, HR

and Management Control and Marketing

• Direct and coordinate the sales and distribution network of the company.

• Participate/ provide support to implement Marketing Plan of the Company.

• Design strategic policies for each product and distribution channel such as pricing, conditions of sale, promotions,


• Ensure the development of company personnel and professional growth.

• Monitoring and coordination of the strategic plans at medium and long term business.

• Operations support on cost improvement efforts for assigned product groups, ensuring annual target achievement

and steering team effectiveness.

Participate/provide support to plant and other Supply Chain function;

• Manage and drive business efforts for assigned product groups – examples including SKU rationalization,

packaging standardization, and component/specification consolidation.

• provide support to business development team to assess new product offerings and useing of Supply Chain



• Monitor Supply Chain KPIs for assigned product groups, providing improvement plan support to key Supply Chain


Support quality improvement strategies;

Benchmark key competitive set and productivity strategies. Update leadership on emerging opportunities/risks;

Update for Import & Export

CEO & Partner, April 1994 – May 2004

Company Activities:

Food Importation

Importation activates were active for 10 years as of 1994 till 2004 when the company management took a decision to

focus in food processing

The reputation that Update acquired in the Egyptian market was priceless; since we had and still have the ability to

introduce any processed food product to the market due to the contacts and relationships well built with wide range of

connections in supermarkets, grocery stores & C. Stores as well as five and four stars hotel, resorts & restaurants

Below a list of brand names we were represent:

1. Beacon Full rang of Chocolate bars, Candy & Sweets South Africa

2. Ceres Juice 100% Pure Still Juice in tetra pack (1liter & 200ml) South Africa

3. Liqui fruit 100% Pure Still Juice (340 ml Cans) South Africa

4. So Fresh Long life Soymilk (Liquid 1L & Powder 150g) South Africa

5. Safari Dried fruit South Africa

6. Nature Source Muesli & Breakfast Cereal with dried fruit and nuts South Africa

7. Wellington’s Chilli Sauce & Chutney South Africa

8. Stare Cape Dessert Topping and Cake Filling South Africa

9. Roobois Tea Decaffeinated Flavoured Tea South Africa

10. Miller Non Alcoholic Beer (330 ml Cans) USA

11. Rubicon Non Alcoholic Beer (330 ml Bottles) England

12. Moona Instant Soup England

13. Noon Cake Mix, Topping Cream and Vegetable Jelly England

14. Eva Sparkling fruit juice Spain

15. Casado Cookies, Swiss Rolls & Filled Sponge Cake Spain

16. Donelli 100% pure non alcoholic grape juice Italy

17. Nicoli Corn Flakes & Breakfast Cereal Italy

18. Classic Full range of salted biscuit and crackers Dubai

19. Nutro Biscuits Cream biscuits and wafer Dubai

20. Nibs Snacks from Real Potato Sticks Ireland

21. Dobla Chocolate Decorations, Toppings & Cups Netherlands

Update for Marketing Consultation

Managing Director & Partner, April 1994 – May 2004

Company Activities:

Marketing Consultation for FMCG & Retail Business

Below, one of major consultation project executed for Mobil Oil Egypt as multinational firm in the area of

Convenience Store & Business Development, from October 1996 till April 2000


Convenience Store Retailing



Providing executive leadership, expertise, coaching and direction in the execution of the business plan for


Mobil’s Convenience Store Retailing strategies;

Optimizing Mobil’s retail service station assets by managing and implementing a best in class convenience


retail offer for both the “On the Run (OTR)” program and for existing convenience store outlets (Mobil Marts – 127


Developing On the Run (OTR) category management process, site value maximization strategies, site layout


and design, field merchandising, and sales promotion, in line with Mobil global communication strategy;

Developing and following up on the execution of On the Run (OTR) Convenience Retailing marketing plan,


including initiating contacts with local and international distribution and supply partners, market assessment,

consumer research, segmentation, targeting, positioning, strategies and tactics, and ensuring its integration into the

Fuels Marketing Plan;

Launched the first OTR convenience retail outlet in Merghem, Alexandria;


Optimizing Mobil’s company operations through tight fiscal controls and ensuring that the convenience store


business assets perform at their full potential to maximize brand equity and cost effectiveness.

Business Development


Developing and facilitating the implementation of Mobil’s retail automation strategies, such as the Automated


Teller Machine (ATM) and the National Bank of Egypt’s Visa card, by rolling out of site management and back office


Executing strategic direction and partnership development of co branding alliances with joint venture branded



Mobilclub Launched as the first automated loyalty program in Mobil Mart outlets in 25 of Mobil’s prime


service stations in Cairo and Alexandria. The program total membership has exceeded 15,000 members;

Liaising between Convenience Retailing organization and other strategic partners, including executive leaders


of Mobil, outside vendor community, government authorities and consumers; and

Ensuring compliance with legal requirements, franchise regulations, corporate policies, and that the


corporation is not exposed to excessive liabilities.


Managing Director & Partner, May 1992 – September 1996

Company Activities:

Real State

Managing operations of all company departments to market Helnan Royal Beach Hotel & Resort – Ras Sudr – South

Sinai as follows:

Sales Department


Managed the sales activities of 18 sales representatives;

Developed and followed up on the execution of company sales objectives and targets;

Achieved a sales volume of LE forty five million; and

Implemented basic communication skills courses for new recruits.

Marketing Department


Developed the company’s marketing plan, including market research, market assessment, etc.

Working closely with advertising agencies to develop advertising campaigns; and

Customer Services Department



• Developed methods to provide an efficient after sales services to 1780 customers; and

• Introduced effective methods to respond to customers’ requirements by creating tailored software program to

facilitate communication between the company and customers.

Administration Department


• Implemented procedures to maximize the quality of administrative operations; and

• Introduced a tailored software program to facilitate communication between the company’s various departments.


Marketing & Sales Manager, October 1991 – May 1992

Managed 10 sales and 2 marketing suborders for a group of international brand names the field of consumer


goods, to maximize sales of all brand names, including optic and sun glasses like: Carerra, Boss, Paloma

Picasso, Porch etc.;

Increased regional sales during 6 months period from SR 2.5 million to SR 4.2 million; and


Increased sales of sunglasses by 12 % during a six month period.



Sales Manager, December 1988 – October 1991

Managed 10 sales representatives and tripled their monthly average sales from LE 1,400,000 to LE



Awarded as company’s top Area Sales Manager for year 1990; and

Listed as one of the top sales managers in the European time share industry during the first quarter of 1991.



Maintenance Engineer, June 1987 – December 1988

Responsible for the tune up department

Personal Data

Date of Birth : March 24, 1965

Nationality : Egyptian

Marital Status : Married – has two kids a girl and a boy


B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, June 1987, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University

Key Competencies

Demonstrated leadership skills

Generates results that exceed planned requirements

Deep knowledge of customer/client needs

Powerful sponsorship/coaching and leadership of key critical human resources

Ability and willingness to take carefully weighted risks

Excellent personal and communication skills

Powerful and proven problem solving and negotiating abilities

High energy and constant self motivation

Work Address: 30 Melsa Towers, Ard El Golf, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


Tel.: +202/2415 0514 – 2414 9599 Fax: +202/2418 5140

Home Address: 22 Ebn Bassam Street, from Ammar Ebn Yasser, Heliopolis, Cairo

Tel.: 202/2624 2266

GSM: 012 *******

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