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Project Engineer

50000, India
May 25, 2010

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Professional Summary

. Over *.* years of experience in SAP in which 2 years in SAP SLcM and 1.5

Years in SAP PP/QM modules.

. In-depth working knowledge on Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) and

possesses good conceptual knowledge in all the areas of the student life

cycle process including student records, student accounting, ISR for

admission applications, progression, audits, and VSR rules.

. Developed result oriented prototypes for various universities and

executed in portal environment.

. Designed Business Configuration Sets for the IS HE&R solution and

successfully deployed in various client environments to minimize the

project timelines.

. Good interpersonal skills, strong analytical ability and problem solving

capabilities. Ability to make timely and sound decisions based on logical

assumptions, factual information, strong intuition and a good team player.

Employment History

Organization Designation Duration

Yash Technologies SAP - SLcM Consultant May'10 to till date

Pvt. Ltd.,

Ananth Technologies SAP - SLcM Consultant June' 08 to May'10


Matrix Laboratories Engineer-Production Nov'05 to June'08

Limited Planning

Vasant Chemicals Graduate Engineer July'05 to Oct'05

Limited Trainee

Projects Profile

Organization: Ananth Technologies Limited

Project #1 University Business Systems

Duration June'09 to Feb'10

Role SAP SLcM Consultant

Team Size 9

Environment ERP: SAP; Version: EHP4 .

Project summary

Project Scope: IS HE&R/HR/FI/CO/MM implementation

Client Profile: KL University is a deemed university located in Andhra

Pradesh, India with student strength over 5000 with multiple courses in

UG and PG.. The Institution was assessed and accredited by National

Assessment and Accreditation council (NAAC) of UGC. The university is tied

up with several foreign universities for student exchange, staff exchange

and research & development.

Company Profile:

Ananth Technologies Ltd (ATL) an AS 9100 B & ISO 9001:2000 certified

company, Headquartered at Hyderabad, India. ATL has global presence with a

workforce of over 750. ATL has attained respect in the domains of

Information Technology, Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Energy, Higher

Education and Research, Government, Communication, Health care,

Hospitality, Railways, Retail, and Steel.


. As-Is study and documentation to map business process requirements.

Preparing Blue Print document for customer approval.

. Co-coordinating and providing functional support to the technical team

in developing the counseling solution.

. Implementing the core module functionalities of SLcM like academic

structure, event planning, student contract accounting, audits,

assessments, and progression.

. Thorough integration of SLcM with Enterprise portal, HCM, & FI/CO.

. Customization and development of new features of EHP4 like attendance

tracking, extended module booking.

. Configured several scenarios covering organization structure, module

booking with exclusion and pre-requisite checks, degree and stage

audit scenarios, rule containers, Registration and De-registration.

. Worked extensively in portal with SLCM processes like student self

service, student appraisal, student advising, audits and academic


. Configured the academic Calendar, module Group, modules, event

packages, Business Events.

Organization: Ananth Technologies Limited

Project #2 Templatization of BC Sets for SLcM

Duration Mar'09 to May'09

Role SAP SLcM Consultant

Team Size 3

Environment ERP : SAP; Version: EHP4 .


. BC ( Business Configuration) Sets design for all the business processes

in SLcM

. Maintaining and deploying of BC sets for future implementations and roll-


. Documentation of the tested scenarios with BC Sets deployment.

Organization: Ananth Technologies Limited

Project #3 University of Nigeria

Duration Nov'08 to Feb'09

Role SAP SLcM Consultant

Team Size 4

Environment ERP : SAP; Version: EHP4 .

Project summary

Project Scope: Portal Interface with SAP SLcM

Client Profile:

University of Nigeria carries the credit of

being the first indigenous university in Nigeria. The

university has two campuses, in Nsukka (University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN)

and in Enugu (University of Nigeria Enugu campus, UNEC) with over 35000

students and 15000 teaching and administrative staff.


. Business analysis & blue printing

. Workflows development to handle student requests through portal.

. Integration testing of all user interfaces.

. Authorization profiles for users

. End-user documentation and go-live assistance

Organization: Ananth Technologies Limited

Project #4 Prototypes for GITAMS and NEHU

Duration June'08 to Oct'08

Role SAP SLcM Consultant

Environment ERP : SAP; Version: EHP3 .

Company/Client Profile:

The GITAM (Gandhi Institute of Technology and Managment) university is a

pioneer in the field of Engineering Education and Research in private

sector in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India with over 3000 students.


. Brainstorming and designing several scenarios encapsulating client

requirements in conjunction with focus on SLcM functionality.

. Developed various workflows to handle student requests through portal

for program change, module booking authorization, graduation,

transcripts etc.,

. Configuration and testing of SAP SLcM, student contract accounting and

audits, assessments, and progression functionalities.

. Developed ISR functionality for admissions processing using

notifications. accommodating workflows for processing of the admission


. Possess In-depth working knowledge on VSR rules associated with

progression, registration and admission process.

. Configured several scenarios covering organization structure, module

booking with exclusion and pre-requisite checks, degree and stage

audit scenarios, rule containers, registration and de-registration.

. Worked extensively in portal with SLcM processes like student self

service, student appraisal, student advising, audits and academic


. Integration of SLcM - EP, FI-CA,SD, HR - TEM,

. Created new pricing condition types, to accommodate all the

requirements of campus management

. Configured the assessments and requirement catalogs with respect to

general university and program specific requirements

. Executing the admission, degree and stage audits successfully checking

the system requirements and suggesting the students on course

completion and admission requirements

. Worked on academic structure including semesters, specializations,

modules, mapped entire structure for student booking, assessment

templates for grading, student master data and various fee categories

in campus management

. Configured the academic calendar, module group, modules, event

packages, business events.

Organization: Matrix Laboratories Limited

Project #5 TRISTAR ( SAP R/3 Roll- Out & Support )

Duration Apr'06 to Apr'07 & Sept'07 to June'08

Role Team member, PP &QM

Team Size 7

Environment ERP : SAP ECC 6.0, OS : Unix

Project Summary:

Project Scope: PP-PI/MM/SD/FI/CO/PM/QM/HR implementation

Client/Company Profile: Matrix Laboratories Limited is a public limited

company engaged in the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

(APIs) and Solid Oral Dosage Forms with a product range covering both the

domestic as well as international markets.

The objective of the project was to have single system across the groups'

different plants to have standardized processes across the organization.


. PP Masters Validation: - BOM, Recipe Master, Resource Master,

Production Version & Material Master Validation.

. End user Training : -Entire Production Process(PI) Cycle- Process

order(PO) creation, Release, Control recipe generation, Sending

process messages, Process sheet entry, Pull list, Reservation-Issue,Order Confirmation, Order Status, Order Confirmation Report,

Cancellation of Process orders, Read master data-Change-Process orders,Technical Completion of all Orders, Rework concepts, Planned Orders

conversion into Process orders, MRP training-MRP Run-Plant wise,

Batch Management environment with Batch Classification

. Understanding the Business Process and handling the issues related to

PP / QM modules.

. Cut over Activities: - Creation of temporary process order to

accommodate the production stage, issue of raw materials to production

order to represent the production cost/WIP and raw material stock,

back flush (off) Monitoring, Process order Confirmation, Stocks

uploading through BDC.

. Go-live Activities: - Ensuring back flush - on for all RM in MM

master, Manual consumption (MB1A) for Cut over period Process orders,

Planned Orders & MRP Run.

. Customizing and developing reports as per the user requirements by

providing functional specs to ABAP team

. QM Module: End user Training & QM-Masters Validation -Areas

:Inspection plan, Material Master-Setups, MIC, Catalogs, Sampling

procedure, Sampling scheme, Result Recording,Usage Decision, QC

clearance for production & procurements, Monitoring Shelf Life Expiry

date, Rework Scenarios

. Go-live co-ordination and post implementation support


Organization: Matrix Laboratories Limited

Project #5 Matrix Laboratories Limited

Duration Nov'05 to Apr'06

Role Planning Engineer - PPIC

Environment Production Planning and Inventory Control


. Co-ordination with Business Development, Production, Purchase,

Commercial and Excise departments in meeting the production plan.

. Responsible for preparing monthly production reports, yield variance

reports, raw material consumptions reports, costing and comparing with

previous month consumption coefficients.

. Worked in Production and Inventory control department, handled

operations like monthly raw material requirement calculations based on

sales and production plan using excel sheets, responsible for running


. Follow up of raw materials with purchase department for timely

delivery, timely calculation of Surplus, non-moving, slow moving

materials and reporting to the management for liquidation. Preparing

inventory reports, analysis of stocks based on classification.

. As a member of supply chain management, coordination between Central

Planning Function and the production departments need to be done for

meeting the timely market requirements.

. Preparing Monthly MIS reports indicating Sale Variances, Production

Variances with reasons and action plan, indicating Sales returns,

Product wise Inventory comparison with previous month. Comparison of

actual inventory on hand with rolling sales plan forecast.

Organization: Vasant Chemicals Limited

Project #6 Vasant Chemicals Limited

Duration July' 05 to Oct' 05

Role GET - Production Dept

Environment Production


. Monitoring the production parameters on regular basis. Batch planning

to accommodate the production forecast.

. Scheduling the batches based on the availability of resources.

Ensuring the safety of the environment and training the personnel on

safety measures

. Preparing the monthly MIS reports to submit to the top management


Degree University Year of Passing & %

B. Tech Osmania University. April'2005 with 78


Technical Skills

ERP Applications SAP ECC 6.0/ 4.7/ 4.6

Languages C & C++

Personal Details

E-Mail (Official)

E-Mail (Personal)

Telephone No./Extn +91-40-404***** / +91-40-404*****

Mobile /Res Number +91-970*******


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