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Quality Assurance Engineering

Seattle, Washington, 98168, United States
May 25, 2010

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Benjamin John Raterman, M.S. - US Citizen

Burien, Washington 98168 ( (575) 973 - 3105 (

Key Accomplishments

. Masters of Science in Materials Engineering, University of Florida

. Masters of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell


. Experienced working as a materials testing technician at a manufacturing


. Experienced in wet benchtop chemistry, inorganic synthesis, scanning

electron microscopy (SEM), tensile testing, X-ray photoelectron

spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray Diffractometers (XRD), and process engineering.

Professional Experience

2006 - 2008 Graduate Researcher UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Gainesville, Fl

Engaged in research activities aimed at understanding layered ceramics (MoS2, WS2)

at a fundamental level. These materials were to be used in interstellar

applications as lubricious materials.

Characterized various sulfides, oxides, and polymers using X-Ray photoelectron

spectroscopy (XPS) and Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) while working in

collaboration with other members of the research group. This work required that I

be analyze and interpret data using literature resources.

Maintained, designed, and repaired UHV systems used in XPS, AFM, and mass

spectroscopy characterization. Required working in a clean room environment.

2005 - 2006 Graduate Researcher CORNELL UNIVERSITY Ithaca, NY

Primary Research Project: Effect of Dopamine on the Morphology and Phase of Iron

Oxide Particles

Synthesized shape-modulated iron oxide particles for use in photonic crystal

applications and other novel nanoscale devices. Successfully synthesized a new

particle that had not been found previously.

Used scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with EDX capabilities, FT-IR spectroscopy,

and XRD to characterize the above systems. Routinely analyzed the morphology,

composition, and material phase of various ceramic particles (Fe2O3, FeOOH, CaPO4,

and ZnO).

2004 - 2005 Materials Testing Aerospace Composite Structures Rio

Technician Rancho, NM

Engaged in engineering projects for the R&D and Production-line divisions. This

included characterizing the product through a series of mechanical testing

experiments planned by myself and in coordination with my superiors. The aim of

these experiments was to determine necessary product specifications and to improve

the quality of the product in relation to how it was being manufactured.

Developed databases, data analysis techniques, and material testing (failure

analysis) procedures for quality assurance (QA) purposes. The QA program was

under development before my arrival and had to be overhauled to fit the needs of

the production-line divisions. Many new mechanical testing techniques had to be

formulated, tested, and documented prior to implementation. I also trained other

technicians to perform my duties.

Educational Background

Masters of Science in Materials Coursework included Ceramic Processing,

Engineering Surface Science, Laser-Based Diagnostics,

University of Florida, Gainesville, Particle Science and Technology. GPA =

FL 3.3/4.0

Masters of Engineering in Materials Diffusion & Phase Transport Kinetics,

Engineering Colloids and Colloidal Assemblies,

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Thermodynamics of Materials.

Bachelors of Science in Materials X-ray Diffraction, Materials

Engineering Thermodynamics, Physical Metallurgy,

New Mexico Institute of Technology, Mechanics of Materials

Socorro, NM

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