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Management Assistant

Miami, Florida, 33180, United States
May 25, 2010

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Simi Carolina Albo Ores, MBA

***** ***** ***** #**** ********, Fl 33180, Phone: (786) ***-****



. Experienced financial manager, consultant, and university lecturer in

corporate finance, mathematics and derivatives.

. Held financial management roles in Fortune 500 companies and smaller


. Assistant Professor at IESA and Universidad Metropolitana in

Venezuela: Principles of Finance, Corporate Finance, Valuation,

Financial Mathematics and Derivatives.

. Expertise in valuation; benchmarking management and strategic

planning, management training, financial mathematics, teaching,

research, project organization and leadership.

. Earned an MBA from the prestigious and U.S.-accredited IESA in

Venezuela, with a scholarship award for high GPA.

. Cum Laude, Top of her Class and with a full scholarship from

Universidad Metropolitana, with a B.S. in Business Administration.

. Thesis Work in Banking and Finance earned a publication award.

. Fluent in English and Spanish


Danal Int Design Group, Aventura, FL

November 2003-July 2009


Successfully offered management consulting services to high-level corporate

executives from Latin America

Consultant for Sinax Corporation

. Analyzed and evaluated inventory reports and proposed order quantities

. Prepared monthly reports for executive management.

. Coordinated and created the content for the web page

Consultant for Alchelo International

. Prepared the Financial Statements

. Prepared the company accounts

. Coordinated and created the content for the web page


. Represented the company in Fashion Events

. Created and managed marketing strategies to enhance sales

. Managed the relationship and orders with suppliers

. Managed relationships with customers

. Analyzed and determined financial resources required to implement

spending proposals and submitted recommendations for budget


. Prepared the business plan of the company

Consultor a Iesa, Caracas, Venezuela February

2001-November 2002


Successfully offered management consulting services to high-level corporate

executives and government officials. Developed and delivered customized

solutions to companies for critical and time-sensitive issues

Key projects:

Prepared a benchmarking study of the construction sector to strengthen

national companies versus foreign competitors and to identify opportunities

to raise capital for the sector:

. Researched the experiences of five Latin American countries in the

development of national investment in the construction sector

. Performed a strategic analysis of the construction sector in Venezuela

. Designed financial and strategic recommendations for the sector

Developed the Financial Math and Finance Indicators modules for the Banco

Mercantil's Educational Manual for Credit Analysts:

. Prepared the overall technical proposal for this effort. This included 5

areas: Economy, Financial Math, Accounting, Statistic and Finance

. Determined Credit Analysts' training needs and incorporated new trends in

the Financial Math and Indicators areas

. Researched, designed and wrote the Financial Math and Finance Indicator


Designed the syllabus/curriculum for all education levels (technical,

university undergraduate and graduate) for the Educational Project of

CAVECOSE (Venezuelan Insurance Companies Chamber), with the objective of

developing more skilled human resources.

. Researched all the syllabi and courses of insurance studies offered in

Venezuela. Interacted with insurance companies' executives to understand

their HR needs.

. Designed the syllabus for each level of education, for subjects related

to insurance, finance, accounting, management, risk, statistics, etc.

Prepared the financial valuation to support a feasibility study to apply

for the Concession to Operate the Rail System in the Central and Central-

West Regions - the client was Systra, a French engineering and construction


. Researched the government's long-term investment and industrial

development projects to assess their nationwide transportation needs.

. Developed the valuation model for the project, accounting for government

subsidies. Determined the discount rate of the project, using Capital

Assets Price Model (CAPM) and Country Risk rate.

IESA, Caracas, Venezuela January

2000-June 2002

Assistant Professor

Key Accomplishments and Responsibilities:

. Taught practical and theory for the following subjects: Principles of

Finance, Valuation, Corporate Finance and Derivative Products

. Prepared and evaluated exams and studies cases

Banco Provincial-BBV, Caracas, Venezuela

March 1997-July 1997



. Participated in the Valuation of Banco Rep blica, which was being sold by

Fogade (Deposits Guarantee Fund) and the Banco Provincial was interested

in acquiring it.

. Performed analyses and calculations of the Venezuelan financial system

financial indicators.

Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas

October 1996-July 1997

Assistant to Professor


. Taught practical of Financial Math


MBA with concentration in Finance (4.53/5) September

1998-July 2000

Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administraci n IESA, Caracas

. Academic scholarship for MBA's studies given by FUNDAYACUCHO

B.S. Business Administration with concentration in Banking and Finance,

Cum Laude (4.90/5) September

1993-May 1998

Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas

. Cum Laude honors awarded by Universidad Metropolitana

. Full Academic scholarship awarded by Universidad Metropolitana for

university's studies

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