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Oracle Database

7306, United States
May 26, 2010

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Aviruk Bhattacharjee

516 *** ****, Jersey city, NJ

Summary: 14 years of strong experience in PeopleSoft Database

Administration of Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2, UDB,SqlServer in large

production installations of PeopleSoft Financials and HRMS 9.1/8.8/8.16/7.5

with 24x7 on call support. Expertise in Oracle RAC installation,

performance tuning and configuration on diverse hardware platforms. Expert

PeopleSoft installation, upgradation up to PT 8.5 and Application 9.1.


RDBMS : Oracle 11g/10g/8i/8.x/7.x, DB2, UDB, SQL


PeopleSoft : PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS/EPM/Portal

Languages : C, COBOL, JCL, PL/SQL, SQL, Java

GUI : Designer 2000 Forms 6i/5.0/4.5, Reports

6i/3.0/2.5, CICS

Tools : DBArtisan, OEM, Toad Presice In-depth

for Oracle, ERWIN,

Upgrade Assistant, PVCS, Kintana,

Intertest, Xpediter, DB2I,

BMC, CA, RMAN, Quest Central

ETL : Accential Datastage

Application Server : BEA Tuxedo Application Server, Oracle

Application Server 4.0.7

Operating Systems : OS 390, IBM AIX 4.3/4.1, HP-UX 11.0/10.0, Sun

Solaris 2.7/2.6,

Windows NT/98/95, Linux

Hardware : Sun SPARC Ultra, Digital, HP 9000, IBM RS

6000, IBM 3090,

S80 DEC Alpha 2000, Digital Prioris

HX, Modi SNX,

Client/Server Platform

Quality : Six Sigma Greenbelt certified.

Major Accomplishment: Designed a tool to clone database automatically.

This tool

saved GE $439,000 annually.

Got an award for expertise in

database performance tuning.


Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

PeopleSoft DBA

Feb 2009 to present

. Upgraded oracle database from oracle 9.2 to oracle

. Recently installed Peopletools 8.5 and HR 9.1 demo database.

. Migrated the oracle database and PeopleSoft app server and web server

from AIX to Red Hat Linux.

. Upgraded HR Peopletools from 8.16 to 8.49

. Upgraded finance peopletools to 8.49 and application to PeopleSoft


. Installed weblogic 9.2, tuxedo 9.1, and COBOL compiler on a 64 bit


. Installed web server, appserver, process schedulers.

. Installed production database on a two node extended RAC


. Configured web server for application server load balancing.

. Installed rman database backup.

. Performed database refreshes as and when required.

. Tuned sql queries and set up performace monotoring scripts to improve


Environment : Oracle 11g, AIX, Red Hat Linux 5,Peoplesoft 9, Weblogic

9.2 tuxedo 9.1, RAC 11g

Bank of New York, Manhattan, NY

PeopleSoft Architect, BASEL II

Jan 2006 to Jan 2009

. Maintained and supported oracle and udb databases to support the Basel

and CRIS project in Bank of New York.

. Was responsible for the weekly PeopleSoft migrations.

. Supported the EPM/HRMS and finance PeopleSoft environment

. Was instrumental in bringing the PeopleSoft Environment from the IBM

database to in-house.

. Migrated the whole PeopleSoft environment across servers.

. Was part of the history database creation and set up replication in


Production database.

. Created scripts to automate data reduction process.

. Upgraded PeopleSoft from 8.16 to 8.49 using upgrade assistant.

. Applied tax updates to the PeopleSoft instances and applied patches

and fixes when and where required.

. Created script to load data from various database into the history

database in the UDB environment

. Backup and recovery of Accential datastage.

. Administer datastage using

. Export and import of datastage objects, clearing locks and

performance management

. Create and maintain the Accential Datastage security.

. Perform PeopleSoft migrations and maintain security.

. Tuning the Oracle and DB2 database to have a better response time.

. Extensive sql tuning to prevent transaction log error.

. Writing elaborate UNIX scripts to schedule regular database and

appserver maintenance activities.

. Take regular backup of database and migrating data from one database

to another.

Environment: Oracle 10g/8i, RAC, UBD, Unix AIX, Mainframe OS 390,

PeopleSoft 8.49, Accential datastage.

GE Corporate, Schenectady, NY

Sr PeopleSoft DBA

March 2002 to Jan 2006

. Maintained and supported 80 databases to support the development of

the genesis project in GE corporate.

. Upgraded Oracle 8.1.7 to various versions up to

. Upgraded PeopleTools and applications to the latest release of


. Upgraded SQR from 6.14 and Brio release to SQR819.

. Applying PeopleSoft Patches whenever required.

. Performance tuning of the PeopleSoft environment.

. Provided support to end users in UK, India and USA around the


. Cloned databases and created their environment, like setting up

the application server and process scheduler.

. Migrated objects like projects, sqrs, and cobols from test to

production on a regular basis.

. Utilized PVCS as a version control as all the objects were

downloaded from PVCS to the respective environments.

. Maintenance and upgradation of DB2 legacy system.

. Used BMC and CA tools to alter tables, create plans, packages,

backup and recovery, load and unload of tables.

. Created JCLs using REX to create backup jobs

. Installed and configured DB2 Connect in NT and UNIX to connect to


. Migrated the legacy objects from the mainframe environment to


. Writing and modifying scripts for data maintenance of the UNIX

database servers.

. Cloned PeopleSoft ids and provided permissions to users.

. Upgraded peopletools from 8.14 to 8.19 and 8.4317 using Upgrade


. Upgraded PeopleSoft Application to 8.8.

. Applied tax updates 02F/02G/03A/03B to the PeopleSoft instances and

applied patches and fixes when and where required.

. Running customizes SQRs as well as sysaudit, ddaudit reports from the

client end as well as the command prompt

. Did PeopleSoft performance tuning on various the database of

various instances.

. Upgraded the backup system to use RMAN.

. Opened up case with PeopleSoft customer connect when and where

required to troubleshoot day-to-day problems.

. Worked with the change control team to stream line the nighttime

migrations and set up a procedure for secured migrations.

. Worked on Oracle transparent Gateway to connect to the Sql Server.

. Knowledge transfer to offshore and mentoring people to bring them

up to speed

Environment: Oracle 8.1.7/9i, PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8, S80s, SUN Ultra, Tuxedo

Application Server, Oracle Application server,PL/SQL, Sun Solaris 5.8,Web

logic 5.0, Jolt 1.2, Windows NT/98/95,Mainframe, OS390,

DB2, RMAN, Linux

Alcoa Inc., PA

Database Administrator

Jul 2001 - Feb 2002

. Maintained test, development and production instances of PeopleSoft

8.16 in Oracle 8.1.6 database.

. Migrated PeopleSoft objects to production database.

. Setup and configured PeopleSoft Tuxedo Application Server and Process

Scheduler and did COBOL compilation.

. Formulated database backup and recovery policies in Oracle database.

. Used tools to identify most active objects in PeopleSoft and set

reorganization rules to avoid chaining and fragmentation in Oracle


. Performed SGA tuning for the optimum sizing of shared pool and memory


. Designed database backup strategy.

. Managed PeopleSoft database and did database recovery from backup.

Environment: Oracle 8.1.6, PeopleSoft Financials 7.5, IBM RS/6000, S80s,

SUN Ultra, Tuxedo Application Server, PL/SQL, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX,

Windows NT/98/95

CESC Limited

Database Administrator

August 1996 - Jul 2001

Worked as a database administrator and was responsible for taking oracle

backup and recoveries, writing oracle scripts and performance tuning the


Environment: Oracle 7.3.4, Designer 2000, Forms 5.0, Reports 3.0,

SQL*Loader, Trace, tkprof, IBM RS/6000, S80s, SUN Ultra, IBM AIX, Sun

Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT/98/95

Education: B. S. in Electrical Engineering. 1996 Jadavpur

University Kolkata

Training : Oracle 10g RAC, Datagaurd, IBM DB2,SQL

Server 2005

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