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Medical Software

Plano, Texas, 75024, United States
May 26, 2010

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Ronnie Owens

**** *. ****** ***** ******* #****

Plano, Texas 75024



To work in the field of medicine with an IT industry leader who understands

the current healthcare challenges being faced in America today and who

continuously strive to achieve excellence at all levels in the organization

with their colleagues working together, sharing knowledge, talents and

skills to achieve that common goal.


Dallas Presbyterian (confidential) April 2009 -


Practice Administrator

Employed by a Rheumatologist practice that is currently disbanding

Responsible for the general daily operations of management of staff and

patient flow through the practice

Biweekly salary generation and administrative duties involving general

operations and scheduling of office staff and patients throughout the

practice. Contract negotiations with various insurances and making sure

insurances stay within contract requirements. Manage billing and

collections along with medical management software setup and addition to

different software ability's. Evaluate practice workflows, documents and

procedures for implementation and customized training including HIPAA,

OSHA, and Red Flag Rules.

Reporting and control of daily AR and collections through the practice

assuring all collections are being done to their fullest extent.

Instituted and implementation of software to aid in the correct

collection of copay's, coinsurances and deductibles.

Re-credentialing of all physicians with hospital, insurance and

facilities they are on staff with.

Evaluated EMR practice purchase decisions and made appropriate

suggestions and usability of chosen EMR solutions

Lead all major project team meetings and communicate issues to


Barbeau Enterprises, Elgin, IL February 2009-

March 2009

Insight Contractor

Washington Mutual Bank conversions to Chase Banks.

Installation of server systems and PC's to the Chase banking system and

software upgrades and changes. Installation of teller PC's and printers.

Usage of SMS to complete conversion assisting Chase IT call centers and

resolving connection and download issues involving banking software

Bessie Owens D.O., P.A. Family Practice/GYN, Rowlett, TX October

2000 - December 2008

Practice Manager/Billing Manager

Managing, directing, and implementing the overall day to day operations

of the physicians office following TSMB, AOA and ASC guidelines

Handling Billing and Collections for the practice and assured proper

insurance payment to the practice according to current insurance

contracts with various payers. 8 years experience billing for Family

Practice on E-MD's software. Insurance contract negotiations

Fill in for front desk, scheduling, insurance verification and medical

assistant as needed. Providing patient care in numerous areas when needed

and working closely with other billing specialist to do filing of

insurance claims and payment distributions including patient collections.

Day to day dealing with multiple insurances

Provide EMR IT technical support for the providers, making sure the

office and patient flow remains constant and running smoothly.

IT software skills/knowledge used:

Windows environment 2000, XP, Server 2000 and 2003

SQL Server usage. No scripting or coding. Database management

Exchange Server

Terminal Services and Citrix user

Networking wired and wireless, wireless security, routers and switch

management. Printer support, VPN and remote desktop administration

Electronic Medical record usage, installation, and training staff in the

use of product for the efficient use within the practice. Setup hardware

and Document management scanning solutions and setting up Lab Solutions

with HL-7 interfaces.

Responsible for maintain CLIA, OSHA and HIPAA security requirements and

Internet security/antivirus software support and install

A+ Certification

MCSE UT Austin

Self Employed, Plano, TX January 2001- Present (part-time,

simultaneously with other positions)

EMR Consultant

Employed by various small medical practices to assist and consult with

physicians and practice administrators regarding the "best fit" EMR

solution for their practices.

Implementation of EMR systems within practice settings and also providing

assistance and training of IT, medical staff and off site billing


Setting up appropriate network servers, tablets, printers, EDI, and PC's

which are used to run and support selected EMR.

Training the trainers for either IT or in house and off site staff.

Assisting coders in the setup and correct EDI interface changes and

training required to follow clearinghouse requirements.

T-System Software, Dallas, TX July 1998 -

October 2000

Technical Support Analyst

Provided technical software, hardware, and wireless support for

Electronic Medical Record and various scanning solutions in hospitals

throughout the United States. Ran IT support call center and logged

incoming tickets

Installed and trained EMR users on companies software

Developed electronic multimedia presentations and advertising for EMR and

Scanning software for CD and web deployment

Implemented divisions technical support call center trouble ticket

tracking and solutions center

Provided public relations to current and prospective clients.

Demonstrated EMR software for those prospective clients wanting to begin

using an Electronic Medical Record in their facilities and hospitals.

IT software skills/knowledge used:

Windows environment 2000, XP, Server 2000 and 2003

SQL Server usage. Database management No scripting or coding.

Exchange Server

Networking wired and wireless, wireless security, router and switch


Electronic Medical Record usage, installation, and training staff in the

use of product. Document management and Lab Solutions with HL-7


Web design, ie: Flash, Dreamweaver, Director, Photoshop, PSP.

HIPAA security requirements and Internet security/antivirus software

support and install

A+ Certification

Grand Prairie Emergency Medical Services, Grand Prairie, TX January 1990

- August 1995

Senior Paramedic

Supervised and supported field Paramedics providing emergency medical

care to the sick and injured

Coordinated interdepartmental responses and training and dispatching of

Fire, Police and other rescue responders

Training in various emergency medical care such as Paramedic school,

ACLS, ATLS, PALS, Haz Mat, etc.


Microsoft Certification System Engineer Program, UT of Austin, TX 1998-


Laredo Community College, Laredo TX 1997-1998

Basic Studies for Associate of Computer Sciences

Business Studies

Alderson Broaddus College, Phillipi WV 1995-1997

Physician's Assistant School

Computer Sciences 2nd Major

Dallas County Community College District, Dallas, TX 1990-1995

Various Degree course work

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