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Manager Project

Fort Valley, Georgia, 31030, United States
May 26, 2010

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Fort Valley, GA 31030


Construction Manager with over 30 years of experience in field management

and project management. Certified for various types of construction

oversight, HAZWOPER, DOT-qualified hazardous material handler, and the

operations of heavy equipment. Eperienced as a Health and Safety Compliance

Officer, CQC Systems Manager, Civil and Environmental Engineer. Managed

building wastewater treatment plants, power line replacement, demolitions,

and handling radioactive materials. Skills also include asbestos, lead

removal supervision and installations of permeable reactive barriers.

Managed construction buildings for the Federal Government. Constructed

lined landfills and closures of landfills





Quality Control Manager

Corp of Engineer

Mc Dill AFB

Tampa, FL

. $20 Million Dollar Project for Corp of Engineer out of Mobile Al for

construction of two story office complex consisting of 30,000 square

foot floor plans at Mc Dill AFB in Tampa, FL.. Also started a 5 story

building for the Mc Dill AFB on base.


Burns and McDonnell, Albquerque, New Mexico 2007-


QC Manager

Project- New Paint Hanger for C-130 Aircraft

Kirkland AFB, Albuquerque, N.M.

. $12 Million dollar project

. Oversaw total submittals, RFIs Change orders, work closing with

Corp of Engineer at Kirkland AFB Paperwork was always on time, also

oversaw the preparatory, initial and follow up meeting with all

subcontractors. Oversaw the weekly meeting, with owners and was

mediator, between subcontractors and owners, when a problem arose.

. Project was competed on time and within budget

. All paper work was placed in the Air Force QCS programs

Hudson Engineering, Pensacola, FL 2006-2007

QC/QA Manager

Project: Pensacola Naval Air Station

. Manage a $16 million contract.

. Supervise 18 roofers, 6 HVAC, 3 electricians, 2 supervisor and 3

office staff.

. Replace complete roof systems (3tab shingles, build-up, and metal) to

38 different types of building at NAS and Corry Field. This also

included replacing truss or metal tops.

. Replaced two- 900-ton chillers for NAS Hospital and associated piping.

. Demolition of two 100.000 sq ft warehouses at NAS.

. Competed renovation of three historic buildings at NAS.

. Competed replacement of all exhaust fans and air-handling units for

both NAS and Corry Field dining halls.

T.N. & ASSOCIATES, Milwaukee, WI 2000 -


CQC Systems Manager, / Civil and Environmental CQC Officer

Project: USACE Omaha District, Offutt Air Force Base, Bellevue, Nebraska

$9.5 million.

. Managed the installation of two Permeable Reactive Barriers using zero-

valent iron as the active component as well as furnishing new drainage

improvements to the vicinity of the PRB. The first PBR was a 250ft

long and 67 ft deep with one ft. "key" into the glacial till stratum

with the use of Biopolymer slurry trench method of excavation. The

second PRB was installed using a dry mixture of sand and zero-valent

iron this trench

was 350 ft long and 35 ft. deep with a one ft. "key" into the

glacial till stratum. These

PBR's were designed to eliminate VOC's and CAH in the groundwater.


. Construction Manager over several different types of subcontractors to

insure the proper materials and procedures were followed.

. Oversaw the CQC process in regard to having the highest Quality

Control for the environmental sampling, and materials supplied on the

two trenches and drainage improvements.

. Civil/Environmental Engineer for the project.

. Oversaw the construction of a two acre lined landfill off base.

Project: USACE, Philadelphia District, EPA,Region II, NY, NY, Millville,


$28.5 million.

. QC Manager/ Project Oversight Officer

. Oversaw two companies to make sure that the contaminates were properly

removed and placed in their correct storage areas for later removal to


. CQC with the correct order of the submittal process with the COE.

. Managed the trucking, and documentation with the different materials

being removed from site, and with the correct materials for backfill

being brought on site.

. Coordinated closely with the COE onsite and with the different


. Provided oversight of the highly involved analytical lab and sampling.

Project: USACE, Mobile District, Camp Roberts, CA $3.5 million.

. CQC Systems Manager / Site Health and Safety Officer

. Construction Manager for the demolition of 51 buildings at Camp

Roberts, CA. These 2 story buildings were used as barracks and BOQ's

for the Sixth Army during World War 11 and The Korean War.

. All these buildings were slated for disposal because of lead base

paint and of non-friable asbestos, all of which was disposed of at a

class 1 landfill.

. Removed the concrete slabs and telephone poles.

. Recycled all materials that were not labeled hazardous or non-

hazardous was recycled.

. Performed Biological surveys, and bat and threatened/endangered

species management.

. Served as the CQC manager to insure proper removal of materials and

proper paperwork was filed with the correct agencies.

. Oversaw several different types of subcontractors to insure that the

entire H&S proctor was used and the work proceeded without an injury

and on time.

. Constructed 20 miles of new road construction (hard top clay and

asphalt type).

. Managed new Construction of 20 one story and two story government

buildings, installed new heat and air units for all buildings.

Project USACE, Mobile District, Stockton, CA $2 million.

. Construction Manager/ Rapid Response / CQC Systems Manager / Site

Health & Safety Officer.

. Construction Manager for a Rapid Response Contract with the U.S. Army

Corp of Engineer (USACE), for the cleanup of a Chinook CH47 crash



. Supervised the removal of the helicopter debris, the removal and

disposal of fuel impacted soil, the disposal of soil to the

appropriate landfills and the soil sampling for confirmation of the

removal effort.

. Managed the placement of two miles of asphalt road to the crash site

and then the removal of road.

. Removed a total of 200 cubic yards of dirt for disposal.

. Cleaned and picked up small pieces of the helicopter that was throwing

over about an acre.

. Accomplished the entire removal of all debris and dirt to landfills in

5 days.

Project: USACE, Mobile District, Camp San Luis Obispo, CA

. CQC Systems Manager / Site Health and Safety Officer.

. Construction Manager for a $17.8 million environmental deconstruction

project that required the removal of 488 buildings covered with

asbestos tiles and lead-based paint. the replacement of 8 miles of new

asphalt topped streets and replacing with 25-2 story new buildings.

. Project was completed three months early, yielding huge cost savings

in equipment hours and labor.

. Recycled materials, aluminum windowsand redwood that was not


Project: USACE, Mobile District, Camp San Luis Obispo, CA

CQC Systems Manager / Site Health & Safety Officer.

. Construction Manager for a $8 million bridge removal project that

entailed removing seven WWII condemned bridges posing safety and

environmental hazards.

. Completed the project 30 days ahead of schedule.

. Proected several endangered species of wildlife during the removal.

. Managed the replacement of all bridges with new ones.

. Replaced all bridges with new concrete bridges.

. All access points were replaced with new asphalt.

U.R.S. CORPORATION, Oklahoma City, OK 1998 - 2000

Site Superintendent / CQC Systems Manager

Project: USACE, Kansas City District, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City, OK. $16


. Supervised the demolition of two 250,000-gallon tanks of hazardous

waste, removal of contaminated soils from under tanks, and preparation

of soils for transport to Texas for incineration in Port Arthur.

. A slurry wall was installed at the site (Tinker AFB) to contain runoff

of an old industrial waste site, used for recycling of stripped paint

and waste from jet engine overhaul shops.

. The waste facility was leaking from separation pits into groundwater,

and a 450-ft long, 45-ft deep slurry wall was installed below the

site. Bentonite and cement mix were used on the upper wall. The lower

wall was constructed with 60-mil HDPE liner. The hole was


85 percent filled with gravel and the rest was back filled with dirt.

Five wells were set to

pump contaminants from the ground.

ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL CORP., Burlingame, CA 1989 - 1998

CQC Systems Manager, / Site Health and Safety Officer

Project: USACE Savannah Georgia District $5.6 million.

. Managed Installation of a deep extraction vapor system for the

recovery of jet fuel for Robins AFB in Warner Robins, Georgia.

. Installed assorted buildings for the complex.Installation of water and

oil separator system.

Project: USACE, New York District /EPA region II, Middlesex, N.J. $22


. Removed 66,000 cu yds of radioactive dirt, and prepared waste for

shipment to Utah.

. Assisted with soil sampling.

. Removed railhead at location. placed and then removed three miles of

asphalt and concrete roads to site.

Project: USACE, Sacramento, CA $14 million.

. Supervised Excavation and disposal of hazardous material DDT for the

Corps of Engineers in Torrance, California for shipment by rail to

Texas for incineration.

Project: USACE, Savannah, Georgia District $9.8 million

. Managed Removal, solidification of contaminated soil from lake and

preparation of material for shipment to a landfill.

. Constructed two miles of asphalt roads and four miles of asphalt

walking and running paths.

. Performed HAZWOPER preparation of landfill for closure and placement

of clay cap. Included construction of gas vent system for Robins Air

Force Base environmental management department in Georgia for the

closure of the HAZWOPER landfill.

. Managed placement of power lines, sewage lines, water lines, and

underground utilities for Robins Air Force Base. Included placement of

all underground utilities for a 110-unit apartment complex.

. Filed all necessary paperwork with the proper agencies (EPA, OSHA,

GEPA, and base environmental management).

. Removed three miles of rails.

. Resufaced all roads on RAFB.

Project: USACE Savannah Georgia District $12 million.

. Managed placement of 400,000 yds of clay on HAZWOPER landfill.

. Constructed leach ate system with over eight miles of six inch fused

underground pipe.

. Installed a wastewater treatment plant for the Robins Air Force Base,

in Warner Robins Georgia. Two years later went back and enlarged the

wastewater treatment plant.


Project: USACE Savannah Georgia District $3.5 million

. Managed the installation of a wastewater treatment plant and access

roads. for Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia.

. Installed almost one mile of new sewage lines.

. Performed complete renovations to 35 two-story barracks.

Project: USACE Savannah Georgia District

. Managed closure of a class III landfill for the city of Macon Georgia.

. Supervised the placement of 250,000 tons of clay for a cap.

. Installed a chain link fence around landfill.


MBA/ Business, Management, Alameda University

MS, Environmental Engineering, Cambridge State University

BS, Environmental Engineering, Cambridge State University


Certified Industrial Hygienist/Columbia SouthernUniversity, Certification


Registration/Certification, 40-Hour OSHA (HAZWOPER)


Updated 8-Hour HAZWOPER

Environmental Compliance Certificate, Columbia Southern University

DOT Hazardous Material Handling HM 250 and HM351

AHERA Course for Asbestos Accreditation for Contractors and Supervisors

CPR and First Aid Training

Blood-Borne Pathogens

Confined Entry Supervisor

HAZWOPER Emergency Response On-Scene Incident Command

First Responder Certification

Hazardous Waste Generator

10 & 30 Hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health Training

Construction Quality Management

Environmental Impact Assessment

Corp. of Engineers Construction Management For Contractors

Hazardous Materials Manager

Lead Removal Supervisor

Microsoft Project Software

Primavera Software

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