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Maintenance Customer Service

Marshall, Texas, 75672, United States
May 22, 2010

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MArshall, TX *****

(903) ***-****



Network Consultant/Tech and Proprietor,

**** - ******* *****are

Xodus Networks Solutions, Tyler, Texas Configuration

Perform full service IT networking, desktop, voice, cabling, IT Routing and

telephony, wireless data services, and network troubleshooting.. Switching

Offer managed, remote, on-site, and value-added services. Network

Services rendered for small and medium sized businesses and national Cabling

field service contracts for enterprise clients. & Termination

Hardware sales and software sales.

General services include: Network and system administration, System

Troubleshooting and repair problems, Periodic high-level IT Staging

consultation visits, Network health reports, Server inspection and Wireless

optimization, Workstation inspection and optimization, Network Networking

components optimization, Deployment of patches and security updates to Wireless

workstations and servers workstations and servers, Advanced monitoring, Tower

Antivirus and anti-spyware protection, Anti-spam protection, Climbing

Workstation backups, Network cabling, Residential and commercial WiFi HotSpots

wireless infrastructure.

LAN: Secure network connectivity - internal, external, and wireless,

Disaster recovery planning, Network security solutions to protect Software:

proprietary data, Provide proactive on-going maintenance to ensure a Acronis

higher level of efficiency, Install cable and fiber to support voice Adobe

and data, Support Layer 1, 2, and 3 switches Citrix

WAN: Design and install multiple remote site networking, Create secure DBAN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Provide the latest technologies for LANDesk

security and reliability, Network management services, Telecommuting MS Server

solutions, Router programming, installation and support MS Suites

MS XP/Vista/7

Service Contract- Varicom Sales and Service,

MS Visio

Network installation project for 48 Pizza Hut stores. N-Able

Install Cisco and US Robotics routing/switching for Chase Bank and Norton Ghost

Federal Reserve-Dallas. Novell

Troubleshoot network connectivity issues for Chase Bank, Federal Netware

Reserve, Distant Lands Coffee, Staples, Office Depot, and other Novell GW

clients. WinBox

Perform Packet8 VoIP infrastructure install and troubleshooting.


Service Contract- Virtual Communications Specialists, 3Com



Worked on Trinity Mother Frances Refresh Project. Cisco

Work trouble tickets for Trinity Mother Frances Hospital (VComm Dell

Client). Fujitsu

Consultant for Smith County Sheriff's Department Project. Linksys

Network cabling estimation. HP/Compaq

Perform computer hardware installs. IBM

Perform wire closet cabling (cable management). Lenovo

Perform VoIP hardware install and configuration. Microtik

Perform network troubleshooting when necessary. Motorola


Service Contract- Tec Direct, Nortel


Perform network troubleshooting when necessary for Target, Walmart, and Sonic

other clients. Trango

Software and hardware installs and troubleshooting. Toshiba


Service Contract- Quantus, US Robotics

Software and hardware installs and troubleshooting. VoIP:



Service Contract- Snelling Personnel, Nortel


Upgrade and maintain networks for Snelling. Panasonic

Installed new network security protocols. XBlue

Perform pc maintenance, server maintenance, and network maintenance Networks

services. Sutus

Installed wireless network, virtual private network, server/database

backup, and user profile maintenance. Remote


Service Contract- Chicken Express, Citrix


Provide ISP consulting for internet connectivity. LogMeIn

Cat5e cabling to upgrade faster credit card processing. Rescue

Installed firewalls for customer information security. Remote

Configured backup system for storefronts. Desktop

Upgraded computer hardware. TigerVNC

Upgraded virus defense and anti-spyware/malware. UltraVNC

Installed flat panel televisions. VPN

Troubleshooted DVR connectivity issues; upgraded DVR components.

Installed remote monitoring and keystroke monitoring for off-location


Service Contract- Ameritax Professionals,

Total network integration/overhaul.

Setup and configuration of new Dell Server.

Remote access and monitoring.

New PC installations and configuations.

Non-PBX, computerized analog phone system installation with client

phone config's.

Flat panel, network printer, network scanner installations and


Terminal server/proxy server install and config.

Cat5e network cabling overhaul.

Cat3 analog phone cabling overhaul.

Secure wireless network installation.

Onsite database backup and virtual backup configuration.

Perform pc maintenance, server maintenance, and network maintenance


Service Contract- Tyler Professional Staffing,


Perform pc maintenance and network maintenance services.


Network Field Svc Technician,

GoZoe Wireless, Marshall, Texas

Network monitoring via Dude console.

Cat5 and coax cabling.

Tower climbing: 40ft - 200+ft to install and troubleshoot wireless

access points, subscriber units, antennas, and network cable.

Configure subscriber units for install at residential and business

customer locations.

Installed network bridges for select customers.

Router settings configuration for customers.

Switch installations on select projects.

Technical support.

Troubleshoot email, data sharing, computer applications, and ISP


Network Technician

Tek Systems, Dallas, Texas

Provided customer service for residential and commercial customers;

Configured and troubleshoot systems for field service personnel and

static staff.

Built and managed networks for commercial businesses.

Performed pc maintenance, server maintenance, and network maintenance

services for broad based company clientele in East Texas.

Network audits, system and network troubleshooting, and wireless

network configuration.

Network cabling and port termination.

VoIP telecommunications systems installation, speaker system wiring,

and security camera setup, staging, and configuration.

Performed daily backups and server maintenance in the home office.

PC and printer upgrades and maintenance and inventory control.

HEB Supermarkets' Pharmacy in Corsicana, Texas doing system staging,

configuration, application installations, and running security


AT&T in Dallas, Texas to assist a UTMS refresh in their wireless

storefronts doing imaging, side loading, staging, and employee

presentations on syncing.

PC Technician

Corestaff Technical Services, Houston, Texas

Compaq Computer Corporation (now Hewlett Packard) to upgrade, repair,

and test motherboards for business and personal accounts.

General Electric Multilin to repair problematic motherboards on water

management relays for the City of Houston.


Network and Communications Management, BS

Devry Institute of Technology

Network + Studies

A+ Studies

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