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Years Experience Design

Troy, New York, 12180, United States
May 28, 2010

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Jun Liao

Email:; Phone:518-***-****; Address:197 25th st, Troy,

NY 12180


Seek a challenging full time position in the fields of millimeter antenna

design/testing and RF/microwave device design/modeling.

Key Qualifications

< 5 years experience with planar antenna design and characterization.

Familiar with patch, quasi-Yagi antenna, inverted-F, slot, dipole and

monopole antenna.

< 5 years experience with 3D electromagnetic simulation tools (HFSS, CST)

< 3 years experience on signal integrity design and analysis, impedance

match design.

< Comprehensive understanding of microwave theory, antenna and

electromagnetics. Knowledge of multiple-input multiple-output, SAR, EMC

and RF compliance for portable device. Familiar with RF system.

< Hands-on lab experience with RF/antenna test, optical system alignment

and test, semiconductor device fabrication and characterization.

< A self-starter in fast pace


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy, New York

GPA: 3.95/4

B. Sc. In Electrical Engineering Applied Physics, Cum laude


Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China

Technical Skills

Software: Ansoft HFSS, CST Microwave Studio, MEDICI, ADS, PSPICE, AIM-

spice, OptiFDTD, Suprem, Maxwell, ZEMAX, National Instruments Labview

Lab Equipment: HP 8510 C network analyzer, Agilent E8257D signal generator,

Agilent DCA-J 86100 C Oscilloscope, Agilent E4407B spectrum analyzer, HP

4550 parameter analyzer, 370A curve tracer, NSI planar near-field scanner

Programming Language: C/C++, Matlab

IC Fab Process: Photolithography, Wet Etching, RIE, Sputtering, E-beam

Evaporation, Wire bonding, Dicing


Research Assistant, ECSE Department, RPI

12/2006 ~ 04/ 2010

< X Band and Q Band Planar Antenna Design, Fabrication and Test.

V Designed 10 GHz and 35 GHz miniaturized quasi-Yagi antenna and

microstrip patch antenna

V Fabricated antenna on both low dielectric substrate (Rogers/Duroid

5880) and high dielectric substrate (Rogers/Duorid 6010)

V Packaged antenna onto PC boards

V Analyzed the antenna performance degradation due to near-field

environment effects (Bonding wires, power pins and pads on PCB).

V Tested antenna return loss and radiation pattern in anechoic


< RF Inverted F Antenna Design

V Designed 2.4 GHz inverted F antenna with HFSS.

V Analyzed the influence of test pins and plastic to antenna return

loss and radiation pattern.

< RF Signal Integrity Design.

V Designed taper and quarter-wave microstrip matching element for

high speed multi-input multi-out wireless transceiver front-end.

V Analyzed the electromagnetic coupling in the high density receiver


< RF/Optical Device Assembling and Packaging

V Hands-on experience of assembling 300 um laser diode and

photodetector on antenna to build RF/optical dual mode wireless


V Characterized the parasitic effect (inductance and capacitance)

from the assembling and wiring.

Teaching Assistant, ECSE Department, RPI

09/2006~12/2006, 09/2009~05/2010

Microelectronics Technology (Fall 2006), Fields and Waves(Fall 2006),

Introduction to Electronics(Fall 2009)

Computer Components and Operations (Spring 2010), Electronic

Instrumentation (Spring 2010)


< 2009: Best student paper competition at IEEE Midwest Symposium on

Circuits and Systems (3rd Prize)

< 2008: Certificate of participant at IEEE Electronic Component and

Technology Conference

< 2005: International Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (2nd Prize)

< 2004: National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (2nd



< Presentation at NSF ERC Industry-Academia Day, February 2010

< Presentation at NSF Smart lighting Engineer Research Center Annul

Meeting, June 2009

< Presentation at the 58th IEEE Electronic Component and Technology

Conference, May 2008

< Presentation at the 20th IEEE Lasers and Electro-optics Society Annual

Meeting, October 2007

< IEEE Student Member

Selected Publications

1. Jun Liao, Ali Mirvakili, Anatoliy Boryssenko, Valencia Joyner and Z.

Rena Huang, "Packaging of PIN Photodiode on Patch Antenna for a Dual-Mode

RF/FSO Receiver", submit to IEEE Transaction on Advanced Packaging, 2010

2. Jun Liao, Juan Zeng, Shengling Deng, Anatoliy Boryssenko, Valencia

Joyner and Z. Rena Huang, "Packaging of Dual-Mode Wireless Communication

Module Using RF/Optoelectronic Devices with Shared Functional Components",

in print by IEEE Transaction on Advanced Packaging, 2010

3. A. Boryssenko, Jun Liao, Juan Zeng, Valencia Joyner, Z.Rena Huang, "RF-

Optical Dual-Mode Communication Modules Integrated with Planar Antennas",

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, vol. 58, num 2, pp

403~410, February 2010

4. Jun Liao, Juan Zeng, Shengling Deng, Valencia Joyner, Anatoliy

Boryssenko, Kenneth Connor and Z.Rena Huang, "Packaging of Optoelectronic

and RF Components with Shared Elements for Dual-Mode Wireless

Communications", Electronics Letters, Volume 45, Issue 8, pp. 411-412,

April 2009

5. Jun Liao, Shengling Deng, Kenneth A. Connor, Valencia Joyner,Z. Rena

Huang, "Antenna Integration with Laser Diodes and Photodetectors for a

Miniaturized Dual-mode Wireless Transceiver", the 58th IEEE Electronic

Component and Technology Conference, pp 1864~1868,2008

6. Jun Liao, Z. Rena Huang, Kenneth Connor "A 35-GHz Quasi-Yagi Antenna on

Silicon Substrate", Piers 2008 in Hangzhou, China

7. Jun Liao, Shengling Deng, Fay Smith Z. Rena Huang, Kenneth Connor,

"Integrated Laser Diodes and Photodetectors with Antenna for Dual-Mode

Wireless Communication", the 20th Annual Meeting of IEEE Lasers and Electro-

optics Society(LEOS), pp 264~***, ****

8. J. Zeng, Jun Liao, Valencia Joyner, Z.Rena Huang, "A 5Gb/s 7-Channel

Current-mode Imaging Receiver Front-end for Free-Space Optical MIMO",

accept by IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems

(MWSCAS), pp.148-151, August 2009

9. A. Boryssenko, Jun Liao, Juan Zeng, Valencia Joyner, Z.Rena Huang,

"Studies on RF-Optical Dual Mode Wireless Communication Modules", the IEEE

Microwave Theory and Techniques Society International Microwave

Symposium(IMS), pp. 805~808, June 2009

10. S. Deng, Jun Liao, Z. Rena Huang, Mona Hella, Kenneth Connor,

"Wireless Connections of a Sensor Network using RF and Free Space Optical

Links", SPIE East, Vol. 6773, 677***, ****

11. Benjamin Clough, David Hurley, Pengyu Han, Jun Liao, Rena Huang, X.

-C. Zhang, "Detection of Terahertz Pulses Using Sagnac Interferometry",

Sensing and Imaging: An International Journal, Volume 10, Numbers 3-4, pp.

55-62, December, 2009

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