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Electrical Engineer Design

Havertown, Pennsylvania, 19083, United States
May 28, 2010

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Currently working as a Sr. Electrical Scientist (postdoc) with over

ten years work experience in electrical engineering, incl. design and

measurement of RF circuits / antennas/ systems / networks.

. Design of RF/Microwave/Digital Components: Antenna/Array,

amplifier/LNA, RF filter, switches, PIN diode, mixer, converter, VCO,

PLL, ADC/DAC, and RF control circuits, RF-BB interface, DSP, FPGA;

EMC/EMI; EM simulation (HFSS, ADS, Genesys, PADS, CST, IE3D)

. Design & Measurement of Other RF and Optic Devices: MEMS, fiber,

laser, RFID

. Design & Measurement of Radio Systems: Transmitter/receiver for

Cellular radio system, SATCOM platform, Radar system, LMR, Soft-

defined radio/Cognitive radio / GPS / GNSS; Sch. & PCB design,

modulation/demodulation, decimation/interpolation filters, space-time

coding, OFDM, system integration, assembly & troubleshooting,

performance optimization, array/bearmforming application

. Design & Operating of Wireless Networks: Cellular(GSM, WCDMA, WiMAX,

LTE, WiFi, 3GPP/2), Satellite, Trunking, Public safety network (P25),

Mesh, Ad-Hoc, WLAN; planning and optimization; RF field predicting and

tuning, Link budget analysis, Array application, Interference

measurement/tracking, Spectrum management, Power control, Scheduling,

Routing, Security, and Throughput optimization


. PhD (2005), Electrical Eng., Univ. of Electronic Science and

Technology of China (UESTC)

. MS (2002), Electrical Eng., Chongqing Univ. of Posts and

Telecomm.(CQUPT), China

. BS (1999), Electrical Eng., CQUPT


1. RF DEPART. (A defense company, NJ, USA, 07-10/2009)

Sr. RF Engineer

. Design of high power mechanical tuning filter/diplexer, RF

receiver/transmitter, DSP+FPGA

. Design of fast hopping RF filters (RF PIN-diode, helical/coaxial,

VHF/UHF) for military use

. Design of RF amplifier / antenna and digital control/sensor analog

circuitry for aircraft use

. Design of SatCom RF distribution system, system test, link analysis

and simulation

EM Simulation & Validation Tools: HFSS, Genesis, Matlab, ADS & emulation




Sr. Electrical Scientist

. Design of multi-channel UHF receiver, data collection and signal


. Design of RFIC (amplifier, filters, switches, PIN diode, mixers,

oscillator), DSP and FPGA

. R&D of antenna/array: novel antenna

(compact/conformal/reconfigurable/wideband, for cell phone, UAV,

satellite, aircrafts), performance optimization, non-uniform array,

pattern synthesis, array calibration, mutual coupling mitigation,

electronically scanned designs and optimization, test and simulation


. R&D of cooperative/distributed networks/public safety networks:

relay/distributed beamforming, relay selection, spatial-multiplexing,

MIMO, OFDM, opportunistic selection, optimum power allocation, high

throughput MAC, multi-beamforming, LMR, WiMax/LTE, RoIP, scheduling


. R&D of radio signal processing: radio channel estimation, signal

extraction/filtering/ fusion/identification, target

detection/tracking/positioning, radar signal processing, RFID

. Software for wave propagation modeling in UAV systems (multipath,

diversity, array application)

. Software for radio network optimization (scheduling, power allocation,

parameter tuning)

3. RESEARCH & INNOVATION CENTER (Alcatel-Lucent, Shanghai, 07/2005-08/2006)

Radio Scientist

. Design of MIMO-OFDM WiMax/LTE receiver/transmitter: general system

design, RF transceiver design and test, DSP+FPGA design,

PA/antenna/array design, simulation and troubleshooting

. Software for MIMO-OFDM transceiver: synchronization, channel

estimation (MMSE, LS), space-time coding/ decoding, power control

algorithm design; field test

. R&D of 3G/LTE wireless network planning and optimization: frequency /

code/capacity / topology/coverage planning, performance evaluation and

optimization, cross-layer optimization

. R&D of distributed antenna wireless networks (DAWN) (proof-of-concept)

. R&D of radio-over-fiber (RoF) and radio-over-IP (RoIP) techniques


. R&D of scheduling algorithms in wireless networks, P25, RoIP

. R&D of next-generation wireless backhaul solutions (proof-of-concept)

. R&D of soft-defined radio, cognitive radio and public safety networks


Primary Simulation Tools: ADS and Matlab, channel simulator, NS-2, and


4. UESTC (Chendu, 09/2002-07/2005)

Radio Scientist

. Design of antennas and arrays (patch, PIFA, yagi, bow-tie, LPDA,

compact / conformal / reconfigurable / wideband, PIN diode), array

synthesis, calibration, mutual coupling mitigation

. Design of RF filters (pseudo-elliptic), EMC / EMI filters

. Design of amplifiers (UHF) and other RF circuits, DSP, ARM, FPGA

. Design of MIMO receiver/transmitter, system test, troubleshooting,

field test, signal processing

. Design of algorithms for MIMO transceivers (space-time coding, channel


. Measurement of radio MIMO channels (indoor and outdoor), propagation


. Design of radar imaging testbed: waveform design, GPR,

calibration/alignment, target detection, identification,

classification; wireless network planning

. Software for electromagnetic modeling and simulation (CEM), Radar RCS


Primary Simulation & Validation Tools: HFSS, CST, Matlab, FEKO, and ADS.

5. CENTER FOR MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS (CQUPT, Chongqing, 09/1995-07/2001)

Electrical Engineer

. Design of analog and digital circuits for RFIC, power electronics and

cell phones (antennas, arrays, amplifiers, filters, switches, PIN,

mixers, ADC-DAC, MCU, DSP, and FPGA)

. Integration and troubleshooting of analog & digital circuit systems

(Schematics and PCB design)

. Design of control software and hardware for electronic products

. Design of dual-mode cell phones, RF receiver/transmitter (CDMA/GSM);

Satcom platform

. Design and measurement of antennas for cell phones and other radio


. Wireless network planning and optimization (GSM/CDMA/UMTS)

. Design of software for wave coverage prediction and link budget




Electrical Scientist

. Design and measurement of high-power WCDMA BS duplexer/filters

. Design of GSM/CDMA repeater system (Schematics and PCB design), RF

circuit design

. Group leader

b) HOLLEY COMMUNICATIONS INC. (Hangzhou, 01-07/2002)

RF Engineer

. Design of RF Block (amplifier, mixer, & filter) for CDMA cell phone

cooperated with several R&D branches at Vancouver in Canada and Dallas

and San Diego in US

. Design and measurement of cell phone antennas (helix), circuit design

. Test of cell phones (Schematics and PCB design), field test

. Design of amplifiers for cell phones, RF receiver/transmitter

. Design of power control algorithms for cell phone

Primary Simulation & Validation Tools: HFSS, ADS and hardware


c) CHONGQING JINMEI COMMUNICATIONS INC. (Chongqing, 03/2001-01/2002)

Electrical Engineer

. Design of high-power electronic-tuning filters (cavity)

. Design of embedded software for e-filters (PIN, varactor, MCU)

EM & Validation Tools: HFSS and ADS


Electrical Engineer

. Drafting and revising China's 3G mobile communication standard (TD-


. Design of testbed for TD-SCDMA (Schematics and PCB design),

circuit/antenna design

. Design of dual mode demonstrator, RF receiver/transmitter (TD-SCDMA/


. Design and system integration of RF IC & transceiver (amplifier,

mixer, filters, PIN, etc.)

. Measurement of 3G channels, field test

. 3G wireless network planning and optimization, WCDMA, CDMA2000

. Design of power amplifiers for cell phone and base stations

Simulation Tools: ADS and Matlab


HFSS, Matlab, CST, ADS, MWO, FEKO, Protel (PCB layout), PADS, Genesys,

AutoCAD, C/C++, VB, SQL, Perl,

Signal generator, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, oscilloscope,

multimeter, soldering, etc.


Fluent in Chinese and English, basic knowledge of Japanese.


1] Zaiping. Nie and Xin. Li, Method and apparatus for designing and

creating cross-coupling in filters, Chinese patent, No.200*********.X.

2] Zaiping. Nie, Xin. Li, Xiyu. Zhang, Base station diversity antenna

apparatus for MIMO wireless communications, Chinese patent,


3] Zaiping. Nie and Xin. Li, Diversity antenna apparatus for wireless

communication terminals, Chinese patent, No.200420060429.1.

4] Zaiping. Nie and Xin. Li, Wearable diversity antenna apparatus for

wireless communication terminals, Chinese patent, 200420060656.4.

5] Xin. Li, Filters with quasi-elliptic response, Chinese patent, No.ZL



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