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Quality Control Assurance

Birmingham, Alabama, 35205, United States
May 28, 2010

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**** **** *** * ***- O Birmingham AL. 35205

Email: Phone: (205) *** ****


Total 10+ years experience in the various fields of metallurgy with skill

in steel melting, rolling mill, forging, casting, machining and heat

treatment, automobile component manufacturing, quality assurance, supplier

development, NDT Level II - MPI, UT, ISO 9001:2000, QS 9000 and TS 16949

Professional Experience

Supplier Quality Assurance, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Mumbai, India


. Worked as senior engineer in suppler quality assurance and development

department for steel mill, forging and heat treatment commodity.

. Introduced controlled cooling process after forging, which eliminated

normalizing, hardening and tempering heat treatment and this resulted

annual cost saving of approx. $200 000.

. Worked on number of projects for component validation, cost reduction,

yield improvement and process optimization.

. Conducted Periodic audit of steel mill and rolling mill.

. Conducted periodic audits of forging and heat treatment suppliers.

. Experienced in heat treatments - annealing, normalizing, hardening

tempering, controlled cooling, carburizing and induction hardening.

. Member of team for Standardization of steel grades, problem analysis

and solving.

. Gained knowledge of diesel engine, transmission and overall utility

vehicle manufacturing.

Quality Control, Bharat Forge Limited. Pune, India


. Worked in metallurgical quality control department as senior quality


. Supervised the certification process for ISO 9001:2000, QS 9000 and TS

16949; preparing manufacturing and quality control plan, FMEA, PPAP,

SPC techniques.

. Worked as an internal auditor for ISO 9001:2000, QS 9000.

. Interacted with customers for yearly audit, part quality, complaints

and new development.

. Lead several projects including automation of induction hardening

machine, reduction of heat treatment cracks and development of new


. Worked on number of projects for cost saving, quality improvement and

process optimization.

. Conducted raw material (rolled billet) inspection and approved for

further processing.

. Monitored forging and heat treatment process.

. Metallurgical inspection - chemistry verification, tensile testing,

hardenability, grain size, inclusion rating, surface inspection, macro-

etching, step-down testing and hardness inspection.

. Developed new parts through design of experiments, process

qualification and defined process parameters.

. As a quality team member worked for defect analysis, decision of non-

conformance and implemented corrective action plan.

. Acquired ASNT and ISNT Level-II qualifications in MPI and UT.

. Trained operators for MPI and Heat Treatment.

. Conducted Field failure investigations of crankshafts.

Quality Control Department, TATA Special Steels Ltd. India


. Worked in the technical control department as a quality engineer.

. Responsibilities included quality control in Melt shop and hot rolling


. Process quality control and monitoring at electric arc furnace, ladle

refining furnace, continuous casting machine, preheating furnace and

hot rolling mill.

. Expertise various alloy and plain carbon steels.

. Conducted metallurgical and dimensional inspection of billets, slabs

and hot rolled wire rods.

. Metallurgical inspection - chemical analysis, mechanical properties-

tensile testing, microstructure, hardness, dimension and surface

defect inspection.


Master of Science, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2008- Present

Major - Materials Science and Engineering

GPA: 3.75

Coursework: Principles of Metal Casting, Phase Diagrams, Materials

Processing, Intro to FEM, Process Modeling/Simulation, Design/Manufacturing

Tech Auto Application, Nucleation and Growth.

Graduate Research Assistant: The Effects of Solidification Under

Pressure on Properties of Cast Aluminum Alloys.

The effects of solidification under pressure on the porosity and

mechanical properties of aluminum alloy A356 and A206 were examined.

The results showed an increase in ultimate tensile strength and

elongation due to a decrease in porosity and increase in density for

castings solidified under pressure. These mechanical properties were

found equivalent to the properties of HIPed casting. For the first

time solidification under pressure has shown increase the casting

cooling rate (reduce solidification time) for a sand casting process.

Bachelor of Engineering, COEP, University of Pune, India


Major: Metallurgy

Graduated with first class.

Project: 'Development of Process and Machine for Induction Hardening

of Spring Pin'.

Diploma in Engineering, (Associate Degree), Government Polytechnic Pune,

India 1994

Major: Metallurgy

Graduated with first class.

Government Polytechnic Pune, Board of Technical Education Maharashtra


Final-Year Project: 'Case Hardening of Copper'.

Publication and presentation

. "The Effects of Solidification under Pressure on the Porosity and

Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum Alloys," AFS 10-063, American

Foundry Society (2010). (co authors - E.A. Druschitz, A.P. Druschitz

and J.A. Griffin")

. "The Effects of Solidification Under Pressure on the Microstructural

and Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum Alloys," in Forming of

Light Weight Materials, Materials Science & Technology Proceedings

(2009). (co authors - E.A. Druschitz, A.P. Druschitz and J.A.


Computer knowledge

Proficient user of MS Office.

Familiar with Flow 3D, Pro/Engineer.


American Foundry Society (AFS)

Materials Advantage (MA)

Foundry Education Foundation (FEF)


Received first prize in AFS Birmingham chapter for casting


Stood first in MPI level II examination in ISNT pune chapter.

Received second prize for the project 'Case hardening of copper' in

state level competition.


Available on request

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