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Project Manager Engineer

San Francisco, California, 94133, United States
May 28, 2010

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Serena May Kwan

** **** ****** ( San Francisco, CA 94133 ( ( (415) ***-****

TITLES: Scientist & Project Manager

SUMMARY: Scientist with 8 years experience in early-stage technology

companies, with proven success in project management and technical

team support. Strong analytical and communication skills with

experience in emerging technology public relations.


Masters in Materials Chemistry (Mar 2008); and

Certificate in Technology Management Practice, Graduate Program

(Mar 2008)

University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Chemistry

and Biochemistry, Goleta, CA

B.S. in Chemistry (May 2001)

University of California, Berkeley, Department of Chemistry,

Berkeley, CA


PORODYNE, LLC. - Los Angeles, CA

Material Researcher/Engineer - (Aug 2009 - Feb 2010)

Scientist/engineer at start-up clean technology company

commercializing a new class of material for carbon capture and


Collaborated with co-founder on fundraising efforts to raise $5M

for Series A to build a carbon capture and separation pilot

facility (DOE, NSF, SBIR).

Analyzed key markets for targeting potential customers and led team

in final discussions for reports

Optimized synthesis of CO2 capturing material for initial

production and gram-scale sale

Researched engineering flow process for process, as well as new

markets and current carbon capture technologies used in power

generating plants

Seeo, Inc. - Berkeley, CA

Operations Manager - (Apr 2008 - Dec 2008)

Oversaw all aspects of business operations and strategy for early-

stage energy storage company, working with Director of Business

Development on budgeting, recruitment, partnerships, marketing, and

IP. Selected Achievements:

Finalized contract negotiations with landlord and vendors for

office expansion and dry room installation, worked with landlord to

maintain $100K budget in expansion project

Managed daily operations for 13-person company comprised of

scientists and engineers

Established working policies and protocols on safety, chemical

handling and storage, new hire orientation, purchase order tracking

to monitor budget

University Of California, Santa Barbara, Dept of Chemistry and

Biochemistry - Goleta, CA

Graduate Research Assistant - (Aug 2006 - Mar 2008)

Advisor: Professor Galen D. Stucky

. Investigated the interface interactions between blood and

inorganic materials to study the dynamics of blood clot

initiation and propagation for development of hemostatic agents

. Studied proton transport in proteorhodopsin with electric field

for membrane protein-based memory device applications

. Collaborated on proposal for Mitsubishi Chemical Center for

Advanced Materials (MC-CAM/MRL) project for fundamental studies

of organic/inorganic interface (adhesion, miscibility and

compatibility of nano-sized additives)

Antenna Group, Inc. - San Francisco, CA

Account Executive/Technologist - (May 2005 - May 2006)

Delivered strategic media and analyst relations campaign at

boutique public relations firm specializing in emerging technology

and finance. Selected Achievements:

Managed tactical duties for majority of the firm's emerging

technology (nano/cleantech) accounts

Secured phone interviews with leading industry reporters and

analysts, leading to publication

Researched and authored a thorough competitive analysis of industry

leaders for cleantech and energy client, aimed toward more targeted

and effective pitching

Successfully identified and positioned clients in key speaking and

trade show opportunities

Nanomix, Inc. - Emeryville, CA

Scientist - (Jun 2001 - Dec 2004)

Spearheaded key projects in product development toward

commercialization of nanodetection devices from early stages of

concept design, R&D, to beta phase manufacturing. Project leader

for the investigation of catalyst, deposition methods, wafer

substrates for carbon nanotube (CNT) synthesis by high-temperature

chemical vapor deposition process (CVD). Selected Achievements:

Developed proprietary know-how of deposition process for CNT-based

field-effect transistor

Optimized nanotube network production with high reproducibility for

sensor platform

Performed materials characterization for varying projects (SEM,

AFM, UV-Vis, FTIR, optical microscopy)

Drove engineering team toward successful delivery of Sensation

detection technology to beta customers, with strong involvement in

lithography and testing; successfully delivered products on-time

and monitored product specs

Managed and achieved successful transfer of process for in-house

beta production of sensor devices

Led early development of polymer coatings for capnography (CO2)


Prioritized multiple technical projects in supervising and managing


Nanomix, Inc. - Emeryville, CA

Chemical Hygiene Officer - (Aug 2003 - Dec 2004)

Managed company-wide health and safety under Occupational Safety

and Health Association (OSHA) standards

Directed chemical safety (ordering, storage, handling, disposal)

and oversaw incident reporting

Implemented safety regulations and OSHA compliance for workplace

safety including ergonomic evaluations


Graduate Student Instructor, UC Santa Barbara, Goleta, CA (Sept

2006 to Mar 2008)

Outstanding TA Award, 2007

Department of Engineering, UC Santa Barbara, Goleta, CA (Sept 2007

to Dec 2007)

Technology Management Program: New Venture Financial Modeling:

Developed business plan for original product idea for applications

in cosmetics (based on existing patented encapsulating technology)

Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA (Sept 1999 to

May 2001)

Undergraduate Researcher (Advisor: Professor Peidong Yang)

Self-assembly of nanoparticles, Langmuir-Blodgett patterning


Undergraduate Researcher (Advisor: Professor Dave E. Wemmer)

Solid-phase synthesis of carbamate oligomers


Kwan, S.; Kim, F.; Akana, J.; Yang, P. 2001, 5, 447-8 "Synthesis

and assembly of BaWO4 nanorods" University of California, Berkeley,

Berkeley, CA Chemical Communications.

Kim, F.; Kwan, S,; Akana, J.; Yang, P. 2001, 123, 4360 "Langmuir-

Blodgett Nanorod Assemblies" University of California, Berkeley,

Berkeley, CA Journal of American Chemical Society.

LANGUAGES Fluent in English, basic Cantonese; working knowledge of


References available upon request.

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