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Customer Service Manager

San Ysidro, California, 92173, United States
May 29, 2010

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Genaro DeLaTorre

Summary of Qualifications

Experienced and innovative professional executive with a reputation for

maximizing operational profits through innovative strategies, leadership

and team work. with a particular focus on establishing stretch goals and

exceeding them. Strong leader and change agent, who builds motivated cross-

functional teams that deliver positive, sustainable bottom-line results. A

management philosophy that builds effective teams through coaching,

mentoring and attention to individual talents and providing opportunities

for taking performance the next levels. Focused on building and

maintaining long- term customer relationships and employee enthusiasm for

service and quality. Proven ability to manage challenging, mission-critical

projects to successful completion, with exceptional problem solving skills.

Strong loan service, collection and customer service analysis skills with

extensive delinquency control experience and a loss mitigation mentality.

An entrepreneurial spirit to be creative and quickly recognize the need to

implement and adapt to the challenges in changing the direction of

substandard performing portfolios.

Personal Qualities

. Integrity

. Leadership

. Creative problem solving

. Collaborative team building approach

. Bilingual and Bicultural English-Spanish

Professional Experience


Dec 2007 - Dec 2009

Independent Consultant

As a consultant analyzed overall operations in Mexico for USA companies in

the personal consumer lending industry.

My primary task is to analyze the existing internal infrastructure of

operations, collections and credit risk. The objective is to create and

implement a USA infrastructure version that is compliant in Mexico with the

intent to bring uniform operations and study the potential to expand into

other regions of the country with foreign investment. The consulting areas

that I covered were:

. Centralized Call Centers for Collections and Customer Service

. Translate Policy and Procedures from USA to Mexico operations.

. Review conflictive regulatory issues USA / Mexico

. Cultural adjustments by region

. Employee quality assurance

. Cost effectiveness studies by region.

. Marketing strategies.

. Recruitment strategies and requirements for growth

. Training support recruitment and support requirements

. Analyze revenue against operational cost to develop Management

seminars in operational efficiency.

. Provide continual support in operational efficiency by analyzing data

and reports with an emphasis on forecasting.

Westlake Financial - Los Angeles CA

Aug 2005 - Aug 2007

Loss Recovery Director

. Responsible for the daily operations and recovery of losses


. Oversee a staff of 56 employees with a charged off portfolio of 180

million dollars.

. Implemented daily strategies to achieve monthly goals.

. Responsible for training and motivating staff.

. Analyze data and reports to offset any negative trends that would

impact monthly goals.

. Interacted with Attorneys for civil lawsuits and vendors on small


. Provide daily support and mentoring to direct reports in areas of

management, human resources and operational issues.


. Increased recoveries by 120% in first 12 months while reducing

operational costs by 43%.

. Implemented Spanish literature for collections and recoveries

impacting a 30% response to collection efforts

. Mitigated losses by 15% through interdepartmental communication.

. Wrote and implemented procedural manuals for all aspects of the


. Created internal employee recognition programs conducive to increasing

productivity and moral.

Onyx Acceptance Corp. - Foothill Ranch, CA

Mar 2001 - May 2005

General Manager / Asset Recovery Department

. Oversee the daily operations of four departments in the Asset Recovery

Division with 3 Managers as direct reports (Bankruptcy, Repossessions,

Deficiency and Civil Litigation/ Small Claims).

. Responsible for all aspects of servicing a 300 million plus charged

off portfolio..

. Review collections procedures, techniques and effectiveness.

. Authorize large dollar settlements.

. Analyze and recommend approval of portfolio sales of charged off

assets to third party debt buyers.

. Oversee the daily operations of over 1500 repossession assignments per

month and compliance of proper notification.

. Strategize remarketing sales and promotions as well as daily

operations with the department Manager.

. Responsible for all collections and repossession efforts in Mexico

. Coordinated all employee development assessments as well as

implemented training recommendations.


. Responsible for the implementation of a step by step skip -tracing

training manual with updated multi-state regulations.

. Assisted in increasing Credit Sales over projected goals.

. Re-allocated, restructured and reduced staffing, resulting in a

savings of over 1M in staff expenses for the Company.

. Renegotiated national vendor agreements resulting in 1.75 million

dollar savings in repossession and skip tracing fees.

. Reduced over all full balance charge offs from 3.5 million per month

to 725k over the last 10 months.

. Implemented performance driven incentives resulting in 30k monthly

savings in bonuses while increasing productivity by 100 percent.

. Assisted the Remarketing area in achieving retention averages over 76

percent of book through strategic planning.

. Assisted the Remarketing in achieving a 3 million dollar savings plan

over one year by eliminating vendor outsourcing.

WFS Financial

Regional Collection Center Manager / Vice President - Phoenix AZ,

July 1997 - Mar 2001

. Manage and oversee a collection center with 43 employees with a non-

prime portfolio in excess of 400 million dollars.

. Responsible for maintaining delinquency and charge offs according to

company goals.

. Oversee daily operations including planning and structuring based on

forecast and seasonal trends.

. Implement 60 day+ loss mitigation planning

. Review, develop and analyze current and historical management

information covering delinquency, loss and recovery so resources can

be applied to improve results or reverse unfavorable trends.

. Hiring, Terminations, employee evaluation and employee successive


. Responsible for the remarketing of over 100 units per month

. Responsible for Company collections and repossession efforts in



. Achieved the lowest charge off in the company in May 2000 (0.95).

. Reduced delinquency from 4.40% to 2.5% in 90 days.

. Implemented Spanish procedures for recoveries in Mexico

. Only branch in Company to achieve charge off goal for 23 consecutive

months. .

. Only Manager to achieve Credit Sales goal during tenure.

. Reduced charge off losses from 4.8 to 1.8 averages over a 25 month


. Received recognition for lowest attrition branch in the company.

Previous Experience and Skills

. Implementing Training procedures in Collections and Customer Service

. Quality Assurance monitoring for compliance in company policy as well

as regulatory (FDCPA, FTC)

. Monitoring staff performance according to established standards

. Experienced in handling escalated and critical issues within

operations at a Senior Management level.

. Expert in translating documents and creating procedural manuals from

English to Spanish and vice'versa


National University, San Diego

Southwestern College Chula Vista, CA

UABC, Tijuana, Mexico

416 W San Ysidro Blvd # L829

San Ysidro CA 92173


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