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Project Electrical

7029, United States
May 29, 2010

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Sipeng (Simon) Gu

*** ******* ******, ******** ** 07029 (973) ***-**** sg75@


Diversified research experience in materials science, surface science, and

thin films

. More than 5 years hands-on experience with e-beam evaporation, IAD,

magnetron sputtering, CVD, ALD and related significant clean room

nanofabrication processing

. Materials characterization techniques such as SEM, EDS, Optical

microscopy, UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometry, Ellipsometry, XRD, AFM, AES, XPS, GD-

OES, Dektak, and Four-Point Probe

. Thin film performance evaluation methods such as adhesion, hardness,

lubricity, tensile strength, density, electrical and electrochemical tests

. Knowledge of DOE, and SPC techniques with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


. Computer Skills: LabView, Minitab, TFCalc, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


API Technologies Corp., Somerset, NJ

09/2009 - Present

Research Scientist Internship

Reported directly to general manager, provided process and project

engineering support for thin film manufacturing operations, troubleshot

product lines to achieve performance objectives, maintained accurate data

records for production and updated managers, wrote and coordinated standard

operating procedure to optimize production and efficiency

. Implemented a novel ALD deposition method resulting in a 50% increase of

coating uniformity

. Materials researched and designed ultra thin ALD thin coatings for

corrosion protection

. Successfully designed and deposited silver/gold E-beam thin film on

nanostructure substrate for trace detection of chemicals via surface

enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)

. Evaluated and identified a reactive ion etching (RIE) process for new

products to minimize costs by using existing PlasmaTherm 790 RIE/PECVD


New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

09/2008 - 08/2009

Research Scientist, SERDP-funded project (WP1405)

. Investigated and participated in the successful construction of a CVD Al

commercial unit

. Synthesized and characterized of PECVD Tantalum thin films

. Operated, maintained and repaired sputtering equipment for joint project

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

09/2003 - 08/2008

Research Assistant (Advisor: Distinguished Professor Roland A. Levy)

Synthesis and characterization of CVD aluminum thin films

. Designed and conducted experiments on CVD aluminum deposition process to

meet with the goal established by the SERDP office for a practical

alternative to cadmium

. Identified suitable precursors, synthesized CVD aluminum coatings on

steel parts and established the fundamental CVD aluminum growth mechanism

. Characterized a wide range of properties of the aluminum coatings, such

as composition, structure, morphology, mechanical and electrical


. Conducted performance tests of aluminum coating on steel substrates

including adhesion, hardness, hydrogen embrittlement, density, electrical

and electrochemical properties

Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of

Sciences, China

Research Associate

07/2002 - 08/2003

Project: Investigation of O and Sn doped Ge-Sb-Te phase change optical thin

film materials

. Upgraded a conventional sputtering system to meet with special optical

coating process

. Developed Ge-Sb-Te optical alloy materials with improved reflectivity

contrast of 30% between amorphous to crystalline states by impurity doping

. Designed antireflection and high-reflectance optical films using TFCalc


. Investigated the effect of doping and heat treatment on microstructure

and crystallization behavior of optical materials using Optical

microscopy, XRD and DSC techniques


Teaching Assistant, Department of Physics, NJIT


Course: Fundamentals of Physics

Duties: Prepared lectures, graded homework, quizzes and exams; lead weekly

review sessions for 30 students

Laboratory Instructor, Department of Physics, NJIT


Course: Physics Laboratory

Duties: Gave lectures to 60 junior undergraduate students; graded

homework, quizzes and exams; taught hands-on experience in using hardware

and software to conduct different physical measurements


PhD, Materials Science and Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ


M.S., Materials Engineering

Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, China Academy of Science,

China 07/2002

M.S., Materials Engineering

University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China


B.S., Materials Science and Engineering

Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, China



. S. Gu, S. Maeng, Y. Suh, R. Levy, et al., Investigation of atmospheric

pressure chemically vapor deposited aluminum coatings for corrosion

protection, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Accepted (2010)

. Y. Suh, W. Chen, S. Maeng, S. Gu, R. Levy, et al., Synthesis and

characterization of plasma assisted chemically vapor deposited tantalum,

Thin Solid Films, In Press (2010)

. S. Gu, L. Hou, Q. Zhao, R. Huang. Thermal phase change and activation

energy of crystallization of Ge-Sb-Te-Sn thin films, Chinese Optics

Letters, Vol. 1, 716 (2003)

. S. Gu, L. Hou. Effect of oxygen doping on the optical constants of

Ge2Sb2Te5 phase-change thin films, Proc. SPIE, Vol. 5060, 175 (2003)

. S. Gu, L. Hou. Crystallization behavior of oxygen-doped Ge-Sb-Te phase-

change films, Proc. SPIE, Vol. 4930, 367 (2002)

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