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Project Manager Sales

Saint Cloud, Florida, 34771, United States
May 29, 2010

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N athan J. T raynor

**** ******* ****


Saint Cloud, FL 34771

I am the Operations Manager of Mako Solar Electric and looking into the job market in

search of a well established Solar franchise that needs a resilient and dependable addition

to their team to help take them over the top and back again now and in the future. I have

g reat experience in this growing industry and my goal is to find a career with a single

business in which I can continue to advance and learn for the remainder of my working

years. I am open to relocation for the r ight company and plan to t ravel the Western United

S tates in my search for a career in a well-developed Solar Region.

I relentlessly self-invest and continue my education and knowledge in this expanding and

adapting PV industry, there is not a new technology out there or that is coming soon that I

have not familiarized myself with, that includes installation practices as well as

government incentives and regulations that are always changing.

I am a great leader and project manager, I have ten years of electrical field experience and

5 years of project management experience and I am driven to succeed.

I have sold approximately 80kW in PV jobs and assisted in financing options as well as

received many total payments in cash, I have a t remendous ability to establish t rust with

my customers due to my great knowledge of the systems and how they work and hands-on

tools that I present when with a customer.

I have been present for the installation of over 70 systems and assisted in the designs of

many of them as well. Most systems were in the 5kW range up to a 25kW ground mounted

system. Some commercial installations as well and one battery back-up system.

I a lso possess knowledge in solar water heating and solar pool heating sales techniques and

p resentations as well as solar attic fans. I have installed all three of those types of systems.

Thank you for your consideration for a position in your organization. The following pages is

my resume, which I am submitting as my application to join your team. I am very selective

i n who I choose to apply for due to the fact I want my skills to be utilized to the maximum

w ith my education, t raining, experience, and leadership abilities, and I only have a desire to

apply for organizations that offer long term development as well as further


As a results-oriented and detailed professional, I am effective as a team player or individual

worker with unparalleled passion for my projects, perhaps my att r ibutes as a football coach

carries over into my profession. I am highly f lexible/adaptable, I have the ability to learn

new policies, procedures, ideas, and products very quickly. A major factor in my success is

my ability to develop excellent relationships with clients, peers, and professionals with

d iverse backgrounds. As a football coach I possess great leadership and motivational

qualities that continue to improve and adapt on a regular basis.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you how I can contr ibute to your

organization. Thank you again for your t ime and consideration and I look forward to

hearing from you.

Nathan James Traynor

N athan J. T raynor

1170 Outback Road


Saint Cloud, FL 34771

OBJECT I V E To continue my professional solar/PV career with an established

company that will continue to grow and adapt with the solar industry

and become a key part of the most supreme solar team in the market.



1) Finding leads (set up of kiosks/displays in malls/shows)

2) Conducting an in-home Solar Education (that's what I like to call i t)

3) Closing the sale; including financing options

4) Conduct the pre-site evaluation using all the essential resources

available online and in hand (SolMetric Suneye, Solar Pathfinder,

Sketch-Up, etc.).

5) Purchase and negotiate all the material/modules for completion of a


6) Develop a job budget

7) Negotiate and direct work for crews and subcontractors

8) Design the system including schematics and labels required,

r oofing diagrams 9) Manage permit ting and inspection records

10) Oversee the entire installation process and include direction and

t raining

11) Install the system

12) Commission the system

13) Pass inspection the first time EVERY time

14) Responsibility for all of the necessary paperwork for the customer

f rom interconnection agreements to rebate forms and financing


-Results oriented, sales-minded, passionate, and enthusiastic

p rofessional with strong work ethics, detail, and punctuality.

-Experience includes electrical installation and code knowledge for

r esidential and commercial projects, i.e. pipe bending, box sizing, wire

sizing, load calculating, overcurrent protection, underground, etc.

-Electrical theory knowledge of ohm’s law, induction, resistance, etc.

-Expertise in building relationships, setting sales/service goals,

f inding creative ways to achieve goals and set incentives, developing

good rapport with clients/co-workers of diverse backgrounds.

-Extremely organized and detail oriented planning and strategizing.

-Flexible/Adaptable, quickly learn new policies, codes,

p rocedures/products

-Effective as a team player, individual, and team leader.


F lorida Solar Energy Center of Cocoa, FL/University of Central

F lorida

40 hours PV Design and Installation (June 2009)

Course covered the design and installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems. The course

has labs that simulate the process of designing, installing and

commissioning grid-connected PV systems, and are intended to

develop the participant's working knowledge of PV systems and

equipment. Passed NABCEP entry level exam for PV design.

Sunwize Training Summit for Solar Installers in Orlando, FL

16 NABCEP Credit Hours (March 2010)

Solar Economics and Business Practices, SMA intensive t raining, Fronius intensive

t raining, EnPhase intensive t raining.

In ternational Association of Electrical inspectors PV Training Seminar

8 NEC Credit Hours (April 2010)

Full day t raining seminar covering the entire chapter on photovoltaics in the NEC

2008 code book. Also safety precautions, OSHA standards, inspection

p rotocols/addendums.

Tom Henry “Photovoltaics and the NEC” in Orlando, FL

40 Hours PV Installation and NEC Compliance (February 2010)

One week course designed to introduce electricians and inspectors to photovoltaics.

Course included installation labs and t roubleshooting methods.


W illiam R. Boone High School of Orlando, FL

Graduated in Year 2000 with 3.4 GPA

Sports journalist and Editor in Chief of “ Highlights”, t he school newspaper

Varsity football player, ROTC Company Executive Officer

Senior Class Council Treasurer

Penn Foster University of Scottsdale, AZ

Recently enrolled in online classes to receive an AS in Electrical Engineering

Scheduled to graduate in 2012

Tom Henry Electrical Code School of Orlando, FL

40 Hours NEC 2008 Master’s Course (May 2009)

Received diploma certificate for completion of Master’s Electrician

course based on the NEC Code in 2009

Manatee Community College of Bradenton, FL

4 Semesters Completed (2001)

Business ethics and administration classes. Moved out of area and

u nable to complete degree in Business Administration from the school.

Nathan J. T raynor

1170 Outback Road


Saint Cloud, FL 34771


2009-CURRENT Mako Solar Electric of Central Florida aka Mako Shark Electric


Acquired by Mako to manage the photovoltaics department of the company. As

operations manager, I am responsible for:

In-home and in-office sales meetings or “Solar Education Visits” is my term for these

v isits. I t rain all employees and subs in the field to properly install PV

systems. Perform take-offs and estimates on various projects.

Accurate pricing of estimates, including labor, materials and

subcontract i tems. I attend pre-bid conferences and site visits,

developing new leads/prospective jobs using a variety of resources

online. I design all systems and submit to the Florida Solar Energy

Center for approval. Perform all necessary permit t ing and inspections

forms as well as customer interconnection agreements and

r ebate/financing forms. I am the first and last person that every Mako

Solar customer comes in contact with for their PV system that they

have purchased.

2008-2010 Allsolar Service Company of Kissimmee, FL


Began working as a technician installing DC to AC inverters for solar

systems as

well as the many electrical and grounding components every project.

W ithin a couple of weeks, combined with my knowledge learned at the

F lorida Solar Energy Center, I also became capable of installing

mounting gear and interconnecting PV panels in series up to 600 volts

DC. I conducted pre-site evaluations and pre-inspections for a

m ulti tude of projects both residential and commercial. Direct

customer contact was an essential part of my job responsibilities and

m aintaining professionalism at all t imes is mandatory from the initial

p re-site evaluation to the completion and activation of the PV system.

Became a sales associate using my own developed leads generated

f rom past clientele as well as using the more advanced methods of

computer networking and my internet savvy. Learned to design a

system from start to finish and correctly calculate the materials

needed as well as the voltage drop, wire sizing, string sizing,

t emperature coefficients, inverter size, module sizing, mounting gear

r equired, and interconnection codes wri t ten by the NEC/NFPA.

2008 Ace Electrical Service, Inc. of Florida


Responsible for the sales and service of every job, from the appointment to the close

and payment. Estimating of electrical service repairs, upgrades, and

additions, as well as the work involved. Collected payments and

scheduled projects, purchased materials required and call in for

i nspections. Laid off 2008 for lack of available work.

2004-2008 H igh and Low Electric of Sanford, FL


Began as an assistant to the project managers and a service department helper,

assembling and installing multi-family gear, underground, temp poles,

f ixing electrical code violations for failed inspections, grunt work, etc..

E ventually became Lead man for my area’s service department and

t hen Manager for the Company’s Service department as well as a

p roject manager for Lennar, Pulte, Engle, Levitt & Sons, etc., builders

of single and multi-family homes, condos, apartments, townhomes. As

m anager I was responsible for multiple crews, inspection of job

completion and estimating of damaged work as well as new work

developed by the service department. I Received several letters of

r ecommendation throughout my t ime here and developed excellent

r elationships with project superintendents, directors, and even

executive client staff. Was considered the top quality electrician of the

company, even became the project manager for the owner’s new 9,000

sq ft home. I Left due to lack of new work as well as bankruptcy of

several of the company’s builders/clients.

2002-2004 Maronda Homes of Central Florida


Worked with a 3-man rough-in crew for two weeks and then began doing houses on

my own, by the electrical code. I Was considered to have the neatest,

most detailed work throughout the Polk and H illsborough County

r egions. Also did t r im outs and underground feeders when necessary.

2000-2002 Lenhart Electric of Leesburg/Ocala, FL


First project as an electrician was the 2 year construction of Trinity Catholic H igh

School in Ocala, FL. I Learned the use of tools, underground pipe

laying, general electrical codes, learned to bend EMT, pull wire, etc.

Was also an office assistant to the job Foreman and learned to read

some prints as well as take the daily roll call and organize the

m aterials and tools t railers.


American Solar Energy Society


U nited States Green Building Association

OCPS Lake Nona High School in Orlando, FL

Current Director of Football Operations for the football program and assistant head


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