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Management Project

Tempe, Arizona, 85281, United States
May 29, 2010

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Tempe, AZ *****


Amanda N. Ryan


Career To utilize and grow my natural proclivities for developing and implementing

Focus: innovative solutions that resolve points of contention within and/or between various

public and private actors by identifying, through public policy and financial/market

research and analysis, and advancing collective objectives while mitigating losses.

Towards this end, I will earn my J.D. and move forward with my career as a litigator,

legal scholar, and judge.



• Experienced in public policy/financial/market data collection/analysis,


quantitative/qualitative research methods, applied statistics, database

development/management, and the synthesis of sophisticated and/or protected

information according to organizational objectives/requirements.

• Adept in multi-constituent/multi-partisan government relations, public

affairs, executive-level corporate liaison, partnership building, strategic

business planning, event planning/execution, program/project management,

regulatory compliance oversight, and lead generation.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills: proficient in an array of

writing styles, including public policy reviews, law reviews, issue/case briefs,

literature reviews, funding/project proposals, scholarly and professional

reports, talking points, opinion editorials, newsletters, and formal

organizational communiqué; confident public speaker; born negotiator.


• Results-driven, internally motivated, enterprising, diligent, adaptable,


organized, approachable, and software-savvy professional.

B.A.: Public Policy (Concentration in Urban Studies) 09/2004 – 06/2008

Minor: Public Law and Political Theory


DePaul University, Chicago, IL


Accomplishments: Graduated Summa Cum Laude; 4.00 GPA; #1 Class Rank


Investment Assistant: 08/2008 – 04/2010

Science and Technology (S&T), Research and Development (R&D), and Innovation

Consulate General of Canada, Chicago, IL

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Canada

• Identified, researched, analyzed, and delivered reports and presentations to

management on S&T/R&D/innovation-intensive companies in IL, MO, and WI for

reference in development and implementation of reactive/proactive lead generation

initiatives to promote foreign direct investment into Canada and Canadian direct

investment abroad.

• Created and maintained multiple databases of IL/MO/WI-based investment target

companies/contacts for office-wide use in local outcall program planning,

local/Canadian back-to-back outcall program planning, contact and performance

management, and reporting in support of management decision-making.

• Responded to ad hoc research requests for data on target company financials,

economic indicators, market trends, bi-lateral trade/investment, impacts of U.S.

vs. Canadian policies on market, e.g. economic development incentives.

• Drafted, finalized, and circulated briefing reports for use in corporate

outcalls on key contacts for promotion of new investment, retention and expansion

of existing investment, and reinforcement of funding relationships.

• Organized and implemented logistical requirements for management-led

corporate outcalls, partnering events, strategic alliance seminars, and other

419 West Howe Street

Tempe, AZ 85281


Amanda N. Ryan

Investment Development Program activities.

• Cultivated relationships and maintained frequent liaison with other

government departments (OGDs)/agencies/parties, local economic development

organizations (EDOs), target companies, professional/trade organizations,

foundations, and universities for negotiation and establishment of joint

ventures, partnerships, sponsorships, and other strategic alliances.

• Drafted, finalized, and circulated correspondence, memoranda, and other

documentation in respect of Investment Program enquiries, Canadian and local.

• Collaborated with other Investment Program Officers to draft and finalize

annual business plan and project proposals in accordance with prevailing

regulations and funding guidelines.

• Undertook functions related to Investment Program budget/costs, e.g.,

reconciliation, accounting, and administration of financial encumbrances,

commitments, and outlays.

• Maintained and controlled filing systems, including general and project files

required for audit internally and/or by Department Headquarters.

• Self-initiated responsibility for operational requirements beyond parameters

of job description, e.g. IT support, graphic design, proofreading/editing.

• Obtained Government of Canada Reliability Status security clearance.

Research Assistant 09/2005 - 06/2008

DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Public Policy Studies Department


• Collected data on all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) adjudicatory


rules 1970-2008 published in Federal Register and/or Unified Agenda.


• Created and maintained coding methodology in SPSS for use by research team in

coding and electronic data entry of 35,000+ EPA rules.

• Managed team of 3-5 research assistants, i.e., trained new hires in data

collection and coding methodologies, issued assignments, tracked progress,

offered support.

• Conducted statistical data analysis and delivered quantitative results to

faculty project leader in support of research model hypothesis testing,

qualitative analysis vis-à-vis historical environmental policy review, and

publication of research model, methods, and conclusions in book aimed at

scholarly audience.

Secretary, Appointed: 11/2009 - 04/2010

Locally-Engaged Staff-Management Consultation Board

Consulate General of Canada, Chicago, IL

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Canada

____________ • Drafted, finalized, and appropriately circulated all outgoing correspondence,


including meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and annual report.


• Advanced Board's mission statement by acting as a representative of office's

locally-engaged staff and advocating on behalf of their interests before Canada-

based management.


Computer Secretary, Elected: 11/2009 - 04/2010

Skills: Locally-Engaged Staff Committee

419 West Howe Street

Tempe, AZ 85281


Amanda N. Ryan

Consulate General of Canada, Chicago, IL

____________ Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Canada


• Drafted, finalized, and appropriately circulated all outgoing correspondence,


including meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and surveys.

• Advanced Committee’s mission statement by leading forum for identification,

balanced consideration, and non-punitive resolution of locally-engaged staff


• 2005 DePaul First Year Student English & Rhetoric Contest 1st Place Award

• 2004 Auburn High School Class Valedictorian, 4.00 Cumulative GPA

• 2004 IL State Scholar

• 2004 Who's Who in American High Schools Award

• 2002 Daughters of the American Revolution Award

MS Excel; MS Word; MS PowerPoint; MS Access; MS Outlook; SPSS; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe

Acrobat; HTML; JavaScript; LexisNexis; VC Reporter; ThomasNet; OneSource; Harris

Database; Windows OS; Mac OSX.

____________ Running; Cycling; Hiking; Canine Obedience Training; Skydiving; Cooking/Baking;

References: DJing/Music Production; Graphic Design; Painting; Reading; Self-Improvement;

Community Outreach; Postmodern Philosophy; Jurisprudence; Public Transit Systems.

Zulfi Sadeque

Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner,

Consulate General of Canada, Dallas

Relationship: Former Manager

O: (214) ***-****

C: (214) ***-****


John Fanning

Trade and Investment Officer,

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Nova Scotia Office

419 West Howe Street

Tempe, AZ 85281


Amanda N. Ryan

Relationship: Former Colleague

O: (902) ***-****

C: (902) ***-****


Susan Evans

Political and Economic Relations Officer,

Consulate General of Canada, Chicago

Relationship: Former Colleague

O: (312) ***-****

C: (773) ***-****


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