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Sql Server Developer

Atlanta, Georgia, 30303, United States
May 30, 2010

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Hersh Kumar


. Professional architect with several years of web application

development and database administration experience in Java, Microsoft

and PHP environments.

. Sun Certified Web Component Developer and Sun Certified Java

Programmer with extensive experience in J2EE, PHP, Web 2.0

technologies and AJAX toolkits like Dojo, Scriptaculous and Prototype.

Technical Skills: Java, JSP, Java Servlets, .NET, ASP,, C++, C#,

ADO, PHP, Vignette, HTML, JMeter, SunOne, Solaris, UNIX, JDBC, J2EE, JMF

(Java Media Framework), Spring, Hibernate, XML, XSLT, XPath, JSP, JSR 168,

JSR 286, EJB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SQL, LDAP, Adobe Photoshop, Weblogic,

JBoss, JSP, WebSphere, Struts, Test Driven Development, BEA Weblogic, SOA,

Web Services. SOAP, REST, Web 2.0, Service Oriented Architecture, UML,

JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Ant, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, Yahoo Social API,

Maven, OSCache, SSL, CVS, Subversion, Google Search Appliance, Visio,



. Center for Advanced Computer Studies, Univ. of Louisiana - MS Degree -

Major: Computer Science.

. University of Bombay - BS Degree - Major: Computer Science and



State of Georgia, GA

March 2006 - May 2010

Lead Architect

Responsible for managing and supporting the state employees' portal with a

registered user base of over 120,000 users.

* Work closely with agencies and listen to their needs to transform their

web portals into robust content management platforms allowing them to

manage their content and provide a personalized experience for the


* Guide the efforts of the technology group towards automated regression

testing, performance testing, load testing, analytics as well as automated

monitoring tools to ensure round the clock availability of portal and

associated applications and proactively detect, isolate and resolve any


* Created rapid prototypes in order to capture user requirements and worked

with the development team to implement them in an iterative fashion.

* Extensively used and guide the business as well as development team

towards the adoption of Web 2.0 and social media technologies and platforms

using AJAX, Yahoo Social API, Dojo, JQuery among other tools.

* Design and support the state's knowledge base application which serves as

the primary information database used by the state's General Information

Contact Center for connecting Georgians to the right place or person on the

first call.

* Design and architect agency portals. Work closely with and mentor the

development team to develop them.

Major Technologies used: Java, JSP, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, J2EE,

Web Services, AJAX, Oracle, Unix, JQuery, JavaScript, WebSphere, XML, XSL,

XPath, Vignette.

World Bank, Washington DC

February 2008 - March 2009

Lead Portal Developer

* Responsible for designing and implementing a content display solution for

the portal by consuming web services, using REST calls, exposed by the

Vignette Collaboration product.

* Developed web based form builder to allow the business users to

dynamically create forms without the assistance of IT. These forms were

used to submit content and documents on the portal site.

* Developed social computing capabilities on the portal site using Web 2.0,

Web Services, REST.

Ball Corporation, CO June

2006 - Feb 2007

Consultant/ Lead Architect

* Responsible for the design and development of the internet portal.

* Provided guidance to the development team and management over technical

issues and decisions to complete the projects in a timely fashion.

* Worked on designing a system to integrate Documentum and Vignette for

managing documents.

Houston Independent School District, TX

June 2005 - March 2006

Tech Lead

* Content Management System Migration - Migrate the Internet site from an

older version of Java based Content Management system to the latest


* Student Portal - Lead the efforts of the school district to create a

student portal. The portal allowed for students to view grades, class

schedule, submit content etc. and for parents to monitor the progress of

children. Implement workflow and role based content display.

Capital One, LA June 2000 -

June 2005

Web Developer:

Responsible for designing, creating, enhancing and maintaining financial

web applications for the company's Internet and Online-banking product.

Development efforts have led to several nationally accredited awards e.g,

Stevie, for site design, ease of use and functionality.

Selected Projects/Highlights:

. Corporate Internet Redesign - This involved redesigning company's

customer facing site. The original site consisted of about 800 static

html pages which were managed by one person. Today, the site is

divided into different lines of business and content is being managed

by the respective line of business owner. Content Management is done

within a CMA application, which was developed around the Vignette CMS.

The site is now ranked 3rd nationally by Gomez Inc, for its

navigational flow and online resources.

Duties included:

. Developing navigational flows based upon business content


. Designing and developing database schema.

. Designing and developing a content management application for

distributed authors.

. Designing and developing business applications using a

combination of Microsoft and Java technologies.

Technologies used: Java, ASP, SQL, Oracle 8, UML, SQL Server 2000, IIS,

JavaScript, Oracle, WebLogic and Vignette Platform

* Online Loans/ Account Opening - This involved designing and implementing

the online fulfillment applications of the bank on using ASP,

SQL Server and JavaScript among other technologies.

* Hibernia Insurance - Developed large web-based e-commerce extranet from


Duties included:

. Database design

. Coding ASP templates.

. Object/component design

. Security design

. Design of logical and physical tiers

. User interface design

Technologies used: ASP, Java, Oracle, XML, JavaScript, Vignette.

* Corporate Intranet Redesign - Re-architected and developed corporate

Intranet which has over 5000 users daily. Part of this redesign included

creating a custom content management system which allows administrators the

ability to create, modify or upload content in a real time mode.

Duties included:

. Streamlining old development strategies into more scalable and

efficient solutions.

. Translating customer's business requirements into functional

requirements for development team to code from.

. Developed a variety of web applications that are used to improve

employees' day to day business activities.

. Developed under the "Test First Design" methodology and Extreme

Programming. Unit test were written and executed using JUnit.

Automated acceptance tests were written for every iteration and

executed using HttpUnit and XML/XSL.

. Wrote user documentation with step by step instructions and

diagrams describing how to use the content management system.

Technologies used: Java, JSP, EJB, SQL Server 2000, IIS, JavaScript,


* Online Banking Redesign - This entailed the redesign of sign-on,

enrollment and forgot-userId components. These components provided

customers the ability to create user-ids and passwords as an alternative

for ssn and pin numbers.

Duties included:

. Designed and created ASP.Net pages and components to support the

redesign efforts.

. Implemented the security and encryption scheme to protect the

customer data.

. Implemented a logging scheme using Log4Net to debug and correct

the errors quickly.

. Designed an implementation to parse and display the XML using

XPath and C#.

Technologies used: ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL, Visual Studio 2003, Corillian

Voyager 3.3, SQL Server 2000, CVS SCC proxy, Log4Net, XML, XPath

* Web Security - Developed security/encryption implementations to prevent

phishing, hacking or Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attempts on the customer

facing sites.

Duties included:

. Configured the Online Banking site to use maximum 3DES

encryption standard for postbacks of sensitive data from the


. Implemented a XSS solution for the bank's site in order to

prevent any such attacks against it.

. Implemented a Notification mechanism to detect and notify in

case of any XSS attempts.

* Mail Delivery - Rearchitect of the bank's mail delivery for online


Duties included:

. Developed and implemented a mail generation solution using C#

and MS SQL server to replace the process in place, due to expiry

of contract.

. Implemented a logging and rollback implementation for recovery.

Technologies used: C#.Net, SQL, ADO, Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2000,

CVS SCC proxy, Log4Net

* Correspondent Lenders - Developer for loan tracking system which is used

to streamline the process of mortgage bankers within the company. The

system is written in ASP, and connects to a SQL database server for

storage. The data is stored in XML to achieve the greatest flexibility

possible with regards to the type and the amount of data being stored.

Additional applications were developed to receive and consolidate data

feeds from various other systems utilized by the bank. This system provides

services for 150,000 registered clients nationwide.

Developer: July 1999 - July 2000

Internet Computing & Media Technology Center, LA

. Designed and implemented several web-based applications using Java,

Java Servlets, Oracle and MS SQL Server.

. Set up a Java based imaging web site and worked as its administrator.

Used imaging algorithms in Java to manipulate images.

. Designed a multidimensional OLAP application for data mining using

VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), Java and Java Servlets.

Certifications & Professional Training:

. Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform.

. Sun Certified Web Component Developer.

. IBM Certified XML Developer.

. Trained by Object Mentor Inc., in Extreme Programming, Refactoring,

Test First Design, OODesign and Design Patterns.

. ECertifications Certified Java Programmer, XML Programmer & Web

Security certification.

. Brain bench Certified Java Programmer, XML Programmer & Data

Warehousing Concepts certification.

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