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Customer Service Representative

Clayton, Michigan, 49235, United States
May 30, 2010

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Cassandra L. Lambert

***** ******** **.

Clayton, MI. 49235

(517) ***-****;

Summary of Qualifications Skills

Strong oral and written communication skills Word Perfect / Microsoft

Word / Excel

Excellent problem solving and decision making skills PowerPoint /


Proven ability to complete multiple tasks Windows 98 / Microsoft

Internet Explorer

Proven ability to interact with people at all levels the ability

to work efficiently in groups


To obtain employment with a professional company that will allow me to

utilize my current job skills and knowledge, while gaining self-enhancement

opportunities. I am eager to learn new things and knowledge.


. Taco Bell - Grayling, MI September 2004 - April


In this position, I was given the responsibility of taking

orders and collecting money. I have interacted with people of

all levels including management of the franchise chain as well

as customers of all levels of knowledge. I have experience in

preparing food as well as dishes and cleaning. I have worked

the drive through where I gained experience in listening skills

while communicating with a customer in a remote location. While

doing this, I also communicated with my team members to keep

orders in order. In this position I have been given the

responsibility to handle cash as well as close the restaurant.

. Burger King - Harrison, MI April 2006 - February


In this position, I have given prompt service to customers of

all levels of knowledge as they needed. Took orders and

collected money as well as stocked and cleaned. I washed and

put away dishes, made sandwiches, and operated a fryer in the

rear of the restaurant. In this position, I was given the

responsibility to close and open the chain on my own.

. Mt. Pleasant Answering Service - Mount Pleasant, MI October 2007

- October 2008

In this position, I was a telephone operator. I have been given

the trust to work completely alone, as well as operate the

business. My job responsibilities include answering the phones

for over one hundred different companies, taking their messages,

faxing their information, paging multiple people, dispatching

calls as well as deciding what is an emergency call, and what is

not. In this position, I have gained experience in operating a

switchboard and records keeping. I have gained knowledge in

speaking to the public professionally as well as interaction

between the companies we answer phones for and I. I have

experience answering phones for many different companies

including Union Township, dentist offices, doctors offices,

towing companies, trucking companies, etc. We answer for many

very professional companies. I have strong experience in

records keeping, faxing, switchboard operating, and computers.

. United Bank & Trust - Lenawee County, MI

July 2009 - December 2009

In this position, I was given the trust to go around to different

United Bank & Trust branches in Lenawee County and survey how they

treat there customers, and make sure they are dressed professionally

and act professionally, and also that the office is well kept up and

maintained professionally, I interact with the staff, and can not let

them know that I am a secret shopper, I check appearances and make

sure they are doing there jobs correctly and in an appropriate manner.

( Mary Kay Business - Anywhere August 2009 -


In this position I work for myself and I sell Make-Up Products to

people I believe may be interested in them. I make people feel good

about themselves and also how I believe I would want people to make me

feel. I pass out samples and work with my hands, mind, and the

internet a great deal. People have to trust that I can provide them

with what they are asking for, and need if interested in my products

and that I can deliver things to them without any complications or


. Affordable Heat - Adrian, MI November 2009-

February 2010

In this position I was a Customer Service Representative, I was given

the trust to answer phones for the company, and spoke with lots of

different customers daily, and I handled any troubleshooting the

customers needed help with, as well as I determined how to go about

and satisfy the customer with the problem they were having with there

unit, whichever one it was. I was given the responsibility to work

alone, and do whatever needed done before I left for the day, whether

it be calling back customers that had called previously and left a

message with a different Representative or Manager, taking out

garbage's, finishing other Reps, e-mails for them, among other things

as well.

Cassandra L. Lambert

11609 Carleton Rd.

Clayton, MI. 49253

(517) ***-****;


Kathy Klein

Mount Pleasant Answering Services

123 S. University

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

(989) ***-****

Roberta Siel


1730 Janet St.

Harrison, MI 48625

(989) ***-****

Bernadette Barrett


9247 Day Rd.

Pittsford, MI 49271

(517) ***-****

Tiffany Newell


11491 Day Rd.

Hudson, MI 49247

(517) ***-****

Gina Martin


11600 Baker Rd.

Jerome, MI 49249

(517) ***-****

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