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Engineer Design

Redmond, Washington, 98052, United States
May 30, 2010

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Redmond, WA,




. Masters graduate, Electrical and Computer Engineering, NC State,

Dec 08 Graduate

. Expertise in the workflow for digital side chip development, from

FPGA design to verification, synthesis and backend analysis

. Experienced in high speed Digital Design.

. Experience with VLSI, Digital ASIC, Embedded systems, C/Java/Perl

. Two years software experience with Information systems in Infosys,


. Two internships in Firmware development.


North Carolina State University, NC

Dec '08

MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Selected Coursework: Digital ASIC, VLSI, Digital Electronics,

Object Oriented Programming, Embedded Systems, Computer Design & Tech

Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore, India

June '05

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Selected Coursework: Microprocessor design, Digital Electronics,

Digital Signal Processing

Skill Set

Languages : C, JAVA, Perl, C++, JSP, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, PL/SQL,


Assembly Language : 8085, 8051, Motorola 68HC11, PIC 16F877,

Coldfire v2

Software/Tools : ModelSim, ncSim, Allegro, HSPICE, Design Vision,

Visual Studio .Net, Eclipse, Business Objects

HDL : Verilog, VHDL, System Verilog

Hardware : Oscilloscopes, Digital Multimeter

(DMM), Function Generator

Work Experience

Teridian Semiconductor Corp. Irvine, CA (now Maxim Integrated

Products) Apr '09 - Jan '10

Digital Design Engineer

Worked in the Digital Circuit Design team.

. Developed test benches in verilog to test and verify every module

of the chip from I/Os to memory, timers, SPI, ADC. Debugging

incorrect operation through simulations and waveform analysis.

. Converted assembly code targeted at an older 8-bit 8051 processor

core for use with a 32 bit Coldfire V2 processor core. Completely

automated the porting process in Perl and hence brought the

project ahead of schedule by an estimated 2.5 months.

. Extended the meter firmware by designing and implementing a Time-

of-Use (TOU) scheduler.

Elster Inc. Raleigh, NC

May '08 - Aug


Firmware Development Intern

Worked as an intern in the Firmware division.

. Implemented a prototype system to get more functionality,

performance and throughput by offloading radio communication

control from the main controller to a H8S microcontroller.

. Enhanced the onboard radio sniffer to simulate multiple meters

from a single unit.

Infosys Technologies, Bangalore

Sep '05 -

July '07

Software Engineer

Worked as an offshore developer for Infosys projects for Cisco sales &


. Designed, developed online support system and tools for Cisco

sales and services division.

. Managed the Business Objects and Global Claiming Tools (business

process management for Cisco)

. Worked extensively on databases in developing new universe for

Business Objects.

. Designed and developed web portal for Infosys employee information

management and documentation management system.

Academic Projects

Regular Expression matcher in Verilog

Initial prototype for this ASIC design was developed in C and final

RTL design was developed in Verilog. Achieved a speed of 800Mbps. Used

ModelSim for simulation and DesignVision for synthesis.

128 bit SRAM simulator

This project involved simulation of the operation of a 128 bit SRAM

starting from the design to schematic generation and generating a

layout of the SRAM after performing DRC and LVS checks.

Design and implementation of a sense-amp flip-flop

Developed a sense-amp flip flop operating at 5GHz clock frequency

using 45nm technology.

Programmable Waveform Synthesizer

Designed and developed a fully functional, customizable, waveform

generator using C to program the PIC 16F877A for use as a testing

device for various electrical devices.

Frequency relay using a microprocessor

Developed a device to limit the input supply frequency to a device by

using an f/V converter as a sensor and a microprocessor

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