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Engineer Project

Tyler, Texas, 75703, United States
May 31, 2010

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Munro Biswal

+*-903-***-****(Mobile), +*-903-***-****(Home)

Professional Summary:

A Senior Embedded Software development professional with almost 10 years of

progressive experience in design/development and support of embedded

Wireless Network/Telecom/HVAC systems.

Extensively worked on Linux based embedded systems on multiple hardware

platforms and boards, specifically on ARM based processors/SoCs.

Experienced in all phases of software development, including requirements,

architecture and API specification, and software design and coding, and

test design and development.

Experienced in object-oriented, procedural and multithreaded software


Strong experience in working with cross functional teams and working across

the whole product in a typical product development life cycle.

Proficient in C, Shell scripts, Networking QoS/ Traffic Engineering and

Linux Network Administration.

Broad experience of around 7 years in Telecom/Networking Domain.

Good understanding of overall Telecom infrastructure & functional

processes, Software Configuration Management, Telecom Billing Software/s

and Cisco Routing Protocols viz. IGRP and RIP, TCP/IP & WAN.

Reasonable Experience in Linux Kernel/Socket Programming and developing

other native (Desktop) based Linux Applications.

Demonstrated strong Debugging and Analysis skills.

Knowledge of Quality Standards such as Six Sigma, Defect Prevention (DP) as

a SEI CMM Level 5 Key Process Area(KPA).

Moderate understanding of HVAC systems.

Good Pre-Sales Consultancy Experience in creating proposals through RFP

responses for existing customers/ potential clients.

Proven experience in articulating technical issues to both technical and

non-technical audiences through presentations.

Moderate Experience in Testing and Integration for 3G/CDMA Infrastructure

and installation/configuration/ maintenance of Cisco routers.

Moderate experience in managing and mentoring Engineers and Interns as a

Team leader.

Interviewed several candidates for embedded engineering positions.

Broad "International" exposure/experience spanning 9 years including around

3 years in USA.

Technical Summary:

Languages: C, C++, Shell /Awk Programming, Tcl/Tk, HTML.

Embedded skills: Embedded Freescale IMX31 (ARM11), Freescale IMX35

(ARM 11), Intel XScale (IXP425), MPC8xx, PIC Microcontroller, Embedded

Linux, eCOS, Linux Bootloaders and Flash File systems, Bootloaders (U-boot

and RedBoot.), HVAC embedded controls.

Design tools: UML.

Device Drivers: SPI, I2C, UART, SD Host Controller drivers, Ethernet,


Architecture: Design Patterns, Hardware Abstraction Layers and Device

Driver Frameworks.

Wireless: 802.11 a/b/g device driver/s, GSM, CDMA 2000.

Operating Systems: Linux, VxWorks, Digital UNIX, Sun Solaris, WINDOWS

NT/9x, Cisco IOS.

Networking Skills: PPP(Sync HDLC), UDP/IP, mDNS, Linux QoS, VLANs,

BSD/Netlink Socket Programming, RAS, Cisco Routers, VLAN, Linux

Bridging/Netfilter/Netlink Sockets, Captive portal implementation.

Make/compilation tools: Configure scripts, awk, make, nmake, Makefiles

Debugging Tools: GDB, BDI3000, and JTAG.

Misc Tools: Spirent Smart Bits, Iptables, Tcpdump, Mgen, gdb, Mgen,

Iproute2, gcc, Avahi.

Linux Distributions: Freescale's LTIB based distributions, SnapGear.

Packages /N/W Simulators: Tornado, Visual Studio, LHS BSCS, Orga (OPSC),

and Zebra.0.92a, RADIUS.



Network Analysis Tools: SnifferPro, Ethereal.

Test Tools: Perforce, Rational ClearCase, CVS.

Other: HVAC Protocols and Operation, Knowledge of CMM, Six Sigma.


Masters in Computer Sciences /Applications, (First class with

distinction) 1997-2000

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (India)

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Nagpur University


ARM embedded training course from ARM, UK.

Motorola Six Sigma & CMM training.

Brainbench Certified in Networking Concepts, Networking Technical Support

and Linux Administration (General).

Detailed Experience:

Client: Trane Company, USA Jul'07 - Present

Project: Smart Comfort Control/XXL.

Role - Software Consultant


Generate Use Cases/Design for the assigned application modules using

standard UML notation.

Currently involved in analyzing/debugging/troubleshooting issues with the

Wi-Fi driver.

Implemented a minimal low-level synchronous display controller (SDC)

driver for MX35 based processor in U-boot bootloader to generate a

boot up splash screen.

Ported U-boot for two custom prototype board(s) based on Freescale's MX31

and MX-35 reference design in a fairly quick time frame.

Developed SDHC (Secure Digital Host Controller) drivers and card drivers

for U-boot boot loader on the MX35 platform in a week's time.

Designing/developing a SD card Firmware Upgrade Application as a part of

U-boot Bootloader on the MX-31/35 based prototype board. Wrote a SDHC

(Secure Digital Host Controller) device driver for U-boot in order to

access SD card on the prototype board.

Maintained the Linux Kernel and integrated multiple applications and

kernel patches using the Freescale LTIB system.

Responsible for troubleshooting, analyzing and resolving several problems

related to Board support package/device drivers and isolating hardware


Responsible for maintenance/enhancement of the BSP (Board Support

package) for the XXL prototype boards.

Involved in back porting Freescale's PDK 1.4 based RedBoot to work on the

XXL prototype board.

Involved in the design/implementation of userspace C++ drivers for the

Atlas chip.

Designed & developed a Linux kernel/user space humidity sensor device

driver for measurement of relative humidity.

Involved in requirement analysis/design for an Embedded Application for

device/service discovery, arbitration and Auto-Configuration and

subsequent management of HVAC devices on an IP network, all built

around an asynchronous event oriented and multi-threaded, reusable OO


Implementing a command formatter/tokenizer for a proprietary HVAC device

management protocol.

Environment: C/C++, Embedded Linux, Freescale MX35, MX31, ARM

Client: Siemens Building technologies, USA Dec'06 - Jun'07

Project: SBT device drivers

Role - Technical Project Lead (Software)


Led a team of software Engineers towards design/development/testing of

Linux device drivers for peripherals like SPI, RS-485, flash memory,

USB for an MPC8xx processor based board.

Instrumental in making a successful Project Proposal for Common OS

abstraction layer implementation for Siemens Building Technologies,


Involved at the same time in estimating/defining architecture for a

project proposal for Sony Corporation, Japan for design/development of

Windows Vista device drivers for PCI cards.

Environment: Embedded Linux, C, Visual SourceSafe, PXC board (MPC 8xx


Client: Inmarsat, UK Jun'06 - Nov'06

Addvalue Communications Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Project: BGAN (Broadband global area Network) Wideye 3GPP based terminal.

Product Design/Development, and Maintenance.

Role - Senior Engineer (Product Development)


Working for BGAN (Broadband global area Network) 3GPP terminal project

targeted for worldwide broadband access through Inmarsat-4 satellites.

Lead for design/development and testing of product level features like

F/W design and F/W upgrade methodology.

Design/development of the Telephony control module of the 3GPP terminal

using a FSM model. The telephony control module helps the PSTN,

Bluetooth and CTP interfaces communicate with the TA (terminal

adapter) function on the terminal (TE) based on 3GPP release 4 and is

the control module for 3GPP based CS/SS services.

Responsible for maintenance /enhancement of the SLIC (2-wire I/F) driver.

Also responsible for technology transfer from Flextronics software

Systems (FSS) for the 3GPP terminal adapter function (TA) module for

the CS (circuit switched) and SS (supplementary services).

Environment: C/C++, CVS, VxWorks. Hardware (OMAP)

Client: Smartbridges clientele Jan'04 - May'06

Employer: SmartBridges Pte Ltd, Singapore

Project: Nexus Wireless Backhaul Devices, (Product Design/Development, and


Role - Senior Software Engineer/Team Leader


As a team lead for the Embedded Linux team, responsible for implementing

/supporting the board support package (BSP) for wireless bridge/access

points/repeaters running on IXP425 platform.

Involved in the full Product Development Life cycle and extensive online

and field support for customers.

Involved in prototyping & porting Linux firmware/applications on the


Responsible for the design and Implementation of ProcMon actor, a process

monitoring daemon for all models of Wi-Fi products including access


Responsible for requirement analysis, design & development of product

networking features and primarily responsible for all network stack

feature proposal and implementation and the corresponding test plan/s.

Involved in testing 802.11 features for the point to point and point to

multipoint wireless backhaul products including WDS.

Designed & Developed Linux Kernel modules for communication between IXP

core processor and the PIC Micro controller over the I2C. Used netlink

sockets to create an interface abstraction for configuration.

Tech Lead for Network stack design/development/testing & gathering of

requirements/bug fixes and maintenance and related documentation.

Currently working on features like Multiple VLAN/SSID, port/ip

forwarding, captive portal, firewalling etc.

Designed and developed an automated secure firmware upgrade module based

on Embedded Linux.

Working on a proprietary captive portal (walled garden) implementation

for SmartBridges Access Point devices.

Involved in Radio Driver enhancement, adding more management features

(oids) and Radio defender script/s for radio recovery in event of the

device driver failure.

Working as a main point of contact for the project associated vendor

support. Involved in the maintenance and enhancement of network device

drivers like IXP NPE driver, I2C driver etc.

Designed and implemented critical product features like I2C various N/W

features including 1+1 redundancy, Wi-Fi captive portal within

stringent deadlines. Led a team of junior engineers towards this.

Rewarded for good work and continued customer focus with a very fast

turnaround time.

Use Case analysis and subsequent proposal for captive Portal

Implementation for SmartBridges Wi-Fi Access point.

Designed/Implemented the software single-handedly.

Environment: C, Tcl/Tk, Perl, CVS, Embedded Linux utilities, Embedded

Linux. Hardware (Intel IXP425)

Client: Motorola AH Chicago/ China Unicom Jan'03 - Jan'04

Employer: Motorola, Singapore

Project: Integrated BTS Router for 3G N/Ws,


Responsible as a part of the Embedded Communication Systems (CDMA BTS)

team, for design/development/ testing / Integration of the Integrated BTS

router which is a low cost chip resident alternative to the otherwise

vendor-centric External Cisco BTS router deployed in a 3G network


Role - Software Engineer


Designed and developed Network Stack Module/s for IBR Network stack

(DHCP, PPP (LCP/IPCP), NTP, Multicast Forwarding, ARP) for the

Integrated BTS Router.

Co-Authored Test plans System Test Management Plan (STMP) & methodologies

for Subsystem & integration Test. Involved in the setup/ System

Integration with Cisco 3G equipments.

Implemented Tcl/Tk scripts for White Box/Black Box Performance Testing of

the BTS using Smart bits.

Defined functional & performance test specification, wrote and executed

test cases for the Network Stack. Analyzed test result/s and made on-

going improvements to testing procedures in accordance with CMM


Innovated, designed & developed a PPP (Point to Point Protocol) Automated

test tool for testing the IBR Network Stack. The RPM simulator was

based on a Linux concurrent socket server over Sangoma T1/E1 WAN card.

The simulator emulates the Route Processor Module (RPM) of Cisco MGX

8850 Aggregation Node. Assisted in creating proposals through

presentations and responses to customer's technical questions;

demonstrating team's know- how of Automated Testing; Acted as

technical point of contact with third party vendor.

Co-Authored Test plans (STMP) & methodologies for Subsystem & integration


As a Presales Network Consultant, drafted a network design strategy for

expansion of BATS network for mobile application/s. The Proposal

included Network design & setup, recommendation on selection of

Firewalls, WLAN, VPN, packaged with documentation and methodologies to

provide lower overhead and higher margins.

Assisted in the Defect Prevention (DP) SEI CMM Level 5 Key Process Area


Environment: C. Tcl/Tk. ClearCase, VxWorks. Linux Hardware: Motorola

8101 DSP/ Cisco MWR 1900/Cisco MGX

Client: Collaborative research Project with Siemens Oct'01 - Dec'02

Employer: Institute for Infocomm research, Singapore

Project: FlowMap, (Development/Testing/Integration)

A prototype software based edge router, which invokes QoS based on flow

detection in absence of signalling mechanisms like RSVP.

Role - Researcher/Developer


Designed & developed a flow classifier for the Linux traffic control

subsystem for flow detection and subsequent dynamic provisioning of

QoS based on certain user-supplied flow parameters.

Testing, Analyzing and simulating (using tcng Traffic Control Simulator)

the classifier results by writing appropriate scripts before building

it to the actual kernel.

Implemented an idle detection module for detection of inactive flows

using Linux kthreads.

Analyses of different Traffic flow characteristics for determining

configurable parameters for the flow classifier.

Manual Code Analysis of the Linux kernel for QoS classifier.

Configuring/Administering a network for implementing and testing policy-

based QoS for a real-time applications viz. VOIP & Multimedia

application/s (SIP). Involved in network design/implementation for

network expansion using VLANs.

Responsible for Linux Network Administration including firewall

design/Implementation, user management, LDAP, DNS, NTP etc and QoS-

specific daemons. Designated as the team lead for three Engineers.

Environment: C, Shell scripts, Linux/Cisco MGCP gateway/Cisco 7200

Essar Hutchison Cellular Ltd. Mar'01 - Sep'01

Role - Senior Engineer (GSM Billing)


Team Leader for the Prepaid Billing System (Orga Prepaid Service Center).

Responsible for Billing Server System administration on Unix Based

Servers, (Digital UNIX, Sun Solaris).

Koshika Telecom Ltd, India Jun'00 - Mar'01

Role - Engineer (GSM Billing)


Software Development / Unix System Administration.

Provided focused customer service round the clock.

Maintaining the multi-protocol GSM post-paid Billing software BSCS

(Business Support Control Systems) and prepaid service (Orga Prepaid

service centre).

Writing UNIX shell scripts for General Administration/Extracting

information from the incore database.

Monitoring/Analyzing the Billing Information flow through Process/X.25


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