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Engineer Project Manager

Houston, Texas, 77079, United States
May 31, 2010

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A fundamental industrial basis was developed through working in the

construction crafts and oil field maintenance. The theory of this basis

was developed while achieving degrees in chemistry and electrical

engineering and masters program in control systems.

Projects I have led range from concept development, front end engineering

and design, detailed design, construction, commissioning, startup and

maintenance. I have led programs through innovative development,

marketing, and production. Modeling methods I have used include simple

spreadsheets, dynamic scheduling, 3D geometric, decision trees and

influence diagrams, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics,

dynamic systems, and constrained nonlinear optimization of dynamic and

sequential systems for design and control.

I have coordinated multiple disciplines in multi-cultural environments on

small projects to multi-billion dollar projects. I have developed

business, developed and managed estimates and budgets, identified and

managed risks, controlled costs, coordinated manpower loading, products

and processes, and managed client expectations through regular, pointed



Aarden Engineering 2009 - Present

Principal Engineer: Provided engineering design and safety management to

onshore production facilities. Supported business plan developments in

solar and wind energy in commercial applications. Designed application

specific calculation frameworks for solar and wind energy installations.

Developed decision support tools for construction scheduling optimization.

CDI 2003 - 2009

Principal Engineer: Led technical activities in multiple projects under a

program to coordinate resources (personnel in administration, engineering,

construction, operations and maintenance) across 27 chemical plants in the

southeastern United States. Developed operational budget plans. Rolled

out procedures to coordinate personnel across multiple plant sites and the

regional engineering offices. Designed information and control systems

including networks of field instruments, PLC, DCS, SIS, analyzers, process

data servers, process to business system routers and gateways to satellite

networks and associated documents. Developed continuous quality control

processes and integrated interdisciplinary work flows for office

engineering and construction sites.

Aarden Engineering 1993 - 2003

2002 - 2003 (Contracted to Severn Trent) Integration Consultant: Product

development and sales of electrochemical/mechanical packages for onshore

and offshore facilities around the world. Developed contracts, terms and

conditions, closed sales, coordinated shipping, and supported


1998 - 2002 (Contracted to Powerware) Program Manager. Coordinated the

developed, deployment and construction of systems for constrained

optimization of multivariable predictive control systems for power

production and utilization systems. Performed 50 year reliability study

for north Texas water supply.

1996 - 1998 (Contracted to Fluor Corp.) Lead Engineer: Mobil Jose

Project, Venezuela ($2.5 billion project). Lead the EICS (enterprise

integration and communication systems) group for the overall plant

including utilities, ethylene glycol, polyethylene, and administration

areas. Coordinated the design, procurement, construction contract

development and administration.

1994 - 1996 (Contracted to Fluor Corp.) Principal Engineer: Mobil Yanpet

Expansion, Jubail, Saudi Arabia ($1.5 billion). Provided conceptual

design, engineering contract development, detailed design and field

construction support for network systems for telecommunications, DCS, PLC,

analyzers and enterprise solutions.

Lead the Control Systems Engineer Group (18 engineers and 10 designers)

for the ethylene cracking and production, polyethylene and polypropylene

reaction facilities, material handling facilities, and catalyst

preparatory areas.

1993 - 1998 Principal Engineer. Provided project management, engineering

design services, construction oversight for electrical and control systems

to petrochemical, water transmission, water distribution, and agricultural

clients. Designed computer networks including fiber optics, copper,

microwave, and radio frequency.

Developed atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques for the identification

of macro-molecules and DNA sequences. Developed nanostructured

multilayered composites for specimen support for AFM analysis.

Performed analyses of automation integration tools for semiconductor

fabrication facilities assuring coordination of sales and production

across all fabrication and storage assets.

Developed multiple chemical processes patents. Developed mathematical

models for electrochemical systems.


Senior Control Systems Project Engineer ($2.5 billion Exxon project) on-

shore/offshore complex including production rigs and an FPSO. Coordinated

design, procurement and construction support. Developed multi-variable

control strategies for an ethylene cracking and production and

polyethylene reactions.

Coordinated engineering and led the Control Systems group on the U.S. DOE

Rocky Flats project for nuclear waste and mixed waste remediation.

Modeled and simulated the plant and designed the dynamic controls using

Matlab. Organized the development of the Advanced Process Controls Group.

Performed engineering quality assurance audits for the design of Exxon

(Mobile Bay) offshore platforms.

Mobay (Bayer-Monsanto)

Project Manager, Senior Electrical and Process Control Systems Project

Engineer. Work multiple, simultaneous projects in a variety of isocyanate

and waste water treatment facilities. Performed design, procurement,

construction contract development, construction oversight, commissioning

and startup.


Construction superintendent in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Construction

inspector (Seconded to Sadaf) in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Control systems

design engineer for a variety of clients in oil and gas production,

treatment and refining. Electrical design engineer for a variety of

clients in oil and gas production, treatment and refining. Materials

Control Supervisor for Aramco projects.


Graduate program in Control Systems, Texas Tech University

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Texas Tech University

B.A. Chemistry, Texas Tech University

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