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San Francisco, California, 94107, United States
June 01, 2010

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Kunal Jaura

Ph: (***)-(415)-***-**** (M)

(***)-(415)-***-**** (H)

Email -



. 6.5 years of experience in Business Applications Development,

implementation and Customization of CRM (SIEBEL) applications.

. Over 5 years experience in Siebel integration

. Expert in integration using Integration Objects, Siebel eAI over

HTTP, Business Service scripting, Web Services & Virtual Business

Components, EAI Data Mapper using scripts & using Data Map Editor.

. Experience with integrating Siebel OnPremise with Siebel OnDemand.

. Hand-on-experience with integrating Siebel with external java

application using Java Data Bean

. 1 + years experience in Siebel Analytics customization

. 1 + years experience with Order Management

. Extensive experience in Siebel Order Management, Product

Configurator, Eligibility and Compatibility, Pricing.

. Extensive Experience with Siebel Tools Configuration, Siebel

Scripting and automating business processes with Workflows

. Extensive experience in star schema design and customization of

Siebel Analytics Application - RPD configurations, report design/

development, dashboards, guided navigation.

. Hands-on-experience on Analytics Web Services Integration

. Exposure to SQL performance tuning on Oracle 9i

. Experience on end-to-end Siebel Marketing Analytics implementation

- design and implementation of 24 marketing Programs and campaigns.

. Worked on Actuate reports - master detail, composite, combined data

stream, multi-lingual reports.

. Exposure to Siebel Mail Response & EIM.

. Exposure to MDM and UCM Workflows

. Currently working as an Independent Consultant

Key Accomplishments

. Received Quarterly Performance Award for Proof of Concept for a

pilot web services project for British Telecom.

. Received Knowledge Management award for contribution of a re-usable

tool - java application used for testing Siebel inbound/ outbound


. Received the Best Project Team award for two projects

. Extensive experience in implementing multi-lingual Actuate reports

Educational Qualification

. Master's in Information Technology, Manipal Academy for Higher

Education, Manipal (2003) - 63.67%

. B.Tech. Electronics & Communication, Bharati Vidyapeeth's College

of Engineering, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New

Delhi (2003) - 73.5%

. XIIth - Science with Computer Science - Don Bosco School, New Delhi

(1998) - 80.8%

. Xth - Don Bosco School, New Delhi (1996) -78.2%

Independent Consultant - CR Mantra

. OnDemand CPQ Engine - Jan 2009 - Till Date

CRMantra is developing a Configuration-Pricing-Quoting (CPQ) product

offering for Oracle Siebel OnDemand application. This product involves

integrating the OnDemand application with the OnPremise CPQ offerings

using web services. OnPremise is used as the Product/ Pricing master.

Period - January, 09 - Till Date

Duration - Ongoing

Team Size - 6

Software Environment

Siebel CallCenter 8.0, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Siebel OnDemand,

Flex 3

Role - Siebel Consultant


o Integration Design Lead for integrating OnPremise with OnDemand

o Designed & developed 13 web service based interfaces.

o Designed & developed custom Integration Objects & data maps.

o Developed a local business service to enable dynamic destination

for web services.

o Designed & developed the outbound Product sync web service

interface between OnPremise & OnDemand.

o Designed & implemented web services to enable Quote object

functionalities like Reprice, Copy Quote, Revise Quote & Spread

Discount through a Flex based UI in OnDemand

o Designed a web service interface to enable Eligibility &

Compatibility check on Quote line items.

o Designed the Flex UI and the web service based integration with

OnPremise to define Discount Matrix Meta data for a generic pricing


o Designed & developed custom pricing procedure to be invoked through

Flex UI in OnDemand

o Customized OnDemand UI for enabling interfacing with OnPremise


o Designed an extremely generic Eligibility & Compatibility framework

for implementing CPQ through OnDemand.

. GE Health Care - Mar 2008 - Jan 2009

GE Health Care is re-implementing its CRM Solution in Siebel 8.0 that

they plan to rollout across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. The

application provides a base platform for individual P&L to build up

further functionality on. It entails a complete implementation involving

designing and configuring the business UI, interfaces to various systems

and a re-vamped Order Management System.

Period - March, 08 - January, 09

Duration - 10 months

Team Size - 6

Software Environment

Siebel eMedical 8.0, Oracle 10g

Role - Siebel Consultant


o Configured the Quote and Asset objects to enable Service Quoting

process from Opportunity to Quotes to Agreement.

o Modified the Dynamic Pricing Procedure to enable client-specific

pricing requirements

o Designed and implemented an enterprise-wide automated Price List

selection mechanism. The custom pricing procedure to enable this

is being invoked in the Quote, Order, Agreement, and Service

Request objects

o Designed and implemented custom pricing workflows to enable

discounting, various costs, margin calculations, and line level sub-

totals, and header-level totals.

o Designed a custom pricing procedure for group-level summary margin

analyses on Quotes.

o Enabled specialized manual discounting logic through the

configuration of the Spread Discount service and PSP workflows

o Designed and implemented custom Eligibility and Compatibility

workflows to support Product Configuration rules based on Product

Family, Product Relationships, and an integrated Geographical


Wipro Technologies - Oct 2003 - Mar 2008

. Alltel Telecom - Siebel Project, USA

A large telecom major has implemented Siebel eCommunication for its

Customer Service Representatives. The front end for this is a portal

which interacts with Siebel, billing system and a host of other legacy

systems. The project involves a lot of integration work with data coming

in through EAI and EIM. The client is facing issues with data because of

the conflicting design of the EAI and EIM interfaces.

Period - August, 07 - March, 08

Duration - 7 Months

Team Size - 15

Software Environment

Siebel eCommunication 7.8.2, Siebel eCustomer 7.8.2, Oracle 9i, WBI

Role - Integration Analyst


o Interacting with the teams from different systems integrated with

Siebel to understand the requirements and design.

o Modifying existing business service, workflows and configuration to

provide business enhancements.

o Creating new business services/ workflows to map business


o Creating integration objects, scripts & workflows for new

interfaces with WBI and portal.

o Design of VBC interfaces using integration Objects, Custom business

scripts with WBI acting as a middleware.

o Analyzing the integration architecture to look for any potential

future issues and fixing the gap.

o Developing Java Data Beans for purging/ updating data in Siebel DB.

o Recommending design approach/ changes and best practices in

consideration with the existing issues with production application.

o Reviewing the code and interface design and suggesting efficient

alternate solutions.

o Analyzing the data integrity issues and root cause; altering

business scripts to prevent them on a continuing basis.

o Gap analysis between real time and EIM interfaces - Field mappings

and user keys.

o Developing SQL patches to fix data integrity issues.

o Acted as primary design reviewer for new development projects

coming into production.

o Using Siebel Tools for configuring business components, links, MVL,

joins, applets etc. for enhancement releases.

o Creating technical design for the interfaces

. North Western Mutual - TNC Data Purge, USA

A large Insurance major has implemented Siebel Financial for its Field

Technology agents. The application helps them in managing their contacts

and leads and all related activities. Over the years the historical data

size has grown to unmanageable size. This has led to performance and

maintenance issues with the TNC application. This project deals with

analysis and purging of data no more required from a business point of


Period - April, 07 - July, 07

Duration - 3 months

Team Size - 5

Software Environment

Siebel Financial 7.5.3, DB2

Role - Technical Analyst


o Interacting with the client to get the business rules clarified.

o Analysis of the technical approaches and their feasibility - direct

SQL update, Java Data Bean & Custom Business Service.

o Created custom light weight Business Objects, business components,

joins, links & table extensions for the purge script.

o Preparation of Functional Design.

o Reviewing the Technical Design Documents, Test Cases prepared by

the offshore team

o Developing and testing the business service to purge the data.

o Ensuring quality of deliverables and meeting timelines.

o Conducting and overseeing the SIT for the client.

o Conducting the production verification testing with the client

. Mercer HR Services - Plan Management Analytics, USA

A large HR/ Financial Services major had implemented Siebel Analytics

integrated with Siebel PRM Portal to manage their customers' investments

and give a 360 degree view of their portfolios. This project entailed the

re-design and development of the warehouse schema, reports and additional

dashboards to meet the complete client reporting requirements.

Period - August, 06 - January, 07

Duration - 6 months

Team Size - 4

Software Environment

Siebel Analytics, Siebel eChannel 7.7

Role - Technical Lead


o Interacting regularly with the client to get the requirements &

scope clarified.

o Preparation of Functional Design.

o Providing technical approach to requirements.

o Designing and configuring the custom stars, Business layer models

and presentation layers.

o Configuring aggregate navigation, dimensional hierarchies,

measures, facts, dimensions etc.

o Developing new reports and dashboards - Table reports, Pivot Table

reports, Bar, pie and 3d Bar graph reports, etc.

o Managing and allocating work for the 3 member offshore team

o Providing technical assistance to resolve issues faced by the

offshore team.

o Reviewing the Technical Design Documents, Test Cases prepared by

the offshore team

o Keeping track of milestones.

o Providing a weekly project status to the client team.

o Ensuring quality of deliverables and meeting timelines.

o Conducting and overseeing the UAT for the client.

o Conducting the production verification testing with the client

. Saudi Telecom - Data Center CRM Project

The project was for a Telecom Client in Saudi Arabia. The project

involved the development of a CRM solution involving integration with

several legacy systems, using Siebel Analytics as a reporting tool and

designing marketing campaigns.

Period - May, 06 - July, 06

Duration - 2.5 months

Team Size - 22

Software Environment

Siebel eCommunications 7.8.2, Siebel Analytics 7.8.4, Actuate

Workbench 7

Role - Technical Lead

Key Achievements

o Leading a team of 4 for the design and development of an interface



o Interacting with onsite team on a regular basis to get the

requirements clarified.

o Creating technical design document for the interfaces

o Providing technical assistance to resolve issues encountered with

the development of the interfaces by the development team -

business service & configuring the VBCs.

o Wrote the master custom script and the workflow for the VBC


o Reviewing the tools configuration (business service, VBCs)

o Reviewing all deliverables to onsite and ensured that delivery

schedules were met.

o Prepared weekly work status reports.

. US Trust - Events Analytics Project

A Financial Services major is implementing a Siebel Financial Services

based CRM solution for managing interaction with its clients. A large

part of the solution consists of moving customer, asset and relationship

data from disparate sources into Siebel with the aim of providing a

complete view of customer worth and interactions to its Sales and Client

management teams.

Period - Feb, 06 - April, 06

Duration - 3 months

Team Size - 6

Software Environment

Siebel Analytics, Siebel eFinance

Role - Analytics Developer


o Design and configuration of custom stars.

o Configuring Analytics Repository - creation of measure, dimensional

hierarchies etc.

o Developing reports and dashboards.

o Preparation of Technical Design Documents, Test Cases and Review


. General Motors Holden - Marketing & Analytics, Australia

A large automobile manufacturer committed to providing a global Siebel

CRM solution to each of their regions, intends to use this global

initiative to their advantage and leverage as much work as possible to

develop a Australia specific CRM solution. Project involved the design,

build and deployment of Marketing Campaigns and Answers Reports. The

client's marketing requirements and expectations could be met using the

Siebel 7.5 Marketing with Siebel 7.7 Segmentation Bridge.

Period - August, 05 - January, 06

Duration - 5.5 months

Team Size - 10

Software Environment

Siebel Automotive 7.5.3, Siebel Marketing 7.5.3, Siebel Analytics 7.7

Key Achievements

o Handled the design and build of marketing campaigns.

o Wrote complex Unit Test queries in SQL to test campaign

functionality - Contact Load, ELF count etc.

Role - Marketing Consultant


o Interacting with client and getting the functional specifications


o Configuring custom stars for marketing and reports requirements.

o Customizing the analytics repository.

o Design and configuration of all marketing campaigns.

o Design of CLF, ELF, segmentation catalogs & segments.

o Co-ordination with integration middleware team based in Bangalore

for interfaces' integration testing.

o Preparation of Technical Design Documents, Test Cases, User Guide

and Review Documents for Quality Control.

o Preparation and execution of System Test Cases, Performance Test

Cases and Regression Test Cases.

o Assisting the client user with User Acceptance Testing.

. General Motors North America - Siebel OneSource Localization Project

This is a localization project for a large automotive client in North

America. The project was basically a Lead Management and Tracking system.

The implementation required localization for North America on the

client's globally deployed CRM repository. The team comprised of 22


Period - December, 04 - July, 05

Duration - 8 months

Team Size - 22

Software Environment

Siebel Automotive 7.5.3, Siebel eDealer 7.5.3, Actuate Workbench 6

Key Achievements

o Handled the complete design & configuration of interfaces with

Siebel (both inbound and outbound)

o Nominated for training in Analytics

Role - Siebel Developer


o Design and configuration of all inbound and outbound interfaces

over HTTP using Integration Objects, workflows and custom/ vanilla

business services.

o Configured the EAI Dispatch Service to design a single entry

workflow for all inbound HTTP interfaces.

o Designing and developing inbound/ outbound web service as proof of

concept for client. Designed a workflow and a custom business

script for the inbound web service.

o Wrote a custom script to alter the incoming XML

o Configured a VBC interface with XML Gateway as the broker service.

o Configured outbound interface to send a MIME attachment.

o Co-ordination with integration middleware team situated in

Bangalore for interfaces integration testing

o Developing Actuate reports - Combined stream, Master Detail.

o Preparation of Technical Design Documents, Test Cases and Review

Documents for Quality Control

. General Motors Canada Limited - Project InTouch R4.0

Worked on a project for a large automotive client as a Siebel Technical

Consultant. The project was for the development and deployment of a CRM

solution for the dealers of the client in Canada with Siebel Automotive

and Siebel eDelaer.

Period - February, 04 - September, 04

Duration - 8 months

Team Size - 6

Software Environment

Siebel Automotive 7.5.3, Siebel eDealer 7.5.3, Actuate Workbench 6

Key Achievements

o First to develop multi-lingual reports using Actuate eReporting


o Configured the application for multi-lingual deployment

o Nominated for training in Actuate Reports

Role - Siebel Developer


o Carrying out Server Administration tasks.

o Configuration of the application using Siebel Tools and scripting.

o Developing reports for Siebel using Actuate eReporting Workbench.

o Preparing the Technical Design Document, Test Cases and part of the

testing team for the application.

o Configuring the application for multi-lingual deployment.


. Siebel specific Training

o Trained for configuration on Siebel 7.5.x

o Trained for Siebel Analytics

o Trained on Siebel Marketing

. Trained internally on

o Oracle/SQL

o Web Programming




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