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Manager Project

Tucson, Arizona, 85704, United States
May 25, 2010

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Christopher Alan Henderson

**** ******* ********, ******, **. 85704

Home Phone: 520-***-****, Cell 520-***-****

E-Mail address:


I am a self-motivated, hard-working individual and would like to find a career that will

benefit from my previous work ethics and personal service abilities. I am a detail-oriented

person who likes to know what is expected of myself and any duties assigned to myself.


December, 2009 to current

ITT-Technical Institute

- Began taking courses toward an Associates in CEET (Computers and Electronics

Engineering Technology).

- QTR 1 GPA 4.0

August, 2007 May, 2008

University of Arizona, College of Agriculture, Tucson, Az.

- Returned to finish my pursuit of a bachelor s degree in Equine Science.

- Fall 2007 Made the Dean’s list for Academic Success.

- Graduated May 17, 2008 (GPA 3.281).

January, 2007 May, 2007

Cochise College, General Arts and Sciences, Sierra Vista, Az.

- Completed lower division courses.

August, 2000 May, 2002

University of Arizona, College of Agriculture, Tucson, Az.

- Pursued a bachelor s degree with a major in Animal Science. Emphasis in Equine

Industry, minors in both industry and science.

- Member of local chapters of Block and Bridle and Collegiate Cattle-growers


- Left college to take over position in Sierra Vista, Az.

August, 1990 May, 2000

Pima Community College, Dept. of Arts and Sciences, Tucson, Az.

- Course work in various classes required by college curriculum.

- Part-time enrollment due to full-time employment.


Arizona Department of Agriculture January 18, 2009 to March26, 2010

Agricultural Inspector - Inspect and maintain baited traps for collection of Fruit Flies

which are of concern to Arizona Citrus growers. The program is funded by a grant from

the USDA and areas of concern that were my responsibility include Marana, Oro Valley,

Catalina, North and Northwest Tucson, Picture Rocks, Residential neighborhoods west of

Interstate 10 and north of Grant Rd., the area of southwest metropolitan Tucson and the

Rita Ranch Area to the southeast of Tucson. Approximate number of traps is 200+ with

an average of one trap per square mile: average daily drive length is 130 miles. Any

suspected samples were processed, sealed, and sent to the State Entomology Lab in

Phoenix for verification. I was also required to hand in a daily inspection form listing all

traps serviced and any additional services performed per trap. Those traps that were not

placed within a one and a half mile distance from the Interstate were rotated quarterly and

needed to have GPS coordinates reassigned and recorded.

Choice Remodeling and Carpentry Late August 2008 Mid-November 2008

General construction duties, bathroom demolition and remodeling, finishing work on

custom homes, landscaping duties, cleanup duties, painting and touch-up, minor

plumbing duties (new shower/sink drains, and water supply lines), carpentry work, door

removal and installation, granite countertops and shower slab fitting and installation,

drywall installation, and a variety of other duties asked of myself.

Pioneer Paint of Arizona August 1989 April 2007

Area Sales Manager: Sierra Vista Location June 2002 April 2007

Store Manager: Sierra Vista Location June 2002 April 2007

Warehouse Receiving and shipping November 1998 June 2001

Certified Airless Sprayer Tech November 1999

Various positions throughout company including sales, shipping/receiving, facility and

grounds maintenance, purchasing, temporary management, product deliveries, office

duties and working at any of the four locally owned and operated stores when requested

by my supervisors. August 1989 November 1998


January 2008 to March 2008

University of Arizona, Equine Center, Tucson, Az.

- Hired part time as a maintenance person.

- Duties included, painting as requested, inside/outside barn areas and Mare motels.

- Also grounds keeping: mowing, weed control, ground maintenance and

replacement/repair of fly control system, and components, and repair of other items

when needed or requested.

- Continue Facility Restoration; make modifications based upon facility manager

requests. Assist with Equine Handling for class purposes and volunteer for foaling


- Refresh knowledge of Equine Reproductive techniques.

August 2007 to December 2007

University of Arizona, Equine Center, Tucson, Az.

- Student Volunteer (August 2007 to December 2007).

- Facility Maintenance and Restoration.

- Learn skills that facility manager offers in handling of facility horses.

Spring 2002

University of Arizona, Dairy Research Center, Tucson, Az.

- Hired as morning short-term milking technician for dairy cows.

- Worked weekend mornings and when other staff members were not able to work.

March, 2001 to July, 2001

University of Arizona, Equine Center, Tucson, Az.

- Student Employee Maintenance Tech and Caregiver

- Daily feeding of university brood mares, foals and stallions.

- Observed modern breeding techniques.

- Assisted, when possible, with current graduate studies and collection.

- Responsible for grounds maintenance and repairs.

August, 2000 to December, 2000

University of Arizona, Dairy Research Center, Tucson, Az.

Student Employee Feeder / Groomsman

- Maintained housing pens for milking and dry cows.

- Became familiar with care and maintenance of pen pasture quality in both wet and

dry season conditions.

- Fed dry cows based upon proximal analysis and made adjustments when necessary.

- Became familiar with calving techniques.

- Basic care and maintenance of equipment.


Spring, 2002

- Assisted with Zola Kiester s Blood Progesterone Assay of several hundred Dairy Cows at

The Arizona Dairy in Mesa, Az., for his Ph.D. project.

- Assisted with Xuan Ming s Ph.D project comparing serum levels in the above project.

May, 2000

- Assisted with Clay Carlson s M.S. project at the V-V Ranch.

- Also assisted with inoculating and branding calves.


I have raised three horses: (Year acquired)

1. Mustang Stallion since he was thought to be younger than a two year-old. (1999)

2. Thoroughbred Mare purchased as a yearling from the University of Arizona. (2001)

3. Cross-bred Arab/Mustang Mare. (Foaled May 2003)

Participation in the Spring 2008 University Yearling program, communicating with my

partner and our yearling, Turk, the only stud colt in the program that year.

I have learned through the offered experience of others, including seminars, books, and

recorded techniques from several known handlers. I believe I have learned some value of

the words patience, persistence, and perception. I believe through my managerial

experience, these concepts can be used in almost any position or circumstance. I have

also learned through personal experience the value of listening what others asks for, a

common goal can be reached with minimal obstacles.


Between July 2002 and April 2007, I gained experience by managing a location of a

small locally owned company, Pioneer Paint of Arizona. I was in charge of day to day

activities, ordering supplies for the store for proper functions as well as stock items for

sale. I have experienced Inventory control programs, organizing and cataloging customer

information and well as special orders for upcoming projects and customer service

relations from in store interactions to on the job-site critical thinking and




- Larry and Kathey Henderson, Parents, Home address: 1641 Placita Barranca, Tucson,

Az. 85704. Home Phone Number: 520-***-****.

- John and Lori Griffin. Father and Mother in Law, Retired Army Officers. Currently

live in Sierra Vista Az., 85635. Home Phone Number: 520-***-****.

- Marv Lucey. Neighbor, Family friend for 35+ years. Retired Nurse/Medical

assistance from St. Mary s Hospital. Home address: 1630 Placita Barranca, Tucson,

Az. 85704. Home Phone: 520-***-****.

- George Mountjoy. Proprietor of Cochise Construction, Sierra Vista, Az.

Family/Business Friend for 10+ years. Cell Phone Number: 520-***-****.


- Kevin Nixon, Project Manager of Choice Remodeling and Carpentry, General

Contractor for 20+ years, 520-***-****.

- Dr. Roy Ax, University of Arizona, Dairy Reproductive Specialist, College of

Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Animal Sciences, Shantz Building

Room 243, Phone number 520-***-****.

- Dr. Bill Schurg, University of Arizona, Equine Nutrition Specialist, College of

Agriculture and Life Sciences, Department of Animal Sciences, Veterinary Sciences

and Microbiology, Shantz Building Room 224, Phone number 520-***-****.

- Dr. Peder Cuneo, University of Arizona, Department of Veterinary Science, College

of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Arizona Vet Diagnostic Lab 120 (Bldg #2324),

Veterinary Sci & Microbiology Resident specialist, vet science & microbiology, 520- ***-****.

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