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Sales Customer Service

Arvada, Colorado, 80004, United States
May 26, 2010

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R. Candreva

***** *. **** ***, ******, CO 80004

(303) ***-****


Senior executive leader with extensive international and domestic

experience, managing organizations with P&L responsibilities for education

and training, organizational development, sales, and service. An executive

who has demonstrated expertise in strategic planning, operations, finical

management, contracts, organizational analysis, curriculum design,

delivery, best practices, and infrastructure development. Proven leader

who has built his teams on integrity, innovation, and commitment to




1994 -

Established to provide global, high technology, Financial, and Services

companies with customized, solutions in the areas of management consulting,

organizational development, marketing services, and education and training

CEO and Chief Learning Officer

Directly responsible for creating the vision, direction, programs,

processes, and infrastructure in establishing Arcon as a multi-million

dollar global leader in assisting corporations in changing their corporate

practices to gain market share, competitive advantage, customer

satisfaction, while improving productivity and performance of executives,

management and staff.

. Built company to 23 full-time executives and 65 consultants

. Negotiated contracts and conducted business in 37 countries on 5


. Designed and developed over 300 customized tailored curriculum

education and training programs

. Trained over 50,000 professionals world-wide delivering programs in

37 countries

. Designed the infrastructure, best practices and curriculum 's for the

University of Excellence for many clients

. Conducted strategy focus groups for mergers and acquisitions

. Developed and implemented sales and channels consultative sales


. Built dozen's of client's go-to-market strategy plans, including

market research and competitive analysis

. Conducted over 125 organizational analysis as a basis to build client

strategic educational models

. Implemented dozen's coaching, mentoring, and retention plans for


. Developed national and international talent acquisition programs

. Doubled revenue first 9 years with gross profit margins at 28%

. Developed clients products and services portfolios with marketing

communication collateral

. Created and managed corporate 75 conferences, user groups, and sales

events for clients

Sterling Software, London, England


An international software company providing IT solutions, for global 2000


Vice President Professional Development

Direct responsibility for worldwide education / training and corporate

services with a team of 22 professionals

. Total profit and loss responsibility of $18 million dollar

Created Sterling University including management, sales,

customer service, product/technology and new hire training

. Developed tracking and measurement systems, profiling, and assessment


. Implemented hiring practices including recruitment, policies,

procedures, training, and administration

. Created and managed international conferences and kick-off meetings

. Supported and educated channel partners globally while increasing

their performance by 26%

Sprint, Kansas City, KS


A leader in voice and data solutions to Fortune 2500 global accounts

Director Education & Product Management

Direct responsibility for 4 functional organizations: education and

training, product management, call center, and market services for all

products including voice, data, networking, and conferencing solutions

. Managed a team of 275 professionals based in 4 cities

. Managed a P&L budget of $62 million

. Created Sprint University - trained up to 1,500 professionals per

month in sales, channels, new hire, customers service, client

training, and management development

. Developed and managed client training revenue generation in excess of


. Developed all products and services go-to-market strategy, media,

packaging and collateral

. Created "Let's Talk Sprint" monthly hour newscast seen by 10,000


. Developed hot-line call center for technical support for 5000 internal


. Built the policies, procedures, and practices to support field sales,

major accounts, and engineering

EDUCATION State University of New York Bachelors Business

Biography of Andrew R. Candreva

Since 1994 Andrew R. Candreva has been in the role of CEO and Chief

Learning Officer of ARCON International. ARCON was established to

provide Fortune 1000 companies around the globe with customized

integrated solutions in the areas of education and training, management

consulting, sales practices, organizational development, and marketing


Andrew R. Candreva has negotiated and contracted with over a hundred

clients, conducting engagements in 37 countries on 5 continents. He has

been instrumental in assisting his clients in building, enhancing, or

transforming their companies through the following integrated services

and customized solutions:

Organizational Development Sales Education/Training


Organizational Analysis Sales Process Mgmt Development

Market research

Business Planning Sales Automation Leadership

Competitive Analyses

Strategic forums Engagement Model Change Management


Talent Acquisition Proposal Process Advanced Sales

Market Strategies

Compensation Plans Channels Executive Planning

Service Positioning

Performance Reviews Transformation Consultative

Selling Alliances/Partners

Mergers/Acquisitions Sales Models

Product/Technology Conference Planning

Andrew R. Candreva has gained recognition both domestically and

internationally for creating the architectural business plan, and

successful implementation necessary, to improve the results for his

clients to meet their strategic goals and objectives.

He has also designed and developed over 300 tailored and customized

curriculums that he has delivered to over 50,000 professionals in 37

countries. He has also conducted over 100 focus groups with senior

management and executives both domestically and internationally in

creating their strategic vision and direction by developing their

business strategies and tactical plans for execution. Andrew R. Candreva

has assisted corporations with designing and developing corporate

universities, included would be infrastructure, education program design,

performance measurement, technology, hiring practices, testing, train the

trainer, strategic planning, and course delivery. He has also coached,

mentored, and assisted hundreds of executives with their on-going desire

for professional development.

As CEO and Chief Learning Officer, Andrew R. Candreva has built

ARCON's reputation for delivering the highest level of quality, focusing on

individual productivity, team performance and profitability. He is known as

a leader in the industry for assisting corporations in changing and

enhancing their corporate culture. Andrew R. Candreva has also served on

many boards and associations, and his expertise is continually sought after

by many of today's business leaders.

Prior to ARCON, Andrew R. Candreva spent 18 years in the high technology

industry both domestically and internationally in senior management and

executive positions. He built, directed, and led sales, channels,

marketing, professional services, and education and training, organizations

for such companies as McDonnell Douglas, Nynex, Sprint, and Sterling

Software (based in London, England). Andrew Candreva holds a Bachelor's

degree in Business.

Andrew R. Candreva


The following is a brief sample of the curricula designed and delivered

around the world by Andrew R. Candreva. These programs are classroom

courses designed with the most advanced adult educational practices to

increase retention by creating an environment for experiential learning.

The program duration is generally 2-5 full days. Andrew R. Candreva

programs incorporate the psychological aspects, the knowledge, the art, and

the science necessary to institute the theories, concepts, and approaches

that become the core of enhancing the corporate culture. Candreva has also

developed hundreds of self study guides, computer based training, Web based

and e-learning programs.

Executive/Management Development Team Development

Organizational Realities Organizational Effectiveness

Creating an Effective Culture Conflict Resolution

Strategic Business Planning Improving Team Performance

Leadership for the 21st century Organizational Analysis

Coaching for Results Managing Internal Relations

Selection Interviewing Process Ripple Effect

Change Management Team Dynamics

Management Development Effective Communication

Sales/Consulting Customer Service/Telesales

Strategic Account Management Effective Client Relations

Marketing through Alternative Channels Improving Customer


Vertical and Horizontal Consulting Managing Client's


Marketing Internationally Dealing with Tough Clients

Consultative Selling Project Management

Advanced Presentation Skills Problem Solving/Decision


Effective Negotiation Skills Managing Internal Resources

Personality Dominance Creating New Opportunities


Basic/Advance Telecommunications

Basic/Advance Data-Communications

Software - (mainframe, security, repository, application,

database, server, architecture)

Hardware - (mainframe, server, engines, switches)

Satellite Communication

Wireless Communication




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