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7054, United States
May 26, 2010

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Girish Kumar

Sr. Storage Administrator


PH: 209-***-****



EXPERIENCE SUMMERY: 15+ years of experience in IT industry & 9+ years of experience in the field of

SAN, NAS, DAS, Systems Administration, Backup and recovery. Excellent hands on experience in Planning,

Designing, Capacity Management, Performance Management, Configuration, administration, Replication,

Array based and host based migration knowledge with Multi-vendor Storage arrays (HP, HDS, EMC, IBM and

PILLAR) and Software Tools.



HDS - USPV/M, Tagmastore Thunder / Lightning 9000V Series and AMS1000/2000/2500 Series

HP - XP 24000/20000/12000/1024, EVA 3000/4000/5000/8000 Series and MSA 1000/1500 Series

EMC – DMX3/4, DMX1000, CLARiiON AX4/ CX3/4, CX700, CX3-80 Storage Arrays

IBM - IBM DS8000 Series, DS4000 Series, IBM ESS Shark storage arrays

PILLAR - Pillar Axiom 300/500/600 Storage Arrays


EMC – Celerra NS-G2/G8

HITACHI – HNAS 2000 Series

IBM – N5000, 6000, 7000 Series

NETAPP – FAS6000, 3100, 2000 Filers Series

BACK UP & RECOVERY : VERITAS Netbackup v4.5/5.x/v6.x AND IBM TSM 6.x


CISCO - MDS 9000/9500 Series, 9513/9509/9222i Switches

MCDATA - 10K, 6140, 6064, 4700, 3232

BROCADE - DCX Backbone, 48000, Silkworm 5000/4000 Series

EMC - Connectrix Directors ED-DCX-B and ED-48000B


HP Storage Works Command View 9.1, HP Storage Works XP Remote Web Console, Hitachi Storage

Navigator, Hitachi HiCommand Device Manager, EMC ECC, EMC Navisphere Manager/NAVICLI, Celerra

Manager, IBM Storage manager, NetApp DFM/VFM, Operations Manager and Pillar Axiom Storage Service



HP Storage Essentials, Hitachi HSSM, PBMS, HTnM, PAR, NetApp SANScreen, EMC Symmetrix

Management Console(SMC), EMC Storage Scope 6.0, EMC Symmetrix Performance Analyser, EMC

Workload Analyser, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM),




Brocade DCFM10.X, McData EFCM 9.7, CISCO Fabric Manager 4.2, EMC Connectrix manager and WEB




–ShadowImage/TrueCopy/HUR EMC – SRDF/

(BCV)Timefinder/MirrorView/SnapView/SANCopy/OpenReplicator/OpenMigrator/Replication Manager,

IBM – MetroMirror/GlobalMirror/FlashCopy NetApp - Snapshots, snap vaults and Snap mirrors


L700/1400, SL500/3000/8500, Quantum I2K and IBM 3584, LTO2 and LTO3 tape libraries


IBM AIX5.x/6.x, Solaris 10, RHEL 5.X, Netapp OnTap 7 G, HP-UNIX and Windows systems



BS in Computer Science, Bangalore University, INDIA

PGDCA, CMC Ltd, Sec’bad, INDIA


Certified Cisco MDS 9000 Professional


Professional Experience:

Deutsche Bank Parsippany, NJ Jan 2010 – Present

Role: Storage Performance Analyst


Validating all existing HDS array configurations for potential performance contention (FED

balance, fan in/out ratio, BED / disk distribution, Parity Group performance balance, HDP Pool

layout, external storage port / priority group / LUN balance, AMS LUN / controller balance,

external LUN cache mode setting validation)

Working on Proactively monitoring, Collecting Data, analyzing and reporting the performance

reports and graphs for EMC DMX arrays using Control Center Performance manager and

ClaRiion arrays using Navisphere Analyzer

Working on EMC Storage Capacity utilization reporting and Planning using Storage Scope

Assisting in trouble shooting exercises in the case a performance issue arises

Designing best practices to current performance practices for future configurations

Working on Migration planning: Validate port and LUN allocations prior to host migrations.

Verify I/O profile of hosts prior to migrations for layout planning, where possible and migrating

Volumes using Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager

Proactively monitoring Tuning Manager for each array on a daily basis and Generating

Reports/Graphs using Hitachi internal tool PAR(Performance Analysis Reporter)tool

Working on Reporting performance delivery to Storage Operations Management on a weekly


Develop practical performance capability analysis tools (disk performance, array component

throughput and IOPS capabilities, etc.)

Assisting Storage Operations with performance layout best practices

Working on Storage Operations with Tuning Manager reporting

Working on Virtualization of Hitachi AMS1000 to USPV and Dynamic Provisioning

Working on Capacity Planning Discuss with the internal application owners to review the

metrics and helping them to see the utilization, growth rates, cost of their application and

discuss with the IT management for Trends, costs and Storage Budget

Environment: Hitachi USPV, USPVM, AMS2500, AMS1000, EMC DMX3/4, EMC Clariion CX3/4

Series,NetApp FAS6000/3100 and V6000/3100 Series, NetApp Operations Manager, NetApp DFM, Cisco

MDS9000 Series, HDLM, HDvM, HTnM, PAR, Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager, RHEL5.3, Solaris 10,

Oracle 11i, Lotus Notes,VMWare3.5

ING Atlanta, GA Sep 09 – Nov 09

Role: Sr. SAN Engineer


Working as a Sr.SAN Engineer in a SAN Eng team to test, design, and architect and implement

business copy (BC) and continuous access (CA) for HP EVA8400’s and XP 20000 arrays and Site to

Site Frame based migration of data between HP XP12K to XP12K


•Created test plans, test procedural documentations to implement BC/CA

•Installed Raid manager agents on the servers that are going to control BC/CA pairs for HP XP 20k array

and Configured HORCM Config.files

•Worked on design and Implementation of Real time Site to Site DR solution using XP and EVA

Continuous Access(CA)

•Implemented BC/CA on the brand new XP 20K arrays using HP Storage Works for XP

•Worked on site to site array based replication from one XP12K to another XP12K using HP XP CA

•Worked on installing required software’s for EVA BC/CA implementation - Replication Solutions

Manager (RSM) Server software’s on the SMA servers, RSM host agent software, hp-fc-enablement

kit on Linux hosts

•Installed Business Copy and Continuous Access Licenses on the EVA8400 using HP Storage Works

Command View

•Worked on creating Various RSM Job Scripts, to Create Snap Shots, Snap Clones and Mirror Clones to

implement Business Copy for EVA8400

•Tested Snap Shots, Snap/Mirror Clones on same Linux hosts using VERITAS Volume Manager and on

different hosts using Linux LVM

•Coordinated with Linux Admin and DBA team to successfully test and implement D2D Snap Shot and

Mirror Clones for testing and reporting Sybase and UDB database data

•Worked on Frame based replication using Continuous Access application on HP EVA 8400 and HP XP

20K arrays

•Involved in installing and configuring HP Brocade MPR(multi protocol routers) for FCIP tunneling for

SAN extension to implement site to site replication

•Setup the Policies for system backup in master server, handling of backup media, data retention and

management using Veritas Netbackup 6.5

•Defined, maintained policies, configurations around capacity management, performance management

and availability management

•Used HP Storage Essentials SRM software for SAN Capacity, monitoring end to end SAN,

troubleshooting, HP EVA performance and Reporting

•Worked on Brocade DCFM and Web tools for Fabric management


HP XP20000/12000 Arrays, HP EVA8400/8000/4000 arrays, Brocade DCX Directors/ Silkworm

5300/4700 Switches, Brocade MPR’s, DCFM 10.3, Web Tools, RHEL5.3, HP Storage works

Command View for EVA/XP arrays, HP Storage Essentials SRM software, HP XP Flex Copy, HP

Replication Solution Manager (RSM) 5.0, Report Optimizer tool, Business Copy/Continuous Access

Software’s for EVA and XP,VMWare 3.x

(Citrix Online Division), Santa Barbara, CA Jan 09 – Sep 09

Role: Sr. Storage Administrator


Worked as a Storage Administrator as a member of the Operations team and is responsible for one or

more elements of a complex, peta byte scale, heterogeneous storage environment including storage

area networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), direct attached storage (DAS) and associated

management software that underlies mission critical product suites


•Managed HP Storage Arrays- HP XP12000, MSA1000, EVA8000 and EVA3000, HDS Storage Arrays

-USPV, USPVM, AMS1000, AMS2500,

EMC Storage Array – EMC DMX3/4, EMC Clarion CX 3-80, Pillar Storage Array - Pillar Axiom 500

and Hitachi HNAS 2000 Series in Provisioning and monitoring on daily basis

Performed storage systems maintenance according to established procedures

•Worked extensively on Hitachi Replication Technologies Hitachi Shadow image, True Copy and Hitachi

Universal Replicator(HUR)

•Performed array based data migration from HP XP12K to HP MSA1000 using Flex Copy

•Configured and implemented HUR and Shadow image using HORCM commands

•Installed Hitachi Device Manager and Hitachi Tuning Manager software’s on each data centers

•Implemented Virtualization from Scratch– Fiber installation, Configuring Storage Navigator to Virtualize

HPEVA 8K/3K arrays to Hitachi USPV/M, discovering ports/LUNS using Hitachi Universal Volume

Manager and Provisioning external LUNS to the Hosts

•Implemented Thin Provisioning using Hitachi USPV

•Worked on NetApp Filers FAS 9000, 6030, FAS3100 in configuring and provisioning storage on daily


•Configured and Implemented NetApp Snapshots, snap vaults, snap clone, snap lock and Snap mirrors

for site to site DR Replication and insystem replication

•Created Aggregates, Volumes, Qtrees, Shares on NAS

•Worked on Managing Netapp Storage array Qtree Quotas/volumes and Provisioning LUNs as per

NetApp best practices

•Performed support of production and development of SAN and NAS systems, including diagnosis and

response to capacity, availability and performance related issues

•Created design documents, RAID group assignments, LUN assignments, host configurations and

performed switch zoning

•Wrote policies for system backup, handling of backup media, data retention and management using

Veritas Netbackup 6.5

•Developed and implemented monitoring solutions to assist in the availability of storage services

•Proactively monitored and managed SAN and server disk space and I/O utilization

•Supported and performed the installation, extension and configuration of SAN infrastructure, including

switches, fiber, disks, shelves, enclosures, controllers and data replication hardware

•Performed firmware upgrades to SAN switches, hbas, controllers, disks, etc. during maintenance


•Defined and maintained policies and configurations around capacity management, performance

management and availability management

•Analyzed storage, recovery and monitoring technologies in order to provide input for strategic direction


•Analyzed storage consumption and I/O performance on an application, host, lun, volume or group level

and provided accurate trend analysis

•Worked on migration of Hosts from Brocade switches to Brocade DCX directors

•Installed and Configured Brocade DCFM for fabric management

•Worked on installing Switches, Configuring HBA'a, Laying Fibers, and Troubleshooting switches in the

Data Center

•Worked with Citrix Xen VM environment for allocation, building new VMs and installation

•Worked on Creating Visio Documents, Connectivity Diagrams for Each Storage array and Data Center


•Monitored all switches by using Brocade SAN Health software on monthly basis and analyzed the

report to fix the issues to keep the Fabric Clean

•Worked closely with the System admins, network admins and DBA team to trouble shoot and resolve the

issues related to SAN environment

•Provided 24/7 on-call support


HP XP12000, EVA8K/3K, Netapp Filers FAS 9000,6030, FAS3100, Hitachi USPV/M,

AMS1000/2500, Hitachi Shadow image, True Copy, HUR, HSCR 6.5, EMC Clarion CX-80, Pillar

Axiom 500, Hitachi HNAS 2000, HP Storage Essentials SRM Software, EMC Navisphere Manager,

Hitachi Storage Navigator, IBM Storage manager, HP Storage Works Command View, Pillar Axiom

Storage Service Manager, Brocade Switches (DCX Backbone, 5000, 4700), DCFM 10.1.0, Citrix Xen

5.0 VM, Red Hat Linux, SuSe Linux, Oracle, BMC Service Desk Express, Citrix

Wells Fargo, Roseville, CA July 08 – Dec 08

Role: Sr. Storage Administrator


•Worked as a Sr. Storage Administrator in Open Systems Storage Management to support 5 PB SAN


•Worked on HP Storage Arrays – HP XP24000, EVA8000/3000 Series to provision Storage on daily

basis and Virtualization

•Worked on HP Storage Works Command View tool for Storage allocation of HP EVA 8000 and EVA


•Worked on HDS Storage Arrays - USPV, USP and AMS1000/2000 Series to provision Storage on daily


•Worked on Dynamic Provisioning using USPV

•Worked on Various HDS tools - HiCommand Storage Services Manager (HSSM), Storage Navigator,

Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM) and Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager (HTSM), Hitachi Device

Manager (HDvM) for Ldev Creation, LUN Masking, Performance Monitoring, IOPS management

support analyzing and troubleshooting HDS Storage Arrays

•Proactively monitored and managed SAN, server disk space and I/O utilization using Performance

Maximiser, Hitachi Tuning Manager and Hitachi PBMS

•Worked on IBM DS8000, DS4800 and IBM Shark Storage arrays to LUN masking/mapping, monitoring,

troubleshooting and fixing the day to day issues

•Worked extensively on creating design documents, LUN Assignments and RAID group assignments in

HDS, IBM storage arrays

•Worked on Cisco, Brocade and Mcdata SAN switches environment

•Worked on VSANs environment using CISCO 9513 switches, creating VSAN, IVR using Cisco Fabric


•Worked on Various Zoning tools like Cisco Fabric Manager, McData EFCM and SANVergence for

Routed Zoning

•Administration of Cisco switches using Fabric Manager and Device manager utilities

•Worked on Planning and implementation of Firmware upgrades on the Storage arrays and SAN switches

•Worked on planning and implementation of EFCM manager upgrade for Mcdata switches environment

•Host Zoning, LUN assignments as per business requirement using Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 storage.

•Worked on Storage Virtualization using NetApp V 3000 Series

•Used PAC2000 tool to create Problem Tickets and monitored closely to meet the company SLA dead


•Worked on Decommission Projects when decommissioning the Old Servers

•Worked closely with the System admins, network admins to trouble shoot and resolve the issues related

to SAN environment

•Administration of VERITAS NetBackup, backup and recovery environment

•Worked on heterogeneous environments having IBM AIX, Sun Solaris 8/10, HP UNIX, Red hat

Enterprise Servers (AS 2.1/4.0, RHEL 4/5)


HP XP24000, EVA8000/3000 Series, Hitachi USPV, USP, AMS1000/2000, IBM DS8000, DS4800, FAStT,

IBM Shark storage arrays, HP Storage Works Command View, Storage Navigator, Cisco MDS 9513, 9222i,

9216i, Mcdata and Brocade Switches(6140,6064,4700), IBM AIX (5.3, 5.2, 5.1, 4.3.3), HP ProLiant

BL200,400,600 Series, c3000, c7000 Chassis, pSeries servers (p590, p550, p520, p670, p630), Sun Solaris,

Red hat AS2.1/4.0 RHEL4/5, VMware, VERITAS Net Backup, Windows 2000/2003 server, PAC2000,


Novartis Pharmaceuticals, NJ June 04 – July 2008

Sr. SAN Administrator


•Worked in Planning, designing and Implementation of SAN infrastructure environment

•Supported 1PByte Storage Environment

•Implementation of Multi tier storage environment using EMC DMX3, DMX1000, Clarion CX-3-80 and

CX-700 storage arrays

•Implemented Split mirror backups using EMC Time Finder solution for business critical applications

•Configuration and Implementation of Time finder (MIRROR, SNAP, CLONE), SRDF/S, SRDF/A and

SRDF/AR for DMX Storage Arrays

•Managing EMC DMX Storage arrays using EMC Control Center and Solutions Enabler (SYMCLI)

•Worked on administration of Clariion storage arrays using EMC Navisphere

•Worked on administration of HP Storage arrays XP 24000, XP12000, XP1024, EVA and MSA Storage

•Supported Hitachi USPV, Lightning 9900 series, AMS1000 for Storage allocation and monitoring on

daily basis

•Worked on implementation of Hitachi True Copy to maintain multiple duplicate copies of user data

across multiple USPV’s / 9990v, Shadow Image for internal system duplication and HUR(Hitachi

Universal Replicator) for site to site Asynchronous DR Replication

•Worked on Host based migration from HP EVA 3K to USPV arrays

•Implemented CA(Continuous Access Replication), BC(Business Copy) for HP XP Storage Arrays

•Implemented Data Migration from XP1024 to MSA1000 array using XP Flex Copy

•Created a tiered SAN architecture to realign EMC hardware for improved overall performance and to

plan for future capacity needs.

•Implemented tiered SAN architect with the switch layout for storage, backups, virtual machines and

physical servers

•Implementation of Backup over the SAN environment for the backups using Mcdata Fabric and IBM

3584 and Quantum LTO2/LTO3 libraries.

•Planning for Firmware upgrade EMC DMX and Clarion storage arrays

•Worked on administration of HP ProLiant HP-C class blade servers

•Configured Snapshots, snap vaults and Snap mirrors for NAS devices

•NAS Experience includes EMC Celerra and IBM N5500/N5600/N7600 series

•Worked on the migration of Storage between different storage arrays using virtualization and TDMF


•Design and Implementation of VERITAS Netbackup environment using dedicated BAN (Backup Area


•Managed McData and Brocade fabrics

•System administration, documentation and knowledge transfer for disk allocation, zoning, file system

creation on Solaris, HPUX, and Linux.


Hitachi USPV, 9900v, AMS1000, EMC DMX3/4,DMX1000, Clarion CX3/4,CX700, EMC ECC,

EMC Navisphere Manager, Hitachi Storage Navigator, HP Storage Works Command View,

Navisphere, HP XP12000, EVA 5000, MSA 1000/1500, VMware, Mcdata Switches 10k, 6140

Directors/ES4700/ES3232, Brocade 48K,Veritas Netbackup 5.1, SCOM, SIM, Rainfinity, Websphere

MQ, SharePoint Server, Sun Solaris10, AIX 5.3, Sharepoint Server, New York, NY

(NBC Universal)

SAN and Backup Administrator Jan 02 – June 04


•Administration and configurations of the Entire SAN infrastructure which includes Mcdata Edge to Core

dual fabric SAN infrastructure, Backup over the SAN which includes ADIC I2K and S10K tape

libraries and Tiered level storage such as EMC DMX1000, CX700 and IBM Storage arrays and HP

EVA 5000

•Zoning all SAN infrastructure using Connectrix manager on Mcdata switches

•Worked on upgrading the firmware on Switches

•Allocation of Storage to Servers for the servers already in Production and for new projects (Windows,

UNIX and Blade Frames) from EMC-Storage arrays (Symmetrix DMX, Clarion), from IBM-Storage

Arrays(ESS) and from Hitachi arrays (USP, 9900)

•Worked on Conversion of Standard devices of Symmetrix to BCVs / Clones and SRDF devices

•Worked on HBA replacement activities such as rezoning and remasking to new HBA

•Worked on troubleshooting the connectivity as well as masking issues

•Involved in implementation and maintenance of ADIC i2K/10K robot partitions

•Implemented and maintaining the Netbackup master and media servers over the SAN

•Implemented and maintaining the load balancers for intranet applications using alteons

•Implemented high-availability procedures on system level, application level, and data level redundancy

using VERITAS volume manager, EMC, Alteon load balancers

•Daily Backups/Restores using NBU4.5

•Installation of Video applications like frost2.5, samba setup, performance tuning

•Installation, maintaining and load balancing the I-planet web servers using Alteons

•Sitescope administration like setting up various applications, hardware, DB level alert mechanisms,

developing customized scripts for the monitors according to the requirement

•Worked on implementation of Netapp NAS Environment

•Monitoring the performance metrics using sitescope

•Involved in database migrations from oracle8i to oracle9i

•Implementation of SQL, Oracle, and Exchange database backups

•Writing UNIX Shell scripts for day-to-day UNIX system administration

•Writing Korn shell scripts for the administration

•Designed and implemented Disaster recovery of all machine critical servers at different site

•Hardware upgrades and replacements.

Environment: EMC DMX3, DMX1000, Clarion, IBM ESS, Hitachi HDS, HP-UNIX, Sun Solaris 8.0,

Windows, MCDATA and BROCADE, Sharepoint Server, VMware

American Express, Phoenix, AZ Sep 99 – Jan 02

Role: Contractor-Enterprise Storage Manager and TSM Administrator


•Administration of about 150TB of storage environment

•Implementation and Administration of SAN environment which includes EMC Symmetrix and Mcdata


•Configuration and Administration of IBM ADSM/TSM for Backup and Recovery

•Installation and configuration of EMC PowerPath for Load Balancing and Failover Host Configuration

•Administration of IBM ESS 2105-F20 storage array

•Supported IBM AIX and SUN servers

•Performance Management and Tuning for IBM AIX and SUN OS servers

•Worked on Vantive ticketing system for Incident management

•Implementation of Netapps NAS environment

•Worked in Migration of Direct Attached Storage to SAN storage.


EMC Symmetrix 3830 EMC Clarion, IBM 2105-F20/800, RS6000 and Sun Solaris OS, IBM AIX, IBM


Lifeline Hospital, Pune, India Aug 97 – Sep 99

System Engineer and Analyst

•Provided Systems support for 45 Unix servers consisting of LINUX, SUN OS, AIX and SCO UNIX


•Provided support for 2000 users

•Installation and configuration of UNIX servers

•Worked on build, Installing and configuration of LVM on Linux Servers

•Users Management

•Configured HACMP on AIX for high availability

•Configured Tapes backups using TAR and CPIO

•Provided Different direct attached RAID arrays on the UNIX servers

•Provided Unix administration for AIX and SUN Solaris environment

•Coordinate and work with third party vendors and service providers for resolution of problems and

trouble tickets

•Monitor, configure, maintain MS Windows Servers, Exchange & Active Directory resources including

Print Servers, Security, Users administration, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, VLAN, Routers, Switches, Load

Balancers, Firewalls, SAN



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