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Project Manager

Houston, Texas, 77077, United States
May 26, 2010

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**** *********** #***,

H ouston, TX 77077

j, Phone:


SUM MARY IT professional with experience in project management, systems

support, analysis, design, development and implementation.

P roficient in the use of Project Management Institute (PMI) best

p ractices. Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

SKI L LS M icrosoft Office Suite, MS Project, CRM, ITI L ver 3, SQL, Visio,

R IM, Octel

E XPER I E NCE P roject M anager I I June

2009 - P resent

V2W Alltell Conversion Phase I I I

• Worked in the South Area team of Verizon Wireless Data

expert to evaluate and develop key business rules and

requirements for acquisitions and mergers of Alltel

switch conversion to Verizonwireless network platform

• Engaged in the creation of software baseline/conversion

matrix for VZW/Alltell devices, replacement substitution

matrix for warrantee devices

• Coordinated the conversion of the glenayre and centigram

voicemail boxes, prompts and activation solutions from

A lltel to Verizonwireless networks

• Tested the functionality of hybrid Alltell converted

subscriber accounts on the Verizonwireless network

• Reviewed with critical specificity, the standidarzation of

A lltell/HTML dashboard devices, Alltel basic and non-

HTML devices

• Currently testing the final results of the last phase of the

VZW/Alltel mapping tools, Affinity/ELEU GUI


T echnical Coordinator Level I I T raining/Support October

2008 – April 2009

VZW/Blackberry Version I I Administrative Site 10 Upgrade


• Assisted in collating testcodes for the upgrade of the

VZW/RIM Administrative tool site 10

• Worked with RIM data experts to upgrade the BIS/BES

email platforms on the Verizonwireless data network

• Ran test analysis on the RIM JVM 102 bug and access

control errors, implementing fixes and enhancements to

satisfactory conclusion

• Tested the t ransmission of data packets between

Verizonwireless/WDTS GUI panel and RIM Relay servers

to authenticate and validate IP data

• Moderated the development of RIM device simulation

G UI for Verizonwireless support knowledge base

P roject M anager I I I Janua ry

2008 – July 2008

Verizonwireless CRM Version 4.5 Softwa re Development

• Analyzed the support needs for enhancing version 4.3 to

version 4.5

• Coordinated the formation of Technical Team IV to

develop the software version 4.5

• Implemented performance improvement plans to enhance

CRM 4.5 recovery rate of 7% less down time compared to

version 4.3

• Worked with Technical Support subject matter experts to

compile learning materials for the VZLEARN CRM

version 4.5 database

• Coordinated a 6 week handoff t raining exercise to Data

Support Level I I representatives on the use of CRM 4.5

P r oject Manager I I June 2007 -

D ecember 2007

Verizonwireless GC WDTS V IS IO N East Project

• Participated in business case analysis for VISION East

Gulf Coast Area Project 2007

• Initiated the VZQ6 quality control and optimization tool

for data validation, reducing test t ime by 20% of previous


• Coorninated the Implemention of the VISION East

VZLINK 2.0 testcode verifier to regulate data analysis

and validation with an estimated $345,000 net savings

and improvement on VZLINK VISION EAST 1.5


• Monitored and tested the final VISION EAST GC WDTS

version 2.0 to ensure acceptability by South Area

management and conformance to 2008 Gulf Coast


• Successfully added learning materials to the Info

M anager/Knowledge Base for South Area wireless data

support specialists

P r oject Manager I I I Janua ry

2007 - June 2007

Verizonwireless PRO-VCAST7 Software Development

• Assisted in the feasibility analysis and scope development


• Created a customer feedback tool to simulate new

features for PROVCAST7

• Developed ‘Totaltrack’ reporting system that reduced

p roject completion schedule 2 months ahead of time

• Implemented an effective r isk response to C-VICAR bug

on VZD files integration process, creating a net savings of

$201,000 from cost baseline

• Coordinated the final test and acceptance of the

PROVCAST7 ‘remedy’ software enhancement by the

South Area Network Repair Bureau (NRB)

P r oject Coordinator May 2006 -

D ecember 2006

BDSS Houston (BDL I NK version 3.2 Network

I nf rastructure P roject)

• Compiled and analyzed end user requirements for the

B DLINK SW version 3.0

• Developed a matrix tool to t rack and evaluate end user


• Assisted in developing the technician/resource

evaluability chart

• Assisted in the risk assessment of terrabugs on BDLINK

version 3.1, And activated a contingency plan to mitigate

i ts impact on version 3.2

• Audited receipts and invoices of CISCO Network

(hardware/software) procurements

• Actively involved in the compilation of updates to version

3.1 Knowledge Base for the BDLINK network software

version 3.2


P r oject M anager I I April

2005 - April 2006

Robert’s IT Services ( Intell ifax CRM version 6.0

u pgrade/instal l)

• Engaged in project initiation and planning, prepared cost

and schedule estimates to meet project milestones

• Assisted in resolving r isk issues and created a strategic

response to the “vitaerr” bug on Intellifax version 5.4

• Implemented earned value techniques in total cost

analysis saving $29,000 from project baseline estimates

for risk response

• Updated and archived procurement documents; bids,

purchase orders, invoices, and receipts for the In tellifax

CRM version 6.0

• Utilized Tektrace to track technicians’ productivity

• Managed multiple tasks on critical life cycle phases of

design, implementation, testing, and validation of CRM

version 6.0

E DUCAT IO N M aster of Business Administration – in progress


Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas

P roject Management Capstone and Lean Six Sigma


Villanova University, Tampa, Florida

P roject M anagement Certificate


Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

B achelor of Science, Political Science


Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria


C ERT I F ICAT IO NS PMP, CompTIA A+, Network+, Project+


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