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Sap Technical Support

Hinckley, Ohio, 44233, United States
May 27, 2010

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Hinckley, Ohio ****3

Home: (330)***-**** Cell: (440)***-****

SUMMARY Experienced IT Professional with a 20 year proven track

record in all aspects of computer systems including

computer operations, applications development, systems

administration and management. The majority of the

experience was at Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing,

pharmaceuticals and retail industries. Fifteen years of

SAP Basis experience, certification in SAP Basis

Administration, and contract employment to SAP for 3 years.

Team oriented, driven, and dedicated to results with

complete attention to technical detail.


Independent Basis Consultant December 1999 -

August 2003

January 2006 - Present

Provided clients with all realms of SAP technical support

including Oracle, UNIX, UNIX scripting, SAP installations

and upgrades. Monitored systems and implemented software

and hardware recommendations to increase system

reliability, performance and reduce human intervention in a

complex SAP landscape with as many as 57 instances and

35,000 users. Automated many tasks using UNIX scripts

designed automation of the correction and transport system.

Also automated many files system cleanup tasks and

automated the system startup and shutdown routines

including monitoring of system status with pager

notification. Implemented hundreds of support packs, and

installed bolt on applications. Supported the following

SAP applications: R/3 (ECC), Business Warehouse (BI),

Enterprise Portal (EP), Business 2 Business (B2B),

Workplace Single Sign-on (SSO), Knowledge Warehouse (KW),

and Supply Chain Management (SCM) with LiveCache.

Systemations Client Experience:

ABB (November 2007 - October 2009): Basis team lead and

technical architect. Produced complete landscape hardware

and software architecture design including HACMP clustering

with high availability, SAN RAID levels and micro

partitioning. Installation of BI 7.0, and support pack

patching of ECC 6.0, EP, GTS. Supported the replacement of

19 legacy ERP systems with over 6,000 SAP users. Disaster

recovery design and testing for all production SAP

instances. Supported ECC 6.0, GTS 7.0, BI 7.0, GRC 7.0,

Enterprise Portal 7.0 on AIX 5.3 and Oracle 10.2 on IBM

P570 cluster.

Bose (February 2007 - October 2007): Provided Basis

technical support and project management. Worked on many

performance tuning issues including LPAR (AIX Logical

partitions) design, SAN/Disk layout, Oracle and AIX

parameter implementation and SQL tuning. Supported full

pre-production performance testing using load-runner with

simulated 5,000 user load. Supported ECC 6.0, SRM 7.0, GTS

7.0, BI 7.0, Solman 4.0, SCM 7.0. Tested HACMP cluster

failover and recovery.

Limitedbrands (February 2006 - January 2007): Provided

Basis technical and project management support for the

Limitedbrands Retail implementations including SAP Retail,

Portal, XI, GTS (Global Trade), Real-estate, SCM (supply

Chain Management) and BI (Business Warehouse).

OfficeMax, Inc (January 2003 - August 2003): Provided Basis

and technical support for all SAP instances. Standardized

landscape (hostnames, instance names, instance numbers,

file systems, etc.), Tested and improved production

failover design for improved uptime. Performed disaster

recovery testing at off site facility and high availability

configuration and testing using VCS.

Eli Lilly (June 1998- November 2002): Provided BASIS

technical support for their global manufacturing SAP

project through the go-live and post production phases.

Lead Oracle upgrade to 8.0.5 on Legacy SAP systems.

Automated Transport procedure between 8 SAP instances and

28 clients. Developed automated UNIX scripts for

interfaces between SAP and IBM legacy systems. Performed

full disaster recovery testing of SAP R/3 at third party

warm site. Lead SAP security methodology recast for future

security roll-outs. Lead SAP 40b to 45b upgrade and the

application of all LCP's and Hot packages.

OFFICEMAX, Inc. Shaker Heights, Ohio

SAP Basis Manager August 2003 - January 2006

Lead SAP Basis team that supports 30+ SAP systems with 7

Production SAP systems and SAP Portal in 3 remote

locations. Design and implement numerous performance

enhancements and landscape engineering to support 6,000

average logged-in user and 38,000 named users. Document

standard procedures and manage off-shore Basis Support team

in Bombay, India. Lead the SAP 4.7 upgrade of 5

simultaneous production systems under budget in a 4 month

project. Standardized SAP systems including host aliases,

instance numbers, monitoring, SAPgui, table space names,

login groups, etc. Migrated all Production systems to

Veritas Clustering to provide highly available systems.

Consolidated software management and SAP Transport

Management Systems to reduce workload and dependence on

UNIX Administration Teams.


Associate Partner/Certified Basis Consultant June 1995 -

December 1999

Provided Prism Consulting clients with all areas of SAP

technical support including Oracle, UNIX, SAP installations

and upgrades. Performed client and consultant recruitment

and placement. Defined firm technical infrastructure and

WEB page requirements.

Prism Consulting Group Client Experience:

Nash Finch (1997-1998): BASIS Team Lead for one of the

first implementations of SAP-Retail. Responsibilities

included hardware selection, disk selection and set-up,

database migration, SAP operations automation; SAP

automated monitoring, notes applications, and all SAP

installations and upgrades. Performed extensive Correction

and Transport support combining two development systems

running on two different versions of SAP. Performed team

project planning and tracking of technical go live tasks.

Lead performance evaluation of specific SAP retail

transactions in a very high volume environment.

Eli Lilly (1995-1997): Provided all BASIS support for this

project through the go-live and post production phases.

Performed the upgrade of three systems, including

production, from 2.2F to 3.0D and from 3.0D to 3.1G.

Investigated SAP Oracle and HP-UX problems and applied




Lead the selection of hardware, operating system, and

database for the corporate implementation of SAP. Designed

the Client and Instance strategy. Responsible for the

hardware, operating systems, database, interface

development, technical training and Basis support for SAP

R/3. Perform all installations and upgrades to both

Digital UNIX and SAP R/3. Lead the design of interface

software to SAP from legacy IBM and VAX/VMS systems.

Performed Database imports and exports as well as the

addition of table spaces. Performed systems diagnostics.

Configured RAID software and hardware for efficient and

redundant operations of SAP using the Advanced File System,

Logical Storage Manager. Installed and configured

automated monitoring software to alert Data Center

Operations of system events. Perform Corrections and

Transports of ABAPs, Data Dictionary changes, and

configuration data. Set-up OSS using frame relay

connection to SAP.


Lead installation of Materials Requirement Planning System

across five plants resulting in a savings of three million

dollars each year in inventory and raw material costs and

increased accuracy of production planning. Installed an

Engineering Stores inventory system at eleven plants with

savings of two million dollars. Served as a consultant to

the Andersen Consulting Software Packaging Team to improve

the quality of the Process/1 software product installation.

Installed production reporting system in four plants for

on-line production statistics. Participated in the design

and implementation of centralized management of computers

located in each of fourteen chemical plants. Wrote the

departmental goals and vision for several groups in the

Information Systems organization.

THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY Strongsville, Ohio 44136

SOFTWARE ANALYST March 1989 - May 1992

Responsible for 40 Digital VAX computers and their

operation across 10 chemical plants and one division

headquarters. Performed software installations and

upgrades. Headed up Dow Chemical Eastern Division

Standards team whose charter was to establish a standard

VAX platform and the implementation of that standard

throughout the division. Automated computer operations and

wrote event monitoring system with automatic correction

procedures. Member of Dow global VAX standards committee

who established Dow VAX computing policy and guidelines. .

VITA-MIX CORPORATION Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138

PROGRAMMER/ANALYST May 1987 - March 1989

COMPUTER PROGRAMMER October 1985 - May 1987


Berea, Ohio 44017

Masters of Business Administration - Graduated September,



Bachelor of Science - Graduated June, 1989

Computer Informational Systems GPA - 3.3

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