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Engineer Design

Irvine, California, 92618, United States
May 23, 2010

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Chenhuan Cui

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Experienced and highly motivated engineer seeking a challenging and leading

position with a dynamic organization in one of the following arenas:

. Medical device design

. Design verification & validation

. Optical sensors development

. Process control system design

. Mechanical component design

. Data/Image acquisition system

. Risk analysis/FMEA/FTA

. Thermal spray process control


. VB.Net/C#/C++/Java

. UG/AutoCAD/SolidWorks

. System test infrastructure


> Experienced engineer with Ph.D. degrees and 8+ years of broad

experience spanning multiple industries with recent specialization in

advanced cochlear implant system research, development and production

> 6+ years of hands-on experience in measurement based advanced process

control system design for thermal spray (plasma spray, HVOF), and

coating products development for industrial applications such as jet

engine, SOFC, automotive engine, pharmaceutical reactor

> Automotive regulator/valve/injector components design, validation and

production transfer

> Automotive PHEV battery power management control system design and


> Fluent NI LABVIEW data/image acquisition skills, including software

development and hardware setup

> Fluent MATLAB/SIMULINK skills for model based design, system

identification/simulation and related data analysis

> Proven ability to lead and manage an engineering team to finish

projects and meet customer's expectations successfully in multiple

industries including medical device, alternative energy automotive,

aerospace, and oil refinery.

> Proven ability to write IQ/OQ/PQ, test protocols and technical

reports. Knowledge of design controls, FDA and CE guidance and

statistical techniques.

> Ability to multi-task and prioritize responsibilities to ensure

deadlines are met in a fast-paced environment

> Superior organizational project management abilities

> "Certified Reliability Engineer" from American Society for Quality

(Oct, 2008)

> "Certified Manufacturing Engineer" from Society of Manufacturing

Engineers (June, 2003)

> " Sun Certified Java Programmer" from Sun Microsystems (Sep, 2004)

> Author of the book: Plasma Spray Process Advanced Control System

Design, ISBN: 978-3-639-11017-3, VDM-PUBLISHING, Germany, 2008


Doctor of Philosophy - Manufacturing Engineering


Boston University - Boston, Massachusetts

Master of Science- Mechanical Engineering


Zhejiang University - Hangzhou, China

Bachelor of Science- Electrical Engineering


East China University of Science and Technology - Shanghai, China


Advanced Bionics 4/2009 -


Sylmar, California

Senior System Engineer, Design Assurance

. Interdisciplinary engineering lead role in R&D product development teams

for cutting-edge cochlear implant system including electrode array,

hybrid chip, antenna coil, headpiece and Li-ion power system.

. Improve the quality and reliability of implant system designs through

defining the sources of design and potential production and surgical


. Defining and executing verification and validation tests, investigating

product use cases and determining methods of testing the product

. R&D product manufacturing process design to minimize cost, maximize yield

and optimize production process for both external and implant systems

. Hands-on experience in process development and manufacturing equipment

for plastic/metal parts, laser welding, and resistance welding

. Work with other design engineers to develop product specifications that

accurately reflect the expected use

. Work with manufacturing engineers to transfer R&D results to production

process smoothly

. Work with our Regulatory and Quality departments to ensure that all

compliance including FDA & TUV requirements are met

. Develop risk analysis and management database for AB's quality control

database using Visual Basic .Net and SQL


11/2007 - 2/2009

Irvine, California

Senior Project Engineer

. Lead teams and interfaces with customers, vendors and plant personnel in

coordinating product changes. Prepares and defines test procedures for

product validation and analyzes results.

. Compiled and analyzed data and recommends further action to all customers

(internal and external). Provides system and/or process expertise and

diagnosis/troubleshooting as required by customer.

. Provided concepts and developed ideas to improve current automobile

component products, including PHEV battery control system, hydrogen

injectors/valves/regulators, tubing structure for OEM customers such as

GM, Ford, Suzuki

. Designed and set up automation system to test and validate new R&D

product designs and RCA failures with the whole product R&D team for

products such as auto high voltage battery and hydrogen injector/valves

. Implemented HVOF and plasma spray processes for performance enhancements

of automotive power-train components

. Preparation of specific cost estimates or proposals for outsourcing

product/technology to Asia as requested. Researches and implements new

products, reliability and test methodologies. Conceives and writes patent

disclosures to substantiate patent applications and accumulates the

necessary documentation.

. Broadened the functional scope/general application of automobile

component products line, and improves products reliability.

. Drafted/designed/approved drawings to ensure automobile components

conforming to our drawings will conform to customer specifications.

. Represented Quantum to the customer and vendors by providing guidance, as

needed, for program direction. Negotiates specifications with the

customer to ensure conformance with product performance requirements.

. Created and presented product/application information, as appropriate, to

customers. Authorizes, supervises and coordinates prototype product


. Provided expertise to upper management on customer, competitor and

technology activities. ( Evaluated and approved/rejected specific

deviations for production based upon its merits and liabilities. Advised

upper management of the relative merit of each program.


7/2005 - 10/2007

Natick, Massachusetts

Software Engineer

. MATLAB Data Acquisition, Image Acquisition, Instrument Control

toolboxes new functionality source code, test code development and

multi-OS compatibility troubleshooting and maintenance

. MATLAB Data Acquisition, Image Acquisition, Instrument Control

toolboxes graphic user interface (GUI) new features design and

usability design

. Mathworks Test & Measurement Lab hardware troubleshooting, daily

maintenance and development schedule coordination for Toyota Denso T&M

software kit development

. MATLAB Test & Measurement toolboxes code coverage team lead


8/2000 - 7/2005

Boston, Massachusetts

Engineering Team Lead / Research Assistant

. Lead team of undergraduates in set-up of academic plasma spray


. Plasma spray process sensors development and applications

o Plasma intensity sensor system development for Westinghouse SOFC


o HVOF WC-Co-Cr-based coating development for GE J47 jet engine


o Torch voltage bifurcation detection system for Sulzer-Metco

F4/F9 and TAFA SG100 spray gun

o Torch nozzle acoustics monitoring sensor for Sulzer-Metco F4/F9

and TAFA SG100 spray gun

o Individual particle states sensor

. Designed and implemented plasma spray real-time control system,


o Controller/sensor/simulation software for feedback control,

utilizing LABVIEW & MATLAB & C++

o Automatic motion systems to improve measurement accuracy by

motion control systems

o Real-time control system implementation (software & hardware)


11/2001 - 11/2004

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Technical Consultant (Part-time)

. Provided technical expertise in control system design for plasma

spray process for U.S. Department of Energy advanced fuel cell

research program

. Played instrumental role in reduction in variation of SOFC production

process and 7% reduction of manufacturing costs


1/2001 - 5/2001

Hillsboro, New Hampshire

Manufacturing Engineer (Intern)

. Participated in design, layout and implementation of High Intensity

Discharge Lamp (HID) production system

. Identified operational bottlenecks and applied such manufacturing

methodologies as continuous improvement and kanban system design to

increase process throughput by 12%


- 3/2000

Hangzhou, China

Mechanical Engineer (Part-Time)

. Served as technical consultant in process control projects for Fujian

Qingzhou Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., using Computer Integrated

Manufacturing (CIM) techniques

. Designed and implemented control system for pulp and paper process,

including PID controller tuning and process model simulation

. Developed relational database with SQL Server and Delphi to record and

analyze paper and pulp industrial data


1/1997 - 7/1997

Shanghai, China

Application Engineer (Intern)

. Designed and implemented control systems for large-scale oil

distillation column

. Used neural network to research ways to optimize distillation process

. Performed PLC design and programming[pic]

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