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Manager Oracle

8536, United States
May 26, 2010

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Mobile Phone No. : (732) ***-****

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Executive Summary

Over 24 years experience in the field of Information Technology.

Extensive experience in all areas of the System Development Life Cycle

including Project Management, Business Systems Analysis, Database Design

and Administration, and Programming in a variety of platforms and


1 Hardwares

2 SUN E10000, SUN E450/E250, SUN SparcCenter 2000, HP-9000, IBM-RS-6000,

Compaq, HP N-class, IBM AS/400, IBM-S38, IBM PCs, Fujitsu-PrimePower


Operating System

Unix, Linux, Solaris 6/7/8, HP-UX 9/10/11, IBM-AIX, SCO-Unix, Windows-

NT, Windows 2000, OS/400, OS/38


SAS Data Integration (ETL) Studio, Ascential DataStage XE, Lawson ERP,

Oracle V6/V7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g RDBMS, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL*Plus,

Oracle SQL*Loader, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Net*8, SQL*Net V2,

Quest Toad, Oracle Developer 2000 Forms/Reports, Visual Basic 6, Pro*C,

Korn Shell Scripting, Platinum Plan Analyzer, ERWIN data modeller,

MagicDraw data modeller, Platinum DBVision & Server Vision, Perl,

Crystal Report, Cobol-400, Control Language (CL) 400, AS-400 Screen

Design Aid (SDA), AS-400 Query, AS-400 Data File Utility (DFU), CL-38,

Cobol/38, Informix RDBMS, Informix 4GL, Informix SQL.

Work Experience

FDG Consulting, Inc

Morris Plains, NJ 07950

May 2008 to Present

Client: Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Inc. Feb 2010 to


3 ADP Blvd., Roseland, NJ 07068

Performed the following as a Database Administrator/Developer:

. Install oracle software and create databases in RAC and non-RAC


. Monitor and tune database performance using AWR, OEM

. Review and tune application (SQL) queries

. Develop logical and physical data models using TOAD Data Modeler

. Create the database objects in the database as per data models

. Extract/load data into databases using sql*loader, export/import


. Write PL/SQL scripts, procedures and triggers

. Write automated jobs using shell scripts

Client: Tangible Value, LLC May 2008 to Feb


470 Wall St., Princeton, NJ 08540

Worked as a Sr. Database Administrator for various projects using Oracle

on Linux and Unix performing various database related tasks:

Database Administration

. Install and configure Oracle softwares and upgrades

. Install, configure, and manage Oracle Real Appication Cluster (RAC)

databases and Oracle single-instance databases

. Create physical database and database objects (tables, indexes, views,

etc) as per database design

. Monitor and tune database performance using Oracle Enterprise Manager

(OEM), Statspack, and OS utilities

. Write unix shell scripts and database scripts

. Support application developers in their database requirements, such

as, loading of test data, database refresh, writing and optimizing

queries, etc.

. Optimize database application queries using tkprof, explain plan, and


. Gather data volume projections and plan for data growth

. Plan the back-up and recovery strategies for the different databases

. Implement back-up and recovery procedures using Oracle Recovery

Manager (RMAN)

. Plan and Implement database archiving for fault tolerance

. Ensure database availability and performance

. Attend to all database and database-related problems

Database Architect

. Gather and analyze database requirements from application architect/s

. Plan and design logical and physical database models using MagicDraw

. Create tables, indexes, views, synonyms, database triggers, and other

database objects for different applications

Database Developer

. Write Oracle PL/SQL programs using TOAD and SQLDeveloper

. Write and test stored procedures and packages using PL/SQL for

different applications

. Write stored functions to implement FGAC using VPD dbms procedures

. Design the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process for Business

Intelligence application

. Write and test ETL programs using DataStage

Lawson - Philippines

Bonifacio Global City, City of Taguig, Philippines

Feb 2007 to March 2008

Worked as a Sr. Oracle DBA for various projects. As an Oracle DBA:

. Install and configure Oracle softwares and upgrades

. Install, configure, and manage Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster

(RAC) databases and Oracle single-instance databases

. Design logical and physical database models

. Create physical database and database objects (tables, indexes, views,

etc) as per database design

. Monitor and tune database performance using Oracle Enterprise Manager

(OEM) Database Control and Grid Control for RAC, Statspack, and OS


. Manage users and user connections in RAC

. Write unix shell scripts and database scripts

. Led, managed, and coordinated a team of 5 people on a day-to-day basis

. Developed data quality assurance criteria and procedures

Soluziona Phils. / Corporate Information Solutions, Inc.

Meralco Center, Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines

1 July 2001 to Jan 2007

Client: Manila Electric Company Aug 2001 to Jan 2007

Pasig City, Philippines

Worked as a Datawarehouse Designer/DBA for the Corporate Data Warehouse

of the Manila Electric Co. As a datawarehouse designer:

. Translated business requirements into technical specifications

. Designed datawarehouse dimensional data models to support user


. Designed datawarehouse ETL process.

. Identified data sources, constructed data decomposition/mapping

diagrams, and documented the process.

. Wrote specifications for the ETL process.

. Developed normalized data models for the staging database.

. Wrote ETL jobs using Ascential DataStage ETL tool.

. Wrote stored procedures/scripts to capture data changes using Oracle


. Wrote stored procedures, packages for ETL process using Oracle

PL/SQL; also wrote shell scripts.

. Wrote programs using Cognos Impromptu, Transformer, and Powerplay.

. Prepared project plan and schedules.

As a datawarehouse DBA (Oracle 8i/9i):

. Prepared initial data volume and data growth rate to determine data

storage requirements.

. Wrote and Implemented physical database design for the datawarehouse

. Created database and corresponding storage and memory structures,

e.g., tablespaces, rollback segments, redo logs, etc.

. Created tables, partitions, indexes, synonyms, etc.

. Wrote shell scripts for running the ETL process.

. Manage the ETL process and validate the results.

. Monitor and Fine-tune the database and the application SQLs.

. Performed regular database backups.

USinternetworking, Inc./EnableVision LLC

50 Mt. Bethel Rd., Warren, NJ 07056 USA

May 2000 to June 2001

Worked as a Database Designer/Administrator for an application service

provider. As such performed the following tasks:

. Gathered and documented requirements from the users/analysts.

. Developed database designs and program specifications.

. Installed and configured Lawson ERP application software.

. Installed and configured Oracle 8/8i RDBMS.

. Developed physical designs for database implementations.

. Created database and database objects.

. Monitored and tuned the application and database.

. Configured and sized database and database objects, e.g.,

tablespaces, tables, and indexes

. Wrote database backup and recovery plan

. Wrote stored procedures/packages, PL/SQL scripts, shell scripts, and

perl scripts.

. Wrote report programs using Crystal Reports.

Millenium Computer Systems

New York, New York, USA

Aug 1998 - Apr 2000

Client: (formerly Dec 1999 - Apr


26 Broadway Ave., New York, NY, USA


Worked as a Database Designer/Administrator on an internet supplies

procurement system using Oracle 8i on Sun Enterprise 250 operating on

Solaris 8. As a database administrator:

. installed Oracle 8i RDBMS on a Sun Solaris 8 operating system.

. developed logical and physical database design using Power Designer

case tool.

. created the database and all the database objects.

. installed and configured Oracle Client network connections.

. did performance monitoring and tuning using Oracle Enterprise


. assisted the developers in SQL formulation and other problems related

to the database.

. reviewed and optimized SQL statements in every program.

. developed a customer database system in Microsoft Access.

. wrote stored procedures, packages, PL/SQL programs, and shell


. supported the developers in the formulation and loading of test data

using SQL*Loader and Microsoft Access.

Client: Johnson & Johnson - Healthcare Systems, Inc. Aug 1998-Dec


Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

As a Database Administrator for Contracts and Rebates System (CARS),

performed the following :

. planned and created the physical database and database objects.

. created test database, loaded test data, and did test database

refreshes using export/import and SQL*Loader.

. fine-tuned application SQL statements using explain plan, tkprof, and

Platinum's Plan Analyzer.

. monitored and fine-tuned database performance using Oracle Enterprise

Manager, Platinum SQL-Station, and Oracle's utlbstat/estat utility.

. created users and managed user privileges and resources.

. performed logical and physical database back-ups using export/import

and unix back-up utilities.

. apply upgrades to the CARS application software.

. attend to all database related problems.

. Wrote stored procedures/packages, PL/SQL scripts, and shell scripts.

As a Database Administrator/Programmer for Marketing and Research

System (MRS), performed the following:

. created the logical data model and physical design of the Marketing

and Research Database using the Erwin CASE tool

. determined space requirements for database objects, tables, primary

keys and other indexes.

. wrote data definition language (DDL) scripts for creation of tables,

indexes and other database objects.

. developed loader scripts and control files for loading initial data

and regular data updates.

. developed online programs using Visual Basic 6.

1 RCG Information Technology, Inc.

2 Edison, New Jersey, USA

2 Jun 1996 - Aug 1998


2 Client: AT&T Labs Jul 1996 - Aug


Middletown, New Jersey, USA

Functioned as a Database Administrator for the Business Maintenance

Platform (BMP) - Managed Objects (MO). As a DBA:

. installed Oracle softwares and software upgrades.

. Installed and worked on sql and database performance tools such as

Platinum DBVision/ Server Vision/ Wire Tap, Quest's SQL*Lab.

. Performed SQL tuning and database performance monitoring/tuning,

designed physical database schemas, created database and database

objects (tables, indexes, etc.).

. Performed database back-up and management of user and user resources.

. developed a number of online programs and reports using ORACLE

Developer 2000 Forms Designer and Reports Designer for the Data

Management Group (DMG) of BMP.

. Wrote database triggers, PL/SQL scripts, stored procedures, and shell

scripts, and Pro*C programs.

3 Computer Information Systems

Pasig City, Philippines

Jan 1991 - May 1996

Client: Electronic Telephone Service Industries, Inc. (ETSI)

Nov 1995 - Jun 1996

Functioned as a Systems Designer responsible for the systems design,

development and packaging of the Personnel Information and Payroll

System (PIPS) which was implemented on an Oracle V7 environment using

Oracle Developer 2000 Tools. Duties include system/subsystem

application design (online and batch programs), database design, system

testing, and supervision of the construction phase.

Also acted as the database administrator responsible for the definition

of the physical and logical database architecture, creation of database

and database objects, database performance monitoring and tuning,

application tuning, installation of Oracle software and upgrades,

design and implementation of database security plan. Also wrote some

batch programs in Oracle PL/SQL.

Client: Manila Electric Company

Nov 1993 to Nov 1995

Worked as a Systems Designer for the Personnel Management System (PMS).

As a Systems Designer, designed the system architecture, application

and database. Also wrote program specifications and test plan,

supervised the development of the entire system.

May 1993 to July 1993

Worked as an IS Analyst/Designer on the Training and Development System

(TDS). As an analyst, gathered data, analyzed system requirements,

proposed alternative solutions and documented requirements using DFD's,

ERD's, and process specifications. As a designer, prepared the logical

and physical system/sub-system architecture, database structure,

application architecture and security requirements. The system was

developed on an Oracle V7 Environment, using Oracle CDE Toools.

July 1991 to March 1992

Worked as a C.S. Designer/Programmer on a Vehicle Fleet Management

System. This system was developed on a 486-based machine running on

SCO-Unix using Informix as the development tool and also its RDBMS.

Duties include preparation of system/subsystem application design,

database design and implementation, system testing, program coding.

January 1991 to July 1991

Worked as a C.S. Designer/Programmer on the Technical Documentation

System, developed on a 386-based machine running on SCO-Unix using

Informix as the development tool and RDBMS. Duties include design of

application system, design of database structures. Also wrote programs

in Informix-4GL.

2 Special Projects

Client: National Movement For Free Elections (NAMFREL)


Apr 1995 - May 1995

Designed the NAMFREL Operation Quick Count, an Election Tallying system

used during the May 1995 Senatorial/Gubernatorial/ Representative


Client: Media-Citizens' Quick Count (MCQC)


Apr 1992 - May 1992

Worked as a CS Designer on a Vote Tallying System for the May 1992

Philippine National Elections on a 486-based machine using Informix-

Online operating on SCO-Unix. This system was implemented on a client-

server architecture. As a designer, designed the manual process and

document flow, designed the system and application architecture, and

the database structure. Also wrote most of the delicate programs.

Corporate Information Solutions

. A member of the Programming Standards team.

. Conducted training sessions on System and Application Design and

Oracle PL/SQL programming.

. A member of the Work Standards Team, which formulated company

standards for the entire System Development Life Cycle, from

Analysis to Implementation. Primarily tasked to handle the

standards requirements for Design and Programming phases.


Makati City, Philippines

Apr 1985 to Jan 1991

Worked as an analyst/programmer on the following systems :

. Enhancements to the General Ledger and Accounts Receivable system

. Insurance Sales Analysis System

. Insurance Billing (Invoicing/Refund Premium) System

. Policy Master System

. Insurance Claims System

As an analyst, gathered data on user requirements, analyzed gathered

data and proposed alternative solutions and documented the system

requirements. As a programmer, wrote a considerable number of programs

using COBOL/400 and CL/400 on IBM-AS/400.

Worked as a programmer on the following systems :

. Insurance Claims System

. Insurance Commission Invoicing System

. Insurance Policy Renewal System

. Group Hospitalization Reinsurance System

All these systems were developed on an IBM-S/38 using COBOL/38 and

CL/38 running on OS/38.


Degree : B. S. in Electrical Engineering

Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines

Courses Attended :

. Performance Management Workshop - 10/24/02 to 10/25/02

. CMM Orientation - 9/16/02

. CMM Orientation on SDLC, CSSP, Reqts Mgmt - 12/2/02 to 12/4/02

. Marketing in the New Millenium - 5/25/02 - 5/27-02

. Lawson Upgrade Certification - 3/30/01

2 Adv. Technologies Foundations & Install Certification - 9/11/00 - 9/15/00

. Lawson/Oracle DBA - Lawson - 6/12/00 to 6/14/00

3 Unix Database Administration - Lawson Software - 5/19/00

4 Unix Technical Foundation - Lawson - 5/15/00 to 5/16/00

. Unix System Administration - Lawson - 5/17/00 to 5/18/00

5 ORACLE V7 Database Administration

. ORACLE*Forms V4

. ORACLE*Reports V2

. ORACLE*Graphics


. Advanced Relational Analysis and Design

. Cost Benefit Analysis

. EDP Project Management

. AIX System Administration

. Database Administration for ORACLE V6

. Relational Database Analysis and Design

. Developing Informix-Online Applications

. Informix-Online for Database Administrators

. Optimizing Informix Applications

. Informix-SE for Database Administrators

. Developing Applications on Infomix-4GL

. General Design Course

. Data Analysis and Modelling

. AS-400 Performance Tuning and Analysis

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