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Design Mechanical Engineering

San Diego, California, 92115, United States
May 27, 2010

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San Diego, CA-*****



To obtain a rewarding career in the field of Mechanical Engineering -

Medical Devices that will involve working on challenging projects that help

in enhancing my skills and knowledge

Educational Background

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

GPA: 3.67

San Diego State University, CA, USA

Bachelors in Production Engineering GPA: 3.85

Anna University, India

software Skills

Analysis Tools : Finite Element Analysis, Ansys, Matlab, Electro

Chemical MFC application

Modeling Tools : Pro E, Solid Works, Auto CAD, Solid Edge, MEMS Layout and



Computer skills : Microsoft Word, Excel, Office, Powerpoint


. Research Assistant and lead person for class 100 cleanroom operations

- Micro- Electro-Mechanical- Systems lab, San Diego State University, CA

Thesis: Characterization of High Efficiency Collection Micro-array Bio



o Lead person in biosensor design and fabrication (2D/3D

photolithography, metal deposition, liftoff, wafer dicing and


o Building mask layouts for microarrays (solar, OLED, lab-on-chip

devices, and CD microfluidic devices)

o Manufacture of PDMS seal for use in biochip packaging unit

o Design of packaging unit using solidworks and fabrication using CNC


o Expert-level experience in Mechanical, Electrical and

Electrochemical characterization of MEMS and semi-conductor devices

using based data acquisition systems such as four-probe tester and

electrochemical MFC analyzer

. Intern at Bharath Heavy Electricals Ltd.(BHEL), India (Jan

2006 - Apr 2006)

Department: OP&C department and Welding Research Institute

Role: Manufacturing engineering intern

Project Title: Optimization of process parameters in robotic welding



o Worked in production environment with operators to understand the

working of various machineries involved in machine shop.

o Developed root cause analysis and FMEA process flow documents.

o Optimizated process parameters based on Statistical Process Control

tools - Taguchi Optimization Technique, Regression analysis, ANOVA


o Designed, developed and implemented an improved version of welding

torch using Auto CAD for better weld quality and ergonomics.

o Tested defects in welded valves using NDT methods such as x-ray and

liquid penetrant technique.

Projects and Researches

Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) Balloon Catheter


. Visited Sharp Memorial Hospital and gathered knowledge on various

Catheterization techniques and communicated with physicians for

understanding the practical difficulties encountered during the


. Generated design solutions for high pressure PTCA balloon catheter

(Over The Wire technique) for angioplasty using Solid Works

. FEM lab analysis of balloon inflation time, stress in the wall of the

catheter and balloon

. Generation of design and intellectual property documentation including

Instructions for use, Design constraints and assumption, Bill of

materials, Bonding and assembly methods, Sterilization technique,

Testing, etc according to FDA standards

Design of Cervical Spinal Implant

. Carried out extensive research and took part in live demonstrations on

Spinal Implants through field trip at Nu Vasive and carried out

discussions with expert surgeons

. Analysis of bio materials in use for medical devices

. A Total Disc Replacement Device for a spinal implant in cervical

region was designed using Pro-E based on substantially equivalence

concept and analyzed using FEM lab

. Design control documents were submitted according to FDA CFR 21 807

and ASTM standards using 510(k) submission and control documents

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Class 100 Cleanroom

. Worked on FEMLAB models for class 100 cleanroom, SDSU

. Optimized the design criteria for airflow velocity and temperature


Tracking of Components

. "Tracking of collectively managed components in Enterprise Resource

Planning environment" was performed in Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited,


. Dealt with tracking and successfully managing the information regarding

the movement of collectively processed components from stores to the

shipping department using ABAP/4,Advanced Business Application


Development of CNC Programming

. "Development of CNC Programming and Tooling for turning ARS 140 valve

body in VDF machine" involved a group of 3 members, studying the

profile of the valve and developing the CNC program for the contour

using various cycles.

Drill Spindle Automation

. A 3 member design project carried out at JJCET, India involved developing

PLC programming for the automation of drill spindle

. The chuck hold/release and tools change operations were automated

Jigs and Fixtures for a Motor Adaptor

. Jigs and fixtures for a motor adapter was a design project at JJCET,

India where AutoCAD and Solid Edge models were developed for precise

manufacturing of the part.

Awards and Recognitions

. Won Dean's award for presenting "Image Processing of Novel All-Polymer

High Collection Efficiency Bio-chip using MATLAB for Pathogen

Detection" in the Student Research Symposium (2009), SDSU, California.

. Ranked 8th at the University Examinations (2002-2006) in the

department of Production Engineering, Anna University that comprises

of 273 colleges.

. Secured 1st place in "National Science Congress 2000", a state level

competition for project titled "Role of Community in Ensuring Health

Rights" in November 2000.

References available upon request

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