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Java Developer Project

Springfield, Illinois, 62704, United States
June 01, 2010

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Judy Xu Guo

**** **. ****** **. ***********, IL *2704

(Cell) 936-***-****


J2EE or Java EE or Java open source developer with 9+ years of experience

in full life cycle of software design and development. Solid background and

strong ability to design and code across all layers in E-commerce, Web-

based and multi-tiered client/server-based systems. Be able to establish a

J2EE or an open source system for any business discipline. Excellent

analytical, interpersonal and communication skills with proven ability to

quickly adapt to tech changes. Being a Sun Certified Java

Programmer/Developer for 9 years.

Skill Matrix

Architecture & Design 6 years.

GOF Design Patterns, Java EE Design Patterns and OO Analysis &

Design, SOA.

Java & Scripting 9 years

Multithreading, RMI, CORBA, Networking, JDBC, Ajax, JSON, Perl,

JavaScripts, JQuery, Java from JDK 1.1.4 to JDK 6.

J2EE 5 years

JSP, Servlet, Struts 1, 2, JDBC, EJB, Hibernate, IBatis, LDAP, SOAP,

XML, Web services, Spring.

Middle-ware or Third party tools 4 years

CORBA (Visibroker), MQ Series, JMS, Object Databases (DB4O, PSE PRO),

Jasper Reports.

Application Server 7 years:

Apache Tomcat and WebSphere.

Database 9 years:

SQL 2000/2005, DB2,Object Databases, PL/SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS


Knowledgeable or Trained Technologies:

Rules based development, Groovy, Grail,, JBoss, etc.

Professional Experience

IT Dept. H. D. Smith, Springfield, IL Jan. 2009-

till now

Environment and technologies involved:

Open sources: Struts 2, JSP/Servlet, JQuery, Spring, IBatis, AOP, Java 6,

Java mail, OpenLdap, JUnit, Subversion, Ant, ApacheTomcat 6. Jasper

Reports. Back end: DB2/SQL. IDE: Eclipse. Methodology: Agile/Scrum daily.


Project: Group Purchase Organization Rebates (GPO) & Customer Rebates

This project uses all open sources, except Jasper reports. The editor

portion was released in Oct. 2009 as pilot version. Full version was

released in earlier January 2010, continuing release with enhancement in

the coming months, 2010.

Role: Java developer, developed GPO/Customer rebates system starting from



+Three layers or hierarchies of GPO search system.

+Add/view/edit performance, nonperformance, and administrative fees


+Override all rebates per customer and hierarchies of GPO.

+Implement Customer rebates based on GPO rebates system, highly reused

objects to achieve efficiency.

+Customer Payment Reports for continued 15 months in Jasper PDF format and

web version.

Project: Sales Cycle Management (SCM)

SCM was released as a pilot in April 2009. It serves sales representatives

nationwide. Newer version with parameterized forms and PDF files was

released in earlier January 2010.

Role: Java developer. Designed, developed and maintained SCM across

multi-layers from front end to back end.


+Status control across application, part of it using table or rule-based


+Email sending for to-do list for all roles involved.

+Multi-pricing request and approve/escalate/deny per role.

+Established a rule based development environment.

+Highly practiced OOD/OOA concept.

+Successfully pushed into production.

Technology Center, Hertz Corp. OKC, OK Jun. 2005 -

Aug. 2008

Project: Fleet Control System (FCS):

This large scaled of multi-tiered enterprise application is used to

control non-revenue movement of rental cars in Hertz nationwide locations.

The client applications include Web client and handheld application(C#).

Environment and technologies involved:

Front end: Struts 1, JavaScripts, CSS/DHTML.

Mid-layers: JSP/Servlet, EJB 2, Hibernate, Web services, MQSeries, JNDI,


Back end: LDAP, MS SQL 2000, DB2.

Building: Maven 2.0

IDE: Rational Software Developer 6.0 or Eclipse.

Document and Tracking: JIRA.

Version Control: Harvest (moved from CVS)

Role: J2EE Developer working on FCS server and web client to provide

services for concurrent ten thousands of web users and 600 handheld devices



+ Coding across all layers from Struts/Presentation to Server/Domain,

Component/Controller, Data source/Mapping and SQL management.

+ Successfully finished development and deployed FCS to production in July


+ Intellectively followed SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles in

the process of development.

+ Successfully conducted Agile methodology.

+ Obtained top performance evaluation in providing quality software.

+ Successfully trained four offshore IBM Indian programmers to support FCS.

Project: Gold Electronic Manifest (GEM)

This is a highly traffic and hard coded multi-threaded application and

serves Hertz #1 club members to provide high quality service in Hertz car

rental business. It is running in 30 participated airports with more than

600 handheld devices nationwide.

Environment and technologies involved:

Three Swing applications: Airport terminal application, Command center log

monitor and desktop airport terminal monitor.

One embedded C++ application for handheld.

Other techs: JNI, Servlet, CSS/DHTML, JavaScripts, WAP/WML and RMI were

used in rewriting process.

Three standalone servers: Wireless, Core and CORBA.

Mid-wares: Visibroker CORBA, RFGate/RFLink, MQSeries, embedded object

database (PSE PRO, DB4O).

Servers: Windows 2000/2003 for CORBA, Wireless and Core Servers. Apache

Tomcat 4.1 for system administrators. Linux server was used to do migration

and rewriting.

Version Control: Harvest (moved from CVS)

Role: Java developer and analyst working on both server and client sides,

including C++ application for handheld.


+ Successfully migrated GEM, the 7 sub-systems from Windows NT to Windows

2000/2003 servers, where others had struggled 4 times.

+ Reached zero trouble ticket after re-architecture of GEM.

+ Proved current GEM system is more stable than ever in the past 3 years

+ Solved object database transfer running from PSE PRO to DB4O dramatically

from 6 hours to 2 minutes.

+ Rewrite GEM system and evaluated performance of several handheld devices

from Motorola, Simple, Intermec and Teklogix.

+ Received highest appraisal in 2006.

Project: Document Storage System (Docs)

Docs is a store and tracking system, used in OKC airport.

Environment and technologies involved:

JDK 1.4, JSP, Servlet, Ajax, JavaScript, CSS/XHTML, SQL 2000/2005, MS

Access, WebSphere 6.1 server running in Linux box.

Role: Evaluated and analyzed Docs


+Worked with development team to identify, analyze and resolve technical


+Assess and suggest improvements for architecture, tools, methodology, and

development after investigating the user environment and on site research.


Nov. 04

Project: Shaking Machine Auto-controlling System

There was a patent pending machine used in oil industry. The

controlling system was manually designed for the first time. Dr. Scott

prototyped the controlling system to be automatic with manual option. I was

hired in to make it happen.

Environment and technologies involved:

JDK1.4, XML DOM, Wireless connection, Linux, Applet & Servlet configuration

and company customized Java controlling framework.

Role: Java Developer & Consultant


+ Successfully designed and developed shaking machine auto-controlling


+ XP methodology.



adjunct Instructor

+ Adjunct instructor, teaching Java Programming (4 credit hours) and

Microsoft Project courses.

+ Designed and developed online auto scoring, skill assessment lab tools.

+ Developed online Java assessment tools and several Java training e-books.

+ Published Java vs. C# E-book, upgraded & developed new online test


+ Consulted in several companies for Java job hiring requirements.

+ Designed client/server RMIWizard in Java RMI technology. CGI is written

in Perl.


Dec. 05

Multiple projects related with Java technologies.

+ Marketed, explored, developed and maintained old and new window-based


+ Parts Reserving System (full suit from design, implementation, testing to

user doc.

+ Internet Chat Room project: modified, by using RMI technology.


+ Credit courses taken in University of Iowa/Alabama/Sun (GPA 3.75)

+ Sun certified Java Programmer/Developer (score: 98%)

+ B.S. in ME Hubei Industrial Institute, CN.

+ A.S in Math, Shelton State College, AL.

+ Diploma in Scientific English.

+ More than 80 master certificates earned from in cutting

edge technology fields.

+ Attended multiple national symposiums regarding Java related

technologies, like Groovy, Grails, JRuby, etc.

+ Active member of Java User Group for the last 7 years.

+ Active member of .Net User Group for the last 2 years.

Preference & Status

+ American Citizen

+ Like travel. No smoke, no drug and no alcohol.

+ Available for new position immediately.

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